Rating: M

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Edward was in Hell. There was no other explanation. He was on fire; burning from the inside out. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, he was engulfed in a raging inferno with no means of escape or relief. Breathing was difficult; it only seemed to fan the flames within his chest. Each intake of air scorched his throat as it traveled to his charred lungs. Make it stop! I'll never smoke again! Of course he never would he thought; he was dead and in Hell. He wondered how it was possible that his mind was able to think, reason and process while the many explosions were occurring within his weakened body.

He had a vague recollection of being very ill; his body alternating between violent chills and fiery fever; and hallucinations. A vision of a beautiful girl lying below him coming undone as he moved within her; was that real or a hallucination? He could not distinguish which it was. Influenza; someone said that was what he was suffering from. Dying; someone said he was dying. He was drifting; becoming lighter than a feather. Floating away, he watched his pitiful self lying drenched in sweat from above. The room became bright; blinding him as if he were looking directly at the sun. A sense of warmth and an overwhelming peace enveloped him.

Abruptly he felt pain; excruciating pain and pressure on his neck. A heavy weight was now holding him down while his throat was sliced; his blood pulsing. Screams echoed inside the room; blood curdling screams. With mounting horror and a swelling panic, he realized they were coming from him. The fire started and spread quickly from his neck to both his arms and fingers; then traveled further downward throughout his abdomen and legs. Even his cock was in flames; no part of his body was spared. But everything paled in comparison to the unimaginable anguish that consumed him when the blaze reached his beating heart. There were no words sufficient to describe the unbearable pain he was now in. How long he lay burning, he had no clue but as fast as it started, it subsided.

"ISABELLA" he cried out when his heart suddenly stopped beating and then shattered into a million pieces as only a broken heart can...