Hello all! It's me Andrew-sama, and this is my Princess Maker fanfic!

This was an idea that has been in my head ever since I played Princess maker 2 and I wanted to write a story about it. I don't plan on writing much so it may take awhile for chapters to come out. I hope you like it! And just so you know this is based in a new world, so it's not involved with any of the games.

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Since the beginning of man, the legend has stated that at the 1,000th The Demon Lord would rule over the mortal realm. When the Demon Portal opened the demon lord's horde poured out slaughtering many. The war raged on till the end of the year until mankind's last bastion of hope, The kingdom of Britannia came under attack.

The Demon Lord and his horde marched to the gates of this final kingdom...

The demons were expecting an army but all that greeted them was a lone man...

The man's piercing glare went straight to the Demon Lord's gaze.

"I am Misurugi of the Hakashi clan and I am the one that will defeat you!" Cried the man.

The man ran towards the Demon Lord slashing any that stood in his way.

He ran until he was just a few feet from the demon.

He jumped in the air and brought his sword down onto the Demon Lord.

The demon blocked with his blade and then screamed

"Foolish fool! You dare stand against me? HA!"

The demon swung his sword vertically at the young warrior.

The young man fought bravely and after a few minutes of fighting they would charge at each other.

They both jumped in the air and swung their swords at the other and landed.

The young man coughed up blood and the Demon Lord collapsed giving a parting word.

"Why? Why would you fight against me for a kingdom that is not even yours?"

The man would reply.

"Because it's the right thing to do."

The Demon Lord would let out a chuckle before he drew his last breath.

The demon army would begin to rapidly retreat and run back into the underworld.

Just then a beam of light would shoot from the sky into the near by forest.

The man would stand up and walk into the forest with a look of curiosity on his face.

As he approached the light he would see a baby girl floating in the air.

The man walked up to the girl and gently grabbed her from the air.

A voice resinated within the young man's head.

"Hakashi Misurugi! I am Sol, you have defeated the lord of the underworld. As a reward I charge you with the task of taking care of this pure child. Name her as you wish and raise her right. When she turns 18 I shall return for her."

And with that the man would fall asleep.

5 Hours later...

The man would be sleeping on a bed in a small room with the little girl resting in a crib next to his bed.

The room looked plain nothing special a table some chairs and some decorations. Hakashi would sit up, hold his chest and wince in pain. A crash could be heard from the doorway. The man would see a nurse.

"Oh my! Sir you shouldn't be moving! Your injuries were grave!." Said the alarmed nurse.

"Oh don't worry I've been through worse.

Just then a man came into the room and requested that Hakashi come with him. Hakashi got dressed and grabbed a crutch and safely placed the baby in a pack that was on his back. After a talk with the doctor he made his way to what seemed to be the castle.

Standing in front of the king Hakashi bowed and waited for the king to address him.

"Greetings young man, I am King Ronald and I have heard that you are the one that saved us by slaying the Demon King."

"Hai, that was me..." Replied Hakashi.

"Hmmm, you look different from the average person in this kingdom. Where are you from brave man?" Asked the king.

"I am from a island called Japania." Answered Hakashi

"Ah, well. Do you know why I have called you here?" asked the King.

"No I do not." said Hakashi

The King would then explain that due to his heroic feats the king would be willing to offer knighthood to Hakashi, but...

"I am sorry, but I must turn this offer down..."

The king would look a little surprised. Hakashi would explain that his wounds have crippled him and he would not be able to preform his duties. He asked simply for a small home to raise the little girl with.

"Ah I see... Well I guess I can grant this request, but just remember that you will always be welcomed here at the castle." said the king.

"Hai, thank you." said Hakashi.

Hakashi would leave and walk towards the house given to him. The little girl would look at her new father, he would gently poke her nose and say.

"This is our new home little... What should I call you?.. "Tanya" do you like that name?"

The girl would smile. With that he entered the house and that would be the start to a journey that would change his life and determine the fate of "Tanya".

Well that's the prologue, I hope you liked it please review and tell me what you think. I am also open to ideas about how the story should progress. See you next time!


Brittania: A made up country based off of England.

Japania: A made up country based off of Japan.

Hai: Japanese for 'Yes' or 'Okay'

Special thanks to my friends Paul, Raino and John