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10 years later...

:Day 1 Spring:

"{YAAAAAAWWWWNNN}What a wonderful day!" Said Hakashi in a relaxed voice.

This day Hakashi chose to wear a green tunic with brown slacks and sandals.

A second later a small, tan demon boy wearing a black tuxedo lined with silver thread and a red bow tie his hair styled perfectly parted to the left. He came through the kitchen doors and place a trey with tea on it.

"Hakashi-dono I hope you like your tea!" Said the boy.

"Ah Cube-san thank you for the tea!" Said Hakashi drinking some tea.

"Do you like it?" Asked cube with hope in his eyes.

Hakashi would spit the tea out and scream.

"CUBE! I told you to only serve tea from Japania!... The one demon I let live and he can't even make proper tea..."

Cube hung his head with a sigh and says.

"I'll go get some more tea then Hakashi-Dono..."

"PAPA!" Screamed a young voice.

The source of the voice would show a little girl not a day older than 10 wearing a red dress flower embroidery and red shoes with roses on top. Long brunette hair in pig tails

Cube and Hakashi would flinch covering their ears.

"T-Tanya good morning."

"Don't be mean to Cube-san papa, it's not the right thing to do."

Hakashi would be set aback by his daughter repeating his one of his mottos.

"S-sorry Tanya..."

Tanya would smile and let out a small giggle then tackle hug her father.

"It's okay papa I forgive you." Says Tanya rubbing her head in her father's stomach. "Aren't you forgetting something?" she asked.

Hakashi would think for a short bit until he would say.

Tanya's eyes would water up and she would scream...

"BAKA! You're so mean papa!"

She would then run up to her room and slam the door.

"What was that about?" Asked Hakashi.

Cube would sigh and say.

"It is Ouji-sama's birthday master"

Hakashi's face went pail as he heard this.

"R-really?" Asked Hakashi.

"Hai" Replied Cube.

"Quick! What do little girls like?" Asked Hakashi.

Cube would respond with "Girls her age tend to lean towar-

"That's it! I'll give her one of my swords to practice with!" Proclaimed Hakashi.

Hakashi would grab wrapping paper and a small sword, he would cover the sword with the paper and speed up stairs.

Cube would let out a sigh and hang his head.

"Tonya, I'm sorry for forgetting your birthday, I got a present for you. I know you've been wanting one."

Tonya would slam open the door.

"A pony?" Asked with hope in her eyes.

"Um no... I didn't know you wanted one of those..."

And the hope in Tanya's eyes die... Hakashi then says in a worried voice.

"B-but I have something special for you!"

Tanya's face would brighten up.

"Really?" Asked Tanya

"Hai, here." Said Hakashi throwing the sword at her.

Tanya catches the sword and falls back landing on her bottom letting out a "oof"

"This is heavy..." Said Tanya

"Don't worry, you'll grow stronger! Just like your papa."

Tanya smiles and laughs a little

"What is it?" She asked.

"It's a sword"

"A sward?"

"No Tanya, a "Sword"." Replied Hakashi

"It's heavy..." Said Tanya.

"Well we need to get to work on that, tomorrow is your first day of school."

Tanya would smile and say.

"I can't wait!"

:1 hour later:

The three would be seen standing in a small rock garden. Cube would be missing his tie and jacket but still be wearing his tuxedo pants and dress shoes. Hakashi would still be wearing his same outfit while Tanya would have sandals, Green trousers and a baggy brown shirt her hair in a samurai tail.

"Papa, why do I have to wear such ugly cloths? I like my dress." Said Tanya frowning.

"A warrior does not practice in dresses my young girl." Replied Hakashi.

Tanya would then add.

"But I don't want to be a warrior, I want to be a princess." She said with a smile.

Hakashi's face would turn pail and he would appear in the corner poking the sand with a stick.

Cube would suddenly be behind Tanya surprising her.

"Ouji-sama, your father was looking forward to teaching you to use a sword. It would be wise to just humor him for a bit."

Tanya would nod and walk over to her father.


Hakashi turn his head to look at her slowly, he had a aura of gloom around him.


Tanya would look creeped out but she would shake it off and say.

"Papa you don't have to worry, I was just joking."

Hakashi would grab her shoulders, Tanya let out a "eep" and he would say.

"Fantastic! Let us get to work!"

"Hai!" Replied Tanya.

"TANYA! Pull out your sword and and swing!" Yelled Hakashi.

Tanya then lets out a "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh", energy building around her, she pulls out her sword swings it back and... falls backwards onto the ground. She then tears up and starts to whine about her sword being too heavy.

"Ouji-sama!" Cried Cube running to Tanya's side

Hakashi walks past them and picks up the sword. He then says.

"You are still to weak to be handling this weapon it seems, Maybe you'll be able to hold it next year."

Hakashi takes the sword to a stone and forces the tip into it. he then turns and spins bringing his heel on top of the hilt making it go down deeper.

"Once you can pull this out you can learn to use it." Stated Hakashi.

He would then walk into the house leaving a Cube to cheer up a teary eyed Tanya.

If I got anything wrong please tell me.

Baka: Japanese for idiot and stupid.

-San: The proper term to address someone in Japan.

-Dono: A way to address someone with great respect in Japan, commonly to a lord.

Ouji-sama: A way to address a lady with respect in Japan.

Hai: Japanese for "Yes" "Sure" "Okay" etc

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