It was a simple flower, a soft yellow, but then Sean had always been a simple man. It was only when it came to Holden that it got complicated. It got complicated because Holden was a guy and Sean wasn't supposed to want to be with him. It got complicated because of the fear and the secrets and the hiding so Holden had simplified things; he had left.

Except apparently it hadn't simplified things because here he was standing outside the door to the place he had considered home for the last two years. Inside Sean was no doubt asleep, maybe even dreaming of him and the moment to come. Holden took a deep breath as he thought about what he was about to do. Only a couple hours ago he was resigned to the fact that it was over but that was before he had caught Kelvin Moore's news report and had seen the press conference from earlier in the day. "I'm gay." Sean had said it so easily, so simply. And just like that everything had changed.

Quietly he let himself into the beachside condo - he still had a key - and shut the door behind him. The lights were off and he made his way through the house easily. Finally he saw the footballer lounging in a chair his eyes closed and tilted to the side. A soft smile ghosted across Holden's face as he made his way over, his steps practically silent in the night air. Lifting the flower he grazed it along Sean's turned face, watching as the petals caught lightly of the stubble covering his cheek. Sean's mouth twitched and he clumsily lifted a large hand to bat away the offensive flower. Holden continued to move the flower against the tanned skin and slowly Sean opened his eyes. He blinked slowly as Holden came into focus and all Holden could do was smile and run his fingers through sleep tousled hair. A shadow of a smile flitted to the surface.

"You saw." Sean said, simple as always.
"Yeah." Holden replied.

With a smile he closed the distance between them because maybe things were simple after all.