Title: Simple Determination
Pairing: Sean Jackson and Holden Wilson
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: Fiction as in made up.
AN: Final chapter. Thank you for sticking with it. I thought this was an ideal day to post the final chapter.

Sean Jackson was a man with determination. When he knew what he wanted he almost always got it simply because he was determined to do everything in his power to get it. As his calved burned from pounding along the sand at a punishing pace Sean was determined to make it up to Holden. He knew the first thing he had to do was put the fear aside. If he kept thinking that Holden was going to get overwhelmed or change his mind it was going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sean did not want that so as he slowed to a jog when condo came in to sight he let go. He loved Holden and Holden loved him. He had to trust that it would be enough.

Of course there was still last night's fiasco with the girl to deal with but Sean had an idea of how to make amends with Holden on that front. In hindsight he could see that the girl had been harmless and Sean wasn't exactly proud of his behaviour. Some days the stress of being pro made him act like he was indeed above it all which why he was so happy with Holden. Holden kept his feet on the ground and even when he was at the top of the game Holden hadn't let it go to his head. Usually he was better at controlling it and he could avoid outbursts like the night before. He had been lucky it was only the girl there and not some paparazzi or reporter. He could just imagine the tabloid headlines.

Gay Footballer Verbally Abuses Young Girl

Yes, Sean had definitely been lucky.

Holden let his head drop back against the headrest with a tired sigh his eyes falling closed in an attempt to stifle an oncoming headache. On the front seat Redmond, attuned as ever to his needs, turned the music down to a soft hum.

"To the condo, sir?" he asked and Holden nodded agreeing with a soft yes.

Redmond often drove him home especially on days Sean had training. The elder gentleman was a god-send with a sympathetic ear and discreet mouth. Holden and Sean had trusted the man with their secret and he had never once regretted that. It had been another long day with the meeting taking up all of his morning. He had worked through lunch so that he'd make it home for dinner. Sean had called in the afternoon to see how his meeting had gone and tell him to try and make it home for dinner because he had a surprise for him. The phone call had left him surprised and intrigued. He had almost expected Sean to be pouting from their fight instead of so accepting. He felt bad about underestimating the man and pushed those though aside.

Once he arrived at the condo he thanked Redmond and opened the gate. Holden noticed that Sean's SUV was out front and wondered if it the surprise involved going out. Sean usually parked the vehicle around the side only leaving it out front when it was going to used again soon. He didn't want to spoil Sean's plans but Holden wasn't really up to going out that night and he hoped that wasn't the case.

"Sean? I'm home." He called out as he entered the house.

He heard Sean speaking to someone before he appeared in the hallway in jeans and a t-shirt with a smile on his face. Sean greeted him with a kiss and took his briefcase away putting it on the side table in the foyer.

"Come, there's someone I want you to meet."

Sean grinned like a little boy as he tugged on his arm making Holden laugh. In the living room seated on the large leather couch with a can of Sprite was a young girl. Holden was embarrassed to admit that his first thought was 'oh shit, Sean had an illegitimate daughter; but then the shock of finding a teenager in the house wore off and he recognised her as the girl from the night before.

"Holden, I'd like you to meet Annabelle. Annabelle, this is Holden."

The girl – Annabelle – stood up and awkwardly struck her hand out which Holden automatically reached forward and shook even as he was a bit confused. Had Annabelle stopped by the condo again?

"I'm sorry to intrude. I told Sean it wasn't necessary for me to stay."

"Don't worry, Annabelle. You're not intruding at all." Holden reassured Annabelle not wanting her to feel intrusive even if he was still a bit confused.

"I apologised to Annabelle for being so rude last night and offered her a tour of the condo in apology. She was just telling me about coming out to her parents." Sean explain somewhat.

Holden nodded accepting that for the time being knowing that after she left Sean would explain the rest. They all sat back down and chatted a bit more before Annabelle announced she needed to be getting home. Sean took her home and while he was gone Holden cleared away their drink and got himself a glass of wine. It wasn't long before the door was opening and Sean had returned. The footballer walked back into the living room and flopped himself onto the couch beside Holden.

"Hey babe, how was work?"

"Don't you 'how's work' me. What was all that?" Holden said with a laugh.

"I realised you were right and I felt bad about being such an as so I found her and apologised and well you know the rest."

"How'd you even find her? She never even mentioned her name."

"Well it was hard but I knew she couldn't live far since she walked and I knew most houses were not families so I just went to the others and tried them all. It took awhile."

Holden just stared at Sean in compete shock before bursting out in laughter.

"You're crazy, Sean Jackson." He said between laughs.

"I was an ass, I needed to apologise." Sean said with a shrug.

Holden smiled and leaned forward to capture Sean's lips with his own. He couldn't help thinking that it had been done in true Sean Jackson fashion; extreme in its methods but quite simple. Just like announcing in a live broadcast that he was gay. This was the man he'd fallen in love with and the man he had come home for.

The End.