The Untold Story of Zeta Squad

Authors Note: Hello everyone. This is my first fanfic, so it would be appreciated if I could get some reviews as feedback to know if this story is any good. It was originally an idea for a machinima, but I thought i should write it as a story. The good part about writing it for this sight is that I'm not bound by the limits of Halo Reach, and I can do whatever I want. I will start by uploading the prologue of my story, which is told in three parts, each part about a different Spartan (except for part two, which will have two of them). I will post each part once a week. when all of the prologue is up, depending on what the feedback is, I will or will not continue it. Okay, I think Ive bored you long enough. one thing before you get started, each of the four characters is based on myself and three of my friends, so as a little activity, when all of the prologue is up, see if you can guess which character represents me. Well, enjoy. ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Halo. It was created and until recently owned by Bungie Studioes. It now belongs to Microsoft Game Studios and 343 Industries.

Prologue Part 1

It was just another day in training. Chazz-013 ran through the streets of the simulated city. Spotting a good cover position, while running full force, he made a forward leap, tucked into a ball and rolled right into cover. Pulling the DMR off his back he scanned the surrounding buildings...

"There." Three elites. Two looking out adjacent windows on the building across the street, and one on the roof. Chazz took a breath, and aimed.
Pop, Pop, Pop. Three shots in two seconds. The bullets each hit their respective elite in the head. The elites jerked back and fizzled out of existence.
"No matter how many times I see these holograms, they still give me the creeps" thought Chazz as he reloaded his rifle.

Suddenly the sensors on his torso pinged and declared him dead. He looked down to see an energy wrist blade through his abdomen.
"Dammit!" Chazz yelled. He turned around to see the hologram of a spec ops elite had got right behind him.
"how did that get behind me?" said Chazz to himself. With a pang he remembered that he was running this simulation without his motion tracker working. 'The Sarge is gonna have my ass for this one.' he thought Slowly the training room began to power down, and Chazz saw the sergeant approaching him.

Chazz sighed while thinking "And here we..."
"DAMMIT PRIVATE!" yelled the sergeant.
"...go." Chazz finished.
"How many times do I gotta tell you, always look behind you. had that been a real battle you'd have been dead. Done. No respawns like in your skirmishes with the others."
"Sorry Sarge." came Chazz's reply. "I forgot my motion tracker was disabled."

After 5 minutes of the Sarge yelling at him about reliance on equipment, he was finally dismissed. After changing out of his standard training suit and into workout fatigues he headed for the weight room to blow off some steam. Sometimes it was hard being the best.

He was the top candidate for this planets Spartan III program. Strongest, fastest and most precise. He could hack anything with the speed and grace of a hacker-class 'dumb' AI. The one thing that he wasn't good at was something Sarge calls the sixth sense. Normally he would rely on his motion tracker to check his six, but he had been training with it off. As far as he knew, he was the only one doing these solo training programs, and it seemed like everyone expected him to get it right every time. He knew that he should be to be a good soldier, but sometimes he just wished...

His train of thought was interrupted by someone entering the weight room. It was the Sargent.
"Ahh, so you're in here." he said "Come over here, I feel like I should show you something." Curious, Chazz got up from the weight bench and walked over to the Sargent.
"What is it sir?"he asked
"Well how should I start this..." Sarge began pacing, something he never does.
"Look son, I know that at some times it may seem like I'm always on your case about being aware of surroundings, but I personally cannot stress it enough." Chazz was puzzled. The Sage never talked to him like this before.
"You ever wondered why I'm not out there fighting instead of training you lot?" he asked Chazz nodded.
"The thought had crossed my mind once or twice sir." the sergeant was still a great specimen of a soldier. Excellent build, still in his early thirties. The Sarge sighed like a man full of fatigue and pulled up the back of his shirt.

Chazz couldn't help but let out a small gasp. Down the Sarge's back from his right hip to his left shoulder was a huge scar. The tissue had been cleaved and seared from an energy sword swipe. It was amazing that this man could still fire a rifle at target practice without his shoulder popping out.
"S-Sarge? How- When did you..? Chazz stammered.
"Back when I was out in battle one time I fell for the same mistake you did in that training session. I was trusting on my motion tracker, but those elites have upgraded their active camo to emit a radar jamming field around them. Damn thing nearly cut me in half, but something told me to jump forward so the bastard only got my back. But still the wound was enough to knock me over and render my arm unusable for the time."

Sarge looked at Chazz with a look of understanding. "Look, back then I was a lot like you are now, a good soldier but I just didn't have my survival instinct down." Chazz was taken aback by this story. There was one thing that was bugging him though.
"Then how did you kill that elite with only one arm?" The sergeant gave a small chuckle.
"I didn't. An ally sniper, who was actually a friend of mine, saw it and killed it before it could finish me. Afterwards he got me back to safety. I owe him my life. Now I can't help him because I've been declared unfit fit duty, and I train the next generation. I'm not even sure if he's alive." the Sarge paused, recalling his friend. "Now I hope you can understand just how important it is to be aware of your surroundings, and always look behind you." Chazz gave the sergeant a crisp salut.
"Sir yes sir."

At that moment the commander of the Spartan training base, Commander Locksley, walked into the room, looking like he meant business. Both Chazz and the sergeant snapped to attention.
"OFFICER ON DECK!" shouted Sarge.
"At ease gentlemen." said Locksley. He walked right in front of the two of them and began his debriefing.
"We have just received word that Reach is gone, and the Covenant has found the location of Harmony." Chazz's eyes went wide. Even the Sarge stiffened. Harmony was the last agricultural planet that humanity had.
"We have learned that Reach was attacked and defeated by the covenant. The best defense they had was Noble Team, but as it turns out that wasn't enough. ONI has requested that the the three remaining planets with Spartan training facility's send their best soldiers to create a four man team to be called Zeta Squad to assist in the defense of Harmony."

Locksley looked straight at Chazz.
"It was decided hands down that you are the best we have, 013. You have been promoted to lieutenant and have been given new orders. You are to go to the armory where you will be equipped with a fully battle ready suit and weapons, then, board the pelican in hangar 4. Are we clear?" Chazz was aghast. How could Reach, humanities crown jewel, fall to those sons of bitches. Well he wasn't about to let them get away with it. He straitened to his full height.
"Sir yes sir!"
" Very well." the commander replied. "Dismissed!"

With that Chazz hurried off to the armory. With the help of the armorer, Chazz picked out a set of armor that suited him. The suit was purple with yellow trim on the forearms, belt and lower legs. The chest was from the UA/Base security model, armored in the front with grenades tucked under it, and slots for grenade launcher ammo circled the front of his belt. To give maximum protection to his right shoulder and yet still retain flexibility, he chose the classic ODST shoulder, modified for a Spartan III's armor. A CQC shoulder piece was mounted on his left shoulder for defensive play. he attached a UA/Chobham composite armor to his left thigh, and and fastened on his left was a TacPad. his knees were protected by Gungnir guards, again for maneuverability. the last thing was his helmet. Chazz thought about this piece of gear for a bit before finally selecting a Hazop-style helmet with a silver visor and theCNM/I uplinks. . As he finished putting the armor on, he went over to the weapons rack and selected a DMR and a grenade launcher. The last thing he selected was an armor ability. He'd used them before once or twice. He decided on a rejuvenating deployable energy shield dome.

Feeling ready for anything, he finally headed to hangar 4. There he found two things. One was the pelican on the helipad painted to look like a shark, staring menacingly at him. The other was his sergeant standing on the helipad beside it. Chazz walked up to him and snapped him a quick salut.
"It's been a honor to be trained by you sir" he said
"It's been my honor to train you." said the Sarge, returning the salute. Then he outstretched his hand. Chazz took in gratefully and shook it. Then after a nod to each other, Chazz climbed into the back of the pelican.

"All set back there?" asked the pilot over the comms.
Chazz blinked his green status light in acknowledgment.
"Alrighty then." She said "I'm Jenny. I'll be the pilot for Zeta squad."
"Hi Jenny, I'm Chazz. Like the look of the pelican." Jenny grinned and began to take off. Chazz sat back against the chair and removed his helmet. Looking down at his collarbone, he gazed at the emblem on his armor. Locksley had said that of the three planets that still had Spartans being trained, command was taking the best of them and making a four man team, meaning there would be two Spartans from one base, him, and then one other from the last planet. Chazz sat there for a while and wondered who they could be and if they would make a good team.

And that's the end of the first part of the prologue. The next part will go up next week. Thank you for reading and, if you feel so inclined, please review. feedback would be very appreciated.