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Camp near a lake

The camp site Morrigan had found for them was near perfect. It had a small river that flowed to a small lake and it was far enough from the road to be hidden from anyone walking there. There was hardly any signs of previous campers on the clearing so the place was not widely known to anyone. It was also very defensible because one side was blocked by the lake and one other by a rock wall that went almost straight up.

"Are you sure you don't just magic these campsites?" Lenya asked from Morrigan, "Because I doubt we could find a better place even if we spent few weeks looking for one."

"Only magic involved was a shapechange to a bird," Morrigan said, "But thank you," She said and then walked to the other side of the small clearing. Like always she set her tent away from others.

Lenya watched her go and then turned to talk to Shale, "I hate to ask, but could you keep watch until I get everything set up?"

"It asks, so I don't mind," Shale said, "If it sends its drooling four legged companion with me."

"Abelas?" Lenya asked curiously. That was a new development.

"Yes," Shale said, "It can move more silently than I can."

"That is true," Lenya nodded, "Abelas, go with Shale and guard the camp with her," She then said to Abelas by using her own language. Abelas let out a soft bark and then he and Shale left the camp.

"How do you want the guard shifts arranged?" Alistair asked.

"I'm not sure yet," Lenya said and looked at Leliana. She wanted to ask Alistair to do the guard shifts he promised to do in Denerim, but it wouldn't be fair of her to do so after she'd pressed them all so hard.

"Okay," Alistair said and then he turned to go set his tent, but before he got there he turned to look back at Lenya, "You still have those free guard shifts to use I promised to take," Then he resumed his walk to his own tent and started to set it up.

Lenya could only stare after him. Sometimes Alistair really managed to surprise her. She shook her head and smiled as she started to set her own tent up. She would need to clean her armor and then she would go to wash herself and if someone came between her and the water she would hurt them badly.

Leliana watched how Lenya went to the lake and bit her lower lip. She wanted to follow her, but she knew that if she now followed Lenya she could not keep her hands of her. She'd been thinking of her more and more lately. Especially at nights when she was alone at her bedroll.

She'd woken up more than one time from the dream panting and really wishing that Lenya was really there. It was like someone was slowly torturing her.

Leliana shook her head and tried to concentrate on checking her armor and bow. When she looked at her bow she sighed. She would really need a new bow soon. Her current one was barely adequate.

She had just put her armor away and taken her bow in her hands when Alistair lowered another bow in front of her. Her eyes went wide when she recognized that bow. It had belonged to Marjolaine and it was one of the best bows Leliana had ever tried.

"That's... that's Marjolaine's..." Leliana said and stared at the bow.

"If you don't want to use this one, we understand and we can sell it and get you a new one, but Lenya thought it has to be your call," Alistair said, "Lenya also said that it is a very good bow so it would be shame to sell it."

"Lenya is right," Leliana said and very slowly wrapped her hand around the grip and lifted the bow from the ground. It felt just like she remembered it. Very light and it fit into your hand like it was made just for you. She'd sometimes dreamed of owning it, "This is one of the best bows I've ever used."

"It's yours if you want it," Alistair said.

Leliana stood up and pulled the bowstring back. The feel of it was as she remembered. Enchantment on it made arming it almost effortless, but still added more power to the arrow. She slowly unarmed it, "Thank you," She said.

"Thank Lenya," Alistair said, "She's the one who found it from the house. Your old master had hidden it."

"Nothing new there," Leliana said. Marjolaine had always been a bit paranoid with this bow... and well with everything else as well.

"Well, it is yours now," Alistair said and turned to leave, but stopped and turned to look at Leliana, "You don't have to do your guard shift today," He said, "I will take them."

"Lenya decided that?" Leliana asked. It didn't actually sound like Lenya. She would not put Alistair through extra shifts because she'd pushed them so hard lately.

"No," Alistair said and shook his head, "She wouldn't do that so I decided it on her behalf," Then he left.

Leliana stared after him and then she smiled. She would have to find someway to thank him, but that was something she would need to think about later. Now she had much more important thing to do. She put her armor and her new bow away and took her towel. Unfortunately Lenya had already come back from the lake, but perhaps it was better this way since Lenya was already bugging Wynne about the food.

What Leliana had in mind would be all the better if there was nothing distracting Lenya or her for that matter. Humming happily to herself she walked to the lake.

Lenya sat at the fire and studied her swords and smiled when she didn't find a single flaw from the blades and that they were as sharp as they'd been when she got them.

She had just sheathed them when she smelled a flowery scent over the smoky scent of the fire. It was a scent she would recognize anywhere because it belonged to Leliana.

She lifted her eyes from her swords and her breath caught up in her throat. Evening sun was shining behind Leliana and it created a halo around her and made her look radiant. Lenya had to lick her lips because all the sudden her mouth felt really dry.

"Will you walk with me?" Leliana asked.

"Wh... yes," Lenya managed and Leliana smiled at her.

"Come, mon coeur," Leliana said and offered her hand to Lenya. Lenya took her hand and they started to walk towards the beach.

"What are you thinking, ma vhenan?" Lenya asked after they arrived to the shoreline of the lake.

Leliana turned to look at Lenya and felt nervous all the sudden, "It has been some time since I left Lothering," Leliana said finally, "When I stepped out of the cloister I had no idea where my path would lead," She continued and then she took Lenya's both hands into her own and looked at her into the eyes, "I walked where the Maker led me and..." She took one steadying breath, "He has rewarded me for my faith. I found you."

Lenya raised her brow and smiled, "So the Maker's a divine matchmaker now?" She asked playfully and her eyes shined from that inner light of hers.

"Something like that," Leliana chuckled. She could quite happily get lost in Lenya's eyes, "The Maker wants his children to be happy. Would He have created in us the capacity for love if He did not intend for us to find it?" She asked.

"Love?" Lenya asked and her eyes shined more brightly.

"Yes, that glorious rich and decadent emotion that one finds oneself hopelessly stuck in," Leliana replied and then she smiled, "Much like caramel pudding," She said and touched Lenya's cheek with her hand.

"Mmm... pudding," Lenya closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against Leliana's hand.

"Oh, I have tales of pudding like you would not believe..." Leliana said and she had to shake her head mentally. This did not go quite as planned, but then again things rarely did with Lenya, "...perhaps we could retire to my tent and I could regale you?" She asked and held her breath.

Lenya's eyes started to shine even more brightly and then she leaned closer until their lips almost touched, "I don't think I could turn down such a proposition," She said and then brushed her lips against Leliana's.

Even the light touch of Lenya's lips felt like it had ignited Leliana's body on fire, "Good. Now come with me, before I lose my patience," She ordered.

"Yes, my lady," Lenya said and Leliana's eyes went wide. She'd just issued an order to Lenya like she was a servant, "Calm down, ma vhenan," Lenya said, "I was not offended," She added and then pulled Leliana into a kiss that silenced all her efforts to apologize.

"I..." Leliana started after the kiss ended, but Lenya put her finger to her lips, "Lead the way, my lady," She said and her eyes shined with something different now. Desire and pure lust.

Leliana took Lenya's hand and lead her into her tent. Which she had set up a bit further away this time. Like she'd subconsciously known this would happen and they would need some privacy.

When the tent flap closed behind them Leliana turned around and just watched Lenya like she was not quite sure how to start. Lenya knew how that was since she had dreamed of this more than once during the last weeks and her whole body seemed to be humming from need.

Finally Lenya made the decision and pulled Leliana into a kiss and this time it had hunger behind it. Their bodies pressed against each other with almost crushing force. Leliana felt so soft against her that Lenya yearned to explore it more.

She felt Leliana's hand caressing her back and then they found the knot Lenya had used to tie the cloth in place that supported her breasts. With skilled fingers Leliana opened them and then the fabric was only held in place by their bodies pressing together.

Then the kiss ended and Leliana stepped backwards and the cloth dropped to the ground. Lenya felt Leliana's eyes on her breasts and saw hunger grow in them.

"You're beautiful," Leliana said and very slowly lifted her hand to touch Lenya's skin. Lenya knew that her skin was covered in white lines of old scars and normally she wasn't so conscious of them, but for some reason she now felt like they made her really ugly, "I'm all scarred," Lenya said and blushed, it was silly to feel like that in front of Leliana, who was no stranger to the scars and Leliana's scars did not diminish her beauty at all, but Lenya couldn't help herself, "Beautiful," Leliana repeated and then Lenya felt Leliana's hand touch one of the scars on her stomach. The one made by Marjolaine's assassins arrow. When she traced the scar with her fingers Lenya felt shivers of pleasure go through her.

Lenya could only shiver as Leliana gently traced all the scars with her finger. Starting from her stomach and slowly getting up. When her fingers traced the marks on Lenya's chest and breasts Lenya felt how her nipples hardened, but Leliana avoided touching them.

Just when Lenya was almost ready to growl from frustration Leliana pulled her into a kiss and as it ended she traced Lenya's jaw with her tongue and when she got to her ear and nibbled at it gently Lenya let out a moan and when Leliana traced her tongue around the edges of her ear she almost lost it there, "Creators..."

"Liked that did you?" Leliana whispered in her ear and her breath sent another shiver through Lenya.

"Liked it?" Lenya managed to say and then pulled her head back so she could see Leliana eyes, "Loved it..." She murmured and then pressed her lips against Leliana's and her hands went under Leli's light shirt and started to pull it up. Leliana pulled back a bit and with her help Lenya pulled her shirt off. She did not have anything under it and when they resumed the kiss the sensation when their bare skin touched was almost overwhelming. Leliana's skin was so soft and warm.

Finally Lenya broke the kiss and stepped back. She wanted to see all that softness she'd felt against her own skin. When her eyes met Leliana's creamy skin and generous breasts Lenya swallowed hard, "You're perfect..." Lenya muttered in awe and lifted her hand so she could touch that perfection.

When Lenya's fingers brushed against Leliana's stomach Leliana closed her eyes and shivered, "So soft..." Lenya murmured as her fingers continued to explore Leliana skin. Shivers on Leliana's body increased and she let out those little sighs that made Lenya herself wild.

Finally she cupped Leliana's breasts in her hands and rubbed her thumbs over her hardened nipples. Leliana let out a delightful little moan and pushed her breasts against Lenya's hands. Never letting Leliana's breast from her hands Lenya leaned closer and kissed Leliana.

During the kiss Lenya felt how Leliana was trying to tug her pants down and she reluctantly let go off Leliana's breasts to give her better access. Soon the straps that had been holding her pants up were open and Leliana started to pull them down. Lenya spread her legs a bit and her pants just slid down.

Leliana ended the kiss and started to kiss Lenya's neck again, but now her hands were not staying idle. One found its way to Lenya's breast and cupped it and then pinched her nipple between fingers. Lenya let out a moan and dug her fingers into Leliana's hair and wanted her to keep going with her mouth.

Leliana knew what she was doing and slowly kissed her way down until her mouth captured the peak of Lenya's breast in her mouth and sucked at it, "Creators...!" Lenya sighed when pleasure shot through her whole body and into the growing tension within her. Leliana twirled her tongue around her nipple and bit it gently.

Then Lenya's eyes went wide as she felt Leliana's fingers touch her sex and slide between her folds. Slowly, almost tortuously slowly, those fingers explored every inch of her and then she felt a finger enter her and Leliana's thumb brushing against the throbbing nub of her center. The sensation was so strong that Lenya had to take a tighter hold of Leliana or she would have collapsed to the ground.

With knowing just how and when to move her fingers Leliana brought Lenya to the brink of release and then over it, "Mmm... Leli!" Lenya exhaled as she came.

When the last tremors of Lenya's orgasm subsided Leliana pulled her hand away from her core and leaned back. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them, "You taste absolutely divine," Leliana said.

Lenya smiled at her and then pulled her into a kiss. She could taste herself in Leliana's lips, "Well, my sneaky bard," Lenya said after the kiss ended and looked Leliana straight into the eyes, "My turn."

"Oh... is it?" Leliana returned the look and Lenya saw a need in them.

"Most certainly," Lenya said and pulled Leliana closer.

Leliana let Lenya pull her into the kiss and she just wanted to feel Lenya's firm body against her own again. She would have wanted to explore every inch of that body, but that thought was fleeing fast as she felt Lenya's finger traveling on her skin again.

This certainly was not Lenya's first time because her fingers knew exactly what they were doing. When they cupped her breasts again and Lenya ran her thumb over her nipples Leliana moaned as the pleasure sent shivers through her body.

Lenya ended the kiss and ran her tongue along her jaw line and into her ear. Another shot of pleasure ran through her when she felt Lenya's teeth at her earlobe. Then she continued her kissing down on her neck, leaving a Leliana's skin on fire after it. Lenya hands never stopped their caresses of her breasts and Leliana's need started to truly build up. Another moan escaped from her.

"I just love that sound," Lenya said suddenly and stopped the kisses on her neck for a moment.

"What...ahh... sound?" Leliana asked and opened her eyes only to be lost in Lenya's. Then she let out a moan as Lenya circled her nipple with her thumb, "That sound," Lenya smiled and then she released one of Leliana's breast and leaned down.

When Lenya licked her nipple and then sucked at it gently at first, but then a bit harder, Leliana buried her fingers in Lenya's hair and pushed her breast against the mouth that was giving her all these wonderful sensations.

Lenya continued to lick Leliana's breasts and her hands started to travel down on Leliana's stomach leaving a trail of light touches burning on Leliana's skin and when they met her pants she started to pull them down. The light cloth belt that was holding them up opened under Lenya's nimble fingers and then her pants just slid down.

Then Lenya's fingers continued their way down, but when they touched the hair that crowned Leliana's sex they stopped and their touch changed to... curious. Lenya stopped her administrations on Leliana's breasts and looked down. Leliana opened her eyes and looked at Lenya.

"Everything alright?" Leliana asked as Lenya continued to run her fingers through the hairs crowning at her sex. Elves didn't have pubic hair so this must be something new to Lenya.

"What?" Lenya said and looked up, "Yes... just didn't expect..." She bit her lower lip and then smiled, "They feel nice," She said and then kissed Leliana, and then her fingers continued their movement. The movement was so sudden that when Lenya's fingers entered to her folds Leliana moaned loudly and she felt Lenya's lips curve into a smile against her own lips.

Lenya's fingers explored her folds thoroughly and when they found her clit they stopped there for a moment, pushing Leliana higher and higher until they stopped, "Maker!..." Leliana growled through the kiss, "If you stop now I will kill you," She threatened.

Lenya smiled and then Leliana felt a finger touch her entrance and slide inside and at the same time another finger gave hard strokes over her clit. She felt her muscles contract and the orgasm exploded inside her. She wrapped her hands around Lenya and just clung to her as her body trembled from the orgasm.

When she opened her eyes Lenya pulled her hand up and brought it to her lips. She closed her eyes and licked it. Leliana suddenly felt like blushing. The way Lenya licked her juices off from her finger was... incredibly arousing for some reason.

Then Lenya opened her eyes and smiled, "I want to taste you properly," she said and then she gently, but firmly lowered her onto her bedroll and pushed onto her back. Lenya herself got on her knees and leaned over her. The view that opened up for Leliana made her need start to rise again. Lenya's breasts were hanging and gently moving as she moved and between those peaks Leliana saw the rest of Lenya's body. It truly was to die for.

Lenya moved up and her breasts brushed against Leliana's own making them both moan. Then Lenya lowered herself on top of her and Lenya's lips captured her own. Weight of Lenya's body and the feel of her skin against her own felt glorious.

When the kiss ended they were both breathing hard and Lenya started to move down again, but Leliana stopped her, "I want to taste you as well."

"After me," Lenya said.

"At the same time," Leliana smiled and then lifted her head so she could whisper her proposition to Lenya. When she'd explained what she meant Lenya's eyes went wide and then they lit up.

Leliana admired Lenya's body as she started to change her position and when she finally was on her knees on top of Leliana's head and she could see Lenya's most private parts right above her she sighed and lifted her head.

When her tongue ran through the slick folds of Lenya's sex and she tasted her sweet taste again she closed her eyes and savored it. At the same time another sensation ran through her body as she felt Lenya's tongue enter her own sex and started to explore it.

Even though they had both just had glimaxed it didn't take long before Leliana felt the rising tension again and with every lick of Lenya's tongue it rose higher and she could feel Lenya rising there with her.

Just when Leliana was sure she could not take anymore Lenya sucked her clit in her mouth and pushed her over the edge at the same time she pushed Lenya herself there with her. Their bodies trembled in harmony as the orgasms ravaged their bodies. Not just one, but many orgasms.

When the tremors finally subsided Leliana felt like someone had turned her bones to jelly. Lenya was fearing a bit better, but only slightly, enough that she could turn around and come to lie beside her.

Leliana turned her head and just admired Lenya's face. Lenya's lips were still glistening of Leliana's own juices and she languidly licked her lips, "Emma lath," Lenya said with her own language, "You taste absolutely amazing," She added then. Leliana wondered what emma lath meant. It did feel very significant somehow.

Leliana reached out and captured Lenya's lips into a kiss. She could taste her own taste in Lenya's lips.

When the kiss ended Leliana just kept admiring Lenya's face. Her tattoos were intricate twirls that only enhanced her beauty. She lifted her hand and traced the tattoo with her finger. They were so deep part of Lenya that Leliana found herself wanting to know what they meant.

"Mythal," Lenya said suddenly, "My Vallaslin is the mark of Mythal, the Great Protector and patron of motherhood and Justice," She added and she emphasized the word Justice.

Leliana traced the whole tattoo and then looked at Lenya into the eyes, "Protector seems very fitting for you, mon amour."

"That's what the Keeper said too," Lenya said, "Well, except she did not call me mon amour," She smiled, "What does that mean?"

"I'll tell you if you first tell me what emma lath means," Leliana said.

Lenya smiled and then she moved her head so their noses were touching and only thing Leliana could see was Lenya's eyes, "It means... my love," Lenya whispered and Leliana saw her eyes shift color and warm up.

Leliana felt a lump in her throat and it took a moment before she could say anything. The way how they thought in exact same things was almost scary, "Mon amour means the same," She managed and then she kissed Lenya gently.

When the kiss ended Lenya did not move away and she kept her eyes on Leliana's, "Ma'arlath, Leliana," She said and even though Leliana did not know the words she understood them. The translation to them was clearly visible in Lenya's eyes.

"Je t'aime aussi, Lenya," Leliana said and then they were kissing again. This time there was heat in it again and Leliana felt Lenya's hands start to wander on her body.

When Lenya woke up she felt better than she'd felt in months. There hadn't been nightmares, but there had been very steamy dreams involving Leliana.

"Hello," Leliana said and Lenya turned to look at the other woman. She was sitting next to her and watched her. She was naked and Lenya had to bite her lip because her mind went straight back to all the things they'd done last night.

"Hello," Lenya said and smiled, "Did you sleep well?" She asked then.

"I've been up for some time, but yes, I slept very well," Leliana replied, "I've just been watching you sleep," She added and Lenya lifted her brow questioningly, "Did you know your eyelids flutter when you dream?" She asked and then let out a little giggle, "And you have such pretty eyelashes."

"Er... m-my eyelashes?" Lenya asked abashed. She'd never thought her eyelashes were pretty. At least no one had mentioned them before.

"Mmmmm," Leliana murmured, her eyes half closed, "They're like little butterflies... I want to catch them and keep them in a jar," She smiled happily and that transformed her into something absolutely stunning.

"Sure," Lenya said, "Where's the jar?" She asked and Leliana laughed, "By the Creators I love the sound of your voice when you laugh," Lenya said. She could happily listen Leliana's laugh forever.

"I'm so happy. Blissful," Leliana said and that was something Lenya could relate, "I haven't slept so well since I was forced to leave from Orlais," Leliana continued, "Knowing you will be the first thing I see when I wake gives me no small amount of comfort," She continued, "I feel safe in your arms. Safe, loved and accepted," Leliana smiled, "This is where I belong. Thank you," She leaned down and gave Lenya a small kiss.

"This does feel right, and natural," Lenya said and that, if something, was extremely weird and something she'd never had thought could be possible with someone who was not an elf, but everything with Leliana felt like it was how things should be.

"I suppose we should get up," Leliana said then, "We have a long day ahead of us."

"I don't feel like getting up," Lenya said and measured Leliana with her eyes. Her body was just to die for and with increased light of the day sifting through the tent she looked even more beautiful. There was no way she would get up from the bed just yet.

"Come on..." Leliana lifted her hand in front of her and shook her fists, "...darkspawn await with bated breath for you to put them out of their misery!" She exclaimed.

"Oh no," Lenya said and reached to touch Leliana's leg with her hand, "If the darkspawn want to get killed so badly, Alistair can handle the killing part for a while because I have a beautiful woman in front of me and I have something much more pleasurable in mind than killing darkspawn."

"What are you-" Leliana started and then looked down at her leg Lenya's hand was caressing, "oh... I see... hmm, I suppose the darkspawn will just have to wait a bit longer..." She added and leaned down to kiss Lenya.

"Damn straight they can," Lenya said and then Leliana's lips captured her own.

Alistair was looking at the sky. The sun was already past noon and Lenya and Leliana still hadn't come out of the tent. He wondered if he should go tell them how far the day was already or wake them or something.

"If you go there now, Alistair, they will kill you," Zevran said when he suggested it to the rest of the group, "You better just enjoy the extra rest they are giving us."

"But..." Alistair started. He knew or at least thought he knew what Lenya and Leliana were doing, but the day was already so long that he wondered if something had happen.

"Trust me, Alistair," Zevran said, "When you hear the voices, like what we heard a few hours ago, coming from a tent, you do not go there and ask if they are alright. Unless you have a deathwish."

"Zevran is right," Wynne said, "Just sit down and rest."

"Besides, you really think Abelas will let you even near their tent?" Zevran said and nodded towards Abelas who was sitting in front of Leliana's tent and guarded it.

"Okay," Alistair said and sat down. He didn't quite know what to do so he took his sword and started to clean it.

Zevran shook his head as he watched Alistair. They really should have just hooked him up with a whore at the Pearl. He would get himself killed if he would not learn certain things. Like when to go disturb people and when you just waited for them to get clothes on and come out on their own. Even Lenya's mabari was obviously smarter than Alistair in this since it hasn't even tried to go to the tent.

The sounds he had heard from the tent told him that this situation was absolutely on the latter option. He would have given just about anything to get to see the pair though. They had been going on most of the night and a good portion of the morning. Their stamina was quite impressive.

"Does the painted elf wish he would be there with the Warden and the Chantry sister?" Shale asked.

"Oh yes," Zevran replied, "Don't you ever wish you could be with someone?"

"Of course not," Shale snorted, "Mere thought of the soft squishy things grinding against each other and spreading liquids all over them is disgusting," She continued and a shudder seemed to go through her.

"For someone who doesn't want to do it you seem to know quite well how it is done," Zevran said.

"Agh!" Shale groaned, "When I was still a statue some soft and squishy things thought it to be fun to do that in my shadow and I of course was forced to watch and listen... Oh how I wish I could have stomped them all and watch them fountain blood all over the place."

"Now that could have dampen the romance a little," Zevran said and smiled.

Zevran watched at Leliana's tent for a while and then decided that he could make another breakfast while they waited. If the women were not hungry after all that exercise he would eat his boots.

Lenya and Leliana were lying comfortably snuggled against each other and watched at the tent ceiling. It felt like forever since Lenya had felt like this. Completely relaxed and loved. Feel of Leliana's body against her own felt right.

Sex had been truly great; intense, passionate and hot. They had both given themselves to the other completely and without reservations. Not to mention that they had really taken their time with it.

"We should probably get up," Leliana said.

"Probably," Lenya admitted, "Not really want to, but I guess it would be unfair for the others if we spent whole day having sex while they wait."

Leliana giggled, "A bit yes," She said, "After all this is over we should take few days off and just have sex in every possible ways we can think of."

"Sounds like a plan," Lenya smiled and then she turned to look at Leliana, "Ma'arlath," She said in her own language.

"Ma'arlath, Lenya," Leliana replied and then they kissed.

"We better get dressed or we will not get out of this tent," Lenya said when the kiss ended. They were both starting to get flushed again and if they didn't get their clothes on now, Lenya would go down on Leliana again, "Soon," Lenya swallowed. Her mind was all too happy to provide arousing images before her eyes and naked Leliana sure didn't help on her resolve.

"Yes," Leliana nodded and sat up.

It took them awhile to get their clothes on, but they did manage to do it.

When Lenya opened the tent flap and stepped outside she was greeted by Abelas who tilted his head and wagged his tail. He had obviously been guarding the tent.

"Good boy," Lenya smiled and Abelas let out a little bark.

"Ah, I see we had a guard," Leliana said.

"Yes," Lenya nodded, "It is bit creepy how he knew to do it though."

"You two are joined and he's a smart boy," Leliana said.

"Yes, I guess he is," Lenya said and scratched Abelas' ears. Then she finally turned to look at the rest of the camp. Most of their companions were sitting around the fire and Zevran was... cooking, "Hmm... food," Lenya said dreamily and just then noticed how hungry she was.

"Ah, my dear ladies," Zevran said when they approached the fire, "I decided to make some more breakfast because it looked like you wanted to... sleep late today and you might be hungry... from all that sleeping you did."

"Thank you, Zev," Lenya said and took pretty much half of what Zevran had prepared, "I had really active sleep so as it happens I am really hungry," She gave brilliant smile to Zevran, "Thank you."

"You're quite welcome, my dear friend," Zevran said, "I have occasionally suffered from active sleep as well and I know how famishing it can be. No matter how much you... eat while sleeping."

"Funny that," Leliana said and sat next to her.

"Anything happened while we slept?" Lenya asked, "No one attacked us I hope?"

"No, no attacks," Zevran replied, "Our templar friend was a bit anxious though and we had to talk him out of coming to wake you two up."

"Oh, Alistair," Lenya said and shook her head to her Warden companion, "You are hopeless, my friend."

"What?" Alistair asked, "I was worried that something might have happened to you."

"We need to get you a woman or a man if you prefer that and teach you out of that innocence," Lenya said, "It will get you killed if you keep that up."

"What, why?" Alistair asked, confused.

"Because if you had come to disturb us I would have killed you," Lenya said.

"And after she had killed you I would have killed you again," Leliana said.

"I told you," Zevran grinned at Alistair whose face turned red and then he left muttering to himself as he went.

"Don't tease the boy too much," Wynne said, "He will learn."

"Hopefully before he gets himself killed," Lenya said.

"I think he would prefer that as well," Wynne smiled, "What's our plans for today?" She asked then.

"Continue moving towards the Circle Tower and visit at the Peak when we go past it," Lenya said.

"Why do we need to stop at the Peak?" Leliana asked.

"I need to get my armor fixed and Bodahn promised to meet us there," Lenya replied.

"Are we going to continue with the pace we've used since we left from Denerim?" Wynne asked.

"I don't think we need to," Lenya replied, "There hasn't been any signs of pursuit and even though we did leave a mess after us yesterday it will take awhile before anyone finds the bodies so we can continue with the normal pace from here on."

"Good," Wynne said, "This old woman could use a bit slower pace."

"I bet she could," Lenya smiled, "We'll leave as soon as me and Leliana have eaten so you all have better to start packing."

"Of course," Wynne said and stood up. Then they all left the fire and went to pack the camp.

"Why do you need to have your armor fixed?" Leliana asked.

"It has some wear and tear I want fixed before it gets worse," Lenya replied, "And I think we might be able to afford some runes as well."

"Speaking of runes," Leliana said, "Thank you for the bow."

"You're welcome, emma lath," Lenya said.

Translations to the elven language Lenya uses in this chapter:

Emma lath = My love

Ma'arlath = I love you

Translations to the french language Leliana uses in this chapter:

Mon amour = My love

Je t'aime aussi = I love you too

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