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The Soldiers Peak

Lenya sat near the forge and watched Mikhail as he worked to fix her armor. Aside from the arrow hole the armor had surprisingly little wear though.

"This arrow must have been enchanted to pierce the armor so cleanly," Mikhail said to her.

"I believe so, yes," Lenya nodded, "The assassins were very well equipped."

"You do lead far more interesting life than I do Warden," Mikhail said.

"Probably, but you create far more beautiful pieces from a simple piece of metal than I could ever hope to manage," Lenya smiled, "How long you think it will take to mend it?"

"Two days for all the armor repairs," Mikhail said, "A day for the weapons."

"Okay," Lenya said and then turned to look at Leliana. The armor she wore was in good condition, but its quality was not really that good. Because the money had been scarce they've been focused on the armors of the melee fighters like Lenya herself. Leliana and Zevran had been left with what they could have afforded. Zevran fared better because his armor had been really good to begin with.

"Do you have anything suitable for rogues?" Lenya asked, "Something that doesn't hinder a usage of a bow?"

"I have some leather armors that has been reinforced with silverite links," Mikhail replied, "It is light enough that it doesn't hinder movement and it is made so it doesn't make noise when you move."

"So it can be used in stealth as well?" Lenya asked.

"Yes," Mikhail said, "It is not as silent as pure leather armor, but if the user is skilled enough the added protection is worth it."

"How much you ask for it?" Lenya asked.

"Normally twenty five gold pieces, but for you fifteen," Mikhail said.

"Deal," Lenya said, "Let me know when you've made the repairs and I bring her here for refitting it."

"Will do, Warden," Mikhail said.

"I'll leave you to your work then," Lenya smiled.

Alistair watched how Lenya left the forge. He had grown so used of wearing an armor that now that he was without it he felt naked. He saw that Sten wasn't happy about being out of his armor either. Sten had tried to protests that his armor was fine, but Lenya had not listened and just ordered them all to give their armors to Mikhail for repair and maintain.

He felt that it was a bit unfair that Leliana and Zevran didn't need to walk around the keep in their camp clothes. Lenya on the other hand seemed perfectly happy to be out off her armor. She still had her swords strapped at her back though. In that regard Lenya was exactly like Sten. Neither of those wanted to be far away from their swords.

Oghren on the other hand had already passed out and couldn't care less if he had armor on or not.

Alistair saw how Lenya stopped to talk with Leliana. The way those two seemed to be completely different with each other than how they were towards anyone else was weird. It also made him happy because Lenya, if anyone, deserved some happiness.

He saw the pair laugh and then Lenya started to come towards him. She was obviously on her round to talk with each of her companions. She did that each day and she never left anyone out of that. She had not left even Wynne out when she had been getting on Lenya's nerves.

Alistair turned to look at the older mage. Her behavior towards Lenya had also changed. How or why Alistair had no idea.

"With age comes wisdom," Lenya said and startled him.

"What?" Alistair managed.

"You were wondering why she behaves so differently now," Lenya said.

"Would you stop doing that," Alistair said, "It is creepy when you read me like that."

"Alistair," Lenya sighed, "Even Oghren can read you."

"Thank you so much for that image," Alistair muttered and Lenya chuckled, "And how can you say that with age comes wisdom when she's way older than any of us?"

"There are more than one kind of age," Lenya said.

"You mean experience?" Alistair asked.

"Yes," Lenya nodded, "Even with all her age and the wisdom that comes with it Wynne is still limited by her stay in the Circle. All her life it has defined her and she is very reluctant to see outside her comfort zone."

Alistair looked at Wynne again and then Lenya, "When we started this insanity I would have said same thing about you," He dared to say.

"Yes, that is true," Lenya nodded, "It is not easy to find out that not everything you believed in is what you expected it to be."

"So, you don't want to kill all humans anymore?" Alistair grinned.

"No, I am past that kind of thing," Lenya said and Alistair lifted his brow, "Now I only want to kill nine Shems out of ten," Lenya continued after a while.

"That's the Lenya I've grown to like," Alistair smiled, but then he grew more serious, "I've been thinking of what you said to me."

"I said to you when?" Lenya asked curiously.

"After we met my sister," Alistair said, "You told me that I need to start standing up for myself and not let just about anyone to walk over me and then you very eloquently told me to… eh… grow a pair," He stumbled at the end there. He really was not used to talking like that to women or to anyone for that matter.

"Yes, I do remember telling you that," Lenya said, "What in that had made you think?"

"Everything, really," Alistair replied, "You were right."

"Yes, I know," Lenya said.

"Maker, Lenya… I wish I had your confidence," Alistair let out a little laugh.

"You may need a little bit of practice before you manage that," Lenya said.

"Just a little bit?" Alistair lifted his brow, "I know I can't let other people people make decisions for me anymore or let other people decide what is best for me."

"Good," Lenya said and then grinned at him, "You still need to follow my orders though."

"That is different," Alistair said, "You are my commander and it is my duty to follow you. You are not telling me how I should live my life."

"And if I decide that the best thing for Ferelden is that you become its king?" Lenya asked.

"I wish you would not decide that, but if you do I will consider it," Alistair said.

"Good," Lenya said, "Now I want you to go to the chantry and become a priestess of Andraste."

"What?" Alistair exclaimed and then he noticed Lenya was shaking from a silent laughter, "Very funny."

"Sorry my friend, I just couldn't resist," Lenya said.

"There was something else I wanted to talk to you about," Alistair said.

"Oh?" Lenya asked, "What is it?"

"I wanted to ask you what you think of the people we are traveling with," Alistair said.

"People we…?" Lenya started and then lifted her brows, "Sure, but why?"

"The way you chose some of the people to travel with us… It had made me curious of what you really think about them," Alistair said.

"Okay, ask away," Lenya said.

"How about Oghren?" Alistair asked, "You must have an opinion on that smell at the very least."

Lenya chuckled, "Smell aside I actually rather like him."

"I would, too, if he could stick to the ribald stories and not so much with the belching and projectile vomiting," Alistair shrugged, "How he lifts his sword is a bit of a mystery," He continued, "Though I suppose the point is that he does lift it," He smiled and then grinned, "And so long as we can point him in the right direction, he charges too. He has gusto, I'll give him that."

"I'm sure he appreciates that," Lenya smiled, "Who is next?"

"Zevran," Alistair said, "You can't… trust him, can you?" He asked and continued before Lenya had time to reply, "Do you believe his so-called wow?"

"Yes, I actually do," Lenya replied.

"Really? Why?" Alistair asked and he was kind of surprised that he actually was surprised of the answer. He already had known that Lenya trusted Zevran, "That's a lot of trust to put in someone who tried to kill you."

"Only way to truly know someone is to fight them, Alistair," Lenya said, "Words can be dishonest, but how you fight… no matter what, the fighting is honest."

"Sometimes I really wished I could see inside your head," Alistair shook his head in disbelief.

"You would go mad the instant you'd do that," Lenya chuckled.

"Probably," Alistair smiled, "He just seems shifty to me," He then continued.

"That might be because he really is shifty," Lenya pointed out.

Alistair rolled his eyes, "What about Sten?" He asked then, "The way he looks at me with those eyes… creepy," A shiver ran through him, "And he is so quiet for someone so big."

Lenya turned to look at Sten and followed him with her eyes before she replied, "I respect him."

"Fighting thing again?" Alistair asked and Lenya nodded, "The more I talk to him, the more reasonable he does seem. His philosophy is so strange, but it doesn't sound at all as vile as the chantry describes it."

"Is this the same chantry that says that I am a dangerous heretic?" Lenya asked with feigned curiosity, "The same chantry that destroyed my homeland centuries ago?"

"Okay, you made your point," Alistair sighed, "Chantry is right in the fact that you are dangerous though."

"Oh, yes," Lenya said and her eyes flared briefly with blue glow.

Alistair shook his head and then turned to look at Sten again, "And yet he killed all those people. He doesn't even deny it. Doesn't that bother you?"

"He seems to regret what he did," Lenya said.

"Hmm. I'm not so sure that his regret means the same as it would for us," Alistair said and turned to look at Lenya, "The qunari sense of honor is… a bit hard to grasp. For me, anyway."

"It is not entirely clear to me neither," Lenya confessed.

"Glad to hear I am not the only one," Alistair smiled and then turned to look at Morrigan, "Morrigan. Do you trust her? Think about it… Flemeth sent her with us for some other than she said."

"You really don't like each other , do you?" Lenya asked and she seemed amused. The bloody woman was amused.

"Well aside from the fact that she is a complete and utter bitch, no… I don't like her at all," Alistair said with contempt, "Why? Do you?"

"I like her just fine," Lenya replied.

"Great," Alistair sighed, "I am thrilled beyond words. No, really."

Lenya's body shook from the silent laughter again.

"Fine, have fun with the expense of your fellow Warden," Alistair scoffed and and then he turned to look at Leliana, "What about Leliana? Is she crazy? Or do you really believe in her vision?"

"You don't believe in religious visions and miracles?" Lenya asked without answering and she stopped laughing.

"Even the chantry believes that most claims of visions and such are usually people's minds playing tricks on them. Wishful thinking at best. I am not sure what I think," Alistair replied.

"It is kind of ironic that the entire chantry is build on a base idea of one woman getting visions, but then the chantry just tells that no one else can have them," Lenya chuckled, "As for Leliana's visions…" She turned to look at Leliana, "I believe that she believes in her vision."

"That's one way to put it," Alistair smiled and then he tried to school his face into something he hoped would show only slight interest, "I notice that you and her have become… close," He said and Lenya lifted her brow questioningly, "Am I right?" He asked and then hurriedly added, "The rest of us have talked about it."

"You talk about us?" Lenya asked and she tilted her head in a way that made Alistair want to blush. How in the name of the Maker she did that? - He thought.

"You think we have better things to do than gossip about you?" Alistair asked quickly. He was afraid Lenya would hit him. What in the Makers name made him start asking about this? "You give us far too much credit. Is it true or not?"

"Hmm," Lenya said and gave Alistair a curious look, "You do know what sex is?" She asked.

"What?" Alistair uttered surprised.

"Sex, you know what it is?" Lenya asked.

"Yes… I don't believe I'm having this conversation, but yes… I know what sex is," Alistair replied and he thought that his face must be bright red by now.

"Ah, okay, just checking since I was wondering if it really is possible that you did miss all the obvious signs of what happen between me and Leliana few nights ago and I'm not even going to mention the fact that we share a tent now," Lenya said, "But to answer your… oh so cleverly put question, yes we are close," She added and then she grinned, "Would you like to know how close we actually are?"

"Dear Maker no!" Alistair breathed horrified. He really should stop trying to be clever with the… well everyone of their group.

"You sure?" Lenya asked and then she started to laugh again.

"Ha ha," Alistair muttered, "Enough. I think my curiosity is sated."

"If you want to know more you just need to ask," Lenya said amused, "You know where to find me," She added and then turned to leave.

"So not going to happen," Alistair muttered when Lenya was out of hearing range.

Lenya walked towards the fire where Wynne was sitting and doing something. Probably mending Alistair's clothes or something. She would have told Alistair to mend his own clothes, but Wynne didn't seem to mind doing it so Lenya had let it go.

When she got closer she saw that Wynne was indeed mending clothes. From the looks of them they were her own robes this time though.

"Doing your daily visits, Lenya?" Wynne asked when Lenya sat beside her.

"Yes," Lenya nodded, "I like knowing that my companions are alright."

"You take your responsibilities as a leader very seriously," Wynne said.

"It is my duty," Lenya said and looked at the older woman. She tried to figure out where Wynne was going with this. Even though she'd said to Alistair that Wynne had changed Lenya was not sure the old mage really had changed.

"That word comes so naturally from you," Wynne said, "I have seen many leaders who have struggled with the duty that had been placed upon them, but you do not struggle with it, you embrace it in a way I've never witnessed," She continued and Lenya lifted her brow questioningly, "I wish I'd seen that before you hammered it in my head as subtly as a mabari charge."

"Subtlety has never been my strong suit," Lenya said.

"I've noticed," Wynne chuckled and then she turned a bit more serious, "I have watched you and Leliana for a time and…." She said and Lenya prepared herself for another lecture. She did not believe Wynne had changed her mind about her and Leliana being a stupid idea. Even though she'd not said anything judgemental anymore, "And perhaps I was wrong," She said and Lenya was pretty sure her mouth just hit the ground, "No need to be so shocked, young lady," Wynne laughed at her, "I may be old and prideful, but I know to give in when I notice I am wrong."

"Sorry," Lenya managed, "It's… just a bit unexpected."

Wynne smiled at her and then continued to speak, "There seems to be something special between the two of you," She said, "I think Leliana feels she's truly found her place with you, that after all her wanderings, she's finally home," There was gentle smile on Wynne's lips and she was looking at Leliana who was now playing with Abelas.

Lenya stood up and walked to the other side of the fire and stared at Leliana. She could also feel Wynne's eyes on her back, "I feel the same way," She said finally and lifted her hand and waved at Leliana who waved back at her, "It is a strange thing… the love," She said, "You find it in the weirdest places."

"Yes, it really is one of the weirdest of the Makers or the Creators gifts," Wynne said and Lenya could hear in her voice that she had personal experience in that. Lenya also appreciated it that Wynne included the Creators within her words.

"Eight months ago I'd never expected to find my self in love with a shem...human woman," Lenya said, "Would have killed anyone who might even suggest something like that, but here I am now… fully smitten with a gorgeous red haired human woman," She added and then turned to look at Wynne, "

Wynne set her robe and the needle aside and stood up and came to stand in front of Lenya, "I think I was too harsh in my judgement before, and I am sorry," She said and looked at Lenya directly into the eyes.

Lenya saw that Wynne really meant what she was saying and she respected her for it, "Apology accepted," She just said.

"Thank you," Wynne nodded and then looked at Leliana again, "What you have may not last forever; death and duty may part you, but love's worthiness is not diminished because of that," She continued, "I should have seen this before."

"We know that every moment could be our last," Lenya said, "But we will refuse to wallow in that."

"Instead you learn to cherish every precious moment that you spend together, knowing that it may be the last," Wynne said and Lenya nodded, "And for those of us watching…" She said and gave Lenya a knowing look that made her blush, "Well, it brings warmth to these old bones to know that something so beautiful can be found in the midst of chaos and strife."

"Thank you," Lenya didn't quite know what else to say. Even though she'd seen Wynne's behavior change during the recent weeks it had still come as surprise how completely she'd changed her views.

"If I may suggest something though," Wynne said then, "You might want to set your tent a bit further up next time we camp… you two are… rather vocal," She grinned at Lenya. Lenya felt her whole face heat up, "Just a suggestion my dear."

"I… I'll take it under consideration," Lenya managed.

"Glad to hear," Wynne smiled amused, "It's no trouble, but it does make one feel rather lonely to be alone in your bedroll when you listen to you two."

"Right…" Lenya coughed and felt that her face was bright as a tomato, "You are rather evil old woman, did you know that?"

"Oh, I know, but thank you my dear," Wynne smiled and sat back to her place and started to mend her robe again.

Lenya shook her head in disbelief and then she left the fire. She started to chuckle when she got away from the fire. Suggestion to set tent a bit further so she and Leliana would not keep others up with the sounds of lovemaking was probably the last thing she'd expected to hear from Wynne when she came to talk to her.

Later that night

Leliana stared at the ceiling of the tent and just enjoyed the feel of Lenya's body against her own. Lenya's free hand was drawing little shapes on Leliana's stomach causing a little shivers of pleasure go through her body.

They had shared the tent for few nights now and it made her feel completely safe and at peace. When she went to sleep and when she woke the first thing she saw was Lenya and that felt absolutely right.

"What are you thinking, emma lath?" Lenya asked and when Leliana turned her head to look at her she got lost in Lenya's eyes. Those bright blue eyes seemed to draw her inside and embrace her. She would gladly get lost in them, "Lethallan?" Lenya said quastioningly and made her blink.

"Sorry," Leliana smiled, "I got lost in your eyes."

"Should I keep them closed?" Lenya asked playfully.

"Absolutely not," Leliana exclaimed, "They are such pretty eyes."

"Okay, I'll keep them open then," Lenya smiled, "But you didn't answer my question… well unless you were actually thinking about my eyes that is."

"No, I wasn't thinking of your eyes, mon amour, even though they are simply breathtaking," Leliana said, "What I was actually thinking was how absolutely amazing and right this… us together… feels," She motioned with her free hand to encircle them both.

"It does feel right, doesn't it," Lenya smiled and reached up to kiss her, "To feel you against me when we go to sleep makes me feel… light and loved. And when our heartbeats gets entwined together and make me feel complete… It is a feeling I thought I'd never experience again," Then Lenya withdrew a bit so Leliana could see her eyes again, "I love you, Leliana," Lenya said with a voice that was no more than a whisper, "My beautiful bard."

Leliana had to swallow hard. She'd of course heard Lenya tell her that she loved her, but only with Lenya's own language. This was the first time she did so in common language.

"Oh, Lenya," Leliana breathed and pulled Lenya into a tight embrace, "I love you too," She said and then kissed along Lenya's jaw until her lips found Lenya's. The kiss that followed made her head spin and when they finally stopped she was breathless.

Then Leliana moved her hand on Lenya's thigh and felt her legs to spread a little to give her better access, but then Lenya suddenly blushed and turned hesitant.

"Something wrong?" Leliana asked and her hand stopped its movement.

"No…" Lenya shook her head still blushing, "Not wrong as such, but…"

Leliana lifted her brow, "You can tell me, whatever it is you can tell me," She said.

"It's Wynne," Lenya whispered and the blush deepened.

"Wynne?" Leliana asked confused, "What are you talking about, Lenya?"

"I went to talk to her today," Lenya said and Leliana nodded. She knew that Lenya talked with everyone every day, "She apologized of what she said about us."

"That's good isn't it?" Leliana asked still confused of what in that made Lenya blush like a girl who just became a woman.

"Yes it is," Lenya nodded and then lifted her eyes on Leliana's, "She also told me that we… we are…" She blushed again.

"We are what?" Leliana said.

"We are very loud and vocal when we have sex and we keep making her wish that she had someone on her bedroll as well when we are having sex because she hears it through our tent," Lenya burst out suddenly. She spoke so fast that her words seemed to blur together.

Leliana stared at Lenya and then she blushed as well, "Maker…!" She whispered. Of course she'd known they made some noise when they had sex. Lenya's moans drove her wild after all and Leliana doubted she was any quieter herself either when Lenya was pleasuring her.

"She's rather evil old woman," Lenya said quietly.

"It seems so," Leliana said, but then she grinned mischievously, "Let's make her wish she had two men or women in her bedroll," She said and moved her hand on Lenya's thigh again.

"She's slee… Ah! ...ping inside the ke..ah..ep," Lenya managed to say.

"I'll just have to make you more vocal then don't I?" Leliana asked and slid her other hand over Lenya's breast making her moan and at the same time made a questioning move with the hand that rested on Lenya's thigh.

"Creators…!" Lenya breathed and spread her legs inviting her to move her hand there.

"That's my, Warden," Leliana whispered and planted a kiss on Lenya's neck and at the same time lowered Lenya on her back.

Next morning

When Lenya and Leliana walked to the fire next morning they got few looks and Alistair turned bright red.

"Morning," Lenya said, "Is there some food because I'm starving?"

"Yes there is," Wynne said and gave a knowing smile at Lenya. She felt her face getting slightly flushed, but she answered Wynne's smile with her own.

"Great," Lenya breathed and went to the cooking area.

"Something wrong, Alistair?" Lenya heard Leliana ask.

"NO!" Alistair quipped startled and then coughed, "I mean no… nothing wrong. Everything is just… Not wrong."

"He left the keep last night and went for a walk outside," Wynne replied and Lenya's eyes snapped wide and she felt a blush deepen in her cheeks. Damned, Leli! - She thought, "He wasn't gone for long before he ran back inside, his cheeks flushed so red that he shamed the tomatoes in color. He refused to say anything and just went to sat in the corner."

"Oh, did he now?" Leliana asked, "I wonder what he saw out there on his walk."

"I wondered that myself, Leliana," Wynne said, "So I went outside myself to find out."

"Did you find out what he saw?" Leliana asked curiously. Lenya took food for herself and Leliana and then she went to sit next to Leliana. By the Creators - She thought, Leliana was not flushed at all. She looked like she had absolutely no idea what Wynne and Alistair had seen or more likely heard.

"Yes, I did in fact," Wynne said, "But it wasn't something he saw, but what he heard."

"And what was it?" Leliana asked and tilted her head pretty much like Lenya had seen Abelas do. Damn she was adorable when she did that.

"There was a rather distinct sound of mating to be heard near the wall where your tent is set," Wynne said.

"Was there?" Leliana asked with her eyes wide, "We didn't hear anything," She then said and Lenya almost spurt her food to the ground. She feigned a cough. By the Creators Leliana was good.

"You didn't?" Wynne asked, "You must have been sleeping like a log to miss that one."

"Yes," Leliana nodded, "We slept very deeply. The day had been very taxing."

"Yes, I understand," Wynne said, "All that resting we did yesterday must have been very tiring."

"Yes!" Leliana nodded enthusiastically and smiled at Wynne. Lenya took a glance at Wynne and saw that the her lips were twitching, but she managed not to burst into a laughter, "What is the plan for today, Lenya?" Wynne asked then.

"Resting…" Lenya started and she heard Zevran start to chuckle and Alistair's near desperate exhale of 'Maker!'. She coughed and vowed she would get even with Leliana… even if she'd had to keep her in bed and ravish… Bad Lenya! - She admonished herself, "Hmm, yes… what I was about to say is that Mikhail said it will take at least two days to repair our armors and a day for the weapons. I also bought new armor for Leliana which need to be fitted so we probably be here for three days still."

"Resting," Zevran snickered.

"That too," Lenya said and was glad that her face did not lit up like a red light this time, "What I want everyone to do is to go talk to Levi and see if he has anything you might need on the days to come."

"What are we going to do when we leave from here?" Alistair asked. His face was still flushed and he avoided looking at Lenya directly.

"Continue to the Spoiled Princess at Lake Calenhad," Lenya replied, "I want to see what kind of trap the fake Weilon was sending us in and clear it out. Then we will continue to this village of Haven or whatever it is and see if we can find these Ashes of Andraste or whatever they are."

"Is it necessary for us to go clean some trap?" Morrigan asked.

"Is it necessary… no, but I have a feeling that it would be unwise to leave the trap there and I hate it when people try to kill me so I want to kill every last one of the whoever is behind the trap," Lenya said.

"Ooh… Aren't we bloodthirsty!" Zevran said.

"Comes with being a Grey Warden," Alistair said with serious expression, "We just can't resist a good pint of blood," He added and the he grinned at Lenya.

"You don't seem to be after it as much as our gorgeous leader is," Zevran pointed out.

"Well… Lenya is special," Alistair said.

"That she is," Zevran agreed and gave Lenya a flirting look.

"Also taken," Leliana said to Zevran and set her empty plate on the ground, "So you my friend have to go to flirt with Morrigan or Wynne."

"I will turn him into a toad if he does that," Morrigan said coldly.

"And I twist his head backwards if he does that," Wynne said equally coldly.

Lenya started to chuckle. Both women should know Zevran well enough now to know that saying something like that to him was an open invitation for Zevran to do a continuous flirting and attempts to have sex with both women.

"Everyone get as much rest as you can because I have a feeling that we won't have much of it for a while when we leave from here," Lenya said.

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