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Chapter 1:- Meeting the herd

She slowly walked through the forest, thinking to herself; am I a monster? She peered round to take a glimpse of her, somewhat strange, white fur. Tears slowly filled her eyes. Why did I have to have white fur? Everyone else in my family is normal coloured, so why me? Suddenly, the tigress heard a scream, and so she rushed over to see what all the fuss was about.

Diego was walking through the peaceful forest, when he heard a scream. Sid, he thought, then started running over to where the sound was coming from.

_"HELP!" Sid screamed. He had cowered up onto a branch of a tree, while a bear was at the bottom of the tree, jumping up, missing Sid by a hair.

"HELP!" he screamed again, he then saw a white figure tackle down the menacing bear, scratching its shocked face, which caused the bear to make a hasty retreat.

"Thank you, thank you!" Sid said, gleefully, and jumped out of the tree to greet his saviour. It was the white tigress.

"Don't mention it, just be care…wait? Why aren't you afraid of me?" The female said in a surprised tone.

"Why should I be?" the sloth said, shaking her paw. "I have another sabre-tooth in my herd. Oh, by the way, the names Sid."

Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak, another tiger pounced onto her, pinning the helpless tigress to the floor.

Diego growled, "The sloth is off the menu. Now go back to your pack, or you will wish you had" She gasped, then Sid came running over.

"No, get off her! She saved me!" Sid shouted. Diego swiftly jumped off of the female and said "she did?" he said, confused

"YES!" Sid shouted. Diego's ears went back, and looked at the saber.

"Oh, right, sorry" and then walked away, embarrassed.

She looked at the sloth with a confused expression on her face.

"Oh, that's just Diego, ignore him, he's always like that. What's your name?" Sid asked.

"S-Shira" she said, still finding it hard to believe that the saber travelled with a sloth.

"Shira? That's a nice name. Hey, why don't you come and meet the rest of the herd? I am sure Ellie will love you." Sid was already walking in the direction of the herd.

Shira rolled her eyes. There's more? She thought to herself, sighing, but followed the sloth anyway.

As they walked up to the herd, Shira froze in fear and shock. He didn't mention mammoths, or possums. The smaller, reddish furred mammoth was playing with the mammoth calf, who looked like her, but had her father's fur colour, assuming that the bigger, dark brown mammoth sitting next to the shemoth, smiling contently, was the calf's dad. The two possums looked like twins, as they both have a brown and white striped coat, except one had blue eyes, the other, had brown. They were throwing rocks at Sid. Sid yelped and ran behind her.

This made Shira giggle.

Just then the possums noticed her, and froze.

The blue eyed one wolf whistled at her.

The other one said "Why HELLOOOO, beautiful!" They both jumped in front of her.

"I'm crash!" The blue eyed possum said. He pointed at the other possum; "and this is Eddie!" Shira nodded, then looked at Sid.

"Well?" she said. Sid stared up at her.

"Well what?" Sid asked.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me to the others?" she replied, slightly annoyed.

"Oh yeah! Follow me!" and with that Sid walked towards the three mammoths.

"Hiya guys, Meet Shira! She saved me from a bear!" Sid exclaimed, pointing to the female saber walking up towards them. Manny pulled Peaches towards him and wrapped his trunk round her tiny body. The saber could take her down easily.

Shira could see the worried look on the mammoths face and said "Don't worry, I won't eat her, she's too cute!" Ellie stood up and walked towards Shira.

"Hi! My names Ellie, that's Manny," gesturing to him "and that's our darling daughter Peaches!" pointing to the little ball of fluff being cuddled by Manny. Shira smiled.

"So, where's you pack?" Ellie asked. Shira was surprised. She was giving me a warm smile and being all nice, even though there already is a saber in the herd, I thought that she would be more stubborn and protective, especially since i'm a stranger to her and her calf is right behind her.

"Ummmm, I don't have a pack" Shira replied sadly.

"Well that's not a problem" Sid interrupted. Shira stared at him.

"Join our herd!" The saber looked at him, shocked; I did not expect him to say that, she thought to herself.

"Yeah!" came a voice. It was Crash.

"Join us please!" Eddie pleaded. Shira looked at Ellie and Manny, and they both nodded.

"OK then." Shira said, smiling.

"YAY!" The possum brothers shouted, ran over to the saber and hugged her front legs.

"Can you two please get off?" Shira growled. Crash and Eddie immediately got off and jumped onto Ellie's back. Just then, Diego came back, his head down.

"What's wrong with you?" Manny asked.

"Nothing." Diego replied, and with that, he walked over and laid down next to the fire that Sid had made, placing his head onto his paws, and starting staring at Shira. Who was chatting to Ellie. I feel guilty. She saves my friends life, and I go and pounce on her. Nice one Diego .He hated to admit it, but she looks really beautiful in the moonlight. Shira saw him staring and smiled at him. Diego looked away, blushing, and fell asleep.

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