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Chapter 16:Expect the Unexpected

(Diego's POV)

I ran.

Ran into the forest.

The endless forest.

For her.

She could be dead. If she was I would never forgive myself.

I wouldn't see her beautiful smile anymore, hear her laugh, gaze into those piercing blue eyes that we're so full of life.

And I haven't even had the courage to tell her I loved her. And now it might be too late.

I winced at the sudden loud noise. The same ear piercing scream from earlier. It was Emmy! And this meant that I was getting closer!

I sprinted into the sounds direction and soon found myself gaping at the scene before me.

Shira and Darren were in the middle of a death brawl while the others were surrounding Emmy, who was trembling with fear.

Snarling, I pounced onto an unknown saber and took him down with ease. Just then Manny and the others, except from Peaches, rushed in to fight off the other 10 sabers.

The battle was fierce, and I had gained multiple cuts and bruises. But I wasn't going to give up.

Not now. Not ever.

"Diego! Go help Shira!" Manny exclaimed, knocking a saber away with his tusks. I looked over to see Shira pouncing onto Darren's back as he let out a yelp of pain. "We can handle the rest, go now!"

I nodded and hurried over to help the now losing saberess.

The one I loved...

(Shira's POV)

I dug my claws into his side, and pulled them along, leaving a massive scrape. He then suddenly tackled me and pinned me down. I was heavily injured, and so was he, but I thin we both knew that this fight was far from over.

I wanted him dead.

He sank his teeth into my neck and I growled in pain before kicking his gut with my back legs, sending him flying.

I ran over to him and jumped onto his back clamping my sharp teeth onto his neck. After a few seconds he shook me off and swiped a blow at my face.

I could feel the blood running down my white fur, but I ignored it and snarled at my opponent. He ran towards me and I dodged and knocked him into a nearby bolder.

He sank to the floor, but after a couple of seconds slowly got up. Unfortunately I was too close as he crushed my front paw with his teeth.

I screamed out in pain and swiped at his face, effectively leaving three long gashes across it. I smirked and seized him again.

We were rolling around for some time now, still attacking each other like mad.

But my energy was slowly draining, and, by the looks of it, so was my father's.

"Give up you waste of fur." I hissed, narrowing my eyes at the saber I had pinned. He snorted.

"Why should I?" He retorted, slashing my side. I gritted my teeth in an attempt to muffle my screaming.

"Shira!" I heard someone yell. I turned away for a split second to see who the voice belonged to.

It was Diego.

Before I had time to think I felt my paws lift off the ground as I collided with a tree head first. I slumped to the ground.

I couldn't move. This was it, I was going to die.

Diego rushed up to me.

"Shira? Are you ok?" He asked, but his eyes filled with tears as he looked over my heavily damaged body.

"No." I weakly whispered. A tear spilled down Diego's cheek as he leaned towards me.

"Shira, I-I l-love you." He whispered. My heart stopped.

He loved me?

"I love you too, you big kitten." I croaked, trying my ultimate hardest to smirk. His eyes visibly lit up as he smiled fondly at me.

"Don't worry Shira, you will be alright." Diego soothed.

Before I could do anything, that beast knocked him away. My eyes widened.

"Diego!" I tried my best to shout, but pain stopped me from doing so.

My dad stood above me, he picked me up.

He leaned to my ear and whispered.

"Goodbye, Shira." Before smashing my head against a rock.

I felt unbearable pain as I blacked out...

(Diego's POV)

I stood up just in time to witness what Darren had just done to Shira.

Grief and rage bubbled up inside me as I blindly attacked him, pure hatred gleaming in my eyes.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop. Until someone pulled me away.

"Diego!" Manny shouted. I was too angry to hear him.

"Diego! Stop! You killed him! He's dead!" He yelled louder. After a while, I finally calmed down.

I scowled at the corpse.

Yes, he's dead.

"SHIRA!" Ellie screeched I instantly snapped my head to my love and sprinted to her side.

I squinted my eyes to see that she was unconscious. Shira was breathing.


It was a horrific sight, the state she was in.

Her poor body was mangled; her once white fur was a deep shade of crimson. She looked and seemed lifeless; the only thing indicating that she was still alive was her slow, shallow breathing.

Uncontrollable tears leaked from my eyes as I nuzzled her face. Nothing.

"Shira, please come back to me. I love you." I whispered, my voice catching in my throat.

I had only just told her. I couldn't lose her now. That would be so unfair.

I started begging for her to wake up, continually nudging her body. I kept on doing this for an hour.

By then I knew it was too late. My whole body went numb. My beautiful Shira, dead? It just wouldn't sink in. I refused to believe it, until Ellie walked over to her.

"Shira, I will miss you." She sobbed, surprisingly cradling Emmy. She was bawling her eyes out.

"Please don't leave us." Emmy cried, tears running down her face. Her once sparkling Blue eyes were now filled with tears. Shira was like a big sister to her and now she was gone.

Ellie hugged her closer. Manny came over next. He was cuddling Peaches. Poor calf looked even more distraught than Emmy. She looked like she wanted to speak, but she just couldn't.

"Thank you for keeping Peaches safe. You will never be forgotten." Manny said softly, his own face showing multiple signs of sadness.

Sid came up, his eyes red from crying, and patted Shira's head.

"You were a good friend." He sobbed. The sloth took a step back to let the possum brothers pay their respects.

"Bye, our gorgeous saber." They both said at the same time, before crying into each other's arms.

I would have growled if Shira had still been alive. I slowly walked back up to her and kissed her forehead.

"I w-will nev-ver fo-orget y-you, m-my a-angel." I stuttered and collapsed in tears. It was too much for me to bear.

I heard the other walk off to leave me in piece as I snuggled up against her fragile body and cried.

After a while, I got up and took one last look at my fallen love before walking away.

As I took a couple of steps away, I heard a faint groan from behind me. I spun around as fast as I could and saw Shira slowly opening her eyes.

"Oh my god Shira, you're ok!" I exclaimed, jumping for joy. I had never felt so relieved and happy in my life.

I ran towards her, and she gave me a quizzical look.

I went to nuzzle her but she growled. I moved back quickly confused.

What had I done wrong?

Shira slowly stood up and gave me a look. She then asked a question that crushed me to my core.

"Who are you?" My heart stopped. She didn't remember me? I wanted to cry, but I held it back.

"I-I'm Diego, remember?" I replied, hope spiking my voice. She shook her head.

"Nope, never met a Diego before in my life." Shira said. I felt my heart slowly and painfully tear apart.

She looked behind me and gasped, slowly backing away. I walked towards her confused but she growled.

"Y-you killed my family!" Shira shouted. Before I could reply, she sprinted off. I knew there was no point in catching her, so I lied down, despair drowning me.

The others chose that time to rush back. They noticed that Shira's body was gone and their jaws dropped.

"Where's Shira?" Ellie asked, disbelief ridden in her voice. I stood up and turned to face them. They gasped when they saw how saddened I looked and was.

"S-she d-doesn't k-know w-who w-we a-are." I stuttered, tears falling down my face. The whole herds' eyes widened.

"You mean…. she's lost her memory and ran off?" Crash asked. I nodded sadly.

She was gone.

My beautiful saber was gone.

And I would never see her again.

(Third person)

Shira just ran, and didn't stop. She had just seen her family's corpses.

She just kept on running, completely unaware of all the broken hearts that she left behind….

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