The Last Days of the Cruise Ship

Disclaimer: I don't own 2012 or anything in that movie

This is my first 2012 fic, it revolves around the cruise ship Genenisis and her passengers, including Adrian's father, Harry Helmsley, and Tony Delgatto. Several OCs will be added since there aren't enough movie characters on the ship. Even the captain will be an OC.


Harry Helmsley was listening to the radio broadcast of the earthquake in Tokyo, Japan. Harry and his partner, Tony Delgatto were traveling on the cruise ship M/V Genenisis to Japan, whenever the whole room started to slowly tilt. Everyone panicked as the ship continued to roll to it's starboard side. People were clinging to tables in lounges, dining halls, cafes, nightclubs, and other places. Harry, in one of the galleys made his way outside as waiters, cooks, crewmembers and even Tony, slid to the other end of the kitchen. Harry pulled himself outside only to see a gigantic wave towering above them as the Genenisis was completely sucked into the mammoth wall of water, killing all that were aboard the ship.

Sorry for such a short Chapter as the prologue, The next chapter wont be very short, the purpose of the prologue was to tell what ship the story was going to revolve around. Please Review if you're interested.