« Houki-chan just stormed by Sarge. » Honne said in her typical drowsy tone. It was after school hours and Honne was wearing her signature and favorite Pikachu lookalike robe/sweater/whatever she uses it for. Since I'm in the military now, she addresses me with my rank. No idea why though.

"Is she around the corner?" I asked her carefully.

"In T minus 15 seconds." She responded with a half assed salute.

"Where did you learn military terms?" I asked her.

"Anime. You're clear by the way as long as you remain off the grid." She happily chimed. I slowly got up from my crouching position with my visor deployed so that I could survey a much larger part of the area. After a few minutes of running away in random directions I arrived at the backside of the dorms. Honne, who very quickly adapts to any situation which is awesome and VERY useful, let me hide on her balcony and even stood watch to see when it was safe to leave again.

"Why was Houki-chan so angry about the kiss? Everybody could tell that she enjoyed it." Honne wondered absentminded.

"I dunno but thanks to that her anger level is over 9000." I responded while preparing my jump. I watch too much anime.

"Sarge, what're you doing?" Honne asked me curiously.

"Something relatively easy. I'm going to jump down, use the momentum of the landing to roll into the bushes that are around 20 feet away from this side of the dorm, activate my Stealth System and then sneak back to Cecilia." I explained to her. She looked for a moment like she was thinking about something before she shrugged.

"Happy sneaking Sarge." She said happily before going back into her room. I really like her attitude, for some reason I always get relaxed when I'm near her. If she would be a martial artist, she'd be very deadly… Honne if you can read my mind as well, please stay the way you are. After making sure that Houki wasn't close by sensing her killing aura, I took a deep breath and jumped down from the third floor. Impact, roll to negate shock, blend in with the surrounding nature, activate Stealth System and jog in a comfy pace towards the infirmary while using my recently acquired spiritual skill to sense killing intents to make sure Houki won't ambush me. when I arrived at the back of the infirmary, I climbed towards the open window on the second floor. Wait, if there's one thing I remember from all my experiences, it's that there'll always be an embarrassing or painful moment with an event like this. So try to sense Houki's killing intent, keep your stealth system on for recon, sneak in and act according the situation. But what the bloody hell are those giggles that I keep hearing? I looked through the windows to see Cecilia and Miyuki looking at an old photo album together.

"Ah, this picture is taken on Halloween when he was six." I heard Miyuki's voice.

"Why are his pupils so big? And why is it of an newspaper article?"

"Ah yes, the infamous Rebel Yoda-incident. You see, back then Haru easily went into a sugar rush. We tried to dose his candy and sweets as good as possible, but we didn't look after him when he went trick or treating. A bit later in the night, we got a phone call saying that Haruka ate 5 pounds of candy and was literally bouncing off the walls! We went to that place and tried to calm him down, but he took super glue and a skateboard."

"Why would he do that?"

"Now comes the fun part. He glued one of his shoes on the skateboard ,skated off the hill and grabbed the bumper of a car that went 70 mph. A police patrol who was checking cars their speed saw him hanging on the car and followed them. When Haruka noticed the sirens he let go and took the exit towards the river. When the cops followed him and yelled at him to stop, he flipped them off and yelled "Fuck da police! Strongest Jedi, I am!". He skated towards the river and did then one of his most dangerous stunts ever."

"Knowing him it must've been something spectacular."

"Uhu. There was a slide around 25feet away from the river. That idiot used the slide as a ramp and jumped right into the river. Everybody who saw it happen, hastened towards the river bank, fearing for his life. I thought that he was in life danger, but he just emerged yelling how awesome that stunt was."

"No way that… it's Haruka so it might be possible."

Oi oi, what do you mean with that Cecilia?

"It's true. The recordings of the cop car and the news flash still stand on YouTube under Rebel Yoda."

Did I really do that? How the hell can I forget something like that? G, check YouTube right now!

"it's the truth. I've found the article and the recordings. AAWWWWWWWWW!"

What? What is it?

"You look so cute in that Yoda outfit!"

… da fuck? Never mind, I better listen to Cecilia's and Miyuki's conversation.

"He used to be so cute and mischievous when he was little. He still had his crappy attitude though."

"I got that crappy attitude from you, so don't talk about it like you're innocent." I responded. Cecilia turned around to see me standing behind her.

"Oi, take your shoes off when you enter somewhere." Miyuki scolded me. I quickly took them off and sat myself next to Cecilia. She let her head rest on my shoulders and closed her eyes.

"I still don't understand how you can get a girl like her." Miyuki wondered out loud.

"To be honest I don't get it myself why she chose me." I responded honestly.

"Did you hypnotize her?"


"Deceive her by faking your personality?"

"Oh hell no."

"Did you sedate her and then did inception?"

"No, I don't have the tech and money for it."

Miyuki and I stared at each other for a few seconds before she shrugged.

"This truly is one of life's mysteries then." She said solemnly.

"Or she could have fallen for my natural charms." I said nonchalantly. After a small silence Miyuki and I started laughing… until someone poked me in the side.

"Shut up, I want to sleep." Cecilia groaned. I smiled softly and picked her up.

"I'll take you to our room so no one will disturb you." I said softly. She just replied with a hmm and nestled herself in my arms., drifting back to her much needed sleep. Miyuki opened the door with an raised eyebrow for me and I took off.

"By the way, you two have fun tomorrow." She told me with a sly grin. I nodded and took off.


How the hell am I going to open this door without waking Cecilia up? Right now I'm in front of my room with Cecilia in my arms and no way to open this door without waking her up and facing her wrath. I have a few options:

Gently put her down and then take my keycard; that risks waking her up.

Kick the door in; also risks waking her up, but I get some fun out of it

Go to her room and put her down there

Ask for help; which will hurt my pride in return

… tough decision. Which one will hurt my pride less? Why am I even thinking about it, let's go for number two.

"How about I open your door through hacking the control panel?"

Great idea G, why didn't I think of that?

"Shall I treat this as an rhetorical question?"

"It's best for Haru-dono's pride if you do."

I can still hear you two, bastards. Anyway, G opened the door and I gently put Cecilia on the bed. I wanted to leave, but she held my shirt.

"Please don't leave. We've already been apart for too long." Cecilia said softly. I took her hand in mine and laid down next to her.

"I'm not going anywhere." I whispered before kissing her.

"now sleep Cecilia, we both know you need it." she closed her eyes and snuggled up close to me. G can't you find a way that I can sleep here together with her?

"I can let you sleep longer than 3 hours, I just took that amount because thanks to the core that's the minimum amount of sleep that you need. But I'll wake you up when she will, okay?"

Thanks G, I'm sure she'll like it. I can already feel myself dozing off.

"No problem. Sweet dreams Haru-chan."

*nudge nudge*


*nudge nudge*

"Five more minutes"


" I'M AWAKE!" I yelled frantically while I bolted up. I quickly looked around the room and I saw Cecilia trying to hold her laughter and she wasn't doing a very good job at it.

"S-sorry, I saw you sleeping next to me and I thought that I should w-w-hahahahahahaha! That reaction of yours was fantastic!" she blurted out while trying to control her laughter.

"oh haha, that was really bloody amusing." I said sarcastically. What time is it anyway? I looked at the alarm clock next to my bed. Strange that I have one since I never use the infernal siren of doom. IT'S ALREADY TWO IN THE MORNING?

"How long have we been sleeping?" Cecilia asked me while rubbing in one of her eyes.

"Let's see, we fell asleep around 16.30, it's now 2 o'clock so I'd say around 9 and a half hours." I quickly calculated in my head. Cecilia looked drowsily at me.

"it's two in the morning?"


"We've been sleeping for nine and a half hours?"


"And we just woke up in the middle of the night?"

"Welcome to my world."

"So… what do you do when you're awake?"

"Exercising, but I have a better idea of what we could do."

"And that is?"

"Well, didn't you want a date?"

"Yes, but what're we going to do in the middle of the night?"

I smirked at her question.

"Cecilia please, you should know me and my ideas by now."

Her face paled there for a moment. Why does she have that reaction… Oh yeah, my ideas are most of the times as crazy as a loon on Fuck It.

"Relax, this time it'll be sweet and romantic, not overly crazy and dangerous." I tried to calm her. She seemed to lose some tension, but she still seemed nervous. You really don't have any faith in me, do you?

"So… what's your idea?" she asked me carefully.

"For now just be ready by 3 o'clock to leave. Also, make sure that the clothes you wear are compatible with going on a motorcycle." I told her before leaving the room and going towards the places I needed to be. Also I need to check a few things.



"Are the things I want to do possible with your connections to the internet?"

"….. I can do that with ease."

Okay, everything is stored in the equalizers of the IS (bloody useful things) , I'm ready to go, I just need to find Cecilia.

"She's still in your room." G said obnoxiously while floating next to me.

"How the hell do you know that?" I asked her cynically.

"Because I can trace her position thanks to the IS core of her personal IS. Man, Tabane really makes some nice programs for us." G said content. What, Nee-san gives you programs? We're gonna have to talk later. Anyway, I opened the door to my room to see Cecilia standing on the balcony, admiring the moon and stars. Since we're pretty far away from the city, there isn't any light pollution from neon signs or street poles so we can watch the nightly heavens more clearly than in a city.

"It's beautiful. You see this every night?" she asked me in admiration. Wha? She noticed my presence?

"How did you know it was me?" I asked casually, desperately trying to hide my amazement and wonder.

"I heard the door opening. The night is so peaceful and quite you can hear the smallest of sounds." She told me softly to put force behind her explanation. And it worked since I could her like we were talking normally. The fact that she looked stunningly BEAUTIFUL might have increased my focus on her actions a bit more… perhaps… with some luck.

"Who the hell are you trying to fool here?" G asked me in a deadpan voice.

Myself so that I don't jump her right there and now. Normally you have to wait a few dates before you do that kind of shit.

"Though you did jump her the morning after you returned."

Cecilia was wearing a dark blue dress that reached a bit above her knees-

"Don't ignore me when you know I'm right!"

If you would be so kind Superstes.

" Oh no, not aga- *CRASH* BANG* THUMP* *THUMP*"

Thanks again Superstes.

"No problem. I advise to finish your monologue soon so that you can leave. The night doesn't wait for us."

As I was saying, Cecilia was wearing a Navy blue dress that reached a bit above her knees, hugging her body loosely and accented her curves subtlety. Because it was still cold outside she wore a white vest over it. she put on some black ballerina shoes and her hair was slightly less curled, making it slightly longer. And now for the males who read this and don't know what I mean with the talk about all her clothes, let me translate it into something every man would understand: DAMN SHE'S SMOKIN' HOT!

"Are you going to stare all night, or shall we leave?" Cecilia asked me while eyeing my outfit. I only put a black dress shirt and some dark blue jeans, wearing my trusty sneakers underneath it. My hair wasn't any more in that pony tail and it cascaded down freely. A lot of girls liked the new hair style when they saw it during their visit to the infirmary, so I'll keep it like that. I held out my hand waiting for Cecilia to take it. She grasped it and I escorted her to my bike. She doesn't have a purse with her? Sigh, I'm gonna pay for everything aren't I?

"Your current bank account holds 250.000 yen (around 1850 dollar) thanks to the monthly pay from the military, so that won't be a problem."

Nice to know G, IS pilots really make a lot of money. Now, let's start with part one of my master plan for a nice date. I materialized my leather jacket and two helmets (once again, thank you Nee-san for making the equalizers!), gave one to Cecilia and started to drive.

"Well, what do you think of the view?" I asked an astonished Cecilia.

"Its… amazing. When did you find this place?" she asked me. I went towards the nearby forest because of a hidden ridge there that showed an excellent view. The moon and stars could be seen in all its glory. Million stars lit up the sky so we could see just as clear like it was midday. The forest stretched out for a mile and a bit behind it we could see the city lights like a shining snake. I found this place on one of my nightly hikes when I didn't feel like jogging on the campus grounds. Now, how should I say this to Cecilia.

"Let me guess, you found it while you were sneaking out?" she asked me with a small smile.

"You really know a decent part of my behavior already, but do you know why I brought you here?" I asked her with a smirk. She started thinking while I lead her toward the middle of the clearing. Her musings got interrupted when music coincidentally started playing out of nowhere. (Author's note: The song I had in mind for this part is Anamnesis from Annabel. It really reflects the mood and it's just beautiful.) Her eyes widened when she heard the music. I offered her my hand and said the sentence I've been silently practicing on the way here.

"My lady, would you honor me by waltzing together under the moonlight?" I asked her in a prince like fashion. She took my hand and we started dancing.

Iroasete iku firumu no you ni

tashikana ima mo izure kasun de

"I can't believe you actually planned this. What happened to the tough sarcastic guy?" Cecilia asked me.

nande mo naku warai atta

setsuna no jikan to hikari

"Let me tell you something nice. When a guy really loves a girl, they show their gentle side as well to the lucky girl instead of their normal behavior and will do anything to make them happy, whether they realize it or not."

tsunagatte iku kioku no soko ni

dare ka ga mitsukeru tame aru to

shinjiteiru ima demo

I pulled her toward me ,closing the distance between us. Her hand that rested on my shoulder travelled to my cheek before it gently pulled me closer. We shared a chaste kiss while we somehow kept dancing.

"naze kokoro ha naze itamu no"

mune no katasumi fuan kakaete

ikiru koto wo osore nagara

muimi ni toikake tsuduketa

After a few seconds I pulled back. Cecilia showed a small pout, but it disappeared after I said the magical words.

"I love you." I said softly. Her reaction was something else. Cecilia became bright red, started stammering and buried her head in my chest.

"…too." She mumbled.

"What was that? I didn't hear you." I teased her. I heard her perfectly thanks to my heightened senses.

"I-I-I-" she started stammering while her face became a bit redder as well.

"You what?" I pushed her to her limits.

"I love you too dammit!" she nearly yelled before she forcefully kissed me. I was surprised for a moment, but then I lost myself in sheer bliss.

After our little confession to each other we danced for a while until Cecilia became a bit tired. We put ourselves a few feet from the edge of the ridge on a blanket that mysteriously appeared. I know, it's a real mystery.



"What was your life like? I mean, before you were kidnapped." She asked me curiously. Well, might as well tell her.

"I can't remember much, but the things I do remember is I think stuff a normal family would do… until a certain degree at least." I said with a gentle smile. Cecilia shuffled a bit closer toward me as I continued to tell what I remembered.

"We lived in a small apartment near an elementary school. Ever since I could walk I had a tendency to just wander around in the neighborhood. At first, my parents were scared, but after the third or fourth time, my mom let me just run around since I was always back by dinner. Our neighbors were shocked, but got used to it eventually and started to even point me to certain places that proved to be a challenge for me to reach. There even was a teenage guy a few blocks away from ours that taught me the basics of free running, saying that I was a natural. Mom heard about it the following day. But instead of being worried she just shrugged and said "He's an Kurasabe, it's normal for him to behave like that." Seriously, all the bloody family members I met were like that. I've always had a lot more in common with the Kurasabe rather than with the Ichinose."

"How so?" Cecilia asked me.

"Well, to put it simple the Ichinose were a bunch of stuck up, boring people who tried to be as emotionless as possible the whole time and only thought of their status. The Kurasabe on the other hand were more like me, being free spirits, pretty insane and cunning but always stood ready to defend their friends and family... or to participate in a bar fight, whichever came first didn't really matter."

"Sounds like you'd fit in perfectly with them. Why didn't you use their name instead of Garisaka?" Cecilia asked me.

"For three reasons. would you like to hear the emotional one, the rude one or the logical one?" I asked her.

"All of them."

"All right then. The logical one is that I've been off the grid for five and a half years. If I just randomly popped up and called myself a Kurasabe, nobody would've believed me. But now that my mom is here, I have someone who can show the proof. Can you still follow?" I asked her. She nodded.

"The rude one is that I just want to screw the Ichinose over by denying having any connection to them."

"Why would you want to do that? Aren't they your family?" she asked me surprised.

"I said it already, they only care about status and honor. So when my 'father' wanted to marry mom, who came from a family they didn't like, they disowned him. But if they found out that I could pilot an IS as a male, they would just want me in the family as a trophy, not because they care about my wellbeing. Although there was my cousin who seemed to like me and hung out with me."

Cecilia seemed to be thinking over my words. Please don't let her notice, please don't let her notice, please don't-

"What about the emotional reason? Don't tell me that my big, strong Haru-chan is afraid to talk about his feelings." she asked me with a sly grin. Dammit, she noticed. Now I have to tell her why.

"Garisaka is the last name of the guard who took care of me the last six years. He made sure I stayed alive and helped bailing me out. He was in a way the father figure I never had, so I used his last name." I said with a slight blush. Damn, it's embarrassing to admit that.

"Awww, that's so cute." Cecilia coed with a playful smile.

"Can we please just talk about something else?" I asked almost desperately so that we could drop this embarrassing conversation. I mean, my plan is to keep her occupied until sunrise, but that can also be achieved through less embarrassing means. And it seemed to work because we just talked through the night.

Only 20 seconds left until sunrise. Better do it now.

"Cecilia, you should look at the town. The sun should be coming up by now." I told her. She looked skeptically for a few seconds, but when everything was drowned in the golden light of the sunrise, her mouth opened a bit in amazement. The sun rays also fell on her, making her literally radiate. Nothing could ruin this moment.


Except for the fucking bitch that calls me. who the hell is that kind of asshole to—Never mind I take all my words back before it'll come back to bite me in the ass. Cecilia looked annoyed at the phone as well. Sigh, I better pick up. Nee-san, I'm going to borrow your lines for a bit. I answered the phone with a sickly sweet smile.

"Hi Chi-chan, do you miss me already?" I said in a very convincing Tabane-like voice. Cecilia was trying to hold her laughter since I made the same facial expression Nee-san always had. Yep, eyes closed and a goofy grin for which you'd normally have to be high for. But the message made become serious at once.

"Garisaka, come back now, there're representatives from the Kurasabe and Ichinose families here to talk to you." Chifuyu warned me over the phone.

"Okay, I'll be there in a bit. Please make sure they won't kill each other." I told her seriously. No really, they haven't gotten over the whole marriage between mom and dad yet. Cecilia looked worried since I almost NEVER show a serious face.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" she asked me worried. I could a small hint of fear in her worried eyes.

"There're representatives from the Kurasabe and the Ichinose here, probably to try and get me officially acknowledged as part of their family." I explained. Cecilia's gaze became serious, but then mischievous. It did look good on her, but she's starting to freak me out.

"Cecilia, what's with that look?" I asked her carefully.

"Knowing you, you're going to embarrass them in quite an spectacular way, aren't you?" she asked me. I seem to be rubbing off on her… Is that good or bad?

"It's definitely interesting." G commented. That it is indeed.

"I'll do my best to meet your expectations." I told Cecilia with a Cheshire grin. I quickly put the blanket away in an equalizer and rode back to the academy. But I never expected to see HIM there waiting for me.

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