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When humans first tried to learn how to fly, they always tend to land in strange places... in my case those places were : 14 trees, 5 boulders, the river 7 times and the ground 12 times. In 45 minutes. After the first 10 attempts I knew how to fly, but it was the landing part were I kept crashing. And that just happens to be one of the most important parts of flying.


Tree number 15. Sorry nature for not being able to land properly, I'll do something about it.

"You really suck at this." Nee-san and G said at the same time.

"This is really hard to learn. I have to keep focused and concentrate." I retorted.

"No wonder it doesn't go that well. I'll tell you the answer if you beg me." G said cockily.

Whose brilliant idea was it to make an AI with an attitude. Oh right, the core deemed it necessary. What's next, that G's going rogue and hacks every IS on the planet? She would be like Skynet from Terminator.

"I can hack into other systems, but I'm not interested in world domination. And thank you for already seeing me as a person." G said happily. Crap, I forgot she was a part of me. I'm nott get any privacy at all, aren't I?

"No you won't."

"Dammit G, stop reading my mind!"

"This is going nowhere. Listen the trick to flying is not thinking, but just follow your instincts." Nee-san said annoyed.

Attempt number 40, here we go. I flew in the air and stood still 30 feet in the air. Follow your instincts. I let myself glide and accelerating. I saw the increase in speed on a screen. 30,50, 70, 120, 150, 230, and it suddenly boosted to 310 Mph! It was scary for a moment, but then I started enjoying the flight. That feeling of freedom is something you can't find somewhere else. I started doing barrel rolls and loops in the air.

After I had my fun in the air, I landed next to Nee-san and G.

"That was fun." I said casually. Thank god they couldn't see my face, I'm pretty sure I have a goofy smile right now.

"And we can finally go home since you can land." G said.

I looked at my feet. No crater, no nature destroyed and I'm not wet.

"YES! I CAN FLY" I yelled.

"that's very nice, but take me home now, I'm huuungrryyyy!" Nee-san whined

I picked her up bridal style and started flying. I kept the speed at 70 mph, so it wouldn't be that uncomfortable for her. After a minute I landed in the court of the dojo. Genki and Houki stormed out and looked in surprise at me.

"47?" Houki asked. Damn I wish I could remember my name. It really makes me feel inferior being called a number. Not that I'll admit it, I still got my pride as a man.

"How did you know it was me? I wanted to surprise you guys." I (fake) whined.

"The core in your chest gave you away." Genki stated. I looked down and saw my personal light bulb in the armor (like in Iron Man's armor). How come I didn't notice it earlier? Oh yeah, I was too busy crashing into things. And I'm hungry.

"is there still any dinner left?" I asked.

"Enough I think for you and Tabane." Genki said with a smile. When I entered the dining room, I saw enough food for 6 people. With a smile I started eating


I stretched out on the floor happily munching on some pocky. Where it came from, I have no idea but it's delicious. Nee-san and Genki were talking and Houki just sat there watching TV. When it was quiet, I lifted my head a bit to see what was going on. Genki and Nee-san looked at me and Houki like they were planning something and we were the key part.

"Is there something on my face?" I asked, trying to break the awkward silence.

"No, but we have to talk about something." Genki said seriously. I sat up straight when he makes the 'pay-attention-this-is-serious' face, it actually is serious, not just a façade. When he saw he got my attention, he continued.

"We were thinking to announce you as an IS pilot."

"Come again please?" I asked.

"Since you have an IS core inside you and are partially IS thanks to that, Tabane and I were thinking we should make the news public and have enrolled in a school where you are taught how to control an IS." Genki explained.

"We will keep the core a secret and make people think you are a man that can use an IS. This is for two reasons." Nee-san continued.

"And those are?" I asked.

"For the first one, watch the news, they should announce it in a minute."

Houki turned up the volume. "… Mura Ichika, is the first ever male to be able to control an IS. This makes scientist curious as how he could do it. Since this is an unique phenomenon, we will keep following up the situation. This was…" Houki and I watched the news.

"He is the first reason we send you. There is a chance that the same organization that kidnapped you, will target Orimura-kun to get his DNA and use that to let males pilot AN IS as well. We thought we could send you to protect him and to be a mental support for him. " Nee-san explained.

"mental support?" I asked

"He's going to be the only male in an all-girls school if you don't go. That is going to be very taxing on his mind and self-restraint." Genki explained.

"So, the first one is being a bodyguard more or less. What's the second one?" Houki asked.

"He's been imprisoned as a beast and experimented upon for five years. I want to use this chance to let him get used to human contact and maybe get a normal as possible life." Genki said.

A normal as possible life. All of us know I can't get a normal life anymore, so why not make something as close as possible to it? Maybe I can use this thing in me to help people. But to do that, I need to get proper education and there's only one place for that.

"I'll need a name." I said.

"I got your file from when you arrived five years ago. You real name stands on it." Genki passed me a folder with a name on it. Ichinose Haru. Next to it was a photo of a blond nine-year old with green eyes. So my eyes did change their color to red.

"Ichinose was the last name of my father right?" I asked. Genki nodded.

"I want to change it to Garisaka." I said confidently. Genki just looked at me in surprise.

"You're the closest thing I've ever had to a father. It'll really mean a lot if I can use your last name instead of the one of that bastard." I said with a smile. Genki hugged me.

"I don't deserve something like that. I was part of that organization that made you into this."

"But you also busted me out. That's more important for me. Plus, you were the only one that was nice to me and actually treated me as a human." I retorded.

"Well, since you were busy being so mushy, I already made a new passport and ID for Haru." G said bored.

"How can you have done that?" Houki asked.

"I'm basically a supercomputer. Something like hacking is easy for me." G said with a triumphant smile. So I got an AI that hacks with ease into a government network and enjoys it. Great.

"So how are we going to handle this?" I asked. Nee-san smiled.

"If we use G's talent and my network, I'm pretty sure we can make this working. Meanwhile, you need to train in using your powers."


"-ust came in. there's a second male that can use an IS and already has received a personal IS from the inventor, Shinonono Tabane. People worldwide are discussing and making theories, but the main question remains. Why did she do it?"


"we are live at the press conference held by Shinonono Tabane to show us the male pilot Garisaka Haru . There has just been a demonstration of the pilot's skill, which unfortunately we weren't allowed to record on tape. What I'm allowed to say is that it's true that he can use an IS and is already able to use it."


"-is just confirmed that both Garisaka Haru and Orimura Ichika will go to IS Academy. While we still aren't allowed to meet with Orimura-san, we saw Garisaka-san a few times on the streets, but he always disappeared when we were closing in on him. We already have a team outside of the dojo where he lives but so far we haven't been able to get our questions answered."

03/30/20xx 21.25 pm

I was sitting on the roof of the dojo that became my home. I was thinking about how hectic the last months were. People recognizing me everywhere I went, the press following and let's not forget the mixed curse called fan-girls. I'm happy that they think I'm cute and everything, but sometimes they can get pretty scary. Thank god that the village here understood my hardships and acted like I was just another person after a week the news was announced. But the press. They just kept trying to ask me some questions. Thank god I had that stealth ability. Okay' I can't move or it'll wear of, but if I just run into an alley, activate it and don't move for 10 minutes they always give up.

"You finished packing?" Houki asked me. She always knew where to find me. She's the only one I can't hide from. She also helped me getting accustomed to my new life. I'm really grateful for that. Not that I'm going to tell her that, she's a bit too tsundere for me to admit it.

"Are you thinking something bad of me again?" Houki asked/threatened. Dammit can she read my mind like G or does she has telepathy?

"No ma'am." I answered. I may have a shield around me 24/7, but that doesn't mean I should provoke her. First time she hit me, my shield dropped with 0.005. Now it's 0.2. And that with a shinai. Seriously I respect her strength, but sometimes she scares the crap outta me.

"Get some sleep. Tomorrow we finally go to IS Academy." Houki said unusually friendly.

"I have to leave in a few hours. I have to escort Orimura." I told her.

"Well, I'm going to bed. Oyasuminasai*." Houki said in usual indifferent way

"G'night" I continued to look at the starts for half an hour before I came down to drink some coffee. This was going to be an all-nighter.

04/01/20xx 00.30 am

I stood at the gates of the dojo. My bags are already delivered to my room in the Academy, so I only took a small bag with me that contained some food and drinks. I had to fly around 1000 miles in 6 hours. Piece of cake. If I fly comfortably around 250 mph I can make it in 4 hours. I can speed up to 335 mph and it'll increase over time with my skill. Friggin awesome! I went with my hand over my neck. It's a tick I developed ever since I cut my hair short. I still had bangs around my face and my hair was in a small ponytail.

"How about saying goodbye?" Someone said behind me. I turned and saw Genki.

"I thought it was better to let you have your rest. You're not that young anymore." I joked.

"I'm still young enough to pull an all-nighter without coffee." He retorted. Lately our jabs to each other have been meaner and meaner. It really was funny sometimes. People would think that we were fighting until they saw our laughing faces. I gave him a hug.

"See you later old man." I said softly.

"Don't make come down there because you can't behave yourself."

"Don't worry, our Kendo Demon will take care of that." I joked. I felt a killing aura behind me. Crap, Houki heard my little nick name for her. When I turned around, she hugged me too.

"Aren't you overreacting a bit? We'll see each other in the Academy." I asked her.

"Shut up for a moment .I'm testing something" She said. She let go shortly after that. I checked everything for a last time. Food and water, check. Address, check. Spare key of Orimura's home that Tabane 'found' and gave me, check. I let my armor come out and gave Genki a last quick hug before I left. I waved at Houki and sped up from 30 to 250 mph in 1.5 seconds. I'm never gonna take a train again if I can help it, this way of travelling is much more addicting.

"G, can you put the correct direction on the screen?" A mini-map with an arrow that pointed the correct direction above it came in the lower left corner of my visor. I adjusted my direction and flew into the night.

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*Oyasuminasai is a polite way of saying goodnight