After our daring display at the public execution, more and more people rallied behind our flag and shared our disdain. There are people, men and women alike, who think that the current situation isn't bearable anymore. In response to our declaration, the UN turned itself into the World Government, claiming that we should be united now more than ever. Forces around the world are gathering slowly in order to hunt us, but we are using the distrust between countries ,guerilla attacks and raids on supply depots and convoys to stall them. While they are fumbling in the dark and trying to prepare, we grow stronger by ourselves and with the help of various donators, Dr. Shinonono Tabane and the only current known one of our new allies, Phantom Task. Yet it is on days like these that I think about times flown by in a quieter and more peaceful time.

-Extraction from the chronicles of Commander Kurasabe 'The Reaper' Haruka ,former leader of the Black Phantom resistance and current Admiral of the Fourth Platoon of Space Mariniers.

After a relatively calm dinner, I, Alexander and Charl sat in the living room with a glass of wine and the half-full bottle on the coffee table between the couches, simply talking. But for some reason there's something standing on the coffee table that kinda looks a walkie talkie.

"… No way that you actually did that." Charl said with a laugh. Alex looked at me with a mixed look of amusement and contempt.

"It's true, if you don't believe me look up 'Rebel Yoda' on Youtube. The police camera footage is bound to still stand there." I said with a small chuckle. Man, that brings back some memories.

"Do you mind if I verify that very far stretched story?" Alexander asked politely. Seriously dude, get that stick out of your ass, you don't need to be THAT reserved!

"Go ahead." I said in quite a friendly tone with a challenging undertone. Alex just gave a curt nod before sliding his left hand down and making a floating computer screen appear.

"Holy Shit, Alice is a GM of the world, man! Are you an agent of the Matrix or something?!" Psycho yelled out while materializing. Charl flinched at the loudness of the voice before quickly looking at the door behind her. After a few seconds of silence she let out a sigh and looking back at us with a creepy smile that sent shivers up my spine.

"Psycho-san, I don't care that you are a part of Haruka, but please try to keep a civilized tone." Is that an aura of death that surrounding her? Man that's something new. Psycho looked shocked at her before silently nodding and seating himself on the ground. How the hell did she manage to do that with just a smile?

"It comes with experience."

AND ANOTHER ONE THAT CAN READ MY FUCKING MIND! What the hell happened to privacy?!

"Don't look so surprised Haruka, it could easily be read off your face." Charl said with a giggle. Oh thank god, I still have some secrecy inside of my head. Alex was ignoring us and just watched stupefied at his screen.

"I can't believe it… you actually were speaking the truth." He said shocked.

"Of course, and people are always shocked when I do." I said a bit offended. Charl was about to say something, but crying came out of the walkie talkie and the room next to us… Wait a sec does that sound like a—?

"Look like she woke up after all." Charl said with a gentle smile before standing up and walking into the room of the—

"Baby." Was al that came out of my mouth. Alex looked questioningly at me.

"Haven't you been told about the daughter?" he inquired curiously.

"No I haven't. Who's the father anyway and why isn't he here?!" I asked furiously. Whenever I find who did this to her and then just walked away, he'll wish that he was never born!

"The father is in this room and I've only known her for three months." Alex said with an expecting look. Wait, the only one left in the room is… I looked at the glass sliding that leaded to the terrace.

"Is the glass sound proof?" I asked Alex calmly.

"Yes it is."

"Then please excuse me for a minute. Oh and please close the curtains after I'm outside." I asked Alex with a friendly smile.

"Shall I open the window when you knock three times on it?"

"That would be most helpful." I said before stepping outside and closing the door behind me. When Alex had closed the curtains… well let me say that it ain't one of my proudest moments.

"OH HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT, I'M A GODDAMN TEENAGE FATHER AND NOT EVEN SIXTEEN YET! WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO?! " I yelled frantically in the faces of Psycho, G and Superstes, whom had various reactions. Superstes looked serious while G tried to keep a poker face but hints of worry were shining through. Psycho was snickering the whole time for some reason.

"You two knew about it, didn't you?" I asked with barely contained anger.

"Well, you should've seen it coming with the way the two of were busy the last month in that cell." Psycho said quite obnoxiously.

"Well, why didn't you guys tell me?! Especially you G!" I nearly yelled in her face.

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want to ruin what you had with Cecilia." She said ruefully. I instantly got quiet and calmed down. Seeing that I wasn't going to say something, she continued talking.

"I found out about it around a month and a half ago, but at that time we were about to depart to IS Academy. I was planning to tell you about it at the right moment, but then you were starting to get close with Cecilia and I hoped that you would forget about Charlotte in time since I... blocked almost every memory of your time in that cell. But she kept having a place in your heart even if you yourself didn't know it. And then Psycho," she spat out his name like it was venom "dragged you into that weird place and you started remembering everything again. Everything that I LOCKED AWAY just so that you could move on and have a happy life, maybe even ending up marrying Cecilia with some luck! But after that asshole's stunt, you began thinking about everything that happened, breaking the barriers I put up bit by bit, and started plotting your revenge against the Ichinose and the Deus Project! You got more ruthless, more aggressive and more uncaring! And now you ran after Charlotte without even thinking about the consequences this decision will have!"

She has been tampering with my emotions and memories?!

"Why?" I choked out. Superstes let his ears hang and in sat down. Psycho looked even a bit saddened for a moment.

"Because if I didn't, you would've been dead or recaptured by now! Don't you remember what you told Laura what the purpose of your strength was?"

"What is your biggest desire?"

"To become like the instructor."

"That one sucks. You'll lose yourself along the way."

"What should my purpose be then?"

"Try to surpass that person then, but beware that you don't lose yourself."

"I won't. What is your purpose?" I remained silent for a few moments.

"I train so I can take revenge on the organization we're hunting. And when that's done, I'll just move on and enjoy my life."

Now that I think about it, where did that sudden statement come from? And she's right, after my talk with Psycho, I became a lot more aggressive and truly wanted vengeance.

'I'm gonna make those bastards pay! I'll teach them what happens when you dare to cross me! But I'll be needing help with this one…'

"Then why the fuck are you crying like a little bitch?" I snarled in his face.

I searched for a hint of fear or hesitance in her eyes, anything to stop, but all I found was love lust and trust. Why do I even want to not do this?

"So, thanks to my appearance everyone in the UN are grabbing at each other's' throat?" I asked with a slight hint of disturbed awe in my voice.

"Were you just now trying to give me a bloody heart attack?" I asked her agitated.

'My entire face was twisted in a pure primal rage. They didn't realize who they were threatening with what. But they don't have to know. I will utterly destroy these robots and its creator for threatening Cecilia and Charlotte. But before I show any kind of mercy to the asshole behind this plan, I will gain intel on where Charlotte is at the moment, and bust her out if she's in any kind of awful predicament. And I will enjoy tormenting the pitiable fools.'

"Which one wants to perish first?" I asked them in a flat voice, but everyone could still see the anger in my eyes.

Damn, he's really pissing me off!

"I have three words for you: EAT LASER MOTHERFUCKER!"

"Bitch please, you really think you can just kill me off and get away with it?"


"You want a fight, that it?"

"You're lot meaner than 2 years ago."

Did I really change that much? I didn't notice it myself since was joking around like I always did. But somewhere, really deep down I already knew it. I couldn't accept Psycho in the beginning, hence the nightmares. But now we (sort of) get along. That was an obvious sign since he admitted that he was part of my 'insanity'. But how could I not see it? am I that crazy?

"Do you know the definition of insanity?" Psycho asked me. Confused I shook my head.

"Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again expecting shit to change... now what is it that you do every day? Whatever you feel like doing. You don't give a rat's ass about the opinion everybody has about yourself. You actually show who you really are and don't change that because society finds your behavior 'improper'. The reason some boring fucks call us insane is because they can't understand why we aren't little sheep as them and follow our own moral compass. They are the actual crazy ones, keeping doing the same shit over and over again. And the wolves of society don't give a fuck about it and extort the masses without them even knowing most of the time. Sure, we sometimes get in some shit because of our behavior and it can literally and figuratively fuck us over, but in the end won't it be worth it so long we can protect the ignorant sheep from the bad wolves?"

Psycho let his words linger in the air for a moment before continuing.

"Now, are you a good little sheep of a devouring wolf who doesn't give a rat's ass about others their opinion?" he asked me in a taunting tone. I grinned in response.

"None of them. I'm the hunter who's going after the greedy wolves." I said with a confident look.

"Well then Hunter, after which wolves are you going then?" G asked me with a knowing voice.

"The Deus Project and its associates of course so that they'll leave the poor little lambs alone." I said with a confident grin.

"That's all really nice and everything, but don't you think that you'll need some aid with that?" I heard Alex ask. I turned around and saw him leaning against the glass door. Wait, when did it open or rather who opened it? I didn't need to think too hard about it since Psycho started whistling innocently. But let's forget that fact for the moment.

"I didn't forget it, I just didn't want to spoil the evening with talk about unsavory business. Which unfortunately didn't work thanks to two certain people." I said while throwing an accusing glare to the two guilty ones.

Alex just kept looking quite neutral at me, ignoring my accusing stares at G and Psycho.

"To do what you're planning to do, you will need information about the Deus Project. Do you know where you're going to get it? After all, it is quite impossible to get to your goal without knowing a way."

"And you know a way to get that information?" I asked skeptically. Alex just looked in contempt at me.

"I AM the information. Every research project, every associate and subject, even the meals in the personnel cafeteria, I have it all. And it's all yours on one simple condition." Alex said with a hint of merit in his voice. This is a bit too good to be true. Where does he keep valuable intel like that anyways?

"Prove you have the intel and we'll work something out." I said cautiously. Alex rolled up his sleeve and showed me three glowing gashes on his left forearm. It can't be…

"I am the same as you Lieutenant, in more ways than one." He said seriously before changing into a more brighter mood. "But let's keep business for later, I'm pretty sure that you want to meet your daughter right now."

Alex went inside again, leaving me, G, Psycho and Superstes behind on the balcony. After looking at each other nervously for a few seconds, I took a deep breath and stepped inside as well.

This is gonna be awkward as hell.

On the balcony, the redheaded girl and her blonde companion remained, witnessing the reunion and first encounter between father and daughter. With a sigh the blond boy started talking.

"Aight, fess up woman, what're ya brooding about this time?" he asked with a mixture of faked annoyance and worrisome. The wolf behind them watched curiously, picking up the concerned tone in his tone.

"I'm just wondering whether I made the right choice or not. I mean Haruka is officially in a shitload of trouble now." The redhead admitted begrudgingly.

"Well, he does seem to be in a shitty love triangle right now," the girl dropped her head a bit. "He suddenly found out that he has a daughter, found someone that could give him the means to fulfill his until recently locked away revenge and is subconsciously brooding over what to do with his life. And let's not forget the fact that the UN and he are probably going to give each other a bloody hard time." The blonde teen kept describing the situation while the girl became more and more depressed. The wolf sighed. This was going to put the girl in a very sad mood for uncertain time. He could tell by the tears in her eyes.

"Now let's see what would've happened when you didn't pull that stunt." The man went on, surprising both the listeners. " He would've been paranoid as fuck, a lot more serious and emo than he is now," the girl had to giggle at that exclamation " and he would've done something that would've gotten him captured again or worse. So what if he got some problems right now, we avoided the worst case scenario and that's the most important part of all. If he looks back at this moment years later, he'd realize you saved his skinny ass, but he'd just be too damn stubborn to admit it."

The wolf looked surprised at the boy. Since when was he the logical one? The girl on the other hand looked at him with tearful eyes, yet with a most beautiful smile. Both of them were surprised when the girl hugged the boy out of the blue and hid her face in his shoulder. The blonde returned the hug awkwardly after a few seconds. He was born to fight, not to be emotional and comfort girls, Odin damn it!... yet she's making him do it for some strange reason. He stopped thinking after that, his gut has always been more trustworthy than his head.

"Thanks, I needed that for a moment." The girl said while raising her head.

"No problem. Now, there just happens to be a movie theater a click away from here, so you wanna go see a movie while we give Haru-chan some privacy?" he asked with a teasing smile. The girl nodded before both faded away. The wolf laid his head down and watched his master through the glass. After all, no matter what happens, instincts will and shall always be a part of humanity and remain close. Even if they themselves are not aware of it.

I closed the glass door behind me as I entered the living room again. Alex sat in his same spot as before and watched me with barely hidden amusement and curiosity. Spotting Charl on the sofa with a cooing bundle of clothes, I went awkwardly towards them. Charl gave me a knowing glance and a small smile before she motioned with her head to the baby. I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on my daughter. She had snow white hair that shone with the moonlight, big and soft lavender eyes (She most certainly got those from her mother) and the same curious glint every Kurasabe has. I carefully stretched my hand until it hovered a few inches above her. Do I even have the right to touch her? I mean, I haven't been there and she'll probably won't even know who I am. As if to answer my question, she grabbed my stretched hand and started playing with it while letting out soft giggles. With a smile, I slowly worked my hand out of her grip and picked her up. She started laughing the moment she was in the air.

"That's definitely a Kurasabe right there." I said with a knowing smile.

"How're you so certain?" Charl asked me confused.

"By the glint in her eyes. Has she ever climbed out of her cradle?"

"She does that occasionally."

"And does she climb things?"

"Almost the whole time, mostly to get something. How did you know?" Charl asked me suspiciously. I just let out a hearty laugh together with my daughter, like we were the only ones that understood the joke.

"That's typical Kurasabe behavior for…", wait, I still climb things for fun as well, " complete childhood at least, I think." I said with a sweat drop. Charl just looked at me with half lidded eyes.

"Haruka…" she started in an monotone voice.

"Hey, it's in the family's genes. It ain't something I can control." I quickly tried to defend myself.

"Well, I'm certain that there were certain things you could've controlled." Alex quipped in while sipping some tea.

"Yes, but if you control yourself a bit too well, your heart starts freezing you and everything you touch while a giant ice stick crawls up your ass." I said while cradling my little girl to my chest. Heh, my little girl, I only met her a few minutes ago and I already am possessive about her. Looking down at her, I saw her eyes closing right before she fell asleep. Charl tapped my shoulder before she beckoned me to follow her and walked into a room. I stood up and followed her without making a sound myself. Entering the room, I saw a crib standing in the middle of it. I gently put the baby in it and covered her up. As I watched her snuggle deeper into the blanket, Charl put her head against my shoulder.

"You never told me her name." I whispered to Charl.

"It's Sophie. Sophie Dunois." She said with a loving smile. I absent mindedly started stroking her long hair. Charl didn't say anything, just leaned closer into me. We stood silently like that for a few minutes before we went back to the living room. I seated myself in the sofa with Charl right next to me. Sooner or later I will have to tell her about Cecilia, so maybe it's best to get it over with now.

"Charl, I have to confess something…"

"Is it about this girl named Cecilia?" she asked me with a knowing tone in her voice.

"This just proves that you can read my fucking mind." I said with a soft laugh before becoming more serious again. "So you already heard my shouting match with my AI and Psycho and guessed the situation from that didn't you?" I asked quite sad.

"I can imagine something among the correct lines." She said quite neutrally. I sat there quiet for a few moments before making a huge gamble.

"Could you hear me out for a minute? You deserve to know the whole truth." After a nod from Charl, I started talking. About the jailbreak, what happened in those six months in the dojo, my arrival at IS Academy and life there, the crazy ass dreams and comas I had with Psycho and Superstes, all the military stuff that went on, minus the details of my Black Op and kill count, and finally what just transpired on her terrace. She just sat there and let me tell my story, something I am still grateful for even now after all these years. When I finished, she just looked at me with an unreadable expression. After a tense minute, she opened her mouth.

"You really went through a lot, didn't you?" she said with a sad smile. That response baffled me. I did NOT expect that those would be the first words that would come out of her mouth after my story. Then again, I don't really know the custom response to a tale like mine, so I could be wrong. I must have nodded, because she went and asked her question.

"What exactly do we still have that keeps us together, except for Sophie?"

I had no idea what to respond to that so I just said what I thought and felt.

" The moment I remembered you thanks to Psycho's stunt, my mind sometimes wandered to you, okay quite a lot actually. Where is she right now, is she safe, is she leading the life a saint like her deserves?, questions like that kept spooking through my mind. So when Alex let me talk to you and gave me a lead to your location, I immediately stormed over to Paris, knowing that there was a major chance that it was a trap. The second I saw you, I simply knew that we had something between us. I don't know whether it is love or something else but I do know this," I grabbed her hand " I don't intend to lose you or that bond. Not again." I vowed to myself and her. Charl had tears in her eyes and I absentmindedly wiped away the few rolling tears away with my thumb. She leaned closer into my hand and to me. Before I fully realized it, we were making out on the sofa, with me on the bottom. Things got heated and clothes flew around the room. We somehow miraculously ended up in the bedroom with pants and underwear still intact. Those were soon discarded as well and ended somewhere on the bedroom floor. That night, we made love again like we did in that cold cell, starting gentle and loving but ending unbridled and wild. A few hours later, when I woke up with Charl sleeping on my chest, I only had one thought in my head.

What the fuck are you doing Haruka?

That, and the fact that Alex was probably still in the room when we started. I wonder what his response was…

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