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Do you remember the thing that I told you when I learned flying? The one about people landing in strange places. Well I've learned something else. When humans fall asleep during their flight, they will either fly pass their destination or crash into their destination. And if it's an anime, they always crash into awkward rooms

I'm not sure if I'm in an anime, but I most certainly woke up somewhere that I didn't expect. Right in Orimura's room. I thought it would be funny to surprise him, but not in this way.

"Ano," I heard a guy . I turned around and saw a guy around my age looking at me like I was an alien. Not that I can blame him, I'd freak out as well if I woke up because some guy in an armor crashed through my wall while he was sleeping.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"Who are you, why are you here and what did you do to the wall of my room?"

"Wait a sec, I have to check something first." I told him. I let a picture of Orimura appear and the guy in front of me really looked like him.

"Are you Orimura Ichika?" I asked him.

"uhm, yeah why do you ask?" He still looked uncertain. I took off my helmet so he could see my face. He looked like he was thinking.

"Aren't you the other male pilot? Uhm Gari..?"

"I'm Garisaka Haru. Nee-san asked me to escort you to the IS academy." I explained.

"Who's Nee-san?"

"Shinonono Tabane, she was kind enough to give me a roof above my head and G."

"Who's G?" Ichika asked. G materialized herself with a smile.

"I am. Nice to meet you and sorry for the mess Haru-chan caused." She said unusually polite for her.

"Uhm G, do you have a virus or something?" I asked carefully. She hit me on the arm.

"Well, one of us has to be the polite one!" she said angrily to me.

"Says the AI with an attitude that enjoys hacking government networks! And what's up with the Haru-chan?" I retorted.

"Well, Tabane allowed me access on her private network if I called you that. It's really impressive, she has access to the files of all the IS that exist and the cores. And with a few secret government projects as well." Crap. G went into her hacking loving mode.

"How about some breakfast? It'll take a while before she'll act normal again." I opted.

Orimura nodded. I followed him downstairs to the kitchen.

"You flew while you were sleeping?" Ichika asked me while i satrted cooking.

"I fell asleep while flying and I thought that a CERTAIN AI would take it over."

"I did. Be glad I got us here." G said while materializing next to me.

"And flew us through the wall?"

"It was an accident, it can happen."

"What do you want to eat?" I asked him. When the only response I got was a huh I explained.

"I can cook so it's the least I could do to repay you for crashing into your wall while sleeping. Don't worry it'll be fixed" I told him. Did you really think i only trained with my 'IS' these six months. i also took a few hobbies such as cooking and learning how to play on a piano. I just hope my keyboard arives safely.

"Can you make a traditional breakfast?" he asked after looking unsure for a minute whether he should ask or not . I smiled and started working.

"Wow that was good." Orimura sighed happily when he was finished. I took the plates and started to clean them.

"So, why are you actually here?" He asked.

"Well, Nee-san thought it would be safer to let me accompany you. And it'll be for the best if we stick together at the Academy." I told him.


"We will be the ONLY 2 guys there. Unless you want to build a harem or get in touch with your feminine side, I think it's better for the mental health of the both of us to stay together."

"You got a point there."

G materialized next to Ichika. He jumped up out of surprise. He'll get used to it eventually... i think.

"By the way, you two are in the same class." She said casually.

"Lemme guess, you found out through hacking or Nee-san." I said casually.

"The first one. You two have to be ready to leave in 45 minutes. The transport will be here then." She said just as casually.

"What's the transport?" I asked.

I only got a mischievous smile from G.


"Oh hell yeah!" I shouted. In front of us stood a black, 15 feet long limousine that would bring us to the academy. I don't know who fixed this, but THANK YOU! I loaded the bags in the trunk while Orimura already entered.

"Oi, there's something here for you with a letter." He called from within the limo. I looked inside and saw a basket filled with sweet candy and POCKY! I can't live without it already thanks to its delicious chocolate surrounding the crunchy… why are they staring at me like that?

"Is there something?" I asked.

"You were drooling while you looked like you were in total bliss Garisaka-kun." Orimura said awkwardly.

"Blame a guy for having a sweet tooth. Also just call me Haru, I hate formalities." I responded.

"Okay, then just call me Ichika." I could get used to this guy. I entered the car and we left towards IS academy.


Ichika and I looked around the class nervously. All the girls were staring at us. I really had to restrain myself to not activate my Stealth System. I would have done it if Ichika wasn't next to me.

"Alright, let's start home room with self-introductions." Yamada-sensei said with a hint of a 'I've got to do something' in her voice. She kinda looked like she should sit here together in class with us instead of teaching it. And I'm pretty sure a few others think that as well.

She went according to the seat orders. I didn't pay much attention to the others, I could check their files anytime.

"Uhm, then next is Garisaka-kun." Yamada-sensei said kinda awkwardly. I turned around and saw all the girls looking at me intensively. Whose brilliant idea was it to put me and Ichika on the first row of the class? Well, let's just get this over with.

"I'm Garisaka Haru. This is my first time ever going to a school and doing self-introduction and don't really know what to tell, so if you have any questions just ask them." The class was silent for a few moments until a girl in the last row raised her hand awkwardly.

"uhmm," she started. Am I really that scary? My red eyes can be intimidating but come on, it can't be that bad… right?

"Go ahead." I encouraged her with a small smile. She started blushing (why I have no idea) before she asked her question.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked. The glares of the girls increased even more in power.

"No , I don't have one… yet." I said with a small smile. Dammit, I'm starting to act like G. Then something happened that I never would've been prepared for. All the girls went into maiden mode.

"Kyaa! So cool"

"He's really something else, isn't he?"

"I love him already!"

Yamada-sensei tried to calm them down, but failed. I scraped my throat and they all stopped instantly and looked at me in anticipation.

"Are there any other questions?" I asked politely. They all started asking them through each other.


Somebody hit me from behind with an attendance book… well at least tried to, I keep my shield activated unless I'm in the shower. The usual screen with the damage screen popped up.

Remaining shield energy:


Threat level: Minimal

She damaged my shield with one point with a FRIGGIN NOTEBOOK while Houki only does 0.2 damage going all out with a shinai? I do NOT want to piss that person off even more. I looked around and saw a woman in her mid-twenties with black hair and a glare every drill sergeant would kill for. She was wearing a suit with a skirt you would expect from a CEO or something, not a teacher.

"Are you by any chance our homeroom teacher?" I asked carefully.

"Yes. I'm Orimura Chifuyu." She said.

"So you're the Chi-chan Nee-san talked about." I said carelessly. BIG mistake.


Remaining shield energy:


Threat level:Low

Advice: Do NOT piss he roff even more.

Thanks a lot for the advice, Captain Obvious, didn't figure that one out yet. Especially not with the killing intent I felt coming from her.

"Sit down and shut up you fool."

I sat down quickly and shut up. The class continued with the introductions after the Demonic Teacher from hell allowed it. When it was ichika's turn, the whole class fell comically to the floor. Turns out that Chi-chan is Ichika's sister and the girls went into fan-girl mode again. I just closed my eyes and wondered how to handle this headache and the others that surely were to come.

At the break, girls swarmed my table, launching questions.

"Garisaka-kun, what's your favourite color?"

"What's your favorite food?" and a few others I didn't quite hear.

"Ladies, please one at a time so I can answer. And please, just call me Haru, I don't really like formalities." I tried to calm them down. The only reaction I got were a few 'Kyaah's.

"He's polite and yet so open at the same time."

"Why aren't there more men like him?"

"Now that's just downright wrong; I'm sure there're better men than me out there." I said embarrassed. Seriously, I barely have had any contact with the outside world, but there're much better people out there then me… if not then I would honestly be shocked.

"ahum, Garisaka-kun." A blonde girl with curls in her hair tried to get my attention.


"How can you control an IS? Only females are able to do that." She asked me. The other girls looked at me, also wanting answers. Why did Houki leave with Ichika, I could really use some backup right now for a lie. Let's go to plan B. telling the truth… partially.

"Well, I still don't know it myself why, but it did cost me my childhood." I told them.

"What do you mean with that?" the blonde asked.

"Because I could use an IS, I've been trapped in a research institute as a test subject for 5 years. Tabane-san only bailed me out in November." It partially was the truth. The girls looked at me in surprise.

"That's a joke, right?" one asked. I lifted my jacket and shirt partially up so they couldn't see the IS core in my body, but they did see some scars of the experiments. They gasped in surprise.

"Do these scars look like a joke?" I asked the girl. They all looked in shock.

"Well, it's I the past now. I've got a chance now to start a new life and I intend to do it." I said with a small smile.

At that moment Ichika and Houki walked in the classroom. They looked around confused when they saw half of the girls almost in tears. Then Houki looked at me.

"What kind of rude thing did you do to this time make the class like this?" she asked me angry.

"Nothing Houki-chan." I replied calmly while grabbing a pocky.

"Ah Haru-kun, you like pocky?" a girl asked.

"I like all kind of sweet things." I replied with a wink. A few girls started blushing. Really, these people have zero defence against males. Houki was not amused and hit me. Did I ever properly thank G for keeping the shields online? If not, I really should do it she already made sure I never got hurt thanks to a certain temper.

"You're thinking something rude again, aren't you?" Houki asked me.

"That's not true. I was thinking you should do something about that temper." I replied.

Before she could react, Yamada-sensei came in and class started again.

"I don't get it." Ichika sighed as he let his face fall on his desk. The blonde that talked to me now went to Ichika.

"Ahh, can I have a moment?" she asked him. While she started talking Ichika dozed off for a bit. Too bad she noticed.

"Are you listening? Hello?" she asked him.

"Ah-, ah, yes, I'm listening... is there something?" This idiot just stepped on a land mine!

"Wait a second! What's with that response? Just having me talk to you should be enough to make you feel honored. Shouldn't you have a better attitude?" the blonde yelled at him.

"I'm sorry. But I don't know who you are." … is he serious? Okay I don't remember her name either, but even I'm not that tactless. Well, it's amusing in its own way.

"You don't know me? You don't know who Cecilia Alcott is? You've never heard of me? The representative candidate student for England and the valedictorian of the entrance exam?" she yelled at Ichika.

"Uhm Cecilia, what's a valedictorian?" I asked her. She turned to me and put her hand on her hip while smiling smugly. I'll be referring to this as the 'princess pose'.

"well, Garisaka-kun it means that I was the best at the entrance exam because I was the only one who beat an instructor." She bragged.

"I beat one too." Ichika responded.

"Yeah, me as well." I replied. Cecilia looked at us in surprise.

"ARE YOU TWO SERIOUS?" she yelled.

"How did you beat yours?" I asked Ichika.

"I evaded her and she crashed into the wall. What about yours?" He responded.

"the fight already ended in 2 minutes. The instructor told me I was good but lacked finesse."

" what does that have to do with fighting?"

"I dunno, but she was a nice woman. We went for a drink afterwards and taught me a few techniques I could use."

"STOP IGNORING ME!" Cecilia yelled right next to my ear.

"I refuse to believe that I'm not the only one that beat an instructor." She kept on going. Was her pride really hurt that bad?

Chi-cha… I mean Orimura-sensei entered the room and everybody was quiet again.

"We're going to elect the class president. You can nominate yourself or somebody from the class." She explained.

"I nominate Orimura-kun!" A girl in the back yelled. Haha, he has to do it against his will. Poor sucker.

"I nominate Haru-kun!" another girl shouted. I spoke to soon. Damn you karma!

"I do not accept this! I do not want to be represented by a man and endure that shame for a whole year!" Cecilia yelled. Really, how does she keep it up? My throat would hurt by now.

"they are already nominated, so you'll have to beat them in order to become class representative ." Orimura-sensei told her off.

"Then I challenge both of them to a duel!" Cecilia yelled. The class started to get excited. Me as well, but that's because I want to have a good fight.

"then we'll hold the fights next week."

"Screw that, I want my fight tomorrow." I said out loud. The class looked in shock at me. What, I never denied that I was rude. But Cecilia took her princess pose and bragged.

"If you want to lose that eagerly, who am I to say no?" she exclaimed. Ooh, you are so going to regret those words.

"okay you two are going to fight tomorrow then. Class dismissed" Orimura-sensei said annoyed. I got up and went to my room.

"G, do you still have access to Tabane's network?"

"Yes. Are you going to ask what I think you're going to ask?" she appeared next to me with a screen floating in front of her.

"you know what they say, knowing is half the battle."

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