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Disclaimer: I do NOT own God eater burst nor do I own any of their characters aside from mine

This is an AU Fanfiction of the game God Eater Burst

Changed the way some of the names are written

Chapter 1: New-Type?

In a post-apocalyptic world, unimaginable creatures roam the world… Their very purpose is to devour everything in sight. They appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden, Human weaponry have been shown to deal little to no damage whatsoever to these creatures, some of these creatures have even been seen evolving by eating such weaponry, due to their capabilities we humans have decided to give them the name 'Aragami'

In order to combat these beings, God Arcs were made; a God Arc is actually an Aragami with a man-made core called Artificial CNS. The God Arc is controlled by a armlet that every wielder has which contains the P53 bias factor which acts as an catalyst that relays nerve signals to the God Arc which is how a God Arc is controlled, the armlet are also used as a beacon for tracking and for connecting to the terminals that can be accessed in HQ.

People who wield the God Arcs are called God Eaters; God Eaters inject oracle cells into their bodies in order to operate the God Arc. They risk their lives every day for the future of mankind's survival. Due to the God Arcs being an Aragami, the god arcs are able to devour and extract materials or pieces of other Aragami which are eventually used for producing better weapons or armor. Depending on the core extracted and used during the production of god arc weapons, some of them may even contain elemental properties which make the weapon more effective against certain kinds of Aragami.

God arcs have various weapon types, for blades there are short swords, long swords and the buster swords while for guns there are snipers, assaults and blasters. Attached to the god arc is a shield which can deployed easily by the god eater, shield types include bucklers, normal shields and tower shields. Every god eater has their own preference on which weapon they prefer.

Well… Enough of this, this isn't an archive of facts and information, this is a story of a group of people who eventually destroyed the cause for the infestation of Aragami, and the main character of this story is a new recruit of the Fenrir Far East Branch (which will now be known as FFEB for less typing, yes I am that lazy =P)

Location: Unknown room

A blonde man is seen sitting down on a desk chair looking through reports on Aragami attacks in the nearby areas, especially attacks that were near to the aegis project, The aegis project is a colossal arcology made of anti-Aragami material that should prevent any Aragami from passing through thus creating a utopia where humans can live peacefully until a method of erasing all Aragami has been found.

As the man was going through reports, the computer on his desk emitted a sound that someone was contacting him.

*beep beep*

"Director, we have found a possible match for a new-type god eater in the database of possible recruits."

He rested his hands on the desk, "What is the person's name?" The director pressed something on his computer instead of waiting for a reply and brought up the marked file containing information on the new recruit, after a brief read; the director pressed a button and spoke through his mike.

"Please contact the new recruit and get him down here for an aptitude test in the revaluation room, its time see if the FFEB will be the first branch to receive a new-type god eater."

As he received a confirmation of the order, the director began reading thoroughly and thought to himself

'Things are starting to be interesting; I can't to see the potential of a new-type god eater.'

Scene Change: an unknown room

A sigh was heard as a teen was seen filing out a form on a table in a dull colored room.

'I guess i really have to fill this form if i wanna go ahead with this course of action... Well here I go'

Name: Asakura Shin
codenamed: Genesis.
My physical details are not that important but I'll provide them anyway for those who want them:
Hair: Brown, spiky hair
Eyes: Azure colored
Personality: i'll let you figure it out yourself (honestly? Its because i have no idea myself =P)
Age: 17
D.o.B: 11th of May
P.o.B: Japan
Relationship Status: Single
Skin Color: I'm Asian
Clothing: a Khaki Fenrir jacket, with a white shirt inside, black cargo pants with blue shoes (Might change later on)
Likes: Music, Technology
Dislikes: too troublesome to list down

You wanna know about my life? Well there isn't much to tell, I pretty much lived all by myself from the age of 15 but I used to live in an orphanage, some my memories of that place are fuzzy due to an unknown reason.

I live quite a simple life what with sleeping in a makeshift house, considering the situation in our world right now, though I guess everyone's life is like that. One day, I was just simply listening to my iPod which I found buried under some debris in the past, which surprisingly was still in working condition,

I heard someone knocking on my door, as I opened the door I was thinking it was probably one of my friends, however to my surprise, a scouting agent from Fenrir was in front of my so-called makeshift house. He told me I was found to be a match for one of the very first New-Type God Arcs. Deciding on the spot that I might as well do some good in my life, I went directly with the agent considering all I had was already packed just in case an Aragami came. As I walked through these Giant Steel double doors, I knew my life would forever be changed.

Well this is my story, the story of a novice God Eater who in the end became the leader of a group who managed to save the world,

Scene Change: FFEB's revaluation room

We see a teen walking through the metal gate of the room, he sighed as soon as he saw that there was no one in the room thus meaning he would be the only new-type taking this test. He hoped that he would be able to pass this test, otherwise he'd be saying goodbye to this world considering this is the first time they've done this with for a new-type god eater.

The teen looked around the room and saw there were a lot of claw marks on the walls and that the only thing that was weird about the room was that there was a machine right in the middle of it. Still seeing no one, the teen nearly thought that the examiners were late and was about to head back when…

"Welcome to Fenrir, Mankind's last line of defense, you are here to take the aptitude test to observe whether or not you are able to become a new-type god eater, please do try to relax yourself, previous people have been seen to get better results when they weren't nervous, so please do take a moment and decide without any regret on what you are about to do.

Remember the consequences of failing the aptitude test are grim and shouldn't be taken lightly. When you feel that you are making the right decision, place your right wrist on the slot of the machine in front of you. All that's left to say is good luck"

The teen looked around to see where the voice came from and found a glass panel above the room where three people were located, the blonde one with the mike was obviously the one who spoke earlier. Deciding to stop wasting time, he walked up to the machine and placed his right hand on the slot and quickly wrapped his hand on the hilt of the blade while squeezing his eyes close in anticipation for any pain he thought he would receive, when nothing happened after a while, he wondered

'Hmm… Is this machine broken or something, the world must be ending if even Fenrir is this bad'

Then as if mad, the machine which the teen thought was broken did something, the upper part of the machine slammed down on his hand and he felt as if a lot of things were biting on his wrist, which made him wonder what exactly was being done to his wrist.

For a moment , the teen only felt a mild pain when suddenly, the process reached its peak and all the teen could do was hold his arm in pain and try to scream as little as possible though that was nearly impossible. It was that painful

After what seemed to be days yet was only thirty minutes, the machine's upper part lifted up and the teen opened his eyes which shut tight due to the pain he experienced and saw that he now had the traditional red armlet on his wrist and that he finally noticed he was actually holding a god arc.

The teen felt so excited that he had to give the weapon a few practice swings which he found that the weapon was not as heavy as it looked, as he finished his testing of the weapon that some tendrils from the supposed core of the weapon came out and attached to the core of the armlet which probably meant it was synchronizing with the oracle cells of his body, As the teen was wondering what was the image he saw, the previous voice spoke again

"Congratulations, you are now Fenrir's very first new-type god eater; please wait in the main lobby till your advisor arrives. Please do inform the people near you if you feel unwell in any parts of your body, however do not be alarmed as it is mostly due to the oracle cells being infused with your body system. Train hard, be cautious, respect your seniors and do your best to insure the success of the aegis project"

The teen could only nod as he thought 'what's the Aegis project?… 'He then turned around and started walking towards the door he halted for a while and wondered

'Do I need to hold on to this thing? The tendril earlier did return back the weapon…'

Suddenly as if answering his unvoiced question, the voice earlier told him that he would just need to leave his god arc back on the machine for further examinations and that it would be given back before the time he would be going on his first mission, satisfied that he wouldn't need to carry the weapon, the teen walked out of the room and took the elevator up to the main lobby.

Scene: FFEB's Main lobby

As the recruit walked out of the elevator and down the stairs greeting everyone he walked pass, he saw plenty of people in the lobby, a group of them looking at a computer of sorts, probably a terminal, a teen wearing a red jacket talking to the counter girl whom was known as Hibari Takeda which the recruit only found out because he had to ask her where was the revaluation room earlier on his way down.

As the recruit looked around the lobby, he saw a rust brown-haired boy wearing a striped yellow hat. The boy was also wearing a sleeveless yellow vest over a web-patterned black shirt with knee-length shorts that flared out around his legs as he swung them restlessly. A striped scarf was wrapped around his neck, sitting by the sofas waved him to sit next to him. Deciding to humor the teen, he walked towards him and sat down.

The person next to the recruit then asked, while searching his pockets "hey want some gum?" The recruit gave a nod but the teen had a surprised look and told him, "Oh, I'm all out. Looks like I just used the last piece, sorry about that. Anyways I'm Kouta Fujiki, 15 years old, what's your name?"

The recruit just gave a shrug and told Kouta it was ok. Kouta then asked if he was a match as well, to which the recruit just gave him a look as if to say "duh", the recruit then chose that moment to introduce himself, " Name's Asakura Shin, codenamed: Genesis although that's just for a necessity I guess, just call me Shin. "

Kouta looked incredulous and asked "You actually made a code name for yourself?"

Shin then looked worried and asked quietly "you mean we weren't supposed to do so? But I saw that it was needed in the interview"

Kouta looked amused at this piece of information and told Shin "Most of the people here just wrote their names as their codenames so I guess that makes you a little unique, by the way are you a match too?"

This time it was Shin's turn to look incredulous. "What in heaven's name are u talking about, if I weren't a match, why would I be here telling you my code name"

Kouta looked sheepish for a while before saying" Hehe, just joking besides I guess that makes two of us… you must be my age or maybe a little older." Shin then told him "I'm 17 years old so yeah… I'm older." Kouta even though he knew it was childish huffed and said "Oh well, I'm still senior by a nanosecond"

Shin just gave Kouta an annoyed look because in the end, that statement did not have anything to do with what they were talking about.

Kouta then said "Nice to meet you" Shin just sighed and gave Kouta a nod while returning the greeting and looked in front because he heard footsteps approaching their location, As soon as Shin did so, he saw a woman wearing white revealing clothing in front of them. Shin was then stunned when the woman reached where they were sitting and ordered "Stand up"

"Huh?" was Kouta's smart reply while Shin was still a little stunned at the sudden order so could not comply with the order.

The woman seeing that neither did so, she ordered more loudly and strictly "I said Stand up! On your feet! "

Shin snapped out of his stunned state and Kouta finally got the message thus both stood up instantly in a stiff posture. The woman then said

"I'm on a tight schedule, so I'll be keeping this short. My name is Amamiya Tsubaki, and I'm your advisor. This is your schedule – after the medical checkup, you'll complete a full curriculum of basic physical training, basic combat training, as well as a weaponry/armor clinic.

Shin then was struck by a thought and voiced it towards the superior in front of him "Umm Ma'am? What do we use as weapons anyways?"

Tsubaki did not seem to feel frustrated at Shin's question and answered him "The weapons you wield as god eaters are called God Arcs, you may learn more about it later on from the terminals, Now then we are the ones who have been protecting you up till now. But from this day forward. You'll be the ones protecting."

Shin who had his question answered just gave her a determined stare as if saying that he do his best to protect the people. She then continued saying" if you don't want to die over something stupid, then answer my every order with a "Yes" understood?" Shin gave Tsubaki a nod while saying " Understood" while Kouta was surprisingly silent and Tsubaki did not take this likely as she shouted, "Answer me" which Kouta finally answered with a salute "Yes Ma'am!"

She then turned to Shin and said "We'll start with you, head to Sakaki's room at 1500 hours. This is your home from now onwards, the Fenrir Far East branch a.k.a The Den" Be sure to pay your respects to the members of your team." to which Shin gave a nod and checked the time.

Seeing that it was only 1445 hours, Shin decided to follow Tsubaki's suggestions and wandered around The Den, there were only one other person at the main lobby, Shin decided to go and introduce himself to him.

He found out that the person's name is Gen Momata, and he basically just gave Shin advice saying" Being a God Eater is a tough business. We're despised by some, envied by some. Even so, we're protecting those same people, heh but that's just an old God Eater rambling. When you are old enough. I'll buy you a drink." Shin had a grin when he heard that offer and told Gen, "I'll take you on that offer one day," Gen then chucked and walked away.

'Probably heading to his quarters I guess' Shin thought as he checked the clock above him.

He saw that the time was 1446 hours, he decided just head to the laboratory early, however he found out he had a dilemma, he didn't have any idea where on earth was the room. He then decided to ask the red-haired girl behind the counter.

He found out that her name was Takeda Hibari, and she told him to take the elevator which was just a flight of stairs on right the side of the counter, and go to the 4th floor which was the laboratory floor and the room would be the only room directly in front upon leaving the elevator..

Thus he took the elevator up to the Laboratory floor and he saw that someone else was in the corridor, Shin thought she was probably a senior thus went and introduced himself, the girl too introduced herself "ohh you must be the new recruit, my name's Daiba Kanon, you must be here for your medical checkup, maybe a little eccentric but he is a very kind mind so you'll be fine."

She then gave Shin a nod and left the floor. Shin saw that no one else was on the floor, thus he decided to head for the room at the end of the hall. Upon reaching the door, he knocked thrice and when he received the "come in" he opened the door and entered the room.

Scene change: Laboratory

When Shin was told that he was going to be going to a laboratory, he expected flasks and all sorts of chemicals and machines, but what he saw was totally different from his expectations, the main room of the so-called laboratory was a normal room with a huge super computer with multiple monitors and wires connected to a lot of places, a two simple wooden tables on with two sets of sofas on either side of the room.

Shin then noticed that in the room was a blonde man and a man who looked exactly like a professor type character typing away on the keyboard, behind the professor was a scroll opened and had japanese characters on it. The room was painted in white with browish black lines as designs around the room, Shin was fascinated by the amount of japan cultural items that the professor had and wanted to go take a closer look at them but Shin decided that he was taking too long and proceeded to where the other two people were at.

As Shin walked towards them, Shin also noticed that there were two others doors which were probably rooms which contained god knows what, he was interrupted from his pondering as the professor said

"Oh you arrived 726 seconds faster than anticipated, nice to meet you New-Type. My name is Doctor Paylor Sakaki but you may just call me Doctor Sakaki, I am in charge of this Fenrir's branch's Aragami technology R&D. Well we'll be seeing each other more often, welcome aboard."

'Oh so i was right with him being a sort of professor type character'

Seeing that the professor's introduction was done, Shin too introduced himself

"Nice to meet you as well Doc, The name's Asakura Shin, I'll be in your care."

Dr. Sakaki nodded when Shin's introduction was finished but still not looking at Shin instead turned to look at the man beside him, he said all the while typing on his keyboard…

"Now then, as you can see, I'm still pretty busy getting prepared. Johannes, why don't you get your business out of the way first?"

Johannes turned to the Doc and said ", I think it's high time you learned to separate business from private matters.", sighing when he didn't even get a reply as the prof was too busy looking at some statistics, he turned towards Shin and said

"Thank you for taking part in the Aptitude Test. My name is Johannes von Schicksal. I'm in charge of the Fenrir Branch in this region. Congratulations again on passing the test. I expect great things from you"

All Shin sweatdropped when he heard that the director had high expectations from him when they had just met.

Dr. Sakaki then suddenly stopped whatever he was doing and told Shin "He's a former techie too you know."He then turned to Johannes and said "The new-types medical checkups interest you to no end, right. Johannes?"

Director Johannes turned towards and reminded him that he decided to retire as a techie because they had him. However Dr. Sakaki did not seem to believe Johannes at all thus questioned him "Did you ever really retire though?"

Director Johannes did not reply to the question instead, he turned back to Shin and said "Hmm… now then this is where the real fun starts."

"Let me explain the Fenrir Corporation's objectives once more, your direct duties are very simple. They are to keep the Aragami in this region at bay… and to gather Materials which are then converted into resources needed to maintain this advance base, as well as to complete the impending ''Aegis Project''.

He stopped for a moment when Dr. Sakaki suddenly exclaimed "Ugh… Look at these numbers"

Johannes merely gave Dr. Sakaki an exasperated look but did not bother reprimanding him this time. Instead the director turned towards Shin and continued

"The Aegis Project….Is simply a plan to create a utopia impregnable against Aragami attack, it is to be located far out to sea, close to the former sea of Japan trench. Once the project is complete, humankind will be able to avoid extinction at least for a while."

He was abruptly cut off again by Dr. Sakaki who said "Amazing! So this is what a New-Type is like!"

This time Director Johannes could not ignore him thus turned towards him and reprimanded him saying "Paylor… You're disrupting my lecture"

Dr. Sakaki then looked sheepish and said "Oh sorry about that, I was just so taken aback by these stats… I got carried away."

"At any rate, the future of humankind is at stake. So give it your best effort… All right, I'll be taking my leave now. I'm leaving it all to you, Paylor. Send me the date when you're done."

As Shin watched the Director leave the room, he couldn't help feel weird seeing the director's eyes, it seemed like it contained guilt and remorse, wondering what happened, while merely waved good bye to the director.

Shin then turned back to when he said "Okay, we're good to go now. Lie down on that bed, will you? You'll feel sleepy for a little while, but I assure you there's nothing to worry about. When you wake up, you'll be in your own room. Just a little cat nap, so to speak… you'll get about 10,800 seconds. "

'In other words, I'll be asleep for 3 hours… sheesh can't anyone here use simple words'

And that's it, my first Chapter of Don't Run Away From Living

This is an AU Fanfiction of the game God Eater Burst, If there are any information that's wrong or so this will probably be my excuse, this is my very first story thus please do lessen the burn from your flames if there would be any, I know I suck at writing but I am doing this for my own amusement.