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Chapter 16: Not so surprising announcement


The sound made by the Quadringa crashing to the ground dead was deafening and it also caused the snow where it crashed to be thrown up into the air causing a blanket of snow to cover the area.

As the snow slowly began to clear away, three figures were seen. The three were Shin and Yukie standing in front of the downed Quadringa with both their swords impaling the Aragami to which they pulled their blades out. Shin's blade was seen, coated with concentrated aura of light.

The third figure was standing right behind them; the figure was Kanon who had her God Arc, aimed at where the head of the Tank Aragami was supposedly at before it fell to the ground.

When the group saw that the Aragami wasn't moving anymore, they relaxed their stances albeit slowly as it wasn't easy to get rid of the adrenaline coursing through their bodies.

Shin went over to their dead target and did the usual procedure of collecting its core and materials before heading over to where Yukie and Kanon were waiting for him.

As he reached to where the two were standing, Yukie smiled, "That was pretty easy wasn't it?" She noticed that a source of light was begin emitted from where Shin was standing and saw that Shin hadn't turned off his trigger yet thus told him so.

Shin blinked before confirming that his trigger was still active and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "Ahh… no wonder I felt something draining me."

Yukie gave him a wry smile as she playfully said, "Oh, what are you gonna do when I'm not around to remind you of things like this."

Shin smirked saying, "Then I just gotta make sure that you're always by my side, don't I?" leaning towards Yukie who was blushing at how close they both were.

And as they were about to kiss, a cough of was heard and the two lovebirds froze in place and turned to see Kanon having a mischievous smile on her as she said, "Do I have to remind you tow that I'm still here?"

Shin had the decency to blush while Yukie stuck out her tongue at Kanon before giving Shin a kiss anyways though just a simple peck on the lips before holding hands with Shin who chuckled at her antics and the bright smile on her face as they together with Kanon who was shaking her head walked towards where they would collected by the Helicopter.

Back at the Den, Shin and Yukie after giving their report to Hibari seeing that Tsubaki was apparently having a meeting with the director, went down to the cafeteria to have a light snack and to relax as Hibari informed them that they would be going on a mission later on.

As they were about to enter the Elevator, Kanon called out to them to wait for a moment and told them, "Thanks for the help you two,"

"No problem." "No big deal"

As the elevator was heading down to the cafeteria, Yukie turned to Shin and asked him, "Hey… Any idea what mission are we going to go on later?"

Shin hummed in thought for a moment before shaking his head telling Yukie that he had no idea.

"I see…" and that was the end of their conversation as the elevator came to a stop and its doors opened.

As they exited the elevator, Shin was surprised. Usually the room had at least a group sitting while this time the room was actually deserted! Well... aside from the staff that worked there.

Shrugging deciding not to ponder too much about where were everyone, Shin turned towards to Yukie, "Well… Shall we?" he questioned with a gesture of his hand while having a grin on his face.

Yukie giggled at Shin's antics and expression. She nodded while smiling and grabbed on to a hand that Shin had held out to her. The two then made their way over to the 'Luxury' counter as Shin had dubbed it so.

Now… You may be wondering why on earth the lovebirds would be having a meal from the Luxury counter… Well, on the way back from their recent mission, Shin had offered to treat both Kanon and Yukie as he had some extra credits and simply wanted to do so.

Yukie had accepted his offer albeit reluctantly not really wanting Shin to be spending quite a sum of money as the counter wasn't dubbed Luxury for nothing but eventually gave in when Shin stubbornly retorted, "What? Can't a boyfriend treat his girlfriend along with a close friend?"

Yukie began blushing from hearing that Shin had called her, girlfriend. As she was still not used to it seeing that it was only a week since they officially became a couple

Kanon smiled happy for the two of them but the smile turned slightly sad as she informed Shin that she would be happy to accept if it wasn't the fact that she already had an appointment with someone else later on and wanted to take the chance to rest up before the appointment

Who she was meeting was a mystery as Kanon did not give details while Shin and Yukie didn't want to pry.

And just like that, the rest of the trip was void of chatter as the three simply enjoyed the silence.

Back with Shin and Yukie, they had just reached the counter and began browsing through the various items that had on the menu.

After a few minutes, Shin informed the staff manning the counter that he'd like a plate of grilled lamb chops with a serving of rice and chips while Yukie wanted to try the Kitsune Udon which was basically thick noodles in broth topped with sweetened deep-fried tofu packets.

After the staff member had repeated the order and received the payment for 'said' order. He informed them that he would serve their meals later on as it would take some time for it to be done.

Thanking the staff member, the two walked away from the counter and Shin told Yukie to go grab a table first while he went and grabbed the drinks.

Giving a nod, Yukie released the hand that was intertwined with Shin's as she skipped happily towards one of the many empty tables in the cafeteria while it was Shin's turn to chuckle at her antics, he went over to the drinks counter and filled two glasses with orange juice and two more with warm water.

Done with the acquiring the drinks, Shin made his way towards the table that Yukie had chosen. He noticed as he passed the Luxury counter that their meals were still being prepared as the trays that were going to be used to bring their meals were still empty aside from the utensils.

Shin eventually reached the table and placed the tray of drinks on it as he took a seat opposite Yukie.

While waiting for their meal, he and Yukie simply began having a conversation concerning various things like comments about their actions during the recent mission or guesses on what were Rin and Alisa doing at the moment.

Basically they talked about whatever they could enjoy talking about, eventually their food was served and after thanking the staff member, they gave thanks and ate their meals in relative silence.

Yukie finished her meal first considering it was just noodles while Shin had just finished his serving of rice along with all of the lamb chops leaving the chips which they shared.

As Yukie placed the last chip into her mouth, Rin entered the cafeteria and as soon as he spotted Shin waving at him, he went over to where they were seated.

As soon as Rin reached their table and greeted them, he informed them "Tsubaki is looking for us, and we're to meet her up at the main lobby for some announcement."

After nodding to Rin they placed their trays back at the counter before heading for the elevator that would take them up to the main lobby.

[Scene Change: Main Lobby]

The group of people waiting is consisting of Kouta, Alisa, Sakuya, Soma and the three who had just exited the elevator. They saw that Tsubaki had not arrived yet thus decided to do various things to past the time.

Rin and Alisa were doing what Shin and Yukie had done before which was sharing earphones as they waited while Sakuya and Soma were chatting about random things to past the time.

Shin on the other hand simply sat down on the sofa and cuddled with Yukie; both were satisfied with their position and simply enjoyed being close to each other.

However, Kouta having nothing to do was getting bored rather quickly due to being impatient. He poked Alisa on her shoulder and after getting her attention when she asked, "What?"

Rin was also looking at Kouta wondering what he wanted with Alisa as their entertainment was cut off due to Alisa turning around and pulling both their earphones out.

Kouta questioned, "Hey, I came because they called this meeting all of a sudden. What's going on?"

Shin and Yukie couldn't help but grin when they heard Alisa's usual attitude towards Kouta finding it amusing with her replies.

"I really don't know. And even if I did know, I certainly wouldn't tell you,"

Alisa turned to Rin and asked "Any idea why we're here?"

Rin replied while shaking his head "I haven't got a clue, all I know is that Tsubaki wanted us to be here."

Kouta then asked everyone else and received similar replies of, "Not sure…" "I don't know" "No idea" "I don't care" guess who said the last one

After a few more minutes, Tsubaki finally arrived at the lobby and walked till she faced the group and said something obvious. "I see you're all here."

The group gave Tsubaki their attention as she began her announcement, "Administration officially announced a new appointment today."

The group had their different thoughts at hearing that but halted when Tsubaki turned to face Shin who had got up from the sofa along with Yukie and said, " When the current mission has been cleared, you will be appointed captain of the 1st Unit, Preservation Bureau, Fenrir Far East Branch."

Shin had his eyes widened in shock while the rest weren't fairing any better… Well except Soma who had his usual bored look. Tsubaki ignoring most of their shocks told Shin "From now on, you're the leader of this unit. I'm counting on you."

Everyone began congratulation Shin who thanked them modestly not really expecting such a thing.

Kouta couldn't hold his excitement and exclaimed, "Whoa! You got promoted! And it's a huge promotion!"

He then continued saying "What do they call this kind of thing? Supplanting one's superior?"

Alisa scoffed saying "Actually that's a kind of betrayal" as the group snickered… Well Soma simply snorted but you get the idea.

Yukie went over to Shin and hugged him before giving him a kiss that was a little more passionate than usual leaving Shin a little breathless while Yukie had a smirk on her face.

Rin laughed at the scene and went over to pat Shin on his back while Alisa turned to face Shin and told him "Once again, I'm looking forward to working with you, isn't that right Sakuya?"As Alisa turned towards Sakuya, they too looked towards Sakuya.

Sakuya however did not reply and was silent, staring at nothing particularly.


The second time Alisa called out to her, Sakuya finally responded with "Huh? Oh, yes… right."

Sakuya then turned towards Shin saying "Leader, huh? Somehow, you seem a lot more dependable now"

Shin smiled sheepishly and said "So I wasn't dependable previously?"

This caused most of them to laugh; Rin patted his shoulder saying "It'll be fine. In any case, I guess I'll be following your lead this time huh?"

Shin smiled and nodded remembering past events.

Sakuya then said "Well then… I know you'll have my back. I'm looking forward to working with you."

Tsubaki however stopped the, for the lack of a word, celebration when she said "Don't get ahead of yourself. You won't be officially appointed until after you've completed the mission that you're gonna be assigned."

That succeeded in bringing down the mood as the group turned serious as they faced Tsubaki once more. Nodding at their looks, Tsubaki informed them, "It is true that a leader is bestowed with certain powers befitting the position." Her eyes narrowed, "But the responsibilities he must shoulder are of equal weight. Not just in his capacity as a God Eater, he's also charged in making sure that his team returns safely.

Tsubaki addressed the group as a whole, "Don't die. You must all come back alive. That's an order."

Receiving cheerful yet serious replies, Tsubaki couldn't help but smile briefly. She informed the group that Shin would have three members in his party while the rest would be sent on another mission.

Tsubaki then separated the group into two, one who would be going with Shin and the other which would be sent to for another mission.

Shin's group consisted of himself, Rin, Sakuya and Kouta while the other group was told to head down to Hibari for their briefing, Shin's group were being briefing by Tsubaki.

Mission Name: Storm Baptism
Mission Client: Fenrir
Location: Sunken Grid
Anticipated Mission time limit: 30 minutes
Mission info:

Rewards: Imploder, Rough Barrel and 1500 Fenrir Credit

Exterminate all Aragami in the Factory Ruins. One Zygote and one Sariel have been confirmed. The Sariel can move around in the air and has a high resistance to Divine effects. Beware as there may by other Aragami lurking around.

Confirming that Shin had understood the briefing, Tsubaki repeated the order to come back safely as she left them to their preparations for the encounter.

~Insert the usual before mission activities here.~

As they took in their surroundings and noticed that no Aragami were in their immediate area, Shin informed his group to split into groups of two and that Sakuya would be with him going to the right while Soma and Kouta would head for the left.

Receiving nods from his team members, Shin and Sakuya went off and just as they passed by a building, Soma had reported that their group had encountered and eliminated a Zygote.

Giving the affirmative that he had received the report, Shin cautioned Soma to be wary for any extra Aragami that wasn't in the report as they were warned by Tsubaki.

Receiving a grunt in return, Shin couldn't help but give a smirk as he relayed the report to Sakuya and both continued their way in search for their target.

Eventually they reached the spot where Shin had told Soma to meet up with them and by some twist of fate; it was there that they met their target along with two extra Zygotes.

Shin found their target this time to be creepy, it looked like a humanoid being fused with some butterfly-like beast, and it seemed to be floating in the air right behind the two Zygotes which were quickly brought down by laser shots by Sakuya and a simple air-slash by Shin.

The Sariel seemingly had not noticed them yet surprisingly as it looked around the area. However Shin was a little too quick to say that as it finally took notice of the two corpses on the ground along with them standing next to 'said' corpses.

Shin tensed not knowing how this new Aragami would attack when it a build-up of light was seen on its forehead and it fired a three-way laser right at them which was dodged pretty easily as the speed of the projectile wasn't that fast.

The Sariel probably annoyed that its prey had not been killed yet began gliding right at them but as it reached half-way to where Shin and Sakuya were about to dodge, a Buster Blade rammed into its side and sent it staggering off to the side as it was bombarded by shots by Kouta and lasers by Sakuya.

The Bombardment caused smoke to cover the Aragami's body and the group of four tensed to see if the Aragami would attack using the cover of smoke.

The cover of smoke was abruptly cleared when a pillar of light shone around the body of the Sariel. Shin and Co were surprised as the Aragami was shown to have minimal to no damage at all.

Shin came out of his stupor and tried to go in for a rush while the pillar of light was still there and his slash rebounded off the pillar which proved that it was a shield that could take both melee and range beam attacks.

Shin shouted that they would engage as soon as the pillar went down and just as he said it, the pillar was fading away and blasts along with lasers flew through the sky and the Sariel did not get its shield up in time.

As the flying Aragami was being pelted and shot at, Shin and Soma were performing jump slashes as much as they could as to not allow the Aragami to move much.

Just as Shin was about to get a clear hit on the Aragami, it did a twirl which caused some kind of spore to come out of its body and caused Shin to back off coughing due to him inhaling some of it.

It seemed that the Sariel had done more than release spores as a ball of energy was floating beside it and began moving as a laser heading for Shin who didn't notice since he shut his eyes as to not be blinded by the spores.

Luckily Shin wasn't alone as another laser intercepted the Aragami's laser before it could reach Shin.

And as if the ball of laser was the cause of it, the spores began clearing and being told so, Shin opened his eyes and saw that Kouta was still trying to shoot down the Aragami while Sakuya was heading over to where he was and Soma was trying to take down the Aragami with his blade.

The Sariel was raising its wing-like limbs and Shin noticed that there was a particular purple glow. Alarmed and what might be a potential attack, Shin wanted to warn Soma to get out of the way

But despite his efforts, it seemed that he reacted too slowly and could only gaze in horror was Soma crashed to ground and began coughing blood!

Shin quickly snapped out of his horrified state of self as he yelled towards the two equally stunned gun users, "Sakuya get over there and apply a remedy! Kouta! You and I will be providing a distraction."

That got them out of their funk as they moved into action, Sakuya immediately began rushing towards Soma together with Shin while Kouta threw a flash grenade right at the Sariel who was about to attack Soma.

The flash emitted by the grenade caused the Sariel to flinch and began blindly turning in different directions while Shin and Sakuya were unaffected as Kouta had warned them ahead of time of what he was going to do.

The flash provided the opportunity for Sakuya to reach Soma without any difficulty and immediately applied the remedy while Shin took the chance to give the Sariel its first wounds as he activated his blade's trigger after equipping an Ice blast cartridge.

Shin then jumped and preformed three quick slashes at the Aragami which after a moment, the slash marks exploded and ice form at the area that the slash was inflicted on. As the Aragami was dealing with its icy dilemma, it seemed that Shin didn't get the head as four beams honed in on Shin who managed to backpedal fast enough to avoid them.

The unshakeable ice on the Aragami began weighing it down thus making it an easier to target to hit as each of Kouta's shots began impacting on the Aragami. This however had a bad side to it as the more shots connected; the more ice was being destroyed.

Despite the pain it was supposed to be feeling, the Aragami continued launched a continuous barrage of lasers at Shin as he was nearest.

"Whoa! That was close…" Shin muttered as he eyed the hole caused by a laser that nearly went through his arm; he then remembered the Aragami and tensed up wondering why it wasn't sending more lasers at him. When suddenly…

A pain-filled shriek resounded in the area and Shin finally took in the sight of where he remembered the Aragami was supposed to be at and winced involuntarily. But really… who wouldn't if they saw the sight before them, Soma had his buster blade piercing through the Sariel's right wing and the blade impaled all the way through until it burrowed into the ground.

Blood was dripping down the blade while the Aragami began raging, trying to break free. Shin decided that this might as well be the finishing blow as he released all the energy of his trigger and rushed over to the Aragami as he called out.

"Soma move out of the way!"

And move he did, once Soma saw that Shin had his katana coated with an intense aura of icy blue he knew that it was something he absolutely did not want to get caught in the crossfire thus he pulled his blade free and jumped off.

Just as the Sariel was about to try and take flight once more, Shin plunged his katana right into its body and twisted the blade as he pulled it out before giving the Aragami a slash upwards for good measure and backing off.

For awhile nothing happened, but then suddenly the Sariel's body became impaled by ice spikes that exploded internally causing most of its body to fly around in bits thus showering the area in blood.

Luckily most of the group was a distance away from the Aragami before it exploded in a shower of frozen gore thus did not get much blood on their body.

As they regrouped, Kouta whistled at the sight turning towards Shin, "Damn, remind me never to be on your bad side." This caused Shin to sweatdropped while Sakuya chuckled before giving the area a look and grimacing in disgust.

Soma however seemed almost emotionless if it wasn't the slight twitch on his face as if trying to hide a wince. Shin rubbed his head sheepishly at their actions not really expecting a fully released Ice trigger to do that.

As they looked through the gore, Kouta asked an interesting question, "Hey… what if that blast caused most of the body to be destroyed… where would the core be in that case and is there even a need to devour the core?"

That got Shin thinking about it for quite awhile only for Sakuya to point towards something and called for their attention…

Gross… it seemed that the blast didn't destroy everything as the object in front of them was the decapitated head of the Sariel

All of them were pretty freaked out by the head in front of them though Soma as expected didn't show any emotion at all aside from the slight grimace. The head had its face with its mouth open as if it was shrieking.

Trying to prevent his disgust from showing on his face, Shin went over towards the head and released his predator in an attempt to see if it was possible to grab its core.

After munching on the head for a few moments, the predator withdrew itself back into the God Arc.

When his armlet notified that he had indeed extracted the core, the surprise on Shin's face was mirrored by Kouta which caused Sakuya to giggle slightly at their expressions.

They eventually calmed down and made their way back to base. As the helicopter touched down on the landing pad, its doors opened and they came out, hefting their God Arcs while heading for the entrance.

As they entered, they were met by Tsubaki who asked for the report and upon receiving it, she smiled as she congratulated Shin along with the rest of his group.

All smiles, Shin thanked them wholeheartedly. As he finished thanking them, the speakers around the main lobby began emitting static-like sounds which was a sign of an announcement being made which caused them to quite down.

" This is the Director speaking, God Eater Genesis please make your way to my office at your earliest convenience… I repeat, God Eater Genesis please make your way to my office at your earliest convenience."

Blinking, Shin sent a questioning look towards Tsubaki and she informed him, " he probably wants to officially inform you of your promotion and what is to be expected of you."

Shin not expecting that the director would be informing him personally and saying towards his team, " guess I'll meet you all in the cafeteria? "

Receiving nods, Shin made his way down towards the executive floor while pondering about the mission he had just went on.

' hmm I wonder… is it me or did the mission earlier seem a little too easy as a test for my promotion…"

Any further thoughts were halted as he came upon the director's door and knocked. As soon as he heard the director giving him permission to enter the room, he entered expecting some kind of glorious office.

What he saw however was quite a disappointment as the director's office seemed to have nothing unique at all… it was almost an exact copy of Dr. Sakaki's room, only the huge Fenrir symbol behind the director's desk and the obvious absence of the overly huge super computer.

After getting his bearings together, the director gestured for Shin to approach and Shin did so without any complaint.

As he reached the desk, the director intertwined his fingers in front of his face as he began to say…

"So… you've completed the mission without any issues as expected"

Shin curious about what this would lead to, nodded.

The director seemed amused at his curiousity, " first let me commend you, congradulations on being appointed leader."

"Thank you sir…"

"Now then I've asked you to come for a reason… Your duties and your authority as leader, I'd like to discuss that with you."

Seeing that the conversation turned serious, Shin gave his upmost attention as the director continued.

"As leader, you'll be given enhanced previleges while also being moved to the veteran section, with your own private room, which is the room used by the previous leader, Rindow."

Shin seemed to be uncomfortable with this arrangement but simply gritted his teeth knowing that there wasn't anything he could do.

Shin's feelings must've shown on his face as the director asked, " Is there any problem with that?"

Not wanting to cause any issues, Shin simply shook his head.

"Alright then, now you'll have to log in to the terminal and update your user authority level. You'll find that you'll now be able to view data that was previously off-limits."

With widened eyes, Shin was obviously surprised and swore that he would do so as soon as he possibly could.

"We have decided to disclose and share this information… Please understand what this means…"

Letting Shin take that in for awhile, he continued, " This is Fenrir's mark of trust… I hope you won't end up betraying that trust."

Shin wanted to nod but at this point he wasn't sure if he could indeed trust Fenrir at this point and time.

Not noticing or ignoring Shin's reluctantcy to give an answer, Johannes said, "Now then, in addition to your regular duties, I'll have you take over Rindow's special missions."

Johannes seemed to be lost in thought as he was silent for awhile, while Shin wanted to ask if there was anything else. Johannes looked back up and informed Shin.

"I'll give you more detailed instructions later as I'm sure your exhausted by the events of the day, keep up the good work… I'm counting on you."

Knowing a dismissal when he encountered one, Shin gave a bow before leading the room wondering what had gone through Johannes's mind.

Shin decided that he could take a few more minutes to check out Rindow's… ' oh wait, its my room now…'

Shaking away distracting thoughts, Shin boarded the elevator and headed for the veteran section and as he reached the door of his room, he took a deep breath and opened the door.

The room looked exactly like his as if Rindow's possensions and everything weren't even there. Despite his disbelief on how fast they moved things, Shin made his way to the terminal and accessed it.

As the terminal booted up, it began updating and soon enough, Shin reached the main menu.

At first there was little change but as he accessed the Aragami database, he found more information about certain weak points and habits of different Aragami. Intrigued, Shin reminded himself to give the section a more thorough read later on as for now he would just check his mail and then head back down to the cafeteria where his companions were awaiting him.

Receiving mails from almost every god eater he personally knew made for a very previous memory, as he reached the last mail to read, he saw that it was Yukie and opened it and it read:

Grats! Knew you'd get the promotion, you've always deserved it. Thanks for everything, we're all still waiting down at the cafeteria, hurry down~

Love, Shirayuki Yukie

As he read the last part, Shin felt his face heat up before closing it and making sure that he saved the mail and logging off the terminal and headed down towards the cafeteria where he was met with more congratulations and pats on the back. All that paled in comparison to the kiss he received from Yukie which was equally returned.

All in all? Life was good for Asakura Shin.

With this chapter, This fic will officially be discontinued, sorry if there were actually people who looked forward to this which is a bit doubtful. Anyways it was fun while it lasted.