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Annabeth POV:

"Can't you land this thing any faster, Jason?" I pleaded with the blonde-haired son of Jupiter.

"I'm trying Annabeth, but it's not as easy as I make it appear." He grunts. It's then that I notice the fine sheen of sweat covering face, and also realize something he's trying to hide from the rest of us.

"Jason? You aren't…nervous to see everyone you know again, are you?" I ask hesitantly. He whirls with a look of anger that quickly deflated into embarrassment and reluctance.

"Yes." He whispers. "They will all remember some guy who knew who he was supposed to be and I'm not that guy anymore. I can barely remember what I've accomplished. Add my confusion with Piper and Reyna… I just don't know Annabeth." And he gives me the most tortured look I've ever seen.

"And that's why I want you to land the ship, I think. My fear is killing me." I say. Jason looks at me, surprised.

"I didn't think anything scared you." He joked, cracking a smile. I laugh.

"Not many things do." I admitted. "But one of my biggest fears is Percy." I say, sobering. The look he gives me is pure confusion. I decide to elaborate.

"I've been left by my mother on my father's doorstep, my father who I though hated me, my best friend turned into a tree, and I had this misconceived crush on a guy who was more an older brother. And that same guy who ended up being the traitor to our camp." I sigh. "And then there was Percy. The single most irritating person I had ever met. Dumb as a box of rocks, but braver than anyone I had ever known." I can't help smiling. "And soon he was my best friend, and I was falling in love with him, after being through so much—jumping out of buildings, blowing things up and saving each other's life, not to mention more—and suddenly it's all gone. And he might not remember me. Or anything he's done. I thought we had something permanent, and I may need to start all over."

I take a deep breath and see Jason is nodding.

"I get it. So let's go?" He says, looking nervous.

"Let's go." I say as we descend the stairs onto the main deck of the Argo II.

"Well, no one blew us up, so I'd say that's an accomplishment." Leo states, as he joins us. Travis laughs and claps him on the back.

"If you realized that already, you definitely belong here. Not being blown up is always an accomplishment here." He says. But nearly immediately sobers up, realizing this is it. Percy is here somewhere.

Surveying the land in front of me, I immediately see the lines of soldiers at the edge. They are not openly armed, but I would bet my last drachma that they are all armed and ready to kill us.

We all disembark from the ship and people are craning their heads, whispering among themselves: "Is that Percy?" "Do you see him?" "Where is he?" "Wait! Maybe…nope. Too short." And other similar phrases. I myself was trying to see him, but couldn't see anyone.

The Romans were like stone. If they saw Jason, they didn't really seem to care.

Suddenly, there was movement over to the front left corner. Jason jabbed me gently with his elbow.

"That girl, with the cape on, black hair? That's Reyna. The praetor." He said. I nodded. That would be Jason's second in command, essentially me in the Roman form….If Percy was Jason. I tried to focus on the disturbance and caught my breath.

The disturbance was Percy.

Jason POV:

I heard Annabeth gasp and looked over at her. People were muttering—Romans notwithstanding. They didn't appear to notice me yet.

"It's Percy." Annabeth said. "It's him." She said. So I looked.

There was a tall guy with black hair waving his arms around by Reyna. He looked pretty nondescript from this far away.

"How can you tell?" I asked.

"He always waves his arms around and gestures madly when he's trying to convince someone of something. And he's my boyfriend, and best friend. I recognize him." Annabeth said.

All around me, as people realized that it was Percy; they were pointing and looking happy and relieved.

Looking back over, I saw Reyna throw her hands up in despair and gesture for Percy to leave. He turned, seemed to remember himself and gave a little bow-hop-salute. Then he turned back around and started striding towards us. Two figures detached from the group and flanked him.

Behind me, Annabeth sucked in her breath, and I'm guessing she noticed his two friends flanking him. That used to be her. I thought. And as if she read my mind, she said:

"That was never me. I always walked next to him. Never behind."

But looking at her, I saw she was hurt and scared by this.

Driven by some unspoken reflex, I strode forward and sensed Leo and Piper join me on my left and right sides. The Romans didn't bat an eye.

The guy everyone told me was Percy Jackson met me in the middle. I saw that Hazel Levesque had been one of the people to follow him, but didn't recognize the other.

"Jason Grace." Percy Jackson said. His tone implied he knew who I was, but was mostly just checking. I nodded.

"Percy Jackson." I said in the same tone. He grinned, and replied:

"That's me, I suppose."

Hazel rolled her eyes.

"Jason Grace," Percy stated. "I hereby renounce any claim I had to the second praetorship of Camp Jupiter, turning it over to the former holder of office. I now bestow upon you the cape to mark your rank." He hands me the cape he was carrying, and turns to Hazel and the other boy.

"Did I miss anything?" He asks.

"I don't think so." Hazel said, while the boy said

"Sounded fine to me." With a shrug.

Percy nods in satisfaction. "I'm assuming you accept the praetorship?" He asks.

"I accept." I say. The purple cloak clashes with my orange t-shirt. "Hello Hazel." I say, smiling at her.

"Hi Jason! You actually remember me?" She asks.

"A little," I admit "but not much. And I don't remember you at all." I say to the boy. "Sorry."

"Oh, no! You shouldn't remember me. I got here after you disappeared." The boy said. "I'm Frank Zhang, son of Mars."

"Nice to meet you Frank." I said. Percy turned to Piper and Leo.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea who you are…" He said.

"I'm Leo, son of Hephaestus." Leo said, with a slightly maniacal grin.

"And I'm Piper, daughter of Aphrodite."

Percy nodded, "Nice to meet you all." He said with a nice smile.

I knew Annabeth must be dying waiting to figure all these crazy things out. So I turned and gestured her forward. She was clearly restraining herself from running. I turned back and saw Reyna advancing as well.

She and Annabeth got here at about the same time, but Annabeth had eyes only for Percy. Looking at him, I saw that she was all he noticed too, his eyes grew a little wider and he had a tiny grin.

"Percy?" Annabeth questioned in a small voice. "Do you remember anything? Do you remember who you were? What you were? Do you remember anyone? Us? Me?" She said quietly. Not really giving him a chance to respond before continuing. "Gods Seaweed Brain, just tell me if you don't know who I am!" She was the beginnings of tears in the corners of her eyes. I just now realized how stressed and worried she must be. And how hard it must be for her right now.

Percy stepped towards her, and reached a hand up to wipe away the beginnings of tears.

"I remember everything: Who I am, who we were, and who are you are. Everything we did and didn't do." By this time, Annabeth has turned her head into his hand and has her eyes shut. "It's gonna be okay Wise Girl." At this Annabeth's eyes fly open and she launches herself into his arms. She grips him tightly, and I see his shoulder's shaking with muted sobs. Percy grips her just as tightly, burying his face into the crook of her neck and shoulder.

Behind me, Camp Half-Blood is cheering and whooping, chanting Percy and Annabeth's names, along with some wolf-whistles and cat calls. When Percy and Annabeth break away only to begin passionately kissing, the cheering and whooping gets louder, only to be joined by laughter as Percy grins and lifts his and Annabeth's joined hands into the air.

A hand tentatively touches my arm. I look and see Reyna. She smiled. "It's good to see you again Jason." She says simply. Whatever I might have said is cut off as she sighs. "Percy is happy, I see. As is the blonde."

I turn and see him and Annabeth moving through the crowd of Greeks. People are laughing and hugging and clapping Percy on the back. I see him talking to Chiron. They briefly hug, and continue to earnestly speak.

I'm uncomfortable, since I know the Romans wouldn't really appreciate that kind of thing. I'm saved from more awkwardness as Percy comes back with Annabeth.

"Hey, Reyna. It'd probably be a good idea to get the legion leaders to the senate building, and we'll come along with our cabin leaders." Percy said. And I hated that he was smart enough to suggest that when it should have been me. But, just as quickly as my embarrassment came, curiosity got the better of me.

"Annabeth?" I asked her. She turned and looked at me, with a small smile permanently fixed to her mouth. "Would you mind getting all the cabin leaders together? We'll send a Roman to lead you to the senate house, but I want to talk to Percy quick."

Annabeth looked troubled, but shrugged. "Sure, Jason." Turning, she gave Percy a lingering kiss and jogged away. I turned to Percy.

"What's up Jason?" Percy asked, as we walked alone towards the senate house.

"You told Annabeth you got all of your memories back already. How?" I asked. I was dying to remember my past life.

"Oh. Yeah, that… Well, I drank gorgon's blood." Percy said. "There's a long story behind that, but I'll tell everyone in the senate house. Gods, Annabeth is gonna kill me when she hears how I got my memory back." He says, wiping a hand down his face. But he grins, obviously his pleasure at seeing her overrides everything else.

Percy POV:

Jason and I got back to the senate house just as everyone was being seated. I counted all eight of the legion leaders and second in commands, along with Reyna and Jason. Octavian was there as well, and I stopped myself from openly glaring at him.

Reyna walked over to me. "Why are there 13 people from the Greeks here?" She asked.

"We organized campers and leaders by their godly parent." I say, shrugging. I remember when I suggested that to Hazel early on during my time here, she thought I was crazy.

"But that would make 12 of you. Not 13, including you." She said, still frowning.

Doing a quick sweep of the room, I grin. "Travis and Connor Stoll count as one person." I say, pointing out the devious looking brothers.

Reyna shakes her head, "Alright, but we should start this, before someone is killed."

She walks forward, as if to start, but is interrupted by banging, clopping and the sound of voices.

"Wait! It's alright, we're here!"

Everyone turns to look and I see Grover and Rachel sprinting into the room. As the Romans see Grover, they mutter loudly amongst themselves: "Quick, hide your money and you food. It's a faun!"

Grover stops, and looks taken aback by their muttering. "Do they think I'm gonna steal it?" He asks me. But without waiting for an answer, he tackles me, bleating out "Perrrrrrrrrrrcy!"

"Hey, G-Man. Good to see you too. Rachel." I say, giving her a grin and a nod, as well as I can while still on the floor.

"Hey Percy." She smiles, and then gasps. "You remember? How? When? Wow!"

Grover jumps up. "You do?"

I laugh and stand up. "Yeah, you'll hear about that later during the meeting."

Just realizing what they interrupted, they apologize and sit down.

The meeting was long, and we mainly discussed what we had all done up to this point in preparation for the apparent war with the giants in Greece. As expected, Annabeth nearly killed me when she found out I had staked my life on Gaea's need for me, and the uselessness of an old prophet.

"Don't get me wrong, Seaweed Brain. I'm thrilled you remember everything. But you idiot! What if she didn't need you! And you died? You really think I want to come to San Francisco to a dead boyfriend, where I'll never know if he remembered me or not? Use your brain, you moron." She said. Romans were taken aback by her viciousness, but it was mostly erased by the way she kissed me after her spiel.

"By the way, Wise Girl. There are some people here that we know…And they don't exactly like us…" I say.

"We know them?" She asked. "How?"

"Well, we kind of blew up their home." I said.

She thought, and responded: "Not the parents at the St. Louis Arch?"


"Not any mortals in Manhattan."


"They couldn't have lived in Mt. Saint Helen's."

"They didn't."

"You didn't blow anything up when you were traveling to San Francisco to find Artemis, did you?"

"No. I don't think so."

"They weren't on the Princess Andromeda?"


"Then how in the gods name do they know and hate us?"

"Well, we didn't exactly blow up their home…we mostly unleashed pirates onto their paradise…" I said. Her eyes widened in comprehension.

"Who?" She breathed. Everyone was finding our conversation hysterical.

"Remember the clipboard lady?" She nodded. "That was Hyla-"

"I remember her! She gave me a tour of everything, and the library was gorgeous!" Annabeth cut in.

"Well, I wouldn't know, since I was a guinea pig by that point." I said sarcastically, and apparently loudly, since people gave me weirder looks. "But Hyla is Reyna's older sister."

Annabeth gasped. "Oh, Styx. I'm sorry Reyna, and Hyla wherever she is."

Reyna simply nodded regally, and that seemed to reassure Annabeth more than gushing thanks would have.

The rest went smoothly. We also discussed the past, mainly the war with Kronos and the battle of Mount Orthry s (right?). Frank and Hazel were aghast after I explained a few of my escapades that helped them understand some of my remarks during our quest.

"You jumped out of the St. Louis Arch, after blowing a hole in it?" Hazel said, eyes wide in disbelief.

"Man, the war must have sucked." Frank said. Annabeth showed him the bead we had for the war, and he was amazed at the craftsmanship and the number of names it revealed.

Octavian broke the discussion. "Who is the red-hair girl?" He asked irritably.

"My name is Rachel Elizabeth Dare." Rachel said as regally as possible.

"And who's your godly parent, Rachel Elizabeth Dare?" He sneered, putting contempt into every word of her name.

"I" She said, "do not have a godly parent. I am very much so, a mortal." She said, grinning at Octavian's look of surprise and anger.

"Then GET OUT! Mortals have no place here, especially meddling friends of the Greeks!" He practically screamed.

"But I am no ordinary mortal, Octavian. I am the oracle, and I am able to prophesize, for I hold the spirit of Delphi in my body. While you sacrifice harmless animals, I speak the will of the gods from my own mouth."

Gods, did that shut Octavian up.

"So that's why you asked about oracles when we sent you to Octavian." Hazel whispered to me.

"Yeah, I guess subconsciously I remembered." I said.

"Percy, I don't suppose you've seen Nico recently? We haven't heard from him in a while…." Annabeth said, looking at me. I snapped my fingers,

"That's what I forgot to do!" I exclaimed. Annabeth looked at me funny, and Hazel whispered:

"Are you talking about my brother, Nico?"

"Yeah, Hazel. That one. And I still need to strangle him." I said.

"I admit, Nico is a pain in the butt, but why do we need to strangle him?" Annabeth asked with a wry smile.

"Because when I first got here, he was here with Hazel. Apparently he pops in and out of here and is called Pluto's Ambassador. And when I saw him, I thought I knew him, but he pretended not to know me." I said. Annabeth looked shocked, and started to say something, but Hazel was faster.

"After you left, Percy, I asked him about you. All he told me was that you were dangerous to your enemies, and a good person to keep on your good side." She said.

"Percy, I will help you strangle that boy. Gods, he could have relieved us of so much worry! Ugh, Nico!" Annabeth growled.

"Yeah, Annabeth?" Nico said from behind us.

We all turned and looked at him.

He shrugged. "Shadow travel is handy. Now what did I do to deserve the 'ugh, Nico!'" He asked, then paled. "About that….It was Hera! Not me!" He put his hands up in surrender.

"No worries Nico. We'll interrogate and kill you later." I said easily. "Now, we are going to figure out what we need to do."

"Yeah… What are we going to do?" Grover questioned.

"That is why you are all here, Faun." Reyna said.

"I'm a satyr!" Grover exclaimed indignantly. Reyna dismissed it with a wave of her hand.

"Now, Romans and Greeks. What shall our next move be?"

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