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Jason POV

I felt sort of bad breaking up Annabeth and Percy's reunion, but we had things to do, attacks to plan. Also, I was a little bit jealous.

Not to say that I wish Annabeth or Percy was unhappy! But, if you saw these two people deliriously happy to see each other, and then found out that apparently there was a way to get your memories back, plus there was no stupid love triangle going on with Percy and Annabeth. Whereas I had to worry about Piper, and Reyna. And both of them were scary.

As Annabeth led Percy over to the Greek side, I turned to my first camp. I couldn't call it my old camp, because I knew Camp Half-Blood wasn't my new camp. But, Camp Jupiter wasn't the only camp I cared about anymore. All of this confusion was going to blow my brain to smithereens.

Hearing a cheer, I turned back quickly, and saw happy expressions on the Greek campers faces. They had their real leader back. Everyone was openly celebrating, none of the stoicism that Romans prided themselves on. I also felt a little replaced. I mean, I know that Camp Half-Blood isn't my camp, but they seem to have forgotten about me…

Shaking my head to get rid of the vicious thoughts I stride forward with confidence. I knew where these thoughts were coming from: a desire to remember everything and avoid an embarrassing and incredibly awkward confrontation.

"Hey Reyna."


Cursing myself inwardly, I realized that I had greeted her incredibly informally. I had greeted her like a Greek. And strangely, this fact didn't bother me as much as it should have.

"What do you believe we should do?" Reyna asked me.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"About the Greeks." Reyna said, seeming to be slightly impatient.

"Listen to them. Reyna, I've been with them for a while now, and I trust them. It's the same with Camp Jupiter and Percy Jackson. You trust him. That's how it was supposed to work. If we don't collaborate, then everything that's happened since the disappearances will have been for nothing."

Surprisingly, Reyna smiled. "There's the Jason I know." She said quietly. Then, louder, she called to all the Romans: "Legion leaders, assemble in the Senate room, while we await the Greeks."

Mumbling slightly, they turned to trudge back to camp. I could faintly hear the upset mumblings, but didn't want to worry about it now.

"Jason, are you coming now, or-?" Reyna started, but she was interrupted by a different voice


I turned to see Piper jogging over to me. Without realizing it—or caring—she crossed the halfway point. For some reason, that fact made me ridiculously happy.

"Jason, we were getting ready to- Oh Zeus. Sorry, didn't know I was interrupting something" She noticed Reyna, and looked sorry, with a sheepish smile on her face. "Hi. I'm Piper." She said, putting her hand out to shake.

As Piper did so, I noticed that Reyna was evaluating her. Knowing Reyna, she didn't see Piper as much of a threat, because Piper didn't look threatening. Annabeth on the other hand, she looked threatening and scary. But Piper, with her randomly braided hair in choppy layers, a simple t-shirt and jeans, and no weapons looked as threatening as a goldfish. But a cute goldfish. Knowing Piper though, she was strong and dangerous.

"Reyna." Reyna said simply while shaking Piper's hand.

Piper smiled. Reyna inclined her head.

Suddenly, it got really awkward.

Rocking back on her heels, Piper looked ready to leave us alone with our conversation—and one side said go! Go! While another part said don't go! Stay, please! Talk about a personality disorder.

"Oh! Jason! Annabeth wanted to know if you were going to go to the Senate room now or wait for the cabin leaders. Percy was going to go now and prepare the Romans for the Greek's presence. We can be a little startling…" Piper said, trailing off with a smile at the end. It was true. If you weren't ready for the Greeks, Travis and Connor could be a wake-up call, as could Clarisse and…the whole camp in general. It was so different from the expectations here.

"Ummm…" I said intelligently. I wanted to go back with Piper, where there weren't as many expectations, or I could talk to Leo. But I also needed to stay with Reyna, and try to get my old life back. Oddly enough, the choice was taken out of my hands by a short, elfish boy who often lit things on fire.


"Hey, Jason!" He said grinning madly.

"Hey Leo." I said, smiling. It seemed physically impossible not to smile around Leo. Either he was doing or saying something funny or stupid or he looked like an idiot. Either way, he was a good friend.

Leo walked right by me, winking. I looked, confused at him.

"Hello there. I'm Leo. And what's your name?" He said as formally as he could to Reyna. Reyna looked confused.


"A gorgeous name for a-."

"Don't say it." Reyna warned him, a dangerous look in her eyes.

Leo stopped, but continued under his breath "-for a scary lady."

Piper giggled. I rolled my eyes (when I was sure Reyna wasn't looking).

"Yo, Jason. Annabeth said they were heading over to the Senate room now, and they'd pick you up on the way there. Percy left a couple minutes ago to prep the Romans for our complete awesomeness." Leo drawled out. I never took him for the kind of guy that drawled. But he must be trying to impress Reyna.

"Okay. I'll meet up with her then." I said, secretly glad I didn't have to choose between Piper and Reyna yet.

"Until then, how about I escort this exceptional woman to the Senate room." Leo said, turning to Reyna.

She scoffed. "Do you even know where the Senate room is?"

"I have an excellent sense of direction. Besides, I planned on following the flow of people." Leo said indignantly. "Come along." He said, forcefully putting her arm through his and leading her away. Turning his head back to us, he mouthed at me: You owe me BIG. At least, I think that's what he mouthed it may have been you own figs. But the other one makes more sense.

After a few moments, Reyna must have realized what was happening, as she un-latched herself from Leo's side. What followed was some arm waving, pleading, dramatic readings and running. Most of it from Leo.

Piper and I finally gave into temptation and laughed.

"You coming?" She asked. She didn't hold out a hand for me to hold or anything like that. Although I almost wish shed did.

"Yep." I said, and matched her step-for-step. I hadn't had to choose yet, but it would happen eventually. I just hoped I made the right choice. And that no one died.

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