I am a child, there is warmth, happiness. I am surrounded by those who care for me, I am loved, I am comforted within their loving embrace.


I am a child still, there is no warmth, no love. The only happiness I find is when I am still with life at the sun's birth. I am surrounded by evil, I am held within the devils embrace.


I am death, I am the nightmare of the damned. I will smile with your death and laugh that I have once again succeeded to stand tall in battle. My cry within the fray makes the devil thinks twice.


I am a child, wise beyond my years. I am death to those who know of me. I am scarred beyond what your eyes see of me. I am tired. I fear I am becoming soulless, I can taste my end.


I am the fight. I am failing. I have tears and fear, it is not fair, wars are never fair. I Will be forgotten, one called among so many. But I am a child. The devil does not care. I succumb to the dark embrace.

I am gone, another called.

Will she think of me ?

Will she ignore me, or ask at the risk of learning her fate.

Thank you for reading