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One Year Later

Ziva stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom she and her husband shared dumbfounded. It was impossible. It was unexpected. It was…positive. Those two intersecting pink lines stared back at her and she had no idea how to react. She had bought the test on a crazy whim when she had been at the drugstore the previous day. She'd stopped by after work because she had been feeling a little off for the past couple of weeks and was avoiding the doctor's appointment Tony was trying to convince her to make. Her plan was to talk to the pharmacist, ask what they recommended and leave. Get in, get out and go meet Tony at Tali's softball game.

Then she had gone passed THE isle. The isle where young girls stood nervously fingering different brands of the test, trying to decide which one would give them the result they desperately wanted. Where confident, twenty-something's stared at the boxes fondly, hoping that they would soon be the one with the small bundle in their arms. It was not the isle 37 year olds' like Ziva frequented, women who had a daughter that would be starting high school in a few days' time, who were just married and trying to get back in the habit of being in the relationship with someone. But there had been a nagging voice in the back of her mind that had convinced her to pick up the first box she laid her hands on and take it up to the check out.

Ziva laid the white stick down on the counter and sunk down on the floor; she leaned against the wall and pulled her knees to her chest, resting her chin on her arms. She and Tony had been married a year and she wouldn't deny that they had been acting like newlyweds, but she was sure they had been…covered. 99% Effective, the label on the bottle of her birth control screamed at her and she had never hated those words more in her life.

She glanced down at her flat stomach and sighed, the anger vacating her body. It wasn't that the idea of having a baby made her unhappy, but she and Tony had never talked about having another child. Ziva knew he was still getting used to being a father to one child and a teenager at that so she had never brought it up. She never felt the need to because she had Tali and Tony and they were a family. Yes, she had thought about having another child with Tony, mostly because she knew, even though he thought he hid it well, that he longed to go back in time and watch Tali grow up. Having a baby would give him; give them, a chance to raise a child together from start to finish instead of starting in the middle.

Ziva sighed as her thoughts turned to Tali. How was she going to take this? When Tali was younger she expressed the desire for a sibling once or twice, but now she was fifteen. She was starting high school in two days and now all of a sudden she was going to be a big sister to a sibling with a huge age difference. Ziva and Tali; her daughter's namesake, had been a couple years apart, but still had managed to have a great relationship, but fifteen years? Tali would be starting college when the baby turned four and as of late her daughter had taken after Tony and becoming very involved in sports and once school started up none of them would have any free time. How were they supposed to fit in a newborn baby?

Ziva placed a hand on her stomach, "It is not that you are not wanted ahava, I just do not know where you will fit in."

She was about to get up and go occupy herself by making pancakes, it had become a tradition on Sundays, when the door to the bathroom slowly opened and Tony poked his head in.

"Hey, sweetcheeks how long've you been up?" He asked, a broad smile graced his lips for only a moment and then it disappeared. Ziva guessed she wasn't hiding her emotions too well. "Zi, what's wrong?"

She chewed on her lip nervously, she hadn't expected she would have to tell him so soon, "Well, nothing is wrong….per say."

His eyebrows drew together and he took a few hesitant steps into the room, "Okaaay…."

Ziva sighed as she stood and moved towards the counter, picking up the white stick all in one swift movement, "Here."

As she handed him the pregnancy test she could tell that for a moment he was extremely confused, but after only a few seconds an expression of understanding dawned on his face and when he looked up at her he was positively beaming. "You're pregnant."

It was more of a question than a statement. "Yes, I am pre-"

Before Ziva could finish he had picked her up and was twirling her around the bathroom. She hadn't really known what kind of reaction to expect out of him, but it certainly wasn't like this. After a couple of protests from Ziva he finally set her down on the tiled floor.

"You are happy?" She questioned, looking into emerald green eyes trying to discern if his joy was real or forced.

"Am I happy?" He repeated sarcastically. "Zi, of course I'm happy! We're having a baby, why wouldn't I be happy?"

She sighed looking away from him, "The timing is all wrong, Tali is a teenager, and you and I are not that young anymore…"

"Ziva." Tony interrupted her, gently placing his hand on her cheek, forcing her to look at him. "There is never good timing when it comes to having a baby. So Tali's fifteen, just means she'll be able to help out more. Yeah, we're a little on the old side, but so what? Instead of most parents who are worried about being able to provide for two kids, we have steady jobs and an extra room down the hall that is sitting there empty."

She looked up at him once more, but this time a small smile appeared on her lips, "We can do this?"

"We're DiNozzos, of course we can do this." He replied confidently, grinning brightly at her.

"We're having a baby." Ziva stated, this time allowing herself to feel happy as the realization sunk in.

"We're having a baby, my baby and me." Tony sang the tune softly to her and rocked her back and forth; she couldn't help the tears of joy that sprung into her eyes.

"You love Lucy." She said with light laugh.

Tony chuckled at her mistake, "Ricky loves Lucy. I love you."

She leaned up and kissed him. "I love you too."

After a few more kisses she finally coaxed Tony downstairs so she could start on breakfast. They both went to work, Ziva in charge of the pancakes and Tony in charge of the bacon. Every so often she would catch Tony staring at her with a lopsided grin on his face and she would just roll her eyes at him. Part of her thought that he was acting entirely too happy, but when Ziva realized she too was also unable to stop smiling she let him be. It was only when Tali trudged into the kitchen a half hour later, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes that they were able to tone down their enthusiasm.

They would tell Tali soon enough, so there was no need to freak her out even more by being unusually giddy. Once Tali was coherent enough to talk, Tony challenged her to a one-on-one game of basketball. She agreed readily and Ziva swore she hadn't seen two people eat so fast. She cleared their plates and began washing the sticky dishes off. As she stacked them in the drying rack she stole a glance out the window above the sink. It wasn't a very serious game of basketball; they both tried their hand at making trick shots and laughed when the ball was blatantly off target. At one point Tony caught her staring and gave her a wink and a smile before sinking a three-pointer.

Ziva smiled and placed a hand on her stomach. This definitely wasn't going to be easy, she was most certain of that, but as Tony had stated before, they were DiNozzos. They were a family and no matter what adventures were in store for them in the next nine months, they would stick together and everything would be alright.


A/N: Hehe, a little cliffy to end this story and keep you guessing a bit till the sequel is posted. The line Tony sang to Ziva was from an episode of I Love Lucy.