This is the sequel to New Girl In Mystic Falls. I ended that story because no one was reading it and because I didn't really enjoy writing it anymore. When I ended it, I pictured a sequel, taking place one year after the original story. That brings it along the line of the season three timeline of the show. There was still questions left at the end of the other story, which I hope to answer in this story.

You don't have to read the original to understand this, but it would help as I get deeper into the story. It is going to be along the time line of season three, but changes are going to happen along the way, more than likely minor ones, but that depends when the time comes :)

This is kind of a short chapter, if you compare it to some of my other chapters, but I hope you enjoy it either way.


It's been a few months since she was last in Mystic Falls. She didn't see herself going back anytime soon, even though she wanted to. It was all up to him if they do or not. 'At least I'm with one person I know' She kept reminding herself, 'and at least he's okay.' Over the past eight months, she had grown to care for him, that's what got her in this spot in the first place. She kept thinking about the ones she missed while she was with them, going along with what he said. She wasn't a supporter of what he was doing, but she grew to deal with it. She had to, it was to keep them safe.

It was a lightless night as there were no stars in the sky as they waited outside for a resident of the house to come out. The only sounds they heard were the crickets and the faint voices of the people inside the house. They waited until finally a blonde woman came outside.

"Rudy" the lady yelled before she whistled "Rudy, Come on. It's too hot to make me come look for you" She was looking for her dog, little did she know, she would never see it again. She bent down to pick something up before being startled by another blonde girl. She gasped in surprise.
"I'm so sorry" the second blonde began to say "I didn't mean to scare you" she said in a sincere voice.
"Can I help you?"
"Yeah, my car ran out of gas a few miles back. My boyfriend is in the hospital and I was on the way to visit him" The second blonde said with her voice filled with sorrow "I was wondering if I could use your phone."
"Don't you have a cell phone?"
"Yeah, but the battery is dead." She took out a phone from her pocket and held it in the air before putting it back into her pocket. "I promise I'm not a serial killer, I just want to use your phone"
"Sure, you can use it" She turned around to go into the house.
"So, I can come in…?" The sad blonde asked.
"No. I'll go get the phone and bring it out here"

"I thought the southern folk were supposed to be trusting." The second blonde said with less sadness in her voice than before.
"I'm from Florida"
"Well, that explains it" The other blonde said with no sadness in her voices what so ever. She rushes over to the first blonde and grabs her by the neck, looking straight into her eyes.
"Now, show us a little southern hospitality" The second blonde compelled her.
"That's my girl." a male voice from behind the tree said. The male came out from behind the tree and into view. He walked up to the girls "Good job."
"Thank you Klaus." She wasn't really happy that she had to compel, let alone grab the lady's neck.
"You're welcome, Chelsea."

The lady invited them into the house and all three of them went in. Klaus brought the first girl into the direction of the kitchen while Chelsea waited in the front hallway, leaning on the wall. Chelsea was used to this by now. Klaus had taken the lady into the kitchen, where she could tell there was another person. Chelsea didn't want to do this half the time, but it's not like she had a choice. She did a spell to make herself invisible to the human eye, but it would only last for a certain amount of time. She has practiced this spell many times but never really used it for this purpose before.
"He's almost never here. He's on the road mostly." She could hear a lady say from the kitchen.
"But I expect he makes it home, once a month." Chelsea could hear the pause in his voice, "That's what I thought. Where is he now?" The woman he was asking didn't day anything "If I have to make you tell me, it's going to be infinitely more painful for you" The woman that Klaus was talking to looked at the him and the other lady before running out of the kitchen in fear towards the front door. She got in front of the door and continued to it. She couldn't see Chelsea, who kind of liked it this way. She just rested against the wall watching all of it unfold. The woman opened the door, only to find Stefan standing there. She screamed in surprise and fear an turned around to see Klaus walking just seconds before the other lady, who had tears falling down her face.

"I love it when they run." He said with a smile. He glanced over to Chelsea, who was invisible to the two humans. Chelsea ignored the urge to roll her eyes. Klaus looked at the lady who was just standing in fear near the door.
"He's In Tolly. It's near the border. A bar called Southern Comfort. It's on Highway 41." You could hear in her voice that she was scared.
"Thank you my love," Chelsea stopped leaning on the wall when Klaus touched the woman's hair that he was by. "Now, may my friend come in?" He asked her.
"Yes." She was crying when she said it because she was scared. Stefan opened the door and entered the house. Chelsea could feel the invisibility starting to fade away so she went into the next room before the humans see her just appear in the room.
"Kill this one quick," Klaus said to Stefan as he pushed the lady that was near him, towards Stefan. "Make that one suffer." He said looking at the lady at the door, who was standing in terror. "I'll be in the car." Klaus said before leaving the house. Chelsea let out a breath at the same moment that the door closed. She peeked out the corner to see Stefan's face change into a murderous vampire as he bit into the girl's neck.

Chelsea closed her eyes as Stefan was sucking the blood out the girl. Soon the body flopped to the ground and she could feel the need to drink because the smell of the blood was getting into her nose. She tried to push back the urge when she opened her eyes to see the body lying on the ground. She stepped into the hallway, where the body was lying on the floor. She looked at it before kneeling down next to it, touching the blood with her fingers. She was fighting the urge to drink it but she didn't know if she could. Although, she has been a vampire-witch for almost a year and has dealt with the hunger since then, it's harder to deal with it when Klaus has Stefan killing people like this. She looked up to Stefan, who was making his way to the other woman who was the one Klaus told him to make sure suffered. She got up and appeared next to Stefan in a flash. They looked at the woman and started to think the same thing, Stefan more than Chelsea. Stefan bit viciously into her neck and fed on her blood. Chelsea watched as the woman tried to struggle, which only made it worse. Chelsea closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to bury it, but it wasn't working. The second she opened her eyes she bit into the other side of her neck.

Klaus was outside smiling. He could smell the blood as they bit the skin. He was slowly getting Chelsea to embrace the vampire side of her. This is almost exactly like what he's doing with Stefan, although Stefan was doing it more willingly than Chelsea. She's a tougher one than he thought.

They walked into the bar, Klaus going ahead of them. Stefan and Chelsea walked slower, but they were still going into the bar behind Klaus.

"Ray? Ray Sutton?" Klaus asked the man at the bar.
"Who wants to know?"
"I've been looking everywhere for you. We started in Florida Pensacola. I met a young chap there who you used to work with before you moved to Memphis, now he directed me to two lovely young women. And they led me here, to you." He explained to Ray on how they found him, minus the people they killed.
"I think I'll be going." He said to Klaus before trying to walk away. When he turned around he bumped into Stefan, who was standing next to Chelsea.

"I wouldn't do that." Chelsea walked next to Klaus as Stefan pushed Ray towards Klaus.
Ray turned back to Klaus "Vampires."
"Swifty Swift Ray." Klaus said while grabbing a bottle of beer. "Yes, my friend here is a vampire," he pointed the bottle towards Stefan, "He compelled everyone in the bar, so don't look to them for any help." Ray glanced at the people, who were just minding their own business… like they were compelled to do. "We however," Klaus pointed between Chelsea and him, "are something else. We both got some vampire, but I got some wolf, and her some witch."
"What?" Ray was surprised.
"Hybrids, Ray." He looked between Klaus and Chelsea, "See, I want to create more of me. And you being the first werewolf we've come across in many a moon, pun intended Ray" Klaus smiled and took a sip of the beer, "I need you to direct me to your pack. So where can I find them?"

"You can't compel me" Ray said trying to state a fact that he wasn't so sure of at the moment "It won't work." There was a second of silence before Stefan scratched his head and Klaus nodded.
Stefan turned around, "Can you bring some darts please?" he asked the bartender as he pulled something out his pocket. He turned back around to show what he had pulled out his pocket, it was wolfs bane. "Tell you what Ray, we're gonna play a little game. It's something I like to call truth, or wolfs bane." Stefan crushed the wolfs bane in is hand and some of it crumbled to the ground.
"Oh, this is going to be fun Ray." A small sadistic smile appeared on Klaus's face. Chelsea fought the urge to scoff. She looked at the floor, not wanting to look at Ray.
Klaus put his arm around her shoulders. "Come on, let's get a seat and enjoy the show." He said to Chelsea, guiding her in a different direction than Stefan and Ray. Stefan got a drink from the bartender and stirred the wolfs bane in it. He thought that because they were both hybrids, they have more power and therefore should have others to the torturing while they watch.

I couldn't really think of a title for this story, so I just waited until I figured what to call it before I put up. As you can tell, Chelsea went with Stefan when he went with Klaus. There will be flashbacks to the time between New Girl In Mystic Falls and this story, because that's all a blank and no one know what happened during that time.

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