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Dear Diary,

In not even two years, a lot of things have changed.

It all started when my boyfriend broke up with me. We should have broken up a while before we did, but that didn't make me feel any better. He tried to get me to do something I didn't want to do, and I refused. The next day I saw him kissing another girl and he broke up with me, right in front of her. We were together for three years before anything like this happened. I can't change what happened, but I can learn from it. I think I did.

Everything was normal before we moved. I had three best friends, Elizabeth, Alexandria, and Annabell. Elizabeth and Alex were normal, or at least normal compared to me and Anna. Nobody knew our secrets except for my family, which is how it should be. Lizzie and Alex did tease me once and awhile for me being a little weird and I was. It wasn't because of what I was, because of how we acted when we were together. We would make the weirdest jokes, take the funniest pictures, and even eat food in weird combinations. It all changed though. Lizzie and her family moved to California which, for some reason, made it weird between me and Alex. We were still friends, but it was different. One day her and her brother came over while I was hanging out with Anna. I didn't really mind it, except I was in a slightly bad mood that day. Alex and her brother were doing something and I couldn't take it. I broke. I yelled at them and they left. She never talked to me again after that.

Anna stayed with me through everything. Even when I did get mad at her and when she got mad at me, we stayed together. I think it's because I knew here ever since I was a toddler. She came around every once and awhile, just to visit. We both knew a lot about each other, including what we were. I knew that Anna was a vampire and she knew I was a witch. We knew everything about each other and I mean everything. I knew when she was turned, who turned her, what kind of things she's experienced, what she really wanted most. Anna knew that I had an obsession with vampires, mainly the fictional type. She knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, the places I wanted to travel to, the thing I wanted to become, and even how I came into my powers. When my powers started to show themselves, she was there. She knew what was going on because she knew a few witches. It also helped me because my mom was a witch as well.

My mom told me she was a witch when I was young. I never told anyone because they thought I would be making it up, or that I was crazy. It was sure fun watching her do tricks at my birthday's when she used her magic. Everybody just thought it was magic, but like the type you get from magicians that go to parties. They never knew the truth.

My family was pretty tight. My mom was married to my dad for at least 23 years. I didn't keep track of how long most of the time, except when it came to their anniversary. They had a son, my older brother. They named him Dylan. They had me when Dylan was five. We did a lot of things together... and with Anna. She was basically my moms adoptive daughter, considering where Anna's mom was. All five of us would go to Wisconsin Dells and stay there for a day, sometimes even a whole weekend. We went to zoo's together, shopping trips, and even sometimes camping trips. I wasn't the biggest fan of camping trips, but I like the smores and the smell of the bonfire. Anna and I would spend time looking up at the stars and we would talk. We were friends for life. For her, that was forever.

Anna told me that she was going to New York for a bit, but she left me her phone number and everything so we could still talk to each other. It was boring after she left. The school year ended, I was only in my Sophomore year and would soon be 17. My brother came to visit and we spend the whole day together, as a family. To my surprise, Anna showed up later that night. She stayed for the night and we spend it talking. It was three weeks at that point when I had last seen her. We stayed up until three in the morning before going to sleep. She left again, after we had breakfast, but we kept in touch.

Dylan was able to stay for a week and I got him caught up on a lot of things. I told him what happened with my ex, what happened with Alex, and everything else that he should know about his baby sister. Dylan went back to his apartment for the summer so he would be ready for the next school year.

So, I haven't said too much about my witch side. I started coming into my powers at the age of 15. My mom taught me about magic, as much of the history she knew. She showed me the Grimoire, which contained a list of spells that have been passed down through her side of the family. My dad was just a normal human, so he didn't have any knowledge of the supernatural besides what my mom told him. Sometimes I would use my magic for little things like opening doors at home, turning on lights, even starting the fire in the grill when my mom and dad would fry out. I never really used my magic that much besides that because there was no need to. However, before Anna left for New York, she told me about something witches could do. She said that we could harm vampires if we were in danger. Witches could cause the blood vessels in a vampire's brain to go pop and we could do it over and over again. Technically we would be giving them aneurysms, but they would heal fast so we are able to do it over and over again. Anna, for some reason, volunteered to be my practice dummy when it came to that particular spell. It came in handy after we moved to Mystic Falls.

The fact that the word 'Mystic' was in the town name should have been a clue to me. We moved there because my mom started to learn more about the supernatural world. She knew a lot about witches, because she was one, but didn't know much about the other parts of the supernatural world. My mom somehow came in contact with a vampire, who knew a lot about the supernatural world. He told my mom about a tomb in Mystic Falls that held vampires. We ended up asking Anna about it and found out that there are 26 vampires in the tomb, including her own mother. She told us that back in 1864 a vampire by the name of Katherine Pierce faked her own death to run away from someone, but Anna didn't know who, at least she never told me. I met Katherine once and she was nice to me. I sensed that she didn't always act that nice to people. It was probably only because I was a witch.

Going to Mystic Falls was the biggest thing that impacted my life. I didn't know it right away, but I found out in less than two months. The move there was like any other move. We moved to a house that my mom and I picked out in late July early August. It was bigger than the house we had in Wisconsin, but it was great. I loved my room because it was bigger than my old one. My closet was basically a walk in closet, there was a seat by my window, so I'd be able to sit and look outside, and it basically had its own bathroom. It was shared with the room next to it and had a door that went into the hall, but it was still connected to my room.

Within my first week in Mystic Falls I ran into a vampire, that ended up feeding from me. After a while of getting over what he did to me, I fell in love with him. His name, Damon Salvatore. He is one of the most selfish, arrogant, and dangerous vampires. He can also be caring, sweet, and thoughtful. I didn't know that until months after what he did to me. One day, on a friday, he attempted to kill me. I gave him aneurysms and sent him to the ground. Later that night, he found out where I lived and gave me a visit. He didn't know it at the time, but I had some of Anna's blood in my system. I made the mistake of going on my porch, alone with him. For some reason he kissed me and I actually liked it, but then he killed me. The next thing I knew, I was on the porch bench with Anna and my mom. My mom offered me her blood, so I could complete the transition. My mom made me a daylight ring, which let me continue to go to school.

After I was turned, I went straight to Stefan. Damon's expression when he saw me at his door was priceless. Stefan helped me with managing my hunger and my emotions. Anna did as well, but Stefan didn't know that. After the little plan the two of us had against Damon, he actually helped me to. I didn't know why though. He showed me the perks of being a vampire. The speed, strength, enhanced senses, and compulsion. Anna also helped me with that at my house. I was able to control hunger, for the most part, pretty quickly. Although I got the hang of the super speed pretty fast.

On Stefan's 162nd birthday I saw Lexi again. Her and I hung out a little, but it wasn't until later that night she was killed. I found out that it was Damon who killed her and I thought I was beginning to see a good side of him. The glimpse, or whatever I saw became buried after he killed Lexi for no reason. He continued to flirt with me and I continued to ignore them because, at the time, I was dating Tyler. I knew Damon was in love with Katherine, so it didn't really matter. I didn't tell him that Katherine wasn't in the tomb, but he found out when he went in there. It was around that time when I broke up with Tyler. I just didn't feel like being with Tyler anymore. It wasn't anything he did or I did, it was just that my feelings changed. I didn't really feel anything for Tyler besides friendship, but I did start feeling something towards someone else. Damon.

Damon was starting to show that side of him, that I slightly saw before he killed Lexi. Although he did get drunk to get over the pain of Katherine, it didn't feel good to see him like that. I actually wanted to comfort him or at least try to get him over Katherine. He did, or at least I thought he did. When she returned, I found out that they kissed I couldn't help but feel hurt. I thought he moved on from her, but I was wrong. He tried to show me that he was over Katherine, but it took a while. My mom let me go with him, Alaric and Elena when they went to Duke. He kept flirting with me and I tried to ignore it. It kept going on at the barbeque that went on at Elena's house. He kept it up even up to the point when Mason turned him and Stefan into the sheriff. Then something just happened which made me want to be with him.

Everything was going fine until Damon made a mistake. He slept with Rose. Damon insisted that it was just a mistake, but I couldn't let it slide. I know that he was upset about it, that he didn't mean it, but it's not something I could overlook. It was like Damon to do something like that, but it still hurt. I did my best to ignore him, hoping that it would show him that I didn't want anything to do with him. I was trying to show myself that I could do good without him, but I was just lying to myself. I started to want to spend time with Damon, even if it was just a couple of minutes. No matter how hard I tried, he kept invading my mind. He didn't make it easy for me. Every time we were together he tried to flirt, rub against me in some way, and tried to make me smile. I was able to resist most of the time, which I could tell hurt him, but the other times, I just couldn't help myself. He started to get under my skin again. He started to remind me why I fell for him in the first place.

It went fine for a little while, until the Andie incident. It was almost Rose all over again, except Andie was human. Damon could tell I didn't like it with the two of them together and I could tell he was hurting. He was hiding it well, but I could see it. Damon cornered me one day and I couldn't escape. He poured his feelings out to me, which I know was hard for him. At that moment, I caved and gave into him and my feelings. We had a little bit of trouble after that, but nothing I couldn't handle. By the time of the 60's decade dance, the two of us were back to normal. He still had Andie, but he only used her for her blood. I could deal with that, even though I didn't like it that much.

When we found out Klaus was in Mystic Falls, he became more protective of me. I could take care of myself, but I didn't argue that much with him. It was sort of sweet to see him be protective, it showed he cared. I didn't tell Damon, but I helped Stefan try and negotiate with Klaus when it came to saving Jenna from dying in the sacrifice ritual. Klaus stabbed him in the back, literally. Klaus, for some reason decided to snap my neck. I woke up at the abandoned witch house before Elena did. Elena woke up and stayed human because her father, John, gave his life to save hers.

Despite the people that Elena lost, we were both on the verge of losing someone. The night of the ritual, Damon was bit by Tyler, who was a werewolf. There was no cure, at least we didn't know it at the time. Stefan told me and Elena and I decided to do something. I went straight to the place where I thought there might be something helpful. Alaric's loft, where Klaus was staying with Katherine as a prisoner. She thought by now that she would be able to get out, but he wasn't dead. Not long after I was there, Stefan arrived, hoping that Klaus would have the cure for the werewolf bite. He did. The cure for a werewolf or hybrid bite is Klaus's blood. Stefan and I reluctantly made a deal with Klaus so Damon could be cured. I know I should have been with Damon, but I wanted to find the cure, so he could be healed.

You know what happened after that. I spent the next few months with Stefan and Klaus, traveling along the coast, trying to find werewolves. The whole time, Klaus thought Elena was dead and I couldn't stop thinking about Damon. I sometimes wished he would call, just to make sure that I was okay. Sometimes I wish that I had a moment, even 5 minutes when Klaus wasn't around me so I could have called Damon. Thinking about Damon, everything that he meant, got me through the summer. Despite the fact that Klaus tried to get me to kill, to rip apart people, I didn't. I did feed from people, but I mostly used Damon's method 'snatch, eat, erase.' Most of the time that kept my hunger in check and I was able to control it. Sometimes I just cracked and killed people.

Everything after Klaus had found a werewolf, sort of went downhill. We ended up returning to Mystic Falls where we found why his hybrids weren't surviving the transition. They needed Elena's blood. Damon and I sort of returned to normal, except Elena tried to move in on him. Telling him to let go of me and kissing him the night that she gave Rebekah back to Klaus. I stopped trying with Damon after that, but I also ignored the flirting that Klaus did almost every time I was around. Although one night Klaus and I did spend the night together, in my bed. I don't feel as bad about it as I should because that same night Damon slept with Rebekah. After that Klaus and Damon both kept flirting with me and got jealous. Klaus kept giving me gifts while Damon and I had conversations. Even though I am a girl and I like getting gifts, I like the conversations between Damon and I better than most of the things that Klaus gave me.

At the 1920's Decade dance Klaus asked me if I wanted to leave town with him. If I wanted to leave everything in Mystic Falls behind and travel with him. Then to my surprise, he dropped a bomb on me. It was something I never thought I would hear from him. He asked me for my answer. I didn't tell him right away. We just danced and talked. Then we found out that his mom was back. He wouldn't let me leave his side. After stopping him from harming Jamie, we talked. I told him yes, I would leave town with him... after he had kissed me. Even though I was going to leave, I couldn't leave Damon without seeing him. Alaric died. He was Damon's best friend. For Damon to lose someone like that. it wasn't something that he could handle. I had to see him before I left. I was going to say that I was leaving, but the look on his face made avoid telling him. He thought he was losing me, but I told him that there will always be a chance for us. I never told him I was leaving. Then a Esther possessed Bonnie knocked us both out.

When I woke up Alaric and the stake were gone. I quickly paid a visit to Rebekah and Klaus before going to Elena's house. Klaus came to get Elena, but Jeremy wouldn't let him in and he started throwing things in the house, damaging the house. Eventually Stefan found out that Alaric had Caroline and Elena at the school. He went there with me and Klaus while Damon went with Bonnie to the boarding house. Klaus flirted with me and I honestly didn't mind. When we got into the school, Alaric snapped my neck. I woke up in Klaus's mansion, with my head on his legs. He was having Elena's blood drained. I didn't stay in his mansion long before going outside. Klaus and I talked a little, he kissed me before going back inside. I spent some time by myself outside, sitting on the ground. When I went back in, Klaus was about to kill Tyler, but it didn't happen. Tyler got the upperhand before Damon came behind me and broke my legs. I was unable to help as they dessicated Klaus.

Time after what happened seemed to go slow. I didn't turn off my emotions because I wanted access to my magic. Instead, I just drank more blood than I normally would. I started to burry my emotions by drinking more blood.

Bonnie came to visit the morning after what happened with Klaus. She said that Damon wanted us both to meet him where they had placed Klaus's body. He wanted us to place a spell over Klaus's body so Alaric couldn't find it with a witch. Damon was concerned about me, but I was distant with him. My mind was Klaus. I found out that Bonnie and I had the same idea. The both of us worked together to transfer Klaus into Tyler. If Klaus's body was destroyed, he would still be alive. I wasn't the only one saved by this. Bonnie's mom, Caroline, Stefan, Tyler, Katherine and every other vampire I know, that's not an Original, would be saved.

Even through everything that has happened, I still care for Damon. I think a part of me always will. It's not going to be the same now. I also have feelings for someone else, Klaus. I know everybody will think I saved Klaus because of the feelings... but everything is telling me that's not the reason. My mind and my heart are confusing each other.

~ Some of the things above I'm changing a bit as I write it, but the season 1 and 2 events will somewhat go along what I have summarized.

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