This is a short one set after the birthday kiss scene.

"You'll have to wait, won't ya. I'm working," he said as he moved round the side of the car then watched a smiling Jackson walk back to Dale Head. He really wished he had the nerve to pull Jackson towards him and kiss him in public but he wasn't quite there yet, he didn't know if he would ever be there, but he knew he wanted to kiss Jackson so he looked around and saw that Ryan and Cain were busy under the bonnet of one of the cars so he put the tools down that he had in his hands, wiped his hand on the nearest cloth and quietly walked towards the back door of Dale Head.

Walking in he heard the music blurting out, Jackson always liked music on when he worked. He could see he wasn't downstairs so he slowly made his way up the staircase, as he turned the corner at the top he saw Jackson in one of the rooms with his back to him working away. He smiled to himself as he watched his boyfriend from a distance working so hard.

Slowly he made his way upto Jackson and stopped a couple of feet behind him, Jackson was singing which made Aaron almost laugh out loud, Jackson was a good singer, he loved doing karaoke, but he was singing along to Steps which Aaron thought was hilarious. Not wanting to wait any longer he took a couple of steps and slipped his arms around his boyfriend who almost jumped out of his skin.

"It's only me."

Jackson smiled, "really, I thought it was my other boyfriend."

Aaron snorted, "no one else would put up with ya singing."

Jackson turned round and Aaron pulled him towards him. "I've come to give you your birthday kiss."

"Thought you were working."

Aaron smiled, "Work can wait," he said as he put his hand behind Jackson's head and pulled him into a kiss, it was a fierce and passionate kiss and both of them didn't want it to end, but they had to come up for air. Smiling at each other Aaron ran his fingers down the side of Jackson's cheek and looked into the brown eyes that always made his heart skip a beat.

"Happy Birthday!"


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