Title: "Learning Process"
Author: pandora1017
Rating: PG - 13
Content: Language
Notes: I don't really know the time frame of this. I'm shooting for somewhere around '98. I made a lot up. That's the basis of fanfic.
Characters: [and mentions] [none of these people are mine]
Matt = Matt Hardy = Matt Hardy
Jeff = Jeff Hardy = Jeff Hardy
Amy = Amy Dumas = Lita
Shane = Shane Helms = The Hurricane
Shannon = Shannon Moore = 'Sensational' Shannon Moore [developmental talent]
Mike = Mike Maverick = Shane Helms's partner in the Serial Thrillaz, back in the day
Jason = Jason Ahmdt = Joey Abs



 "Hey, Mom." I held the phone tenderly with both hands, struck with the sudden, slight case of homesickness I got whenever I heard my mom's voice.

 "Hi, sweetie. How was your wrestling thing tonight?"

 "The show?"

 "You know what I mean." I could hear the smile in her voice and I smiled myself.

 "It was actually really great."

 "How much did you make?"

 "Twenty five, but that's not what I mean."

 "What happened?"

 "I met these two guys who invited me to come to their school." I answered, bursting with excitement.

 "That's... nice," Mom answered, slowly, not really reciprocating my excitement.

 "No, really, Ma, I'm excited. It sounds like I have a lot in common with these guys. I think I'll learn a lot there."


 I hesitated. "It's over here on the east coast. In North Carolina."

 "Oh, Amy..."

 "It won't be that bad, Mom. It's not really that far. I've been further."

 "I know, but..."

 "No, really, Ma..."

 "Are you sure this is really what you want to do? I mean, professional wrestling? It's just so..."

 "Mom, you know how much I want to do this. I've finally found something I can do well, I love it."

 "But it's not a very lucrative career. What if you don't make it into the big time? Maybe you should consider going back to school and..."

 I sighed. I couldn't believe I was hearing this. "Mom. I want to wrestle. I've worked hard and put a lot of time into it. After doing all I've done so far, I can't be happy doing anything else. I know it."

 "I know it, too, sweetie. I was just checking. I know that if this is really what you want to do, you will be the best at it." I smiled and shook my head. She pulled this on my every once in a while, and I fell for it each time. She continued. "Well, just make sure that you keep us updated on what you're doing. I want to make sure my little girl is ok."

 "Of course, Ma. Absolutely."

 "And make sure you're having fun. I just want you to be happy."

 "I know, I know. I am happy."

 "I love you, Amy."

 "I love you, too, Mom."

 "We all miss you." The homesickness swayed in me again, but I just held onto the phone as if it were an extension of my mother.

 "I miss you all, too."

 "Ok, get some sleep. It's late here, and even later over there."

 "All right. I'll call you soon."

 "Of course. Bye, sweetie."

 "Bye, Mom."

 "I am happy," I repeated it to myself as I hung up the pay phone. I couldn't tell if I was telling myself or trying to convince myself. I had landed badly on a moonsault tonight and jarred my arm, leaving my shoulder sore. But I was getting used to these little injuries, I hardly noticed the constant soreness anymore. It was worth it though, I was having fun. I was learning. Like I told my mom, there had been two guys in the audience from North Carolina who had their own school and they offered to train me more. I was stoked. Finally, a steady gig again. The Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts. OMEGA. It wasn't exactly the WWF, but it was better than nothing.

 "Hey," I heard a voice behind me and turned quickly, finally letting go of the phone, and found myself looking into the dark eyes of the guy who'd just half an hour or so ago invited me to his school. I racked my brain for his name. Matt. Matt Hardy. I smiled back, sweeping some long, blonde strands nervously behind my ear.

 "Hey there."

 I didn't really feel that comfortable around him. We didn't really have that much in common. He seemed to be your average, clean cut, 'good ol' boy' from the south. He had slightly long, dark, curly hair, a thick accent, was built like an ox, and seemed to just be slightly... well, hickish. True, I wasn't exactly from north of the Mason-Dixon line, either, but I grew up moving from city to city, and I'd traveled to Chicago, New York, hell, Europe and Mexico. I liked to consider myself somewhat cosmopolitan. But I was on my best behavior. I wanted to be nice to him, he was going to help me. He, and his brother, had been impressed with the effort I put out tonight, so much that they wanted to help train me. They had told me their about their school, and it seemed like a lot of the awesome aerial stuff was involved, stuff I'd gone all the way to Mexico to learn.

 "Jeff suggested that I give y'th'address an' directions t'our federation. We figured that might help y'get there."

 I blushed. How stupid of me not to ask for that earlier. Jeff was Matt's brother. I felt that I connected better with Jeff. Jeff wasn't quite as... 'southern'.. as Matt. He was blond, not quite as built, and he seemed much more laid back. He had some tattoos and piercings, to which I could relate, and he came off as calmer. I had noticed a very introspective side to Jeff right away. He was a watcher, he spent lots of time taking in everything around him. I had felt almost as if Jeff were a kindred spirit to myself right away.

 I watched as Matt took a folded sheet of paper out of his pocket, a flier that had been handed out at the show, and started writing down directions. He seemed very meticulous. I watched as he worked, dedicatedly. He had surprisingly neat handwriting.

 I stopped myself for a second. That was a very random thought. Matt finished after a second.

 "Here y'are. It's about an hour or so south of here, jus' outside of Raleigh. So if y'drive more than an hour an' a half, y'most likely missed us." He smiled. I smiled back, still nervously, taking the paper from him. The directions were pretty straightforward and I nodded.

 "Wow, I really appreciate this opportunity. I promise, you won't regret it."

 "I know we won't." He grinned. "Will we be seein' y'soon?"

 "Yeah, yeah, I promised one more show with these guys you saw tonight, but I'll go right after that."

 "Great. Well, it was nice t'meet you, Amy. I look forward t' workin' with y'soon." He hesitated. "We do, I mean."

 I thought I saw a slight blush and bit the inside of my lip. That's not really what I needed right now. Sure, he was the typical tall, dark, and handsome, but I was too busy learning to fight to worry about relationships. I forced a smile. "Yeah, me too. See you soon."

 "Absolutely," he answered, scanning my eyes with warm brown eyes a second before turning and walking away. I had a feeling that, not matter how hard I tried to lose it, that look would be stuck with me a while. Looking up again, I noticed his brother standing at the other end of the hallway, examining a trophy case on the wall. When Matt walked towards him, he looked up, slightly surprised, then cast a glance towards me. I smiled and waved socially, and Jeff waved back. Matt saw this, turned and the two waved once more before leaving. I sighed, pocketing the directions, then went to look at the display case that Jeff'd been looking at. Mike French and his pole vault record. There was only one thought in my mind as I caught my reflection in the glass protecting the trophies. I was taking the right steps to getting away from wrestling in junior college gyms forever. My mom was right. Someday, I'd be the best.