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"I don't know what we think we're doing." Merlin said.

" Makes it more fun?" Gwaine said.

"If you ask that, we're all going to die." Elyan said grimly.

"Who came up with this? Because I want to punch them. Firstly, Morgana has magic. We don't. Secondly, she probably has good guards. Thirdly, this is just nuts. We have no chance." Merlin said.

If someone had looked up the skylight, then they would have seen Arthur, Merlin, and the knights looking in. And the someone would call Morgana. And that would be bad.

"So, who does what again?" Gwaine asked.

"Percival and Elyan go down the outside…" Arthur said.

"Why do we always do the dangerous stuff?" Percival asked.

"You're the biggest… Fine, Leon'll go with you." Arthur sighed.

"I…will?" Leon asked.

"Yes. Merlin, Gwaine and I'll drop down to the inside and…"

"We know the plan." everyone sighed.

"Then let's go." Arthur said.

Morgana was in a good mood. She had recently taken a castle by force, and she was living in it now. And Agravaine had reported that Arthur and some of the knights had left Camelot, and were planning to be gone a while. However, Agravaine didn't know where.

Oh, well, what did that matter? Camelot was vulnerable.

She would strike mercilessly, maybe capture Gwen to force Arthur to surrender, kill Gaius to see the look on Merlin's face…

This would be fun.

Merlin took a deep breath.

"It's not even that far!" Arthur said exasperatedly from inside the castle.

"Fine…" Merlin said, before jumping into the castle and landing hard.

"You alright?" Gwaine asked as Arthur ran ahead.

"Perfect." Merlin said.

"Hope so," Gwaine said, "Because we could be here for a long time."

Percival was in pain. A lot of it. There was a stab wound in his shoulder, and a burn on his back, and they both hurt like hell. Those guards were vicious.

Through clenched teeth, he muttered, "Arthur, get your arse out here."

Elyan patted him on the back as he walked by, saying, "Hang in there."

He hit Percy right on the burn.

Percy cursed loudly before passing out.

Gwen was sitting in Arthur's room when she heard the first explosion, the first screams.

She was in Arthur's room because she missed him. And it smelled like him.

But never mind that.

She ran to see what was happening.

Her answer was Morgana blasting through the gates, laughing.

"Where's your precious king?" she yelled in mock sympathy, "Oh! I think he's abandoned you."

Someone shot at her and she sent the arrow back at the archer.

"I would not betray you when you needed me!" Morgana yelled, "I would save you!"

Gwen yelled, "When Hell freezes over!" and threw a knife at Morgana.

Back at Morgana's castle, Arthur, Gwaine, and Merlin were fighting for their lives, trying to cause a distraction for the others.

Morgana's guards were good. Much better then Camelot's.

Merlin was discreetly trying magic, but it didn't work on the guards.

Arthur and Gwaine were tiring, though trying desperately not to show it.

And Elyan, Leon, and Percival still hadn't come.

This was not looking good.

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