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To say I was angry as I grabbed my purse and bag from my locker would be an understatement.

Only my Mother could ruin a day like this for me. Doctor Cullen praised me and Edward Masen came by...and then I spoke to my Mother. I really, really need to quit that shit - and by shit, I mean her.

I slipped on my coat over my nice clothes in a rush and turned around, shocked to find Doctor Cullen himself standing there. I hoped that he hadn't been there while I changed out of my scrubs. God, he has manners, Isabella, he wouldn't do that to you! This is what I get for growing up with jerks.

"Sorry," He smiled sheepishly, catching my sudden nerves.

"No...um...do you need something?"

"Your Mother...she's interesting...quite a character." He chuckled and I fought back from laughing hysterically.

"You could call her that, if you're a nice person, who's in a good mood," I muttered and slipped my shoes on. He sighed, nodding.

"Has she always been this way? You know, the way she was today?" He asked and I sighed setting my bag on my other shoulder. I was a little more than fidgety on the subject of my Mother.

"My Mom has worked in this hospital since she was sixteen, and was giving birth to me." I stated. "I spent my twenty-two years in this stupid place, watching her, wanting to be like her, wanting her to-...just...she's always been the same. Work is her life and that's all that matters. Sometimes...I don't know. She probably doesn't even realize that I work here too."

That's when I realized what I'd just said, and backtracked.

"I mean, don't judge her off of that, though. She's a great doctor and she loves what she does. Probably more than somebody should, she-..."

"No, I just thought I'd tell you that you're doing a good job. For some reason I don't think you hear that too much at home." He sighed and I pursed my lips.

"Th-thank you Doctor Cullen." I sighed.

"Call me Carlisle, Isabella," He smiled and left the room.

I switched my bag onto my other arm as I got up to leave. I walked out and made my way to the bar. Black's Bar is where I've been spending a lot of my nights. If Mom found out...she'd have my stupid head.

This is why I made it a promise to be here more.

I walked into the pretty calm place and sat down at the bar, getting a beer and a Coke. I yawned and looked around the place in boredom. It was full of firemen, police officers, and people like that.

"Dr. Swan?" I looked up to see Edward Masen. I gave him a half-hearted smile.

"Hello Mr. Masen." I sighed and went back to playing in my drink.

"How are you?" He asked quietly as she sat down next to me. "I hope you don't mind my company tonight."

"Not at all...how'd you get here?" I asked him, glancing at his injured hand. "I really hope you haven't been driving."

"I wouldn't know how else to get around," He told me.

"Um, you said you were married, right?" I glanced at his still empty ring finger, curiously. "Tell your wife that your doctor told you not to be driving. Your reflexes are dangerously impared. It's not safe at all!"

I then wondered if his wife even knew about his hand yet. I shouldnt even think about his private life but he seemed so sad all the time.

Another thing I'm curious is how the woman doesn't treat him right? If that's the case, Isabella...I mean, he's such a good man and is always nice to the people around him. I've watched him let little kids and women who were hurt ahead of him in line in the ER. He's completely polite.

And then some woman has the nerve to marry him and not be a good wife? Doesn't she know how incredibly lucky she is to have him? Is she stupid? She's probably an absolute imbicil. I'd drive him anywhere he'd want if he were married to me. I'd do anything for the bronze-haired man right here.

Whoa there! What's up with these thoughts?

"She's not going to drive me," He snickered darkly.

"She should."

"A lot of people should do a lot of things, Doctor," He sighed back, looking annoyed, and shaking his head. I knew exactly what he meant then and decided to just keep my stupid mouth shut before I made a bigger fool of myself.

I turned back to my drink and literally kept my mouth shut as I stirred it around. He probably thought I was annoying. Hell, I thought I was annoying! I was pulled from my reverie by him sighing and saying something. I completely missed it though.

"Sorry?" I glanced up, wondering who he was talking too.

"I'm sorry, I was rude," He looked me in the eyes and I frowned.

"No...you weren't...I was ju-..."

"No, you weren't anything but nice and I was rude. I apologize, doctor Swan, you of all people don't deserve my mood swings." He told me and I pursed my lips.

Nobody has ever apologized. So far, him and Dr. Cullen were the two nicest people in my life. They both are always extremely polite and actually talk to me - as a person. Not some random, stupid co-worker.

I felt my cheeks heat up. "You don't know what mood swings are," I chuckled darkly. "And...um...you're forgiven?"

"Enough about me. You never answered my question earlier, Doctor, how are you? Really?" He turned to look at me and I felt my face heat up even more.

"Um...call me...Isabella..." I frowned. I've come to just hate my name. After all of the years of hearing it from my Mom, in her disapproving tone. I can't help but dread having to say it, or hear it, from other people.

"Isabella. How about I call you Bella?" He smiled, as if reading my mind. I couldn't help but smile sheepishly, and nod. Bella. I liked that.

"Why Bella?"

"It just fits," He winked. "I may tell you someday. But first you need to quit hopping the subject."

"I...I'm not good. Nothing is good. It's never good and it'll probably never be good." I told him and he nodded, sighing.

"Boyfriend troubles?"

I laughed hysterically at that.

"Boyfriend...boyfriend. Oh God, boyfriend troubles. Edward...I've never had a boyfriend. I've never been on a date. I haven't even kissed a guy!"

"You haven't? But why? Do you just not like anybody?"

"Nobody likes me." I sighed and he gave me a look.

"Oh, come on. You're beautiful, nice, and a doctor - so that means brains. How do you not have men tripping over each other to get to you?" He asked me, chuckling. I pursed my lips, and shrugged, looking back at the marble counter.

I know he wasn't speaking ot offend me, but really, I already think about it enough times a day. I've never done anything wrong, I'm always nice, and I do what I'm good at. How come people don't notice me? He sighed again.

"I'm sorry, that was out of place. I'm just shocked that nobody has swept you up yet. I know I really just...I shouldn't say this...but you're a beautiful girl and if it were at all possible, I would show you just that."

"No...it's okay. And I know it's not possible...I was born alone, I'll die alone. Whatever." I glanced at him.

"What do you mean, Bella?" He whispered.

"I just...my parents...Chief Charlie Swan and Doctor Renee Swan. You're supposed to call your parents Mom and Dad, Edward." I looked at him and he nodded, pursing his beautiful lips. "Mine made me call them Chief and Doctor. I was always alone. They never hired...they said I was capable of doing things, I didn't need a nanny.

"I was cooking for myself when I was four-years-old. The amount of cold cuts and chips I ate those first few years is beyond ridiculous. It'll probably be the cause of my death. And then there's the...the...times that I'd break my bones and stuff like that. You try walking to the hospital, at eight years old, needing stitches, only to get there and...you Mom being in the building but not taking enough time of to come help you!

"I had appendicitis one year...I was twelve...nothing. Neither Mom or Dad showed up. I walked home alone after having surgery Edward. I have every reason to be a bitch! And somehow I still can't be. I can't complain because Renee would call me out on it. I work over sixty hours a week. She doesn't care. She's barely notices that I work in the same hospital...

"Sorry. I shouldn't have spilt all of that on you. It's not your problem, it's mine, I-..." I stuttered out realizing how much I just told Edward.

"No...I just...I can't believe them..." He frowned. "I'm not saying I'd ever want you to be my daughter, that'd just make every thought I'd ever ha-...awkward. Anyways. If you were my daughter, I'd show you the world. I'd show you the world if you weren't my daughter."

"You're married. You need to quit talking that way."

"I'm going to tell you something, that nobody but Tanya and I know." He whispered and I watched him curiously. "Tanya is abusive."

I heard the words, but they confused me. Tanya's abusive? I've never really met someone in a relationship like that. I know they exist, I've seen Doctor Phil...but Tanya? How could somebody hurt Edward?

That's when I remembered all of the non-stop injuries.

All of the times he came in without Tanya.

No ring. No job. No way out.

"Oh God...Edward...I'm so sorry..." I whispered. "You should tell someone. My Dad...he'll get her..."

"No Bella. It's bullshit. Nobody will take her in. She'll call me out as abusive - I'd never hit a woman. Not even the psycho who slammed my hand in the car door!" He told me and I knew he meant it.

She must be nuts.

"That's just horrible, Edward. I'm sorry." I sighed. "Have you tried divorcing her?"

"Lunatic will do worse if I divorce her, Bella." He gave me a pointed look.

"Sorry," I sighed and took a huge gulp of my second beer. Yes. I'm going to get drunk tonight.

"Don't apologize," He sighed. "Its my fault for ever getting married to her. I should go before she really decides to kill me..." He glanced at his watch and threw a few bills down. I noticed they were fifties. "Your drinks are on me."

I then watched, again, shocked as he left the building.

That man is going to get me into a lot of trouble.