Hello one and all. Welcome to my first Fanfiction on this site. Reviews of any description are welcome. I thought I'd begin with my favourite pairing in Pokemon, AbilityShipping. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN POKEMON OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS.

'Huff...huff.' The figure swept and crashed through the bushes, splinters flying in their wake. Loud, droning, buzzing sounds filled their world as they scrambled even faster through the branches; desperate to get away from the pursuers.

To any passersby, it would look as if someone had detonated a bomb within the forest. Leaves and branches flew in all directions as the buzzing grew louder.

All of a sudden, a boy, of about sixteen years of age, exploded from the bushes back first. Almost at the same time, another chain of branches flew from the edge of the forest. These were immediately replaced by a swarm of giant, irate insects.

"Come on!" the boy yelped as he scrambled to his knees, "Give a guy a break, huh?"

Like a platoon of arthropod soldiers, the insects (bees to be exact,) answered his call with an organised artillery fire. When seemingly thousands of poisonous barbs rained down upon him, the boy weaved, dived-rolled to his feet and began his mad sprint again.

"Stupid bullet stingers!" he growled.

With a very annoyed grunt, the platoon restarted their chase.

'Alright, if I know anything, Beedrill can't swim,' the boy thought as his feet pounded the dirt track, 'And if I remember this place as good as I think I do...'

Suddenly, his thoughts were painfully interrupted by an enormous barb, ruler-length, jabbing and firmly embedding itself in his right shoulder. With a howl the boy stumbled and landed in the dirt, inches before a grassy incline.

The Alpha of the giant swarm snarled and rushed in for the last strike, it's giant barb glistening like steel. All of a sudden, with grass gripped in his fingers, the boy pulled himself into an awkward front flip, his left heel uppercutting the insect upside it's head.

A loud crack pierced the air as heel made contact with face. The Alpha insect back flipped and crashed into the earth in a crumpled heap. The boy wobbled and stumbled to regain his balance, as he had somehow landed on his feet. Genuinely surprised with his own dexterity, it took the boy several seconds to register the situation before speeding away and leaping high off the incline.

Apparently, the giant swarm was also genuinely surprised with this human's dexterity, as it took them several seconds to also register the situation. Alpha had been knocked out, what was the next plan of action?


The buzzing that ensued could be comparable to that of a jet engine. Row after row of furious insects sliced through the air, streamlining towards their nemesis.

The boy just realised the consequences of knocking out their leader and the noise behind him confirmed it.

This was going to be close.

The boy flew through the air on a burst of adrenaline, flying from the edge of the incline and down towards his savior. A wide, expansive lake.

'Come on!,' he desperately willed himself to fall faster, 'I'm so close!'

An almost deafening buzz filled his ears, sharply followed by a shredding of fabric. A barb had sliced through his clothes like they were no more than tissue paper. The boy would have screamed in pain because of the infectious wound carved into his back, but he could not. Because he just missed the lake shore by less than an inch. He had been swallowed by the cool waters of the lake.

The swarm hovered murderously above the water, daring any ripple or bubble to come into view. After a full minute, the swarm, with a disappointed buzz, flew back to the incline and picked up their unconscious leader. They returned frustrated back to the forest, with an unfulfilled revenge quota.

The boy watched anxiously underwater, as the last of the swarm disappeared from view. He couldn't surface, not yet. If a single sound was made now, the swarm would be back on him quicker than a cat pouncing on a bird.

Twelve seconds later, the boy surfaced with a loud, gargled gasp, deciding it be better to be attacked by murderous bees than drown. But there was no swarm to greet him, as the surrounding forest area was eerily quiet. He swum limply towards the lake edge, a shivering hand grasping the rock. He hauled himself up onto it's sturdy body, and tried to lay on his back. A large, protruding barb in his right shoulder blocked his movement. With a fed-up groan, he decided that his side would have to do. His vision was blurred, and was getting worse. With his adrenaline now gone, his body began to succumb to the barb in his body.

'Neurotoxin from a Beedrill isn't fatal, Brock taught me that.' Surprised that it was still firmly attached to him, he weakly pulled his cap over his eyes, blocking out the the harsh, hot sun. 'It's meant to paralyze their prey before they finish it off.' With his consciousness slowly slipping away, the boy relaxed. 'Pikachu will be here soon. He'll get help, I know he will.' With a weak smile, he finally let himself go.

This was mostly a good thing, as the next surprise would have surely been more detrimental to his health. A colossal, grotesque sea serpent rose slowly out of the lake water. Measured, this monster would be equivalent to two firetrucks in length, and almost the same in diameter. It resembled that of a blue, Chinese dragon of legend, even equipped with long whiskers protruding from it's snout. It lowered it's terrifying head towards the minuscule body of the unconscious boy, and bared it's long, white, wolf-like fangs; each one as long as a shovel.

This particular sea serpent had been located on the lake bed, enjoying a long sleep. However, it had been rudely interrupted by a certain boy splashing down into it's home. The endless buzzing of the Beedrill did not help either. So it had investigated the sound, but seemed to have ended up with a light snack instead.

Wasting no time, the serpent clicked it's jaw into place, ready to snap down onto the boy.

A loud cry echoed throughout the lake area, stopping the monster in it's tracks.

"Halt Gyarados!"

The sea monster swiveled it's head around to stare down at the source of the noise.

A girl, no older than sixteen, stood defiantly at the lake shore, staring at the monster.

"Restrain yourself, he will not be your snack today." The look she gave the serpent was surprisingly not that of fear or anger, but understanding. "I know your sleep was interrupted by this boy, but forgive him. Please. For he is someone you have met before."

The monster performed a comical double-take, trying to comprehend how this light snack could bare any possible relation to him.

"Please, Gyarados." The serpent glanced at the girl and then the boy. With a snort, the Gyarados (with surprising elegance) turned and splashed back down into the depths of the lake.

The girl frantically rushed to the unconscious boy, sliding to her knees and checking his wounds. After investigating the cause of his injuries, she whipped her head around towards a house sitting atop a hill, overlooking the lake.

"Espeon!" she yelled. A purple blur zipped out of the front door of the house and made a bee-line for the girl. Leaping like dancer and bounding like deer, the purple being leapt towards her master, dropping elegantly down at her feet. "I'll need your help, my friend," sighed the girl, stroking the animal's head. The girl stood, looking longingly at the boy.

"I wanted to meet you and your Pokemon again, but..." the girl gave out a hearted chuckle, "not under similar circumstances." She and her Pokemon, Espeon, with the boy in tow, walked slowly towards the house.

'Looks like he won't be moving for a few days; that neurotoxin is incredible stuff,' she thought absentmindedly, 'although he'll insist on getting up sooner than that.' She smiled warmly at the thought. She knew why. Although he didn't.

'Hopefully we can enjoy ourselves more so than we did before.' She opened the door to the house and stepped inside. 'Ash Ketchum.'