Truth or Dare and a broken Promise

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- One Piece belongs to Oda-sama!

- This story takes place after episode 516 of the anime and chapter 598 of the manga! So STOP reading if you haven't catched up yet!

Chapter 1: Get her to join!

It was a hot day on the Thousand Sunny, the waves seemed to relaxingly tickle the sides of the ship. And on a certain spot a red-haired girl with a raven haired boy behind her could be observated.

"Namii, Nami! Look at what I can do!" The raven haired boy, who happened to be Luffy stretched his nose so far as he could. "Now, I am the Brave Warrior of the Seas, Captain Usopp!"

Nami didn't even turn to look at him and continued on what she was doing, drawing maps.

Luffy disappointedly let go of his nose and with a pout said; "Nami! Why won't you play with us! Pay some attention to me at least!"

Nami suddenly turned around to face Luffy and with a glare, firmly said; "No...WAY! And now will you please leave and let me concentrate"

This sent shivers down Luffy's spine and he still pouted. "But Nami! We still need ONE more player and neither Zoro nor Sanji wanted to join us"

"And what about Robin? What about Franky? Brook?" Nami widened her eyes.

"They already agreed to join! Shishishi" Luffy grinned. " And so, you NEED to join or else we can't start!"

At this Nami balded her fists and hit Luffy harshly on the head, and just before she could hit twice, he grabbed her wrist. Luffy looked at her with a serious expression on his face, his hat almost shadowing his eyes.

Nami could feel her heart beating faster and she wouldn't know why. The spot where he was touching her was tingling and this somehow made her blush. She had almost stumbled but because of the grip Luffy was holding onto her, prevented her to do so.

Luffy let go of her wrist and grinned from ear to ear. "So, will you join us now?" He went back to his usual self.

"W..Well, tell me what game you are playing" Nami stared at the ground, she didn't dare look him in the eye.

"Truth or dare" Luffy sheepishly laughed. "It sounds like its gonna be real fun, sugeeee!" At this Luffy started jumping up and down from excitement.

Nami sighed and gave in, " Okay! I will join you just this one time, but on one condition!"

Luffy stopped jumping and looked curiously at her, his head slightly tilted to the side.

"You will let me relax for a whole week, so no more barging into my room with some stupid request!" At this she glared at him with a vein popping up her forehead.

"Promised!" Luffy threw his fist up in the air.

"Yahoooooo!" He screamed and ran following just behind him with a heavy sigh.


At some spot on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

Usopp, Chopper, Franky, Brook and Robin were all standing in a circle. They were all waiting for Luffy to arrive.

"Gaaah, I'm tired of waiting! How long's he gonna take?" Franky said with a frown.

"Don't be so impatient Franky-san" Robin knowingly glanced at Franky and chuckled softly.

"Shall we go look for him?" Usopp suggested, but was stopped by Robin

"It's best if you don't. You might interrupt something"

"Interrupt what?" Chopper innocently asked.

"Yeah, what else should he interrumpt aside from Luffy glancing at Nami's panties. Yohoho!" Brook pointed out

Chopper blinked a few times before realising what the living skeleton had just said then blushed.

"I..indeed Usopp, it's best if you don't go" The small reindeer shyly said.

Usopp shrugged and pointed out that he didn't mind, for all it was something he had already experienced back at his village when he had walked up on Kaya changing clothes.

"Hontou?" Chopper's eyes sparkled

Franky just sweatdropped, Robin chuckled and Brook let out a noisy 'Yohoho!'

Suddenly they heard Luffy screaming. "Yahoooooo!" And they all looked up to see Luffy running out of te females' quarters. But what surprised them most was that the one following right behind him, was no other than Nami!

To be continued

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