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Chapter 8: Love blossoms.

"That won't happen, Luffy. We all believe in you. You're the strongest person I know. "She pulled back a bit and stared at him, longing for something more, 'I wanna kiss him...'

He felt just the same way, his feelings were boiling up inside him. He now knew what to do. He stared back at her, with the same longing expression in his eyes, 'I wanna kiss her.'

The distance between them reduced bit by bit...

Nami could feel his warm breath on her lips, she gently stared at his lips which were getting closer and closer to her own. Her face flushed lightly as she herself started to lean in as well, wanting to taste the lips of the man she loved. 'Luffy's matured,' she thought.

Luffy was no different, his body automatically reacted to the feelings this orange haired woman gave him. And just having her this close, he couldn't help but get even closer to her. Just the same way you kiss cute things, she was cute indeed, that's something he couldn't deny, but also more than that... Sensual perhaps? He couldn't quiet figure it out, the truth was, this woman was irresistible to his total being. He stared down at her lips, he wanted to taste them, he wanted to feel her, he wanted her to be his only. He leaned in closer and closer until all he could hear were the poundings of his heart and her soft breathing on his lips.

Nami was the first one to take the initiative, she brushed her lips gently against Luffy's, enjoying every second of it. She blushed deeper feeling how soft just this little touch with his lips was. She closed her eyes the moment she felt Luffy pressing his lips more against hers. She had never done this before, she didn't exactly know what to do, but automatically she started moving her lips slowly against his. Luffy had closed his eyes as well and felt like he could melt at the spot from the feelings that were erupting inside him. He copied the movement of her lips and brought a hand to her cheek, caressing it. He felt how hot her face was, but didn't care at the moment, his face was no better. Nami tightened her grip on his back, her legs felt like jelly and she was afraid she could fall any moment, the butterflies growing more and more violent in her stomach. She pressed her lips harder against his and opened her mouth automatically. Luffy was surprised for a bit, but felt curious and saw this as a chance to explore her mouth. He sneaked his tongue into her mouth, making the kiss grow more passionate. She moaned softly into his mouth and somehow, this made Luffy want to do more to her. He started to play with her tongue, he started to make circles around it. Nami reacted just the same way. Now it was Nami's turn to explore his mouth and she brought her tongue into it. She touched everywhere she could, until she felt a sudden need for air.

They broke apart, both breathing heavily and face flushed. They both looked into each other's eyes and broke into laughter. They still stood in the same position as before, with Nami in Luffy's arms.

Luffy was the first one to talk, "I've never felt more wonderful in my life before." He said as he smiled at her.

"The same for me..." Nami paused and went on, "Luffy, I love you, more than just as a nakama." She stared down to his chest and blushed deeply.

"I love you too. I always have, I was stupid enough to have never realised it before. In these 2 year when I was away from you, I realised I couldn't live on without you." With this said, Nami closed the distance in between them again, this time the kiss being more passionate than before.

They kissed like this for a while more, until Luffy broke apart and grinned widely at her. "I'm hungry! Let's go eat!"

Nami smiled gently at him and nodded, "yeah, I'm hungry too. Let's go!"

They left the aquarium hand in hand and both grinning widely


"My beautiful mademoiselles dinner's ready! Shitty bastards come to have dinner." Sanji yelled from the kitchen, while serving the food.

Usopp came in running first, smiling and drooling at the mention of dinner. He rushed towards the table and dived into his portion as fast as he could, before Luffy arrived and stole his food away like usual.

"Haha! Luffy's taking his time to come!" He laughed broadly and chewed happily down his food with a feeling of succes.

"Indeed he is, sniper-san, I wonder what he's been up to?" Robin had just entered the dining room and was making her way to the table, followed by a red faced Roronoa Zoro.

Robin smiled and took a seat at the table, Zoro sat down beside her, took her hand under the table and squished it before letting go again and dive into his food. Robin just chuckled softly and went on eating.

Usopp didn't get the situation, nor did he get the 'happy?' expression on Zoro's face. He shrugged and decided to not get further unto it and continued eating.

Chopper and Franky were next to enter the dining room. Franky had dirt marks all over his face and was smiling cooly as he made his way to the table. "Guys, yall be excited to see my latest creation! It's gonna be SUPAH!" He sneered as he took his seat and dove into his portion.

"We just hav tah fix some things here and there and it'll be ready to use!" Usopp added in an excited tone.

Chopper's eyes lit up and he laughed happily. Zoro looked over at Franky and couldn't help but smile a bit. Robin put a hand to her mouth and chuckled softly, "I can't wait to see it!" She said.

"Yohohoho! I'm so hungry I can feel my body turning to bones! Ah, but I'm just bones to begin with! SKULL JOKE! YOHOHOHO!" Brook entered the dining room and made his way to an empty seat and sat down. The crew just grinned and continued eating.

Suddenly Sanji spoke up after returning from his spot in the kitchen, "where's my beautiful mademoiselle Nami-san?" He said and added, "and that idiot captain?"

"Dunno! I've been wondering about that too!" Usopp said, scratching his nose.

"Yeaah indeed! Where are they? It feels so weird not having food being stolen from ye." Franky said.

Robin chuckled and exchanged glances with Zoro. Zoro felt a blush creep up his cheeks and looked away while frowning.

"Then, I shall go look for them and see if Nami-san will be willing to show me her panties this time," the skeleton said while standing up.

"Nowhere you go! You perverted shitty skeleton!" Sanji kicked the skeleton in the head, which made him stumble to the ground. "I... I apologize for my impropriate actions..." Brook said from the ground.

"Tss, like he's one to talk," Zoro mumbled under his breath, but still loudible enough to reach Sanji's ears.

"What d'ya say, you crap marimo?" He barked at him and started to make his way towards him, but...

Just then Nami and Luffy appeared at the entrance. They were holding hands and both were grinning widely at the crew.

The crew all dropped jaws at the scene before them, except for Robin, Usopp and Chopper who were smiling broadly. First they noticed the huge blush on their faces, then the fact that they were holding hands.

Sanji seemed to be the one to be the most shocked about this, he had blacked out at that right moment, "Na-Nami-swan...?" Was all he could bring out.

"Heh! So Luffy got his girl! Well done mate!" Usopp grinned widely and held his thumb up at them.

"Thehehe! We'll be having little Luffys and Namis running around soon!" Chopper exclaimed excitedly.

"Mugiwara and Nami-neechan! I never woulda have thought!" Franky said and also grinned widely and lifted his sunglasses up a bit.

"It worked out pretty well." Robin commented and leaned closer to Zoro's ear and whispered, "when they announce it, we will too."

Zoro blushed furiously and he parted himself from Robin and mumbled, " 'kay."

Brook stood up from the ground and bowed to Luffy and Nami, "I welcome the future Pirate King and Queen! Yohohoho!"

Nami started speaking first, "Haha, well as you can all see... Luffy and I are..." But was interrumted by a huge outburst from Sanji.

"NOOOOO! My Nami-swaaaan! You can't!" He said, a river of tears streaming down his eyes.

"Cook-san! Your food tastes so delicious!" Robin announced, making Sanji's attitude take a 180 degree turn as he rushed towards her side with heart shaped eyes, "aaaaah! But I still got this beautiful lady!" He exclaimed in his love mode.

Luffy was so amused that he couldn't control his laughter. He stopped and wiped away his tears and sighed deeply.

Nami stared at the scene with an irritated look on her face. She decided to finish her sentence, but before doing so she turned to Luffy and hugged him. Luffy hugged her back just as tightly and whispered, "I love you." Into her ear. Nami turned back to the crew, still holding onto Luffy.

"Luffy and I are a couple." She announced with a smile on her lips and blushing lightly, "I hope none of you will mind." at this she glanced at Sanji and Sanji glanced back at her with a serious expression on his face. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, taking a long drag from it.

Nami looked worried for a second until Sanji spoke up, "I won't mind. After all, I want the happiness for my nakama and if you two are happy, I will be happy as well." He smiled softly and took a long drag from his cigarette again.

Zoro closed his remaining eye and smiled a bit, 'that ero-cook can also be reasonable at times,' he thought.

"Well then! What're we waiting for! Let's cheer for them!" Usopp yelled and Nami and Luffy also made their way to the table and sat down at the two remaining seats.

They all held their glasses high up in the air and Usopp yelled, "KANPAI! For Luffy's and Nami's love!" Then all of the Straw Hats yelled in unison, "KANPAI!"

And so dinner went on, with the crew in the happiest mood ever. At the end when everyone had finished, including Luffy, Robin decided it was time to announce their news as well.

"Zoro and I also have something to announce to you," she began and paused to examine their reactions.

Sanji, who was washing the plates in the kitchen looked back in surprise, already knowing what it might be. He looked down and smiled, he wondered when he would be getting his lady as well. Franky patiently awaited for what was about to be announced and smiled, already knowing what it was, it was not like he hadn't noticed those casual glances during dinner. Chopper, Luffy and Usopp seemed to be the only ignorant ones, since they looked over at Robin in utter confussion, scratching their heads. Nami smiled brightly and knew that her speculations were right, she was happy to know that her closest friend had found happiness too. Brook was playing Binks Sake on his violin, but stopped when Robin spoke up and just stared blankly at her. Zoro shrugged a bit and put his best Poker Face on, trying hard not to blush.

Robin couldn't help but chuckle in herself watching the amusing scene and continued on, "Zoro and I are a couple as well," she finished her sentence.

"Greatness sake!" Was heard from Usopp.

"Yay! More kids!" Chopper exclaimed happily.

"This is just gonna be too SUPAH!" Franky smiled broadly.

"Yohohoho! May your love be blessed!" Brook said and started playing a more uplifting melody on his violin.

Sanji didn't say anything, but felt happy for them.

Nami and Luffy looked at each other and smiled. Luffy suddenly leaned in to kiss her softly and Nami kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. They parted and looked over at Zoro and Robin who were doing just the same.

"KANPAI! For the two new couples!" Usopp yelled once again and the crew followed right after with a loud "KANPAI!"


Dinner had ended and they all went back to do what they usually did, except for Zoro and Robin who had gone off to town on a date. Nami and Luffy were sitted on Sunny's head, talking about things and every now and then they kissed. Luffy parted for the tenth time and he remembered something Chopper had told him.

"Shall we mate and have little Namis and Luffys running around?" He suddenly said, startling Nami.

Nami blushed furiously and didn't know how to react. After a while of just staring in shock, she thought, 'does he even know what he's saying...?' She wanted to know and asked him.

"Luffy, do you even know what it means?"

" 'f course! It's when you want to be with the one you love!" He said and continued further in a whisper, "I want to feel you Nami, I want you to be mine alone."

Nami was taken aback from that one comment and she threw herself in his lap. She sat on top of him, her legs on each side of his body and wrapped her arms around his neck. She stared seductively at him, "I also want to feel you Luffy, just kissing is not enough," she said decisively.

Luffy felt something strange and different happen in his body at that right moment. He grew excited at Nami's touch and felt how his 'thing' started to grow slowly as well. He noticed Nami's perfectly made curves and felt the urge to touch every last piece of her body. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. They played with each others tongue for a while.

Luffy caressed her back with one hand and with his other he caressed her long orange hair. Nami pressed her body harder against his, wanting to feel more from him. She suddenly broke apart, got off him and hopped off the Sunny's head. As if reading her mind, Luffy hopped off as well and carried her in his arms, towards the girls' room.

While on the way, Luffy whispered sweet words at her and pecked her on the lips every now and then. They entered the room and Luffy laid Nami down on her back on top of her bed.

Luffy walked back and locked the door and made his way towards Nami. He laid on top of her and started kissing her passionately. He started to undo her top and when he did he threw it away. He stared at her boobs and gave one of them a light peck. Nami moaned with pleasure and pressed Luffy's head in between her boobs. Luffy smiled and started kissing her on the lips, going down bit by bit until he reached her belly. Nami stopped him gently and she started to unbotton his red jacket. She caressed his muscles and his chest, she brought her lips to his belly and licked it. Luffy felt a moan escape from his lips. He started to undress Nami completely and let Nami do the same to him, they collided into a passionate kiss again and made love to each other for the first time.


"Geez, couldn't they be any louder," Usopp commented to Franky. They were both working on their newest invention.

"I guess they're both having the time of their lifes." Franky said and laughed.

"I'm jealous, I wish I could be with Kaya," Usopp sighed and brushed away the sweat from his forehead.

"Haha! You're becoming a hentai just like me!" Franky slapped Usopp on the back, knocking him to the ground.

"Oi oi! Don't compare me to ye!" Usopp grinned widely.

"Anyways, now that we've created such an amazing thing, they'd be even happier!" Franky commented.


Luckily Sanji had left to town to buy some ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast, cause if he had stayed on Sunny, he would have been in for the greatest shock in his life.

He scanned food stand after food stand, his mind trailling off in thoughts of the previous happenings. What had happened had already happened and there was no way he could turn it back, to think he would loose both of his precious ladies so easily. He brought the cigarette he was holding between his fingers to his mouth and took a long drag, he then blowed out the smoke into the air. He kept staring at the sky in deep thought, until a glimpse of long pinkish hair seen from the corners of his eyes caught his attention.

He turned his head in the direction of what had caught his attention and it didn't last a second, for he had switched on to his love-love mode. He approached his target in his weird twisting mode, and knelt down in front of her, holding a rose out to her and grabbing her hand. ''Aah, I've never ever seen a beauty such a yours. Not even the Sakura blossoms who bloom in the spring time have ever caught my breath like this before!'' He declared to her, giving her hand a peck.

The woman, who had long pinkish hair and had a green hat placed on top of her hair, looked down at the blonde man with an annoyed look on her face. She pulled her hand away from his grisp and decided to ignore this playboy and walk further to her destination, the pizzeria.

She was surprised to see the same blonde man, reappearing in front of her, offering her a rose once again and laughing like an idiot. He had hearts shaped in his eyes and the smoke he blew out of his cigarette had taken the form of hearts. 'What the heck is this guy?' she thought in irritation.

''May you give me your name? Oh greatest being in the world?'' Sanji asked in his love mode.

''Gotta say it's none of yer business,'' the woman answered and snorted. He was starting to work on her nerves profoundly. She decided to make him cut it off and used her devil's fruit power on him. She raised her hand and pointed it towards him until a beam of light engulfed his body.

Sanji felt how his pulse started to slow down, his body felt weird and he fell to his knees from the pain he was feeling. He glanced to his hands, noticing they were smaller than usual. He touched his face and noticed his skin was softer than usual.

His pulse returned back to normal, and his strenght gradually returned to his body again. He slowly stood up and gasped, ''what the...?'' he jumped up from hearing his voice, it was that of a child's. His clothes hung loosely against his infant body.

''Wh-what just happened? What's up with my body?'' He stared down at his body, he had become a child again.

''Name's Jewelry Bonney, a pirate, nice to meet ya,'' the woman grinned down at him, turned around and took off to the pizzeria with a satisfied smile on her lips.

Sanji could just only yell back at her, but with no succes. The people passing by just stared at him and whispered in between themselves, some of them also chuckled.

To be continued...

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