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Zim is now a Tallest but even with all that power he can't not feel happy because the only thing he wants he left behind on earth.


"Gir! Give me status reports on all invader groups" Zim said in a bored tone, slouching in his thrown. Gir's eyes turned bright red and he saluted.

"Yes, sir. Invader's A have successfully taken over Blar while Invader's B are a week behind schedule in Tarka. Invader's C have just left for there required destination to Kaptock, and should be there by the end of the week." His eyes turned back to turquoise and he then ran off screaming about bacon flavored Tacos. Zim glared throw silted eyes in his direction, before his body sprang to life and he jumped up. He was alone.

Every since Irk had suffered for a war with Mrk the amount or Irken's had severely gone down, only forty-two beings lived on their once powerful plant and with Invader group C gone, Gir off running around, and the mission control works busy with guiding group C to Kaptock, he was alone. For the first time in years he was completely alone. No annoying Gir, no warriors to conference with over there last invasion. Zim ran to his chamber, he locked his doors before turning on his personally computer.

Checking the surveillance cameras first to make sure no one was coming to bother him and to conform Gir was not setting fire to anything Zim typed in one name. A name that had been plaguing his thoughts for as long as he could remember and as the computer connected with the satellites and found the person that belong to that name, Zim finally aloud himself to utter it.

"Dib" he whimpered as his eyes became blurry and the blue tears fell. Dib was now a man, no one could argue that. He had long black hair that he had taken to dreading not to long ago which rid him of the cow lick that had annoyed him as a child, it was tied and laying against his back. He was dressed in a suit today, Black on black with a deep blue color for his tie. He carried a brief case in one hand while taking on his cell-phone with the other. Zim shuttered as Dib rolled his shoulders, stretching his back quickly as he walked, extending to his full height of seventy-seven inches towering over Zim's sixty-two. Zim watched him walk from some building to his car, he watched him drive home and thanked the universe that Dib had no one.

His house was barren, three rooms completely empty, one with just a bed and light, and another filled with his business work. There were no pictures on the walls; Zim noticed, but as he looked closer at Dibs fridge he gasped as he saw a pictures of them. He zoomed in and more tears fell from his eyes as he saw Dib take hold of the photograph. It had been his last day on earth, almost five years ago, right after the last tallest died and Zim was called to take over.

Dib had said to put their differences aside and just spend their last day together. Zim had agreed and by the end of the day they somehow ended up in one or those human picture taking boxes. The first picture was just them smiling, the second was Dib hugging Zim, the third was them just staring into each others eyes as Dib pulled off Zim's wig, the fourth was of Dib watching Zim removing his contacts, and the sixth and final picture was them kissing and embracing each other as who they truly wore. Zim walked to his dresser pulling out the same strip of pictures stroking them fondly.

"Zim" At his name he spun around quick running back to the computer, Dib was now hunched over his contour top. "Zim, God I miss you baby" Dib wiped tears from his face he turned around and leaned against the contour now staring down at the pictures in his hands. "Five years and I still can't go to sleep with out you on my mind. How beautiful you were, and how much more you must be now. Do you miss me as much as I miss you Zim?" Dib asked the empty space, completely oblivious to the fact that Zim was watching him.

"Yes, Yes Dib I do, Zim misses Dib-human too" He whimpered out even though he knew Dib couldn't hear him.

"I wish I could have told you how much I loved you before you left and how much I still do" Zim nodded as if Dib could see him.

"Zim knew. Zim always knew, I love Dib too" he cried out as if in pain suddenly as he dropped to his knees in front of the screen clenching his chest. "Dib-human should have come with Zim! Or-or made Zim stay, the pain in my chest wont go away, and its all your fault Dib-stink!" he yelled into the empty room, He thought hard for a moment thinking of anyway to get closer to Dib again. "That's it!" Zim jumped up powering down the computer and going to the control room, his people turned as he entered and gave him a strange look.

"Tallest is something wrong?" A brave Irken asked, Zim scuffed.

"Why would anything be wrong with the all powerful Zim!" he yelled glaring at the weakling that dear question his state.

"Your eyes are leaking my Tallest, I might no disrespect in asking" The Irken bowed and Zim straightened up, touching his face feeling his forgotten tears.

"So it appear they are…when are the Invader groups scheduled to return?" Zim asked clean his face with a rang another Irken had given him.

"Group A two weeks, Group B is unknown, as is C, but I would guess neither for more the a month" Zim nodded.

"Is Lar here?" the Irken nodded calling him in throw the speaker system. A thin and slightly tall Irken walked in shortly after. He was to be a tallest as well as soon as he became of age.

"You called for me Tallest?" Zim nodded.

"Training" he said and Lar nodded.

"What plant will I be conquering this time?" he gave a cocky grin but stopped when Zim glared.

"None, your age ceremony is soon and I feel that I can finally trust you alone. You do not understand what being a leader is, so, I'm leaving for two months and shall return on your day of birth. You will give our troops time to rest and recover when they return, then you will send them out again to another plant. Understand?" Lar nodded, smiling big.

"This is the greatest honor my Tallest, thank you. What plant shall I send them too?" Zim smiled

"You will chose, study them in the books we have, look at their strengths and weaknesses and chose" Lar nodded bowing thanking him again, Zim began to leave but stop short at the door "Oh and Lar?" the Irken smiled at his lord.

"Yes sir?" Zim smiled

"Leave Earth alone" Lar nodded giving Zim a confused look.

"Of course my Tallest, but if I may be so bold as to ask why?" Zim nodded

"The Plant Earth…is mine" and with that Zim left the room, packed his bags, and stood on his teleport pad that had not been used in over Five years. Zim only prayed the other end still worked.


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