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Warning: M/M, ZaDr

Rating for chapter: PG-13

~~~~Chapter 3~~~~

Zim awoke with a start; he had no idea where he was or why it was so dark. He slowly got out of the small bed and walked to the door. Noise that sounded like a shower was heard from behind it and as Zim opened the door, he heard a slight humming. Zim relaxed completely when he saw Dib, he remembers where he was and what they had done together.

"You're finally awake" Dib smiled as stepped out of the shower grabbing the towel off the rack next to him. "It's almost noon; I've already finished my video conference this morning, so I have no work for the rest of the day. Do you want to go get some lunch, I could show you some places around town that I think you'd like." Dib said as he walked past Zim into the bedroom, pulling out cloths from his dresser that was also his bed frame. "You still like art right?" Zim smiled nodding watching his human tripping over himself as he tried to get dressed and talk/look at Zim while doing so. "Okay so we'll go to this museum, it's only like a twenty minute walk, but if you want I could get a cab, my car isn't exactly…clean." Zim nodded again walking up to Dib who was now sitting on the bed, he grab his face pulling it up to look at him instead of his shoes. He kissed him lightly straddling him, wrapping his arms around his neck sitting back against Dibs knees.

"We have plenty of time to go places Dib-love, let's just spend today here" Dib sighed dropping his head onto Zim's chest.

"We don't have nearly enough time Zim" Zim antennas dropped down, laying flat against his head and he whimpered lightly and Dibs head lifted and he tried to hide a laugh but failed "You look really cute right now" Zim smiled brightly.

"Zim will forever be cute if Dib stops being sad, it makes mate sad" Zim glared at him.

"I'm sorry Zim, it's just, I'm going to lose you again I just know it." Zim shook his head.

"No you will not, Zim will come back, we'll build a teleport pad in basement, and I'll visit as much as possible." Then Zim blushed.

"What?" Dib smiled running his fingers over the purple shade on his cheeks.

"Zim would very much like to extract some DNA from Dib-human" Dib raised an eyebrow and turned his head in slightly in a questioning look. "Zim wishes to mix it with my own and put it in to the incubator…and make Zim and Dib a…child," Zim said turning his head away, looking down avoiding Dib's eyes.

"You want to make us a child?" Did said pulling Zim's face so that he could kiss his bright purple cheeks, he smiled when Zim nodded.

"It takes a long time to grow cells to combined to make spawn and then the baby must grow to an appropriate size before we can have it." Dib nodded.

"How long we talking, like a year maybe two?" Zim's eyes widened shaking his head.

"Did-human, at the most it will be four months! If it took any longer Zim would have stolen your DNA five years ago before I left" Dib smiled

"I was unaware that you could do something like this. We're going to have a baby in less than what; five months?" Zim shook his head.

"I can send the DNA pattern over my communicator and my people can build it from there…Our baby will be ready by the time I have to leave. This means he will be physical ready to come with me when I come next time." Dib nodded, and Zim jumped up going over to his bag and pulling out his DNA Extractor.

"Do you bring that with you everywhere?" Zim glared.

"No Zim does not, I planned on this happening." Dib smiled giving his arm over to his green lover who placed the cold metal against his wrist.

"FUCK! That shit hurt" Zim rolled his eyes, sending the DNA data before placing the extractor on the floor.

"Weak human" Dib glared playfully before flipping them over pulling Zim into a passionate kiss.

"If I'm such a pathetic weak human then why do you love me?" he smiled down at the small green alien.

"Zim loves Dib-human for just that reason…everyone on Irk is boring, we are all the same. Born to be strong and smart. Born to lead and or be led. I was banished to Earth because I was not smart enough or strong enough to actually take over another planet…I love you because even when my own people throw me aside as I if I were nothing, you showed interest in me, acted as if I were really a threat. Humans have such feelings because they are weak, they allow themselves to be open to love. Now you stare at me with sure feeling in your eyes, as I have never seen. You say I'm beautiful and smart…" tears fell down Zim's face and Dib held him closer, wrapping his arms around Zim as tight as he could.

"I say those things because you are; Zim without you I wouldn't have become who I am today, you made me everything I am…I love you with all my heart…Zim?" Dib said standing up slowly pulling Zim up with him.

"Yes Dib-love?" Zim wiped the remaining tears from his face and gave Dib a look of confusion when he kneeled

"Will you marry me Zim…in the human way?" Zim gave him a look, but nodded.

"Yes of course, Zim does not see why though, we are mates nothing is more scared than that, but if Dib wants to place a ring on my hand he may" Dib chuckled shaking his head before standing up and kissing Zim.

"That is exactly what I want Zim." He picked up Zim, laying him on the bed and kneeling between his legs. He began kissing down the little green aliens neck, smiling happily. "I can't wait to introduce you to everyone!" He pulled Zim into a heated kiss, pulling off the boxer he was wearing. "No one thinks you actually existed!" Dib kissed him again, but Zim pulled away giving him a look. "What?"

"What do you mean by that? Why would people think you made Zim up?" Zim glared crossing his arms over his chest.

"They think that I made up a missing mystery lover to get the sympathy vote from the public when my line was just starting. But I obviously didn't…I love you and after you left I honestly couldn't get you off my mind, I flunked out my first year of college, I got a job at a coffee shop and lived in the apartment above it for a while. After about five months a friend saw a drawing I had done of you, the real you, no wig. He said the clothes were awesome and if they sold them, he would wear them. I asked a few other friends and they want them too. Therefore, I started drawing up plans, got my business degree, and pitched the idea. Somewhere along the line when we were still in the design process, people started asking where the idea for the clothes came from and I decided that the truth wouldn't hurt me and ended up naming the line after your planet." Dib took a deep breath and Zim nodded.

"Wont telling everyone about Zim take the mystery away? Also how would we explain the child?" Zim asked kissing Dibs neck, in a similar fashion as Dib had been doing to him moments before.

"Well, yeah I guess it would…and will figure out the kid thing later, I'm really good at making up excuses on the spot. Now let's stop talking, because that thing you're doing with your tongue is really, really nice." Dib removed the shirt he had just put on while Zim giggled and continued his assault on Dib's ear.

"Zim wants you inside me Dib-love," Zim moaned as soon as he felt Dib's fingers press against his entrance.

"Your new at this Zim, but I have to stretch you so it won't hurt now or later" Zim pouted but yelped when the two fingers inside of him twisted and pushed deeper. He began to purr as Dib hand began to thrust faster. The spent another three hours in bed before Dib took another shower and Zim had his pak clean him.

They spent their day at the park and museums in the area and their night on the pier, eating a much disgusting human food as Zim could handle. Unfortunately, when they awake the next morning it was to banging on Dib's door. Zim stayed in bed while Dib investigated the noise. Within a minute after Dib left the room and angry looking women in a black suit came storming into the bedroom and yelled angrily.

"I don't care you the fuck you are…or what you are" Zim held his antennas down as the women continued to yell "but you need to leave…now!" Dib came running in mouthing and apology to Zim and glared hard at the women.

"Amy, what makes you think this is okay?!" she through a paper at his face and he gasped as he read it, before passing it to Zim.

"'Young beautiful gold-digger trophy husband looking for a new Sugar Daddy…will this ruin Irken' what does this me Dib-love? I don't understand your angry face…or A-mos?" he said the name slowly looking at her though slitted eyes.

"It's Amy Zim, she is my assistant, and it means they think I'm dating you for your looks and that you're dating me for my money. It's an insult that could ruin the integrity of my business." One eye on Zim face open wide while the other remand almost closed.

"They will die for this Dib-human, they will rue the day they insulted my mate!" He jumped up, wrapping his sheet around his waist.

"Wait Zim I thin-"Zim turned from his spot in the door way and pointed into the air angrily

"RUE IT!" He yelled before continuing out of the room.

"That was Zim… the man that made you?" Dib nodded at Amy, quietly praying for Zim not to kill to many people "What is he?"

"An alien…oh by the way…I'm going to be a Dad" Dib smiled and walked out of the room when he hear Zim scream 'rue it' again and the sound of something braking followed. If anything was certain, nothing in his life would ever be boring again thanks to Zim.

~the end~


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