The two of them lay for long minutes, each trying to not disturb the other. Finally the Captain's hand moved soothingly against her... The Doctor allowed a deep sigh.

She turned to face him. "Shouldn't you have gone back planetside to finish the treaty?" Her hands found their way to his warm, hard chest.

"There were more important negotiations here. The planet has waited millenia, another day won't hurt." His hands found their way to her hips, drawing her back to him. Her eyes widened.

She let one hand entwine around the back of his neck, fingers brushing the silk bristle of his hair.

"I won't let you leave this time, Beverly." His voice was grave, his eyes smouldering with need.

"You would-" He started to protest, she shushed him with her fingers on his lips. "You would if I asked. And that is why I love you."

She arched her back, bringing them closer, from chest to thigh. "And I do love you, Jean-Luc. I always have."

"You'll stay this time." It wasn't a question. One hand found it's way up under her tank top, finding that familiar back. She shivered under his touch.

"I will stay." Her lips found his.

Negotiations on the long term alliance started quite constructively.