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Chapter One-Stumble


Zelda Harkinian frowned to herself, looking down at a scrap of paper that had been stuck to her refrigerator for ages.

It wasn't very important, nothing but a shopping list with a few items she'd been deprived of for the past few weeks. Nothing worth fretting over. Still, the blonde sighed, tearing her gaze away from the sheet. It wasn't the listing that was bothering her, that wasn't the issue.

Today, the odds were clearly not in Zelda's favor, and she didn't want to tempt fate and go out into the open world where potential disaster was around every corner.

She cast a rueful glance out the wide window in her apartment. Every street was awake with people going every which way and cars zipping by.

I really don't want to go, She thought sadly, but she needed the groceries if she planned to eat tonight. Her stomach rumbled loudly as if reminding her that the items were worth it.

She leaned back on her couch limply, her elbow jabbing a few buttons on her remote. The television roared to life and she flinched at the sudden sounds that filled the room. The screen blinked on the news forecast.

A pretty red-head was on the screen, and Zelda unconsciously recognized the girl as Malon Lalon. Behind Malon on the green-screen, there were short films of houses in shambles, fires blazing, and then people's distressed images flicking by one by one.

It was all about the rebellion forces again.

Zelda shook her head sympathetically, turning the television off.

"I hate the news," she whispered to herself quietly, "nothing but tragedy." Giving in to her senses, she leaned over and tied her purple high-top converse and grabbed her pocketbook and walked out the door.

As she began down the front of her apartment, her cruel mind reminded her of the day's horrid previous events.

From the moment she had awakened, gray clouds seemed to roll over her personal horizon. Her battery-powered alarm clock died, resulting in her only having ten minutes to become presentable. She sprinted out the door way, in a mismatched outfit and wild bed-head, to see the bus beginning to pull away.

She had to run at full speed after the vehicle until it eventually pulled over. When she got on, kids began to tease her. Zelda could feel her ears burn and had to hide behind her book to cover her embarrassed face.

Then, just as she began to get off the bus, the kid behind her pushed her, and made her fall flat on her face. Several people gathered around, snickering at her clumsiness.

She escaped the taunting by hurdling herself down the halls as fast a she could.

Goddess, Zelda hated school.

She was sure her life couldn't get much worse than this.

Link –

Link Avalon laid back on his wide bed, allowing his limbs to flail out in every direction.

The corners of his lips turned up in a smile and he let out an elated sigh. He was having a great day, and was sure it couldn't get any better. He really lucked out today.

He inhaled the scent of his favorite soup wafting in from the kitchen. Yes, he thought to himself, today be a good day.

"Link, what are you doing?" His grandmother's raspy voice called from the other end of the door.

"Just living life," he called with a careless laugh, and the door opened and his grandmother stood there, sighing. His younger sister, Aryll, leaned in beside her.

"Don't you ever, I don't know, do something productive?" She asked bluntly, and he turned his head towards her, giving her a smile.

"Living is productive," he replied in the same monotone, and she rolled her blue eyes. He sat up straight, out stretching his long arms high, and then let them sag back at his sides. "When is dinner going to be ready?" He asked with his usual cheeky grin.


Her simple answer made him frown slightly. "Gee, that sure narrows it down," Link said in a rather sarcastic tone.

"Why don't you go for a walk? At least that's productive," Aryll asked, bouncing out the doorway, and the elder woman nodded in agreement.

"I'm fine with staying here, daydreaming," he replied nonchalantly, beginning to lean back once more. The old woman proceeded to stop him.

"No, no more daydreaming. Go get some air, pass time," she said, pushing him towards the front door.

"I enjoy daydreaming, it helps me visualize what I'm going to do when I become famous," Link informed her matter-of-factly, and the old woman rolled her eyes.

"I have no doubt you'll do great things, just don't spend all your time locked up." And with that, she shoved him out the door.

Link walked out into the bustling streets, listening to the engines of cars as they passed him by in a blur.

Today was a good day. Link had woken up in a great mood, and when he'd gotten to school, everyone wanted to talk to him, wanted to know what was on his mind. Then, throughout the day he'd gotten exceptional grades, and hadn't had a single mishap. He came to his grandmother making his favorite food, and his family who mattered most.

But what his grandma had said left a doubtful air. Did she really believe he did have the potential to make it big? He had big dreams, and he was going to put all he had in them to make them happen.

As he turned a corner, he caught sight of something. It was the remains of the Sacred grove, and the Master Sword stood in its pedestal, untouched for centuries.

For some reason, looking at it gave him hope.

Yeah, he thought, looking at the floor with a small smile, the Great Goddesses will definitely help me.

Suddenly, someone bumped into him, and he was knocked to the concrete.


Zelda walked glumly down the sidewalk, watching her feet hit the ground. She wasn't sure what to be thinking about, or what she honestly should feel like.

Zelda angled her head slightly off the floor to the little area of what was left of the Sacred Grove. It was all blocked off by a glass dome that would only open on King's command.

It seemed a little pointless to seal it off to Zelda. It wasn't like anyone but the Hero of Time could withdraw the Master Sword.

She took another harsh, careless step forward, and ran straight into someone. The impact of the contact sent them both backwards, both falling on their backsides.

Zelda grimaced, rubbing her bottom and looking up to apologize for her stupidity, when she felt her jaw drop. Of course, Zelda being Zelda, she'd just have to run into the most gorgeous guy in the world.

The boy, whoever he was, had one hand on his head, shaking gold hair out of his eyes. His lips were set in a grim line, probably from the collision.

He was tall, lean, and had enough muscle to crush her with one squeeze if he tried hard enough.

And his eyes. Oh, those eyes. They had to be bluer than the ocean or the sky, Even if he wasn't looking at her, she was totally captivated.

It was those eyes that brought her back to reality when they blink shut and he muttered a curse word.

"Ow," he mumbled, and Zelda gasped. She's been so busy gawking at him, she hadn't even apologized.

"I am so-," the boy's piercing blue eyes shot up when she spoke, and his glare cut her off.

"Do you ever watch where you're going?" he spat, and she was taken aback. The boy stood up quickly, ducting off his jeans, not even offering to help her off the ground.

So, she stood up herself and attempted to apologize again. "Look, I'm sorry," Zelda said through gritted teeth, and the stranger rolled his eyes.

"Well, why don't you do us all a favor next time, and watch where you're walking," he sneered obnoxiously, turning on his heels and stalking away.

Zelda felt herself burn with resentment of this whole day, and it only made it worse to watch the back of the guy's green shirt. She ran ahead of him, and stopped him in tracks. He glared daggers at her.

"What now?"

"Listen here, you," she growled, poking him in hard chest. "I've tried to apologize, twice, actually, and you have the nerve to walk away? What kind of guy are you? And why didn't you apologize for running into me?"

His expression softened for a split second, before he shoved her out of his way. "You're right. I'm sorry you're too stupid to watch where you're going," he countered, and returned to his walking.

"Yeah, well, keep walking, bastard! I hope I never see you again!" she screamed after him, and he shot her another glare, then muttered something under his breath.

Zelda stomped her foot with a muffled yell, then trudged away, ignoring all the eyes that had watched their scene.

Royal Advisor-

The Royal Advisor was being escorted by the head guard of Hyrule Castle to the Spirit Spring of Lanayru.

A few other high ranking guards followed not far behind, and aside from the sound of their feet hitting the wooden boards, there were no noises.

The Royal Advisor kept a cool front, not wanting to talk to these strangers. He was too new to this job, and was also far too worried about the damn rebellion.

And of all people, Ganondorf Dragmire had to be the leader! He had his greedy eyes set on Hyrule, and he's top at nothing to obtain the land.

He groaned to himself, frowning at these horrible matters. They were actually what has him on this current trek.

Hyrule was in desperate need of help. Maybe the Guardian of Lanayru could shed a tear and give a piece of advice. If not, pretty soon all Hyrule would have left would be hope.

Gazing up, he saw that they were at the entrance of the Sacred Spring.

He turned around, addressing the guards. "Wait outside," he ordered, and they nodded, posting themselves about.

The Royal Advisor spun on his heels and entered the spring silently.

He walked in slowly, gazing at the gorgeous scenery about the area.

Vines of various shades of green draped everywhere. The pond at the center was a beautiful clear blue that showed the spirits purity. The air had a presence that made you know that it was observing your very move.

Swallowing, he kneeled before the pond. "Oh, Great Spirit Lanayru, please help us preserve this wonderful land. Tell us what we need to do so save us all," He paused. Should he make an offering?

Suddenly, something like liquid gold dropped from the sky, sending ripples throughout the pond.

A large golden snake like thing emerged from the air.

The spirit didn't speak for a moment, it just stared. Then, it said something. It didn't necessarily speak, but it sent a message through his mind.

But what Lanayru told the advisor was so simple and blunt, it could only have one meaning.

The Reincarnations.

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