Starting off with a Twist

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon.

Summary: instead of Ash getting Pikachu for his starter he found one single Pokémon to be his new starter and then Ash is led to five other Pokémon leading him to have his whole team when his first day has barely even begun. This changes Ash's destiny as he will now only use the six Pokémon he has and train them to their maximum point possible making him a Master of the Pseudo-Legendaries. By the way Ash will be travelling alone until the Hoenn Region.

Ash Ketchum sighed in disappointment as he sat on a rock by one of his favorite spots to be alone; the lake that runs down the end of Pallet Town towards the mountains. You see Ash had just turned ten and he was hoping to go to Professor Oak's laboratory to get his starter Pokémon, but that was quickly dashed when his alarm clock battery died and he didn't wake up until close to ten o'clock. He tried to get there in time, but he was unable to get there in time to receive his starter Pokémon. Dejected Ash just left and came to the lake to mull over his depression.

He was startled out of it when he heard a cry reach his ears. He quickly looked up and saw something splashing around in the water. Ash couldn't tell what it was, but he could tell it was no water Pokémon as it looked to be struggling to swim. Ash quickly dived into the river and swam over to the Pokémon as fast as he could. The Pokémon fell under water so Ash dived down and grabbed the Pokémon before swimming back up. His head broke the surface and he breathed in as the Pokémon in his arms coughed "Are you okay" Ash asked.

The Pokémon seemed to be frightened by Ash's voice and began struggling harder than ever and bit him on the arm making Ash wince and grit his teeth in pain "It's okay I'll help you" Ash whispered to the Pokémon in a soft voice trying to calm it down. It seemed to work as the Pokémon in his arms stopped shaking and released its teeth from Ash's arm. Blood flowed down the cut in his arm, but Ash ignored it as he swam back to the edge and climbed out with the little Pokémon in his arms.

The Pokémon didn't look like any Pokémon Ash had ever seen before. It was blue skinned quadrupedal Pokémon with black fur covering its head and neck which conceal everything, but its mouth from view. The fur around its neck also had six purple dots surrounding its neck and the hair on top of its head took the shape of a single small horn and it had a small tail.

"Are you okay little guy" Ash asked softly. The little Pokémon mewed softly and quietly so Ash pet it softly on the head. After a few seconds the little Pokémon began enjoying the soft petting and began relaxing against Ash. After a while Ash noticed that the little Pokémon had an injured foot "You're hurt" Ash gasped.

The little Pokémon mewed softly and tried putting weight on its leg, but winced and cried out in pain. "Here" Ash said picking it up "I know someone who can fix you up pretty quickly." Ash then took off down the road back to Professor Oak's laboratory. "Professor Oak" he shouted as soon as he got to the door.

"Yes Ash what is it" Professor Oak asked opening the door.

"I found this Pokémon injured by the river and just saved it from drowning" Ash said "It needs help."

"Bring it right in here" Professor Oak said seriously. Ash followed Professor Oak inside "Alright now just set it on this stretcher and I'll take care of it." Ash tried to set it down, but the little Pokémon clung to Ash not wanting to let go.

"I think it might be better if I just come along as well" Ash said. Professor Oak agreed and they got to the medical area and Professor Oak began treating the little Pokémon gently while Ash petted and soothed it to calm it down.

After a few minutes Professor Oak was done "There we go all better. It's just a little bruise, the little guy should be fine now, but I am curious about something. Ash where exactly did you find this Pokémon?"

"At the river" Ash replied.

"Strange I know every single Pokémon in the Kanto and Johto Region, but I've never seen this Pokémon before" Professor Oak said. "Wait here for a while Ash I'd like to look this Pokémon up first."

"Okay" Ash replied. Professor Oak went over to his computer and began typing while Ash continued petting the little Pokémon softly "I'm glad you're okay" Ash whispered to the Pokémon. The Pokémon looked up surprised before a small smile lit its young face and it mewed happily.

"Oh my… I don't believe it" Professor Oak said shocked.

"What is it Professor Oak" Ash asked.

"That Pokémon you have there isn't native to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh" Professor Oak said surprising Ash.

"Then where is it from" Ash asked.

"It's from a region to the South of Kanto across the Ocean called Unova" Professor Oak said. "Its name is Deino and it's one of the rarest Pokémon in the entire Pokémon world."

"Wow… Deino you're awesome" Ash said excitedly making Deino blush at the praise. Ash then thought of something "Hey Professor Oak would it be possible to have Deino as my starter Pokémon?" Deino and Professor Oak looked at Ash surprised.

"Well… I don't see why not… but are you sure you can handle such a rare Pokémon" Professor Oak asked.

"Yeah" Ash said confidently "What do you say Deino? You want to come with me on my Pokémon journey?" Deino looked at Ash for a second before smiling widely and nodding while cooing loudly. "Alright it's settled" Ash smiled.

Professor Oak then pulled out six Pokeballs and along with a square Pokedex "Here are your Pokedex and Pokeballs. I programmed the Pokedex with entry levels of all Pokémon from the five regions."

"Thanks Professor Oak" Ash said taking the items. Ash turned to Deino and petted it on the head softly "I promise to take care of you Deino" Ash said opening a Pokeball and Deino then glowed before it was transported inside.

"Ash before you set off you must know this little fact" Professor Oak said. "Deino is possible the strongest Pokémon in the world next to the Legendary Pokémon. It has three evolutionary lines and it holds the record of evolving at a higher level than any other Pokémon. It evolves into its final form at level 64 meaning it's very strong indeed."

Ash was almost drooling at the amount of potential Deino had 'Oh man I'm so gonna become a Pokémon Master with Deino by my side.'

"One last thing Ash you should keep an eye out for Pokémon thieves since Deino evolves into a Pseudo-Legendary."

"Pseudo-Legendary" Ash repeated confused.

"Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are extremely rare and powerful Pokémon that are on par with the Legendary Pokémon" Professor Oak said. "They all have a high base stat of 600 and all of them excel in attack and special attack."

"Wow" Ash said amazed "How many are there?"

"There are only six of them" Professor Oak replied. "One is native to Kanto, one to Johto, two to Hoenn, one to Sinnoh and the last one you got is native to Unova. Here, come look at my computer really quickly" Professor Oak said leading Ash over to his computer. On the screen were pictures of six Pokémon. "This is Dragonite, the first of the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. They are rare to find in the wild and are found in their pre-evolutionary form Dratini. Next is Tyranitar from the Johto region also rare to find in the wild and usually found in its first form Larvitar. Third is Salamence a rare dragon of the Hoenn region; it's usually found atop tall mountains, but still rare to find in the wild and found in its pre form Bagon. Fourth is Metagross, which is an extremely smart Pokémon that's usually found as Beldum. It's also the only Pokémon that is non-legendary to have a catch rate of three, the lowest catch rate out there. The fifth is Garchomp, the shark dragon of Sinnoh. Even its Gible form is hard to find in the wild as it's extremely rare. The last is Hydreigon, the most powerful of the Pseudo-Legendaries and its pre form Deino, which you just caught. Most trainers are lucky to find one of these Pokémon and if any trainer were to be in possession of all six and have them fully evolved then they would be close to unstoppable."

Ash had a glossy look in his eyes as he stared at the six Pseudo-Legendaries before he clenched his fist "Alright" he then said. "If those six are so powerful then I'll capture them all."

"Whoa Ash be reasonable here" Professor Oak said. "It's near impossible to find one, maybe even two Pseudo-Legendaries let alone all six. It's impossible."

"Then I'll be the first to do so" Ash said "Goodbye Professor Oak I've got to go pack." Ash ran out of the Lab and back to his home.

Later that day Ash was now fully dressed in new travelling clothes. He was now dressed in black jeans, blue shoes with black laces, and a blue shirt with a black collar along with an unzipped black jacket that had blue lines going down from the neck to the cuffs of the jacket along with fingerless blue gloves. To end his look he had on a blue backpack with black trimming and a blue baseball cap with a black Pokeball in the center.

"Thanks for the new clothes mom I gotta get going now" Ash said adjusting his hat.

"Goodbye Ash and good luck on your journey" Delia called as Ash ran off eager to begin his journey "Oh he's all grown up now."

Ash got out of Pallet Town quickly "Deino come on out" Ash said tossing the Pokeball in the air. In a flash Deino appeared with a coo. Deino sensed Ash and jumped into his arms making Ash laugh. "Well Deino it's time for us to begin our journey. It's going to be long, but I know that with you by my side we can complete anything."

"Dei" Deino mewed before jumping out of Ash's hands and walking away. Deino turned to Ash "Dei… Dei" Deino urged jerking its head.

"You want me to follow you" Ash asked. Deino nodded and Ash shrugged and followed Deino through many trees and after getting snagged a few times Ash made it through the trees and what greeted Ash was breath taking. It was a beautiful lake, it was rather small, but it was homely and felt peaceful. "Deino why'd you bring me here" Ash asked.

"Dei" Deino said before giving out a few loud cries. Immediately after Deino did that five other Pokémon appeared. Ash's eyes widened as he recognized them as the Pokémon Professor Oak showed him on his computer. It was a Dratini, Larvitar, Bagon, Beldum and Gible.

"How… I don't believe it" Ash gaped in shock. Dratini looked at Ash curiously while Larvitar and Bagon stood in front of it protectively. Beldum looked poised to attack while Gible glared at Ash "What's wrong with them" Ash asked Deino.

Deino walked up to them "Dei, Dei, Deino, Dei" Deino mewed to them. All of them seemed to be arguing except for Dratini who just sat in the water looking cute. Ash felt very uncomfortable and out of place before he noticed Dratini approaching him.

The others seemed to notice as well "Gib, Gible, Gib" Gible shouted towards Dratini. Dratini ignored Gible and stopped in front of Ash and cooed cutely up at it.

Ash bent down and held his hand out to Dratini. Dratini sniffed his hand slightly before rubbing its head against it cooing softly. Ash smiled gently and petted Dratini softly on its soft head. "You're friendly eh Dratini" Ash laughed.

"Beldum" Beldum cried in a deep voice before floating up to Ash and circling him before it seemed to smile "Beldum" it called out to the others.

Deino seemed to smirk at them "Dei, Dei" Deino said before running back over to Ash. Bagon, Larvitar and Gible looked at one another before hesitantly walking up to Ash. They looked at him suspiciously, but Ash only smiled at them.

"Don't worry I won't hurt any of you" Ash smiled reaching out and petting each of them on the head. They seemed surprised at Ash and began to relax slightly as Ash sat with all of them and they enjoyed the peace. "Hmm" Ash mused pulling out his Pokedex and scanned all of them starting with Dratini



Basic Info: The Dragon Pokémon. Dratini sheds its skin as it grows, often while hidden behind large powerful waterfalls

Sex: Female

Level: 25

Known Moves: Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Dragon Breath, Dragon Rage, Dragon Pulse, Hydro Pump.


Basic Info: The Rock Skin Pokémon. Larvitar generally hatch deep within the earth and take a long time before coming to the surface.

Sex: Male

Level: 27

Known Moves: Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Dark Pulse.


Basic Info: The Rock Head Pokémon. Bagon smashes itself against large rocks until its head eventually grows as hard as steel.

Sex: Female

Level: 27

Known Moves: Iron Head, Ember, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, Rock Smash


Basic Info: The Iron Ball Pokémon. Beldum floats by emitting magnetic waves from its body to repel the earth's magnetic fields. They launch their claws into cliffs when they sleep.

Level: 19

Sex: Genderless

Known Moves: Take Down


Basic Info: The Land Shark Pokémon. Gible once lived in the tropics, and to avoid cold it lives in caves warmed by geothermal heat.

Sex: Male

Level: 21

Known Moves: Dragon Breath, Dragon Rage, Rock Smash, Dragon Pulse, Sand Tomb, Dig


Basic Info: The Irate Pokémon. Deino tends to bite everything and is not picky. Approaching it carelessly is dangerous.

Sex: Female

Level: 35

Known Moves: Head Butt, Dragon Rage, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Crunch, Attract

Ash's eyes widened at their stats. Beldum, Bagon and Larvitar were close to evolving while the others were very strong as well. After putting his Pokedex away they began having fun with each other with Ash even taking a swim with Dratini in the small lake while the others watched. It was actually pretty nice, but soon Ash got out and got dressed after drying off. "It's been fun guys, but I got to get going. I'd love to have you all as my team, but you all look happy here" Ash said before he picked up his stuff, but he felt a tug on his leg. He looked to see little Dratini holding onto his leg cooing at him. The others walked up to him and gave their own cry to him. "You all want to come with me" Ash asked.

They all nodded at him while smiling.

"Alright" Ash said before pulling out five Pokeballs and the five of them were brought inside and they all glowed before the center went out. Ash couldn't contain himself and cheered loudly while picking up Deino and swinging it around and hugging it tightly making Deino mew happily.


Ash looked over the cliff at Pewter City "Finally I've arrived" Ash said to himself as he walked down the hill and into town. "Better make a stop at the Pokémon center first" he said walking to the Pokémon center first. He turned in his Pokémon and began waiting for them to finish being checked out. While waiting Ash mulled over his strategy on how to best go with his battle with the Pewter City Gym Leader. Not long after was his name finally called and Ash picked up his Pokémon giving a thanks to Nurse Joy. He strapped them to his belt and continued on his way to the Pewter City Gym.

He approached the rock shaped building and entered it confident in his abilities after training nonstop with his Pokémon for two weeks. "I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. I've come to request a battle with the Pewter City Gym Leader."

A tall young man walked out from the darkness of the Gym as the lights turned on. He was dark skinned, spiky brown hair, squinty eyes wearing an orange shirt, brown pants, with a green vest and brownish black shoes. "I'm Brock Harrison; the Pewter City Gym Leader and I accept your challenge." Now the Gym was all set with Brock on one side and Ash on the other side. On the side was a young boy that looked like Brock holding a red and green flag acting as referee.

"This will be a two on two battle with Brock Harrison of Pewter City vs. Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town with no time limit" Forrest announced "Let the battle begin."

"As Gym Leader I will show my Pokémon first" Brock announced "Geodude go." A small boulder shaped Pokémon with large fists appeared.

"Then I'll go with my own rock type" Ash said pulling out a Pokeball "Pupitar show them your will." Out appeared a spiky shining silver shell shaped Pokémon with red eyes.

"A Pupitar eh" Brock said slightly surprised "Those aren't native to Kanto."

"You are right" Ash smirked "But I came to battle. Pupitar use rock slide" Ash called. Pupitar smashed its bodies into rocks and rocks were then thrown at Geodude.

"Geodude use focus punch" Brock shouted. Geodude began punching through the rocks to avoid the damage, but was surprised when Pupitar appeared in front of it.

"Now use Dark Pulse" Ash called. A swirling purple beam formed in front of Pupitar before Pupitar launched it at Geodude and it hit Geodude head on and sent it flying back and smashing into the wall where it fell unconscious.

Forrest raised the green flag "Geodude is unable to battle. Pupitar is the winner." Brock recalled his Geodude.

"You're Pupitar is indeed very strong" Brock complimented "Obviously you've trained it well to be able to use such powerful attacks."

"Well thank you" Ash smiled.

"But now I fight you seriously" Brock said pulling out his second Pokeball "Onix let's go." Out came a massive rock Pokémon shaped like a snake with a large horn on top of its head.

Ash whistled slightly "That's a big Pokémon, but Pupitar can handle it. Pupitar rock smash let's go." Pupitar glowed and it charged at Onix.

"Onix iron tail" Brock called. Onix's tail glowed and it smashed into Pupitar and it became a struggle for power until they both jumped back. "Now use dragon breath" Brock called. A chartreuse ball of energy formed in Onix's mouth and fired it at Pupitar.

"Pupitar iron defense and follow it up with iron head" Ash called. Pupitar glowed a silver color as the dragon breath enveloped it, but then Pupitar charged through the dragon breath and hit Onix hard in the face.

"Onix bind it now" Brock called. Onix wrapped its tail around Pupitar and began constricting it tightly. "What now Ash, your Pupitar can't break out of this."

Ash smirked "I know. Pupitar dark pulse." Brock gaped as Pupitar managed to turn its face to Onix and fire dark pulse and hit Onix hard in the face making Onix release Pupitar as it fell to the ground.

"Onix no" Brock called.

"Finish it off with Flash Cannon" Ash called. Pupitar formed a silver energy in front of it before launching it at Onix and it hit dead on making Onix cry out in pain and once the smoke cleared Onix had swirls in its eyes.

Forrest raised the green flag "Onix is unable to battle. Pupitar is the winner. Since the gym leader has lost all Pokémon the winner is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town."

Recalling his downed Onix Brock smiled at Ash "Congratulations Ash" Brock said. "You won the match fair and square and your prize is the Boulder Badge as proof of your victory at the Pewter City Gym." Brock gave Ash a simple gray octagon badge.

"Thanks Brock" Ash said before recalling his Pupitar. Ash walked out of the Gym before calling out another Pokémon. It was long and blue in color with a serpentine body with a small horn on its forehead along with a big blue jewel under its neck. It was a Dragonair that had previously evolved from Dratini. Ash still remembered the day when it happened.


In the viridian forest Ash was training all six of his Pokémon at once with Deino squaring off against Gible since they were both duel dragon types while Bagon went against Beldum and Dratini against Pupitar. Larvitar was the first of Ash's Pokémon to evolve after they got into a scuffle with some Spearow and Larvitar sent them off with a powerful dark pulse. Apparently defeating that many Spearow at once allowed Larvitar to evolve into Pupitar. So now they were having a small training session.

"C'mon Beldum put a little more power into that take down" Ash encouraged as Beldum was just hit back by one of Bagon's dragon claw attacks. Beldum got back up groaning and glared at Bagon who wore an arrogant smirk on her proud face. Beldum was then surrounded in a white light and everybody stopped what they were doing as they all stared at Beldum.

The light died down and Beldum was no longer Beldum, but was now a different Pokémon entirely "Metang" the new Pokémon said in a deeper and stronger voice.

Ash pulled out his Pokedex and scanned Metang "Metang: The Iron Claw Pokémon. Metang is the evolved form of Beldum. It's highly developed intellect and strong magnetic force allows it to create powerful psychic energy."

"Congratulations Metang" Ash said patting Metang on its larger head. Metang gave off a cheerful smile as you could tell by the crinkling of its eyes. "Well Bagon I think you're in for a tougher match now" Ash grinned as Metang glowed with energy. Bagon looked slightly nervous, but she never backed down from a fight.

Their training went on for the next few hours before they called it a day. Ash gave them all something to eat before they all went to bed. They all slept outside of their Pokeballs for once with Metang and Pupitar near a tree leaning against each other. Bagon, Gible and Dratini were all huddled up together near another tree while Deino slept near Ash while Ash was asleep inside his sleeping bag. In the middle of the night Ash woke up because he had to go to the bathroom. After he was finished he noticed something in the water since they were near a small lake. His curiosity got the better of him so he walked over and saw something small in the water.

"Dratini" Ash called out. It was indeed Dratini as she looked over at Ash and cooed before she was enveloped in a bright white light. Ash gaped in shock before a wide smile lit his face "Dratini you're…" then Dratini began morphing into a much taller form of itself. Soon the light died down and Dratini had no evolved into Dragonair.

Dragonair cooed at Ash before flying out of the water and flying over to Ash. "Dragonair you look simply amazing" Ash said as they both hugged each other smiling happily. Ash couldn't wait to see the looks of shock on everyone's face in the morning.


Oh they were indeed surprised and they showed it the next morning. Now half of the team was evolved and the others still had some catching up to do. Deino had to get used to the fact that it would be the last one to evolve because of what level it took to evolve it.

"Dragonair can you give me a lift to Cerulean City for my next match" Ash asked. Dragonair nodded and cooed allowing Ash to get on top of her back before Dragonair took to the sky. Dragonair loved flying through the sky and Ash found that he loved the sights to. It was much better than walking, but Ash only used Dragonair to fly when he had to go over really long distances.

While flying above the air Ash was able to look down and see all the amazing sights as well as all of the bird Pokémon that flew alongside him. The sun was shining brightly and there wasn't even a cloud in the entire sky; a perfect day.

After a while of flying Ash and Dragonair made it to the outskirts of Cerulean City "Thanks Dragonair" Ash said returning her to his Pokeball. Ash then began walking towards Cerulean City for the Cerulean City Gym and win a Cascade Badge. When he got there he was somewhat disappointed as he saw that there was a show going on right now involving three woman known as the Sensational sisters. Normally Ash would be bored at this kind of thing, but he was actually impressed with how well they dived as well as with the performance they put on.

He decided to sit around until after the show was over. An hour later it ended and Ash was the only one left in the stands waiting patiently "Hey kid the show ended why are you still here" the blond haired one, Daisy asked.

"This is the Cerulean City Gym right" Ash asked "I've come here for a battle."

The blue haired one, Violet, sighed "You see…"

"We don't feel like battling right now" the pink haired one, Lily, finished.

"What, why not" Ash asked.

"We just got beat three times in a row by these three kids from this nowhere place called Pallet Town" Daisy said.

'Great' Ash thought to himself.

"We immediately had to rush all of our Pokémon to the Pokémon center" Lily said pulling out a Pokeball "This is the only one we have left." She released the Pokémon inside to reveal a flopping Goldeen making Ash sweat drop. "If it would evolve into Seaking we could battle with it, but all it knows is its horn attack."

Daisy clapped her hands "Oh Seal" she called. A white seal shaped Pokémon jumped out of the water and stuck its tongue out revealing a blue tear dropped shaped badge. "This is what you want right" Daisy asked "A Cascade Badge. Take it, it's yours."

"Thanks, but I would rather earn my badges" Ash said feeling uncomfortable with taking a badge for free.

"Just take it we don't mind" Violet said with a wink. Ash sighed and just decided to take it.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE" another voice shouted making Ash and the others stop in place. They turned to see another girl standing in the doorway. She wore a yellow shirt that exposed part of her midriff with red overalls with short blue jean shorts, red shoes with short flaming hair with a sideways ponytail. "Giving badges away again Daisy" she asked angrily.

"Misty you're back" Daisy said in a surprised voice. "Have you become a Master Water Pokémon trainer yet?"

Misty blushed slightly "No not yet" she said quietly. Then she turned her gaze to Ash and Ash gulped slightly as she marched up and got in his face "And you; don't think you can come into this gym and get a free badge just because my sisters suck at battling."

"Hey" the three of them cried out.

"Sorry" she said not breaking eye contact. "So if you want that Cascade Badge you have to battle me; Misty the true leader of the Cerulean Gym." So here they were on platforms in the center of the pool "The rules of this match are three on three" Misty called out. She pulled out a Pokeball "Misty calls Staryu." Out came a five sided brown star shaped Pokémon with a jewel in the center of it.

"Alright then" Ash said pulling out a Pokeball "Gible show them your will" Ash called. Out appearing on another platform was the small land shark Pokemon with a roar.

"What the heck is that thing" Misty cried with a freaked out look on her face.

"It's not a thing" Ash said "His name is Gible and he's gonna win this match. Gible use dragon rage" Ash called. Gible formed a swirling yellow ball in its mouth and launched it at Staryu.

"Staryu dodge it quickly" Misty called. Staryu dodged to the side, but was unprepared for Gible to appear right next to it 'Fast' Misty thought shocked.

"Rock smash now" Ash called. Gible's fist glowed and it punched Staryu hard in the center of his body and Staryu flew back and hit the wall hard and wasn't moving.

"Staryu return" Misty called recalling her down Pokémon. She stared out at Ash as he merely stood there calmly while his Gible was smirking. Misty pulled out her next Pokeball "Misty calls Lapras." Out came a massive Pokémon that was shaped like a plesiosaur. It was blue in color with a long neck, black eyes, curled ears and a short horn in its head. The underside of it was cream colored with four flippers and a large shell on its back that was littered with blunt knobs.

"A Lapras" Ash said surprised "How'd you catch a Lapras when they're native to colder regions?"

Misty smirked "They are also native to the Orange Islands to raise their young. I got this one a long time ago. Now Lapras use ice beam." Lapras opened its mouth and launched a massive ice beam at Gible, who jumped back and avoided the ice beam attacks.

"Alright Gible use Dragon pulse" Ash called. Gible formed a green orb in its mouth and launched it at Lapras who dived under water.

"Lapras Giga Impact now" Misty called. Lapras dived out from under the water and smashed itself into Gible making Gible cry out and fly through the air, but it stopped and landed on it's legs wincing slightly.

"Hang in there Gible" Ash called. "Now get Lapras with Dragon Claw" Gible charged forward with its fist glowing blue and it hit Lapras hard in the face making it cry out as it was launched back into the water.

"Lapras why didn't you dodge it" Misty called out.

"You don't know" Ash said incredulously making Misty look at him. "Giga Impact is one of the most powerful moves a Pokémon can use, but it has a fatal drawback. Every time it's used the Pokémon that used it must recharge until the next turn so Lapras couldn't dodge it making it easy prey for my Gible.

"Right I forgot" Misty grit her teeth "Lapras ice beam now." Lapras launched an ice beam at Gible and Gible managed to dodge most of it however it was skinned on the side making it wince in pain.

"Gible dragon pulse" Ash called. Gible formed the green attack again and launched it and this time it hit Lapras head on making it cry out in pain before falling face first into the pool with its eyes swirly.

"Lapras no" Misty cried. Lapras didn't move making Misty recall it. 'Darn it how is that little thing so strong? Just how did this Ash kid make his Pokémon so strong?'

"Hey c'mon Misty don't give up now" Daisy shouted "You can do it little sis."

Misty felt a little spark of confidence return to her 'Thanks Daisy' she thought. "I'll admit that you're good Ash, but I save my best for last" she said pulling out her final Pokeball "Misty calls Gyarados." Out came a massive serpentine Pokémon with an angry face making Gible's defense fall due to Gyarados' intimidate ability. "Gyarados hydro pump let's go" Misty called.

"Gible dodge it" Ash called. Gyarados launched a massive stream of water from its mouth towards Gible who managed to dodge it in time "Now use dragon breath." Gible formed a chartreuse ball of energy in his mouth and launched it at Gyarados.

"Dodge and use iron tail" Misty called. Gyarados dodged the dragon breath and smashed its glowing tail into Gible making it cry out as it was launched back and smashed against the wall.

"Gible" Ash cried. Gible struggled to get up and it did before roaring and jumping back onto the platform sweating and panting.

"Alright Gyarados end it with Dragon Rage" Misty called. Gyarados formed a swirling orange ball in its mouth, but did not fire it.

"Hang in there Gible I know you can do it" Ash shouted. Gible glared up at Gyarados and refused to be beaten so it gave out a loud shout as its body glowed. Ash, Misty and everyone else gaped in shock. It then morphed into a taller Pokémon with fins on its arms, backs and legs; it had a read underbelly, horns that resembled plane engines along with black sclera's and yellow irises.

"Gabite" the new Pokémon hissed.

"Gible evolved into Gabite" Ash said shocked and then smirked "Alright Gabite use brick break." Gabite's arm glowed brightly and it charged at Gyarados and hit it hard in the chest making Gyarados cry out in pain.

"Gyarados hyper beam now" Misty shouted. 'That thing got a lot faster after evolving' she thought frustrated. Gyarados fired a hyper beam at Gabite who simply dodged it "Keep them going Gyarados" Misty called. Gyarados kept firing Hyper Beam after hyper beam at Gabite.

"Gabite let's end this" Ash called "Use Dragon Rush." Gabite gained a sapphire blue glow around it and rushed at Gyarados and hit it hard in the chest severely weakening it "Now stone edge." Stones appeared around Gabite and Gabite launched them at Gyarados and they hit on making Gyarados fall back into the pool with swirls in its eyes.

Misty looked on wide eyed at her defeated Gyarados before smiling slightly "Gyarados return" she said quietly. "I'm very proud of you" she whispered.

"Alright Gabite you did it" Ash cheered embracing the dragon "You were awesome." Gabite roared in agreement and smashed its fists together.

Ash met Misty off of the pool and on the side with his Gabite next to him "Well Ash that was a good battle" Misty said "You're an awesome trainer. And it is my pleasure to award you with the Cascade Badge."

"Thanks" Ash said taking the badge. He then turned and left with Gabite in tow.

"Misty you were, like, totally awesome in battle" Violet complimented her younger sister.

"Yeah totally" Daisy and Lily agreed.

"Thanks you guys" Misty said.

"But you still aren't as pretty as us" Lily grinned cheekily.

"Way to ruin the moment" Misty grumbled while the others laughed at her.

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