Rise of the Demon King

By Revelias


Author's Note: I don't in any way own Naruto or anything contained within the Naruto universe.

I am only borrowing the characters for the duration of this story so please don't sue me.


Chapter 1: Classified

"Do you want to know why everyone hates you?" Mizuki callously asked the orange clad child before him.

"Mizuki! You can't, it's forbidden!" Iruka's strained voice pleaded with the treacherous shinobi.

"Oh, but I think our little friend here deserves to know the truth, don't you?" Began the silver haired chunin.

"The truth is, Naruto, that twelve years ago when the Fourth Hokage fought the nine-tailed fox but wasn't able to kill the demon. So he did the only thing he could and sealed the beast into some stray bastard child. Being the fool that he is the Third refused to kill the demon and instead took the child into his protection while passing a law forbidding anyone who knew the truth from speaking of it on penalty of death." Said the former Leaf shinobi.

"And do you know what, you little shit, that child was you! You are the nine-tailed fox!" Mizuki finished as a malicious smile spread across his face and he and Iruka waited for the inevitable cries of denial they were certain would come.

During the entirety of Mizuki's tirade Naruto had never moved, had never said a single word. Even now at the end he remained still as though waiting for the trader to say something more.

"Is that all or is there something more you wanted to tell me?" Naruto said barely loud enough for either Iruka or Mizuki too hear before vanishing from sight in a flash of crimson."

"Hiraishin! But, it can't be... it just can't be." Iruka mumbled shocked at the technique his worst student had just performed.

"You little shit! Who do you think you're trying to fool! I don't know what that was but there's no way you could ever pull off that jutsu!" Mizuki yelled as her franticly began to scan the area for any sign of his pray. All the while trying desperately not to give away the fact that Naruto's display of skill had unnerved him far more then he dared to admit.

"You have disrespected not only the Third and the Fourth Hokages, but also my mother and my father. Beyond that you have betrayed your oath to the village, broken the Third's law and caused harm to one of the few people in this world who actually give a damn about me. For what you have done I'm going to make you regret ever being born!" Naruto's voice echoed from the shadows as hundreds of shadow clones appeared in swirls of flames surrounding the traderous chunin.

Despite his confidence Mizuki was no fool and quickly attempted to flee in a futile attempt to escape the small army that had suddenly surprised him. Only to to realize that any such escape was completely out of the question. Within moments the chunin was engulfed in a sea of orange as clone after clone bore down upon him.

Still Mizuki struggled in vain fight back against the seemingly never ending copies of Naruto's that assaulted him before his body gave into the pain and he began to lose consciousness.

"Don't die yet traitor. You still need to answer to the Hokage." One of the multitude of clones coldly spat as another brutally kicked Mizuki in the ribs bringing him back into the waking world.

"Naruto? Is that really you? How did you do all that?" Iruka asked as he stumbled towards the horde of orange clad teens.

"Are you alright Iruka Sensei? You look pretty beat up." Naruto said as he moved to help the injured chunin while the majority of his clones vanished from existence.

"I'm fine and don't try to change the subject. I want to know how you were able to perform such advanced jutsu when you can't make a decent clone?" Iruka asked while allowing Naruto to help him to a nearby tree.

"I'm sorry Sensei but that's classified." Said the blond before checking to ensure that his clones had securely restrained Mizuki.

"Classified? Naruto how could anything your capable of doing be classified your just an academy student." Iruka argued seconds before a team of Anbu and the Third appeared from the shadows.

"Iruka you will cease your questions! Naruto is not allowed to speak to anyone but myself and those I determine to be in a need to know. However, because you have seen some of his skills in practice I will explain everything too you once we're back in the village." Hiruzen said before turning his attention on the blond.

"Now that that is settled. Report."

"Hai, Hokage-sama.

As per your orders I successfully stole and replaced the Forbidden Scroll with a duplicate before coming here to meet with Mizuki. Everything was proceeding according to plan until Iruka Sensei was able to locate me sooner then I had expected. Because of his presence I was forced to play along with Mizuki's tirade in order to ensure that the traitor would incriminate himself.

Because of his lack of information Iruka Sensei had no ideal of what was actually happening and was subsequently injured while trying to protect me when the traitor attacked. I then proceeded to apprehend Mizuki with the results being as you see them." Naruto explained to the village leader.

"Very well. But I will want a more detailed written report by tomorrow Naruto as well as one from you Iruka." Said the Third to the aggravation of the blond before him.

"But JiJi I just told you everything that happened!" Naruto whined to the Third's amusement.

"I'm sure you did. But the fact remains that when any shinobi completes a mission a written report detailing that mission must be submitted for the official record. Even as a genin you should know that." Hiruzen replied as before he and the others vanished leaving a stunned and smiling Naruto behind.

To be continued