Starting Over in the Past

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The Hidden Rain Village, or just the Land of Rain; it doesn't really matter, was a barren wasteland that was surrounded by a constant torrential downpour of rain. The skies were always dark and the lightning always flashed every minute or so with the thunder roaring about three seconds before it would flash. Most people just thought that the land was crying for the poor unfortunate souls that lived there.

It all started during the First Great Shinobi War with all five of the newly formed nations fighting each other. The minor nations like Grass, Waterfall and Rain that were in between all five nations were the ones that suffered the most of all. The War eventually ended when all five nations called an armistice, but only after all of them were severely weakened. It led to the Deaths of the First and Second Hokage's of the Leaf; the death of the first Raikage and permanent cripple of the Second Raikage of the Cloud; the First Kazekage of the Sand was mutilated beyond recognition; the first Mizukage of the Mist was also taken down along with the First Tsuchikage of the Stone. The minor nations were more devastated by the war, albeit they had more time to rebuild it than the other nations did.

It has now been twenty five years since the war ended and now the Second Great Shinobi War broke out with the major nations being the Leaf, Sand and Earth villages. The Land of Rain was right in the center of those three nations so it was the grounds for most of the major battles leaving most of the area destroyed.

Right now the battles ceased and all was silent except for the massive rain falling down on the ground. In the middle of a blank area surrounded by rocks the rain was coming down heavily and then the wind around that area began picking up. Then lightning began, surprisingly, cackling off of the rocks around there and then a black portal opened up in the space-time continuum.

It enlarged and the ground below cracked and began heating up quickly and then a body fell out of the portal onto the ground. The portal slowly closed and the lightning and wind cackling off of it dispersed and completely disappeared. The body slowly turned onto its stomach and seemed to be in some serious pain as it grunted and gasped for air while trying not to scream. The person was a male and was completely nude in appearance and was sweating harshly even though rain was pelting his body.

The person seemed to regain control of himself as he panted in exhaustion. He stood up and the rain began pelting his body even more and his long wild spiky blond hair went slightly flat as it stuck to his shoulders. He looked around the area "It looks like I'm in the right place" the person said. His voice was soft and childlike "Is that my voice" he asked himself testing his voice again. "Well the aging process seemed to have worked, but am I in the right time."

The boy was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. He looked like he was only eight years old when in reality he was 21 years old. Naruto sent himself back in time from over 35 years in the future after the ending of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. He fought against Madara and his revived army of famous Shinobi and Zetsu's. With his new control of the Ninetails Naruto was able to decimate most of Madara's army and was the one responsible for finding out the weakness to the seemingly invincible Edo Tensei jutsu.

It was actually quite simple and it was all thanks to Itachi and the power he gave Naruto; Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan's ultimate technique known as Kotoamatsukami. This gave Naruto the ultimate advantage over Madara's revived army. Itachi told Naruto that this technique could only be used once a decade, but Naruto found a way around it. Thanks to Naruto having a vast amount of Yang Chakra thanks to gaining control of the Ninetails he could feed the Yang Chakra into the eye allowing it to recharge, but it would take a total of twenty minutes to recharge its power. He could use it continuously burning chakra as he did and it would only need to recharge once he deactivated it.

Anyway with Madara's army slowly being decimated by Naruto was when he had to take up measures. He sent his own Six Paths of Pain with his Rinnegan that he took from Nagato, which turned out to be the Six Dead Jinchuuriki. That was the toughest battle Naruto had next to fighting Madara. Naruto managed to free them all with Kotoamatsukami and told them to help bring down Madara.

With all of the Jinchuuriki on Naruto's side was when Naruto along with Killer Bee, Gaara and all the other Jinchuuriki was when they marched towards Madara and Kabuto and confronted them and they all fought.

It was alike a battle with the Gods as each clash caused explosion after explosion. Kabuto was a pathetic little snake who could barely hold his own to someone more powerful than him so he was taken out first by Gaara and Killer Bee. He whined like a little bitch the whole time.

Then they focused all of their efforts on Madara and after three days and nights of battling the fourth day sun rose on the battlefield with Madara finally defeated thanks to all of them blasting Madara with their most powerful techniques. Madara may have been immortal thanks to his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, but since his body was literally vaporized by their combined techniques his spirit had nowhere to go so Madara was finally claimed by the Shinigami.

Then it was a showdown between Naruto and Sasuke a week later. Sasuke was the only threat left in the war with Zetsu and his black half along with the clone army destroyed and all of the revived Shinobi sent back to rest.

That battle was very rough as well with each one of them giving it their all just like they did back at the Valley of the end, but Sasuke now had the Eternal Mangekyou as well and Naruto knew the only way he'd win and bring peace is if he killed Sasuke. In the end both of them killed each other with Sasuke getting a Chidori through Naruto's heart and Naruto obliterating Sasuke's body with a Rasenshuriken.

Naruto only managed to keep his eyes on Sasuke long enough to see Sasuke smile slightly at Naruto before his body was completely destroyed by the Rasenshuriken. Naruto died right then and there having brought an end to five long and bloody years of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. He may not have become Hokage, but he was honored as the greatest hero in all of History.

Yet Naruto did not die thanks to Kyuubi activating a hidden bloodline within Naruto known as the Jikukan Kekkei Genkai or the Space-Time Bloodline. He then sent Naruto back in time telling him he would have a chance to redo everything and bring about peace without the cost of so many lives. That brings Naruto to where he is now surprisingly in an eight year olds body.

Naruto moved swift and surely into the night and after a few minutes of running the naked eight year old came across a town. Quickly Naruto used as much stealth as he could to maneuver around and not be spotted. He stopped behind and alley and looked out to see a mother and son buying something from a stand. The mother was at the stand while the kid was playing around in the rain. Naruto snuck up behind the kid and put a hand over his mouth and dragged him back into the alley.

"Alright honey let's go" the mother said picking up her groceries. She dropped them when she couldn't see her son in sights "Honey where are you" she cried with widened eyes. Some Shinobi stopped by her.

"What's the problem ma'am" one of them asked.

"My son's missing" the mother cried. Crying met her ears and she turned to see her son stumbling out of the alley without his pants on. "Oh honey" she cried scooping him in her arms "What's wrong?"

"He took my pants" the boy cried pointing at Naruto who quickly took off down the alley.

"After him" the Shinobi shouted as they gave chase after Naruto. Naruto swerved in and out of the back alleys and jumped over a dumpster before hiding behind it.

Two Shinobi passed by and the third one came soon after "Damn how hard is it to find a kid" one of them muttered "You two go look up ahead. I'll stake out this area." The two Shinobi nodded and jumped off into the next area.

Naruto took his chance when the guy's back was turned. He jumped out and wrapped his arms around the guy's neck surprising him and bringing him to the ground. Naruto wrenched a kunai from the guys holster and held it to his throat threatening to slit it open. "What day is it, the date" Naruto hissed pressing the kunai closer.

"Seventeenth… November… Friday" the Shinobi stuttered.

"What year" Naruto nearly yelled. Now the guys just looked confused as Naruto could tell by the confused look he gave him. Naruto then went stiff since he could sense the other two Shinobi coming back. "Sorry nothing personal" Naruto apologized and whacked the guy on the back of the head with the handle of the kunai knocking him unconscious.

Naruto then took off down another alley and ended up in a dead end. Naruto looked around and saw a window; he quickly opened it up and went inside and shut the window. He looked around and saw that he was, ironically, in a clothing store for civilians and Shinobi. Naruto quickly ran over to the Shinobi section. The first thing he did was snatch a bag to carry a lot of the stuff, then swiped some sealing scrolls, jutsu scrolls of each element, kunai, shuriken, ninja wire, explosive tags, flash bombs and smoke bombs. After putting all of them away Naruto quickly ran over to the main weapons station and grabbed some main weapons like swords, tanto, scythes and spears etc. once he got enough he sealed most of them inside of sealing scrolls. 'Jackpot' he thought to himself.

"He's in here somewhere" a Shinobi's voice said.

"Crap" Naruto cursed. Grabbing his stuff Naruto ran to the clothing section careful to avoid the Shinobi. He ducked as two Shinobi walked past him looking about. While they did Naruto sneakily grabbed a Black shirt and slipped it on and then grabbed a grey rain coat to cover him up in the rain. Finally Naruto managed to sneak over to the shoe section and found a pair that matched his size.

Hiding in a changing booth Naruto slipped them on and tightened them tightly. Then he ran upstairs to the window and hopped out and using what chakra he had access to he slid down the wall.

'Damn my younger body doesn't have nearly as much chakra as my older self did' Naruto grunted feeling some exhaustion already setting in. 'I need to start my training now' he thought as he pulled the hood over his head and hid the bag of stolen items in his coat and then began to mingle with the crowd and blend in.

Soon he got out of the crowd and ran off to an abandoned area underneath a rock formation and sat under there. He looked up at the dark sky as rain fell endlessly 'I promised you I would bring peace… and I will… Nagato' Naruto thought silently.

You see Naruto picked to come back in this time period because this is the time where Yahiko, Nagato and Konan would meet each other and from the Akatsuki in the future. Naruto would find Yahiko first and then he would work from there in finding Konan and Nagato. This time he would work to stop Nagato from suffering so much in the future and he would make sure Yahiko didn't die.

With those determined thoughts in his mind Naruto drifted off into sleep. Yet his dream was anything, but peaceful.


Screams were flying around everywhere and bodies were being blown apart. "Get a medical squad" Naruto shouted slashing a Zetsu in half "Now God damn it" he shouted again.

Forming a Rasengan in one hand the nineteen year old Naruto slammed it through two Zetsu and blew them apart. "We're being overrun" another Shinobi shouted "Retreat. Naruto fall back to the base. Get your men out of there."

"To the base" Naruto shouted to his Shinobi. He turned blocking three Zetsu and killed them all quickly "To the base" he shouted again. He turned and spotted a familiar Shinobi friend of his "Neji" he shouted. The long haired Hyuga turned to Naruto as he killed another Zetsu. "To the base" he shouted.

Neji nodded panting "To the base" he shouted to the other Shinobi. They all were trying to retreat now "Hurry up" he shouted again. Neji turned and used his Jyuken on another Zetsu killing him quickly, but he didn't see another one in his blind spot as it stabbed him in the stomach. Neji grunted and gasped as he got the Zetsu in the throat before pulling the blade from his stomach.

Now with the wound and the disorientation from battling so long made Neji dizzy so he didn't see another enemy from behind as Zetsu slashed him right down the head and spine. Neji gasped as his body went rigid "Neji" Naruto shouted running towards him. Neji slowly fell to his knees as the Zetsu looked very satisfied.

Naruto ran towards him and punching and kicking other Zetsu out of his way. Neji felt his vision going dark as he blinked trying to keep focus as he looked all around and saw bodies of his dead comrades everywhere. Naruto made it to Neji and supported him on his knee, but Neji's head rolled back and his eyes were blank and lifeless and he stopped breathing. Naruto stared on with a blank expression as he placed his hand on Neji's chest. Turning to the enemies Naruto roared as he set Neji's dead body down and charged at them all with his red eyes glowing.


Naruto woke up with a gasp and on instinct formed a Rasengan in his hand. Once he saw where he was he calmed down a bit and let the attack dissipate. 'Damn flashbacks' he thought as he got up and made his way out into the rain.

He honestly didn't know where he was going, but his instincts told him this was the right way. He eventually led himself back into a smaller town that had food stands everywhere full of bread and fruit and all kinds of other things. Naruto felt his stomach growl and he realized he hadn't eaten anything in a while. Discreetly he made a clone and gave him a sack to steal as much stuff as possible. Five minutes later the clone returned with a sack filled with yummy stiff making Naruto smirk slightly.

Naruto then took off out of town before anyone realized he had stolen anything. On his way back to his hideout Naruto saw someone on the ground. Quickly Naruto rushed over and saw it was a boy about a year and a half younger than him wearing raggy clothes and had spiky orange hair. Naruto's eyes widened 'Could it be…' he thought. Naruto dropped the sack and flipped the kid over and once he saw his face his eyes widened. "Yahiko" Naruto whispered quietly.

Quickly Naruto made a clone and had it carry Yahiko back to the hideout. Once they got there Naruto pulled out a spare blanket and pillow and put Yahiko under it to keep him warm and then started a small fire with some wood he gathered earlier. All Naruto could do now was wait for Yahiko to wake up so he passed the time by pulling out some bread his clone took and began munching on it.

Hours later Yahiko groaned slightly and shifted before opening his eyes slightly. His young body ached all over from the three days walk he made. He remembered it all like it was yesterday even though three days had passed. His parents ended up being killed by Earth and Sand Shinobi during the war and he was forced to fend for himself, but he couldn't make it to a close enough town and three days of travelling later he finally passed out, but now he was waking up in this kind of area 'Where am I' Yahiko thought to himself.

"So you're finally awake" Naruto said. Yahiko jumped in surprise and turned to see Naruto without his jacket on roasting some chicken over a fire. Yahiko caught the scent of the heavenly meat and his mouth watered and his stomach rumbled. Naruto smiled slightly and pulled it off of the fire seeing it was done. Naruto ripped half of it off and held it out to Yahiko "Go on" Naruto said.

Not one to say no to food Yahiko dug into it and ate it with gusto "Slow down or you'll make yourself sick" Naruto said. Ignoring all proper etiquette Yahiko guzzled it all down in a matter of a minute.

Yahiko swallowed his last bite and regained use of his voice as he looked over at Naruto as he munched on his own chicken "Excuse me, but who are you" Yahiko asked.

"Me" Naruto asked "I'm just a lonely orphan like yourself." Yahiko's eyes widened slightly "You're probably wondering how I could tell you were an orphan without asking right? It's quite obvious since no parent would let their kid wander around alone by themselves. You also looked half dead when I found you and your probably would have died of either starvation or from pneumonia from being in the rain for too long."

"Um thanks I guess" Yahiko said "I'm Yahiko by the way."

"The names Naruto nice to meet ya" Naruto grinned. "So where'd you come from before… you know?"

Yahiko's eyes darkened "A small town north from here. We were one of the last ones left since the area was all war torn by enemy Shinobi. My parents and I were trying to escape and get to another town when Sand and Earth Shinobi attacked each other right near our house. All I remember is an explosion and the next thing I remember is waking up here."

"I see" Naruto said "You must have been running on pure adrenaline on account of your bodies need to survive."

"I guess" Yahiko said "What about you?"

"My parents were also victims of war" Naruto said "They went to Konoha to help end the war and actually came close to it, but a madman got to them and killed them before they could accomplish it. I lived here with another relative until I ended up in the same situation as you."

"Sorry to hear that man" Yahiko said.

"Don't worry about it" Naruto said "I've been on my own for a year now and you kind of get used to it after a while. You're welcome to stay if you want to."

"You're gonna let me stay" Yahiko said shocked.

"Well us orphans have got to stick together" Naruto said "We got to watch each other's backs because we've got no one else that will. Plus I've got enough food here to last us both for another month."

Yahiko grinned, "Sweet thanks a lot man." Naruto grinned back and the two of them bumped fists together.


Two months passed and Naruto and Yahiko gained a reputation as two great thieves as they stole easily and never got caught managing to get away quickly. Naruto was glad he found Yahiko first as the two of them were a lot alike. They were both carefree and loved pulling pranks and they both counted on each other and were not afraid to put their necks on the line for one another if they ended up in a bind.

"Another successful haul" Yahiko laughed as he munched on an apple while Naruto cooked some meat.

"I know" Naruto laughed as well "When will they learn that they can't catch us."

"I don't know; when they grow a pair of legs" they both laughed and slapped hands together. "But seriously you're pretty quick; how'd you get so fast?"

"Years of practice my friend" Naruto said. He continued in a sage like voice "One day my young grasshopper you too will be as fast as I."

Yahiko gave Naruto a deadpan look "Don't EVER talk like that again." Naruto chuckled and continued cooking the meat when he sensed something. It was a dying chakra and it was very weak and close by.

"Yahiko wait here for a minute" Naruto said seriously grabbing his raincoat.

"Where are you going" Yahiko asked.

"I think I hear something out there, I'm just gonna go check it out real quick" Naruto said going out into the rain.

"Okay, but if you're not back when the meat's done I get your portion" Yahiko called.

"Not on your life you won't" Naruto called back. Naruto proceeded to where he sensed something and once he turned a corner he saw a body on the ground. Quickly Naruto raced over towards the body and saw that it was the body of a little girl. She was in the same ragged state when Naruto found Yahiko, but the most distinguishing feature about her was her shoulder length blue hair. Naruto's eyes widened "Konan" Naruto whispered.

Naruto remembered all about Konan from the one time they actually met. She was always on alert when Naruto spoke with Nagato and even after he died she told him that she would believe in him and always be there to support him. It wasn't until three years later did Naruto learn that she was murdered by Madara in order for him to gain Nagato's Rinnegan.

"Hang in there Konan" Naruto said picking her up bridal style. Naruto made his way back to the cave where Yahiko was waiting "Oi Yahiko" Naruto called as he entered the area.

"Yeah what is-" Yahiko stopped when he noticed Naruto carrying Konan "Who's that?"

"Another orphan by the looks of it" Naruto said "I found her out in the rain. By the looks of it she's been out there even longer than you have. Get the blankets she needs to warm up." Yahiko nodded and went to get some blankets. He returned quickly; Naruto placed Konan gently on the ground while Yahiko covered her up and then Yahiko tossed Naruto a pillow that he gently placed under her head and now she was resting peacefully. "She should be fine now; we should just let her sleep" Naruto said.

"Yeah" Yahiko said.

They went back to what they were doing with Naruto occasionally glancing back at Konan 'That's two down and one to go' Naruto thought as he glanced at Konan again. 'If I can make friends with all three of them then we can change the future and take down Madara together. Now that I think about it…' Naruto thought glancing at Konan again 'Konan is pretty cute.' Pushing those thoughts aside Naruto focused on finishing dinner for him and Yahiko, and Konan if she woke up.

Konan stirred a few hours later feeling her body stiff and sore, but, surprisingly, warm as she glanced to her side to see a campfire. 'Someone found me' she thought slightly groggy. Then comprehension dwelled on her 'Someone found me' she sat up quickly and looked around frantically.

"Finally awake huh" Naruto asked from behind her as he munched on some beef. Konan turned quickly and stared at the two boys as they munched on finely cooked beef. Konan shook slightly as she didn't know what to think and pulled the blankets closer to her petite frame 'Damn I don't think I've ever seen someone this scared before.'

"Hey calm down we're not gonna hurt you or anything" Yahiko said trying to calm her down. It didn't work so well.

Naruto pulled another skewer of meat from the fire "Here, have some; it's nice and tender" Naruto said holding it out to her. The young girl swallowed as the heavenly aroma washed into her senses. "Go on; it's better while it's hot."

'Who are those two' Konan thought to herself 'They seem like orphans. Why would they share food with me?'

"It's not poisoned or anything" Yahiko said "Its blasphemy to poison a good chunk of meat like this. Don't you think so Naruto?"

"Oh I concur Yahiko" Naruto agreed as they both chuckled a bit. Despite the situation Konan also giggled slightly. "But seriously there's nothing in it beside the usual spices so go on. I can tell you haven't eaten in days." Finally the young girl gave into the hunger and took the skewer and gobbled it down at a pace that rivaled Yahiko "Careful you'll choke if you go any faster."

Ignoring Naruto she continued to chew greedily before swallowing her last bite "Thank you and all, but who are you two?"

"I'm Yahiko" the orange haired boy grinned.

"I'm Naruto" the yellow haired boy smiled "Now since we introduced ourselves; it's only fair you tell us your name."

"Konan" she said quietly. She was still wary of the two boys even if they did save her and give her food "Where exactly am I" she asked timidly.

"You're in our hideout" Yahiko said. "Naruto found this place a while ago and let me tag along once he rescued me from the rain. We've been together ever since and have built quite a reputation as a duo of thieves."

"Thieves" Konan said surprised "But isn't stealing wrong?" The two boys stared at her blankly before eyeing each other and then they busted out laughing and fell to the ground holding their stomachs as tears of mirth went down their eyes. Konan looked confused before pouting cutely "What's so funny?"

"You" Yahiko laughed "Oh man I needed that." Yahiko then turned serious "But seriously now we're in the middle of a hell of a poverty session. Out here it's survival of the fittest and you got to steal to survive."

"And if you can't do that" Naruto finished "It'll be as if we never found you." He knew he was being a little harsh, but it was for the best. Konan shivered and huddled herself tightly as some tears gathered in her eyes. Naruto walked forward and put his hand on her shoulder and rubbed softly making her look at him. Naruto then realized that she had beautiful amber eyes "That's why we'll make sure you get the hang of it."

"You're gonna let her stay with us" Yahiko asked surprised as Konan looked at Naruto surprised.

"Well why not" Naruto said "She's another orphan like we are and we can't just send her back out into the rain to fend for herself when she clearly doesn't know how to, no offense" he added when he saw her insulted face.

"Good point" Yahiko consented.

"Plus" Naruto said with a wide smirk "She's got that cute, innocent face that can distract even the grumpiest of venders." Konan blushed bright red at what Naruto just said.

Yahiko hummed as he stared at Konan "Yeah you're right." He then grinned "What do you say Konan you want to join our little group?"

Konan looked back and forth between Yahiko and Naruto before giving a small smile "Yes please" she said.

"Then welcome" Naruto said grinning "Looks like we need to change our title to Trio of Thieves instead of Duo." All three of them shared a laugh at that. Naruto thought to himself 'Now I've got Yahiko and Konan, which means that only Nagato is left and if Nagato's story is true then Konan should find him in a little bit once she goes out on a walk.'


Another month had passed and Naruto and Yahiko had been teaching Konan the basics of acting all innocent and needy and after the first two tries she became a master of it. She even fooled Yahiko and Naruto at times with that innocent face of hers. Naruto just hoped that she didn't become a seductress in the future.

Right now they were in the middle of another heist to steal some dinner. "Sir can you please spare some meat" Konan begged with her tired, poor, innocent little girl face on "I haven't eaten anything in days."

"I don't have anything to give to you" the old man grumped.

"Stingy old man" Konan said.

"What'd you say brat" the old man yelled. Behind him Yahiko held out a sack while Naruto cut meats lose and dropped them in a sack. They then took off running before the old man noticed them and Konan left soon after and they met up behind an alley.

"Nice job Konan" Naruto and Yahiko grinned. Konan grinned sticking her tongue out.

"Don't be too proud brats" a voice said. Their eyes widened as they were now surrounded by three muscular men. "It's about time we caught you brats and now you're gonna pay for all you've stolen."

"Really now" Naruto said in a surprisingly cold voice. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a kunai and twirled it n his finger before holding it tightly in his hands "Bring it on."

"Naruto what are you doing" Yahiko hissed.

"We need to get out of here now" Konan cried.

"This little brat's asking for it" one of the thugs said "Let's get him before we take care of the other two. Leave the girl alive though. She's gonna become a hell of a beauty in the future and we could fetch a nice price for her in the black market." Konan's eyes widened and she shook in fright and hid behind Yahiko.

"Try it scumbag" Naruto said standing in front of them.

"With pleasure" they shouted and charged at Naruto. The main one got to Naruto first, but Naruto jumped over his fist and then kicked him in the face sending him into the ground. Jumping over the down guy's back Naruto appeared in between the other two guys and did a twisting kick nailing them both in the face and sending them into the wall. Expanding his senses Naruto's eye hardened and he did a back flip and dodged the first guy's punch again and back flipped back to a wide eyed Konan and Yahiko.

"Whoa that was awesome" Yahiko said.

Konan nodded "Yeah."

"What are you idiots doing" the first thug hissed towards the other two as they stood up, "He's just a kid. Let's kill him already."

"Idiots" Naruto said as he held his hand with the kunai into the air and the kunai floated above Naruto's head getting more wide eyed looks. Naruto then flashed through three quick hand seals that ended in the tiger seal "Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." The kunai floating above Naruto morphed into many Kunai and then Naruto made the dragon seal and they all began glowing a dark blue color "Kansatsu Tobikunai" Naruto said shooting his hand forward. The kunai's shot forward and began enveloping the thugs. Yahiko and Konan watched wide eyed while Naruto just stood there stoically. Finally after a minute it ended and the thugs fell to the ground dead with almost every inch of their bodies covered in kunai.

Naruto sighed as he willed the remainder of the kunai to disappear and he held the original one. He turned back to see Yahiko and Konan looking at him fearfully 'Crap I forgot they haven't had any ninja training or seen someone brutally murdered yet. Son of a…' Naruto thought. Putting the thought out of his mind Naruto made a clone and had it grab the sack that Yahiko dropped in surprise and then the clone grabbed Yahiko and while the original Naruto grabbed Konan and made a run for it back to their hideout.

They got there quickly with no one saying a word until they got into the cave and Naruto dismissed his clone "Look I know I have some ex-"

"That was awesome" Yahiko shouted interrupting Naruto. Naruto looked at him surprised "Oh man the way you made the kunai float in mid air, create more and then fire them like that; so cool."

'Well that was unexpected' Naruto thought to himself. He looked at Konan to see her looking at Naruto in slight fear 'oh boy' he thought. "Konan are you okay?"

"You… killed them" Konan said quietly.

Naruto sighed foreseeing this "I know and I regret doing so but-"

"But what" Konan shouted surprising Naruto and Yahiko since they've never seen Konan shout before. "You just took another life in cold blood."

"I know" Naruto said "It's not the first time either."

"Not the first time" Yahiko said surprised while Konan looked more surprised.

"When I was six and had just started out on my own" Naruto said "I was attacked by another homeless person who hadn't eaten anything in a long time and I had some bread on me. The man attacked me and nearly killed me himself, but I managed to out wrestle him since the fatigue of not eating for so long made him weak." Naruto's voice shook a bit "I didn't have a weapon on me like I do now so I had to use my hands." Konan and Yahiko looked at Naruto wide eyed "I had no choice. He was going to kill me so I had to kill him. I choked him to death." Naruto voice shook more and his breathing increased slightly "He stared at me the whole time and even begged for his life… but I knew… I knew the moment I let my guard down that… that he'd get me while my back was turned. I had no choice and to this day… that man still haunts my dreams." It wasn't a lie since Naruto really had to do that to someone back in the Leaf when he was younger and on the streets.

"Holy shit man" Yahiko said softly "I'm sorry about that."

"Don't worry about it" Naruto said recovering from his small emotional moment. "It happened long ago and I've come to terms with it."

"I'm sorry too" Konan said quietly as well.

Naruto smiled "Like I said to Yahiko, don't worry about it."

"But how exactly did you do that" Yahiko asked.

"My parents left me a few scrolls on the art of the ninja and I've been reading up on them" Naruto said. "Some of it's pretty complex, but after a while it becomes second nature for someone." He didn't tell him that the Kansatsu Tobikunai was a jutsu he invented during the war.

"Is it possible for us to learn what you did?" Surprisingly this question came, not from Yahiko, but from Konan. Naruto and Yahiko looked at the young blue haired girl in surprise.

"Yeah anyone can learn it" Naruto said after a few seconds.

"Can you teach us" Yahiko asked.

Naruto assumed a thinking pose 'Can I? They were supposed to learn from Ero-Sennin. I guess I can teach them the basics and drag it out until we meet Ero-Sennin.' "Sure I can teach you guys, but my question is this; if I did teach you, what would you do with them?"

Yahiko and Konan had to think for a couple minutes while Naruto waited patiently, but before they could say anything they heard some explosions. They all stopped and looked outside to see explosions in the distance that were about two miles away.

Naruto's eyes widened "Get down" he grunted tackling them both to the ground.

"What'd you do that for" Yahiko exclaimed. Naruto turned and pointed towards the wall. Where they were a few seconds ago there was now two kunai where their heads would have been.

"Oh" they both said a little shaken. For a couple minutes they all just sat there taking cover waiting for the explosions to cease and after twenty minutes of intense silence between them with nothing, but the explosions for noise was when they finally ceased.


The three kids were now standing on a cliff and were surveying the end results of the battle. There were kunai, scorch marks, craters from explosions and bodies everywhere. "Well" Naruto said breaking the silence "What are your answers" he asked.

Yahiko turned to Naruto "I would bring an end to these wars and make all the fighting stop."

"To make sure that no one would have to suffer from war anymore" Konan finished.

Naruto had a blank face for a minute before he smiled "Good answers. Get ready because training starts tomorrow."

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