"Let's start here!" Crystal said, pushing Yellow into a semi-dark shop just next to the bus station. After selecting a few costumes, they went to the fitting rooms to try them on.

"I really want some kind of sexy scientist outfit," Crystal mumbled. "But how would that look?"

"Well you already are a scientist," Yellow replied, looking over at her friend. "Right?"

"An assistant, sure," Crystal said, shrugging. "But I want a slightly crazy look."

"How is this?" Yellow asked, spinning around to show off the long dress she was trying on. Crystal looked at her, biting her lower lip, then shook her head.

"You're cute enough already," Crystal told her. "You need to add some hotness to it."

"W-what, like Pikachu ears?" Yellow said in a scared tone. Crystal looked at her for a few seconds, then laughed.

"Did Blue tell you that?"

"Yeah?" Yellow said, making the statement a question. Crystal smiled, slipping out of the first costume and starting to put on the next.

"Dressing like a Pokemon can be seen as a bit... trashy. Or rather over the top," Crystal explained. "You need something to fit your style. What do you want?"

"A dress," Yellow replied instantly. "I love them but I almost never wear them because-"

"So we need a short dress," Crystal interrupted her.

"Short?" Yellow gasped, sounding frightened again.

"Well not too short obviously," Crystal hurried to tell her. "Just something a bit..."

Gold rubbed the damp cloth against his arm again, carefully, cursing at the stinging sensation.

"Honestly, who keeps a Slugma in an extra compartment of their underwear drawer?" he muttered to himself, trying to get the soot off his face and body without pressing the cloth too hard against the light burns. Well Crystal did, obviously, but who else would? All he wanted was to look, see what she had in there, but obviously this had caused the fire Pokemon to attack. Stupid drawer, stupid Crystal. Why could she not just let him see? He had asked nicely enough the first time after all...

"This is awesome!" Yellow sighed, looking into her bag for the fourth time since they left the store. "Cheap too, so I cafford it!"

"Told you we'd find something," Crystal said, clapping her own bag a couple of times.

"We need to get some more of that pretend spiderweb too, don't we?" Yellow said, looking through the window into a large store that seemed to have almost everything. Crystal nodded and they went in, nearly crashing into Wally as they did.

"Oh," the boy said, smiling. "Hello guys."

"Hi Wally," the two girls said in chorus.

"You out shopping?" he asked them. Yellow nodded.

"Costumes," Crystal said. "For the party. You are coming, right?"

"Yes, of course," Wally said. "I found a nice costume that I really want to take the opportunity to wear. What did you get?"

"Scientist," Crystal said. Yellow also told him what she got. Wally nodded and smiled.

"I am sure that senior Red will appreciate that," he said kindly. Yellow lit up like a tomato catching fire, nearly shining red.

"I, th-that is, uh," she stuttered, waving her hands frantically, before the stuttering turned into a violent coughing fit. Wally frowned and turned to Crystal.

"They are dating, are they not?" he asked.

"Not yet," Crystal said, smiling.

"Oh, my apologies," Wally said. "Good luck though."

"Thanks," Yellow wheezed, coughing a last couple of times before taking a huge gulp of air. "You too."

Wally smiled and left, waving at the two girls.

"Yellow has a boyfrieeend," Crystal sang in a teasing voice, getting the older trainer to turn red again.

"Sh-shut up," she mumbled. "But maybe... later?"