AN: This will just be the introduction chapter, because there are several people you need to be aware of before reading this, all of whom are fellow thespians at my school.

Christina Cranshaw: Christina is one of my fellow thespians at school. She is a junior and has been part of the theatre department at Legacy High since her freshman year. Her most recent role with the LHS theatre department was the female supporting role in our school's fall play, a comedy set in the 30s called Running in the Red. Her character was a young woman named Rudy, who was left in charge of her cousin's apartment, servants, and basically everything else while said cousin was out of town. When her cousin returns home, she finds that all the servants have quit and Rudy has given all of her money to the Communist party, keeping only $14.11; Needless to say, Rudy's cousin is infuriated. Christina is a movie buff and works at our local Cinemark movie theater. She is also a member of the school's improv troupe, Mission: IMPROVable, and the first thespian to really get close to me as a friend.

Michael "MJ" Johnson: MJ is a senior who is currently in his 5th year of high school (yes, you read that correctly) and who recently tried to convince a girl in the cafeteria that no, he's not MJ, he's MJ's twin! MJ is what I like to call a very talented "facial actor," meaning that he is extremely good at making convincing facial expressions while acting. Come to think of it, I think he may have scarred me for life with his creepy skeleton grin a few weeks ago. *shudders* He is also the first person I got to share a "sappy moment" with while acting.

Travis St. John: Travis is a very tall senior with dark red hair, who is proud of his Irish heritage. He is a member of Misson: IMPROVable, and Running was his 5th play at Legacy, and Jerry Walker was his first leading role. In the play, Jerry is half of a radio personality duo, reminiscent of George Burns and Gracie Allen. Travis has an extremely good Translvaniyan accent, which I think he enjoys using just a little too much. When we write in our theatre journals at the beginning of every class, every few words or so on his page will be done bolder than the others. When Christina commented on this one day and our teacher, who we call Mac, started reading all the bold words on his page, Travis jokingly told her, "Yes, Mac, I'm writing secret messages in my journal, and twenty-five years from now, I'm going to send you the key!"

Sarah McDonnell: Sarah is a talented young actress who I met in my Buisness Info Mangament (BIM) class. We started to bond after discovering a mutual love for the musical Cats. A sophomore at our high school, she was in last year's production of The Cruicble, though her first leading role was Eve Williams in Running. Eve, the Gracie Allen half of the radio personality duo, is Rudy's cousin, which also makes her the girl whose money Rudy gave to the Communist party. Though she is famous for her ditzy radio personality, Eve is actually highly intelligent (sort of like a certain green girl) and is also E.J. Williams, an author who writes using words so big that only Einstien could understand them and who hopes to get a recently written manuscript published.

Mallorie Carney: Mallorie is a senior who is one of the hosts of Misson: IMPROVable and who played Diana in last year's UIL one act play, Lend Me a Tenor. Mallorie played the role of Eve's maid Nellie in Running. When Mallorie was only five years old, her mother put on Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie The Birds, and now shares my extreme fear of birds because of it. She has even admitted to the fact that every time she sees one, she feels like she wants to throw up, and quite frankly, I do not blame her.

Madison Fountain: Ms. Fountain is a sophomore who was a member of the chorus in the school's first ever musical last year, Zombie Prom, and is also a member of Misson: IMPROVable. For her role in Running, she had to speak in a New York dialect and got to sing a song I like to call "Take Off the Coat," which she will probably start singing at one point or another in this fan fiction. Her character's name was Joe, and her New York accent was extremely convincing, and if I didn't know her personally, I might've even thought it was real.

Mary: Sadly, I do not know Mary's last name. She recently dyed her hair black and frequently touches up her eye make-up. She commented the other day that she sometimes gets up in the morning and tells herself she won't wear very much make-up, but later in the day finds herself putting more on. Mac also recently pointed out that almost every time we do a scene for a grade, Mary always seems to be the one playing the "pushy" girl, something she is very good at, despite the fact that she is actually very sweet and friendly.

This fan fiction was an idea I got from my AN at the end of my poem "Just Call Out my Name," so if you haven't read that, I suggest at least looking at the AN so you understand this story a bit better. I will try to have the first REAL chapter up in a few minutes, and if not, at least by the end of today. Please check this for updates frequently, as I plan on using this as a way of communicating to my readers what's going on with various stories of mine so that you all know what to expect for which story and when to expect it. Thank you for your time.

-Maggie the Mad Majesty of Muchness
PS: What's everybody gonna be for Halloween? My brother and I are going as the Mad Hatter and Alice!