Why hello there! It's been quite a while since I have updated this story of prompts! I just wanted you all to know that I am starting a new story (as I just finished 'The Stars Went Out') and it is called 'Tearing Apart the Universes.' It is an AU take on Doomsday. When Rose mentions the baby, she says that it's hers. And the Doctor's…so he decides that he needs to get his Rose. And he will do anything, including tearing apart the universes, for her and their child. (Implying that they had sex. Which I shall go over in the story. Woo!)

Okay anyways, here's prompt 18, 'Photograph'

I don't own DW.

Rose sat in her room on the TARDIS, a book in her hands. The book was full of photographs, from her whole life. Memories with the mother she'd never get to see again. Memories with her father, even if he was from another world.

There was a tap at the door, and the Doctor popped his head in. "Rose? Are you doing alright?" He came into the room and sat next to her. "I've left the room completely untouched – aside from the one time Amy came in, no one's been in here. The TARDIS didn't even attempt to move it from this spot. Been like this since the day you left." He saw what she was looking at. "Oh, Rose. I know you'll miss them, but…it's not that bad, right? You got away from Meta…And…I found you again. I-I got you something, actually. When we landed to get Rory, I saw this, and thought I'd get it for you."

He pulled a rose out from his pocket. The bigger-on-the-inside technology kept the flower from getting crushed. "I know, you probably don't like roses, since your name is Rose and all, but maybe you do like them. I never asked, now that I think of that. Didn't even occur to me when I got this, 'Hey, maybe she doesn't like roses. Maybe she'll crumple it up and toss it away.' But I got it anyways. It's…it's an undying rose. Well, it's actually one of those fake roses, but I enhanced it so it always smells like, well, a rose. It's a symbol. The rose will never die, and neither will my love for you." He didn't mention it, but if his plans went accordingly, she wouldn't either.

Rose looked up, smiling softly at the Doctor. "Thank you, Doctor. I love it. I love you." She pressed her lips to his softly, placing the photographs down. It was time to make new memories.

Yes, yes. Big ole 11 monologue. Well, I'm gonna work on the new story, and I suggest that you guys read it!