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Chapter 1

He was dying…..he just knew it.

There wasn't any hope of survival…there wasn't any last minutes prayers.

Just death.

Itachi knew he would die, welcomed it even.

Yet….why did he wish that things could have been different?

He knew it was silly to wish for things that couldn't possibly come true. He knew that one day Sasuke, his little brother, would end his miserable life. It was the price he had to pay so that things would be right in the end. He would die, Sasuke would finally have his much needed revenge, and Konoha would be rid of the horror that the Uchiha clan had brought upon them. It was how it was supposed to be.


Itachi felt his will weakening…his brother had become increasingly strong, strong enough to finally bring the final blow that would destroy Itachi's existence. Of course, his deteriorating sight and poor health also favored Sasuke's skills.

Itachi knew there were only precious moments left until he would pass on.

He knew this would ultimately be his demise, yet….why was he struggling to hang onto the thin strand of life that was left in his body?

It was a bittersweet moment, yet Itachi couldn't help the natural struggle to prolong his life.

His breathing slowed…his heart beat weakened.

This was it….this was the end.

It was strange knowing that soon your soul would depart from this world, and know that no one will mourn the loss.

Why couldn't things be different? Why couldn't he just tell Sasuke the truth about the massacre? Then maybe things would have been different….

But it was too late.

He wasn't sure why, but an image of a pink-haired shinobi came to mind. His last thought before he finally released his last breath was…

Why couldn't someone hold such love for him?

Itachi felt something poking his bare arm. His left eyebrow twitched in annoyance before he suddenly stiffened.

….what the hell?

He was supposed to be dead….why did he feel so….comfortable?

Several things immediately registered in the handsome man's mind.

He was lying on something very comfortable and very soft. Much more comfortable than the cold, hard ground had been where he last remembered lying as he died.

There was a significant pressure on his chest, and if he wasn't mistaken there was also something breathing on his right pectoral.

Something, or better yet someone, was continuously poking his bare left shoulder…..oh yes, he was also pretty sure that he was completely unclothed.

He was definitely not dead.

He was almost frightened (yes, Itachi was frightened for the first time since he could remember) to open his eyes and see what kind of predicament he had landed in. But it seemed like fate had other plans, for a small whisper interrupted his thoughts.


Itachi's eyes immediately cracked open, his head automatically shifting to the left to see where the voice had came from.

Shock rendered him speechless, for standing right beside the bed he was sleeping on was a small boy, no older than maybe four or five…..and he was definitely a Uchiha.

The small boy had inky black hair atop his head, styled in a way that reminded him of himself as a child. The boy's equally dark eyes were peering fearlessly into his, and excited twinkle making them sparkle. His complexion was pale, and his forehead slightly wide, giving him an innocent aura. The boy was fully dressed in a black shirt that boasted the Uchiha symbol on the back. He also had on a pair of white shorts and shoes appropriate for a ninja.

The young child was eagerly shuffling his feet, his small lips splitting into a beaming smile when he noticed Itachi's eyes finally open and on him.

"Daddy, you're finally awake." The young boy whispered.

Itachi blinked once…then twice…..


Was this child mistaken?

Before he could come up with an appropriate answer the pressure on his chest shifted. His eyes snapped down to the beautiful woman who was lifted her tousled head from his chest.

"Aiko, darling, I told you that I would make sure you woke up in time for your first day at the academy. It's only 5:00am, you don't have to be at the academy until 7:30am."

Itachi's eyes took in the wondrous sight before him.

My, she was beautiful. Her pale pink hair was like spun silk that cascaded down her back. Her beautiful green eyes blinked sleepily at the young child as nimble fingers pushed away stray strands of hair from her face. Her plump lips tilted up into a sweet smile as she laid her hand on his chest, causing a slight tremble to shoot up his spine. Her skin was pale and flawless, reminding him of the finest porcelain. And from what he could see and feel, she was equally naked as he, and her body seemed fit yet perfect.

He knew this woman…..

He whispered her name before his mind even registered what he was doing. "Sakura."

The woman immediately looked up at him, her smile widening as she leaned forward. Before he knew what was happening her lips pressed against his in the sweetest of kisses that lasted not long enough, in his opinion. Once the lip contact was broken she gave a quick nuzzle to the crook of his neck, placed a quick kiss to where his pulse frantically beat, then faced the child once again.

The young boy, Aiko, frowned as he looked down at his feet. "I'm sorry for awakening you mommy, I only meant to get daddy up. But mommy, I can't sleep! I got the butterflies."

Itachi wasn't really sure what to do. His mind had already pieced together what he couldn't remember. The child was calling him daddy and Sakura mommy, therefore they were the parents to said child. And if he wasn't mistaken, which he rarely was, then the golden band on Sakura's left ring finger meant that she was also his wife. He quickly flexed his thumb and felt the metal around his own finger.

Yes, it was safe to say that they were married and had produced an offspring.

How? He had no idea. For what he remembered, he was supposed to be dead.

Was this some kind of cruel dream? Showing him everything that could make him happy only to rip it away from him when he awakened?

His thoughts were interrupted once again by the woman in his arms.

"Honey, there's no need to be nervous, you'll do wonderfully at the academy. But Aiko, what have your father and I told you about entering our room without permission?"

The boy's shoulders slumped as he toed the wooden floor. "I'm sorry."

He wasn't sure why he did it, his body was acting on its own lately, but Itachi lifted his hand and placed it gently on the boy's shoulder. Bright eyes met his as Itachi said, "Aiko, it is understandable for you to be eager for your first day at the academy. Since you are unable to go back to sleep, I'm sure your mother will prepare you some breakfast."

Itachi blinked in surprise. Had all of that just come out of his mouth?

Aiko beamed at his father as he said, "Yeah, breakfast! Mommy?"

Sakura's smile widened as she gazed at the boy, love apparent in her expressive eyes. "Oh, alright. If you hurry and wash up, I'll let you mix the pancake batter. I'll be in the kitchen after a quick shower."

The boy immediately turned on his heels and fled the room. Itachi's first thought was that the child inherited his agility. Warm lips pressed against his cheek and his attention was brought back to the woman who was, by some miracle, his wife.

She sat up in the bed, her arms rising above her head as she stretched….causing the sheet to fall to her waist.

Itachi swallowed hard as he gazed at the perfection of this woman. Not an ounce of fat on her….she didn't look like she had a child at all. Her toned arms were stretched far above her head, making her beautiful breast thrust forward, her perky pink nipples standing out. His mouth literally watered as lust clouded his mind. He was sure that they had some kind of sexual interaction 'last night', but his last memory was of him dying, so to him it had been a long time since he had seen such a gorgeous body, nonetheless had sex.

Sakura's head tilted his way, a knowing look in her eyes as she leaned forward to gently nip at the shell of his ear. A small moan escaped Itachi's mouth and he felt a slight twitch in his nether regions. Good god, he was like damn putty in her talented hands.

A cute giggle escaped her lips as she placed tender kisses across his jaw. Itachi closed his eyes, basking in the immense pleasure he was feeling. He couldn't remember what the hell happened for him to end up like this, but he would be damned if he would complain.

He was getting ready to reach up to caress the gorgeous pale breasts that he longed to taste when she teasingly pulled back, giving him a cheeky grin. "Now now, there's no time for that. I have a four year old to meet in the kitchen, so that means you have to get the twins."

Itachi's lust clouded mind barely registered that last word.

Did she say twins?

As if his mind was connected to his mouth, which it seemed to be today, he asked in confusion, "Twins?"

His wife rolled her eyes as she scooted to the end of the bed and pulled open the drawer to the side table, conjuring up a royal blue silk robe, also sporting the Uchiha symbol. "Yes Itachi, the twins. They're probably awake by now, especially since Aiko has been walking through the house. I swear, sometimes I hate how our children inherited your insane ability to detect chakra."

And with that parting statement she wrapped the robe around her lithe body, then padded to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Itachi wondered the long hallway, glancing in each door to find the twins that he was supposed to get for his wife. After Sakura had closed the bathroom door, Itachi had pulled on a pair of black sweatpants that was found in his side table drawer, then set out in search of these twins.

He opened the next door and peered inside….empty.

As he walked to the next door Itachi's mind muddled with many thoughts. He was married, to a very gorgeous woman…..he was a father, to apparently three children…...somehow he was alive.

Just thinking about all the facts gave him a headache.

He opened the next door, and was greeted by an excited squeal.

The walls were painted a dark blue, the two white cribs standing out in stark contrast. There was a changing table against the wall and an organizer filled with infant toys. A dresser was beside the changing table, possibly filled with clothes and extra diapers. In the gap between the two cribs, painted on the wall, was the Uchiha family crest.

Itachi was interrupted from his observing when an impatient whine met his ears.

His dark eyes shifted over to the small infant standing in the crib, tightly holding onto the white bars for balance.

Itachi's heart softened as a smile curved his lips. He had to say, he and Sakura made quite adorable children.

The infant was maybe one year old. Black hair curled cutely on his head, giving him an angelic appearance. His dark green eyes, a mixture of his and Sakura's, were wide with delight as he grinned widely at his father, showing off his three teeth with pride. He was wearing a dark red onesie, making his pale skin and dark hair stand out.

Itachi felt a fatherly pride as he glanced at the child…his child.

He walked over to the infant, watching with warmth as he lifted his small arms to be picked up. Bright red letters carved into the crib caught his attention.


Itachi looked down at the grinning infant and smiled as he lifted him in his arms. "Toru." He gently whispered as he gently nuzzled his nose against the plump cheek of his son, causing a cute giggle to bubble out of the infant. He gazed over in the other crib and saw and exact replica of Toru, still sleeping on his stomach with his diaper-clad bottom in the air.


Aiko, Toru, and Seto….his sons. If Itachi were a more emotional man he might have shed a tear or two. But no, this was Itachi, and he did not cry. But he did look up at the white ceiling and said a quick thanks to whoever might be listening.

Fate was a funny thing….but Itachi was grateful for it as he carried his infant child over to the changing table.

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