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Chapter 4

Itachi's afternoon was quite pleasant.

He and Aiko had shared the single bento box as they talked about certain strategies and quick approaches to enemy nins. Even though Aiko had just started the academy, it was apparent that both he and Sakura had worked with the child.

He was proud that his son was so advanced in the knowledge of shinobi's.

Now they were on their way home, Aiko's hand once again tightly clasped in his father's as the small child eagerly talked about the things he had learned at the academy before he was dismissed for the day. As they walked into the Uchiha compound Itachi gazed at all the various houses, all of them empty except for his….and his little brother's, wherever he had chosen to live.

He was determined to see his little brother before the day had ended.

Little did he know that seeing his brother would not even pose a problem.

As he entered the house delicious smells assaulted his nose. It seemed like Sakura had already began on supper. Aiko had immediately ripped off his sandals and was heading for his room. Itachi looked over in the living room, a smile crossing his face as he looked at the two twins. Toru was sitting on a spread blanket, babbling away as he tried to shove shapes through their properly shaped holes. And Seto was standing on his wobbly legs as he held onto the couch for balance, grinning broadly at his father.

"Da da!"

Itachi's own smile came as he quickly walked over to Seto and scooped him up into his arms. The young child clapped his hands with glee as a happy laugh bellowed from his small body. Itachi chuckled lowly as he ran his hand over Seto's silky hair, relishing in the wonderful greeting he had received. He was so preoccupied with Seto that he hadn't noticed Toru crawling over to him. He was finally away of Seto's twin when Toru used the legs of Itachi's pants to pull himself up into a standing position.


Obeying the command of the small boy, Itachi leaned over, causing Seto to squeal as he grabbed onto his father's shirt, and lifted his other son into his free arm.

Never had he known the joy that something so small could bring him.

He immersed himself in the rapid babbling of both boys, only several words recognizable to him. Their bright smiles beamed at him as they tightly clutched their father's shirt in their pudgy hands. Itachi's face softened as he paid equal attention to each infant, making appropriate responses just to hear them giggle. He was so focused on Toru and Seto that he failed to see the small woman walk out of the kitchen, drying her petite hands on a yellow dish rag.

"Don't you three make an adorable image."

Itachi's head snapped up, his eyes connecting to the glittering ones of his wife. My, but she was so beautiful. She was wearing a silken white kimono with small pink flowers decorated on the edges. Her hair was pulled back in a low braid with several remaining strands framing her angelic face, the strands curled from the heat of the stove. Her petite feet were bare and made no noise as she gracefully crossed the room and lifted one of the boys in her arms, giving him a quick nuzzle before she settled him onto the curve of her hip. She then leaned up and pressed her soft lips against Itachi's.

He didn't think he could ever get used to the feelings that she aroused in him.

Her lips were masterful, playing his perfectly as their tongues gently rubbed against each other. The kiss was slow and soft, with just a hint of repressed passion.

When Sakura broke the kiss with a smile, only one thought resounded in Itachi's mind.

The children would have to be put to bed early so he could thoroughly explore every inch of his wife's delectable body tonight.

A happy smile still curving her delectable lips, Sakura lifted Seto in her arms, gave his a quick tickle with her fingers that sent adorable giggles sounding through the air, and leaned over to kiss Toru on his button nose. "Itachi, if you're going to shower before they get here then you best do it now."

"They?" A single brow rose in question as his grip tightened on Toru, the child's legs wiggling in a sign that he wanted to be placed on the floor with his toys.

Sakura just rolled her eyes as she turned around and made her way back into the kitchen. Itachi was helpless as his eyes slowly drifted down to watch the gentle sway of her curved backside. "Itachi, today is Friday."

Well, he supposed that they usually had company on Fridays. Not wanting to ask who they were expecting, lest he draw unwanted attention, he merely placed Toru in front of his toys and made his way to his and Sakura's bedroom to take a shower and dress in clean clothes.

Looks like he'll be having company for dinner.

As Itachi pulled on his dark grey shirt he heard the most obnoxious voice echoing against the walls of his house.

"Sakura, I'm starving! Can't we go ahead and start supper? I'm sure you can heat him up a plate later!"

Black eyes narrowed as his hand hovered over his kunai pouch. He was almost positive that he knew to whom that annoyingly loud voice belonged too, and he wasn't sure if the thin kunai still collected in his ever-present pouch would be needed or not. With a final sigh Itachi reluctantly lifted his hand, leaving the kunai pouch on the dresser top.

But that was alright, he wasn't worried.

For slipped into hidden pouches sown into his black pants were plenty of sebon for emergencies.

Rule number three for being an accomplished ninja: never take any situation for granted.

After taking a last deep breath to prepare himself for anything unknown, Itachi then stepped out of his and Sakura's bedroom and into the spacious living room.

A bright blond head swiveled his way, electric blue eyes connecting with his. "Itachi! It's about time you got out here!"

"Naruto," Itachi calmly replied as he sent a small nod of his head towards the man's direction, "it's nice to see you as well."

Naruto simply narrowed his eyes and turned back to Sakura. Both he and Sakura were seated on the large sofa, along with the young Hyuuga heiress. Itachi wasn't entirely sure of her name, but by the way she was sitting up against the blond man's side, and by the dark headed child in her arms, he was sure that she was wed to the Kyuubi container.

Both Seto and Toru were sitting in laps: Seto in Naruto's and Toru in Sakura's. Both boys looked content as they grasped their sippy cups in their small hands and leaned back against the strong bodies supporting them. Aiko was sitting on the floor in the corner of the room, along with another boy that seemed to be the same age as him. The other child, maybe an inch or two shorter than his own son, had light blond hair that cascaded down the child's back. Between he and Aiko was a shogi board, and both boys seemed totally concentrated on the game pieces.

"Sakura!" Naruto was fairly whining as he shifted Seto onto his other knee, "Now that your husband is here, can we eat? Hinata wouldn't let me have a snack before we left the house, so I'm starved!"

Sakura chuckled lightly as she stood, gracefully shifting Toru onto her hip in the process. "We can go ahead and get the children settled at the table, but you know we can't start dinner until everyone gets here."

Naruto just sighed as he also stood, but was slightly clumsier than Sakura as he swung Seto onto his hip. Itachi's fingers twitched as he barely held himself back from snatching his child from the blond's arms. As Seto and Toru were settled into their high chairs, Itachi settled himself awkwardly on the sofa beside the Hyuuga, not knowing exactly what to say to her yet not wanting to seem hostile or rude. Thankfully the woman took it upon herself to break the silence as she slightly turned his way and gave him a shy smile.

"I can hardly believe how big the twins have gotten."

Itachi's facial features relaxed as he gave her an acknowledged nod. "Yes, they seem to be growing fast. I see your child has taken after your looks rather than your husband's."

A flattered blush stained her cheeks as she gently pulled back the corner of the white blanket, showing a fairly newborn infant with dark hair the exact shade of the mother's "Yes, Mila has taken after me, just as Hanako has taken after his father, although both of the children have inherited the Byakugan."

Ah, so she and the blond have both a son and daughter….and both of the children have the byakugan, no less. They will make find shinobi's one day. Of course, not as fine as his own children, but that may just be fatherly pride talking.

Before Itachi was able to reply to what the woman had said, the doorbell went ringing throughout the house. Aiko grinned widely as he began shoving the board game and pieces into the proper box, trying to be both fast and precise as he placed each piece in its corresponding space. Hanako was trying to help, but like his father was slightly clumsy and over-enthusiastic as he scooped several pieces into his arms, then dropped them over the box, causing a bigger mess than what it had been before. A slight chuckle escaped Itachi's mouth as he watched Aiko scowl at Hanako before shoving the boy out of the way to clean up himself.

"Takes after his father, indeed."

Hanako's mother simply smiled as she stood and walked over to her son. Cradling her infant daughter in one arm she smiled down at Hanako and reached out her free hand as she said, "Come Hanako, let's get your hands washed for dinner."

The boy's lower lip slightly pouted out as he obligingly grasped his mother's hand and followed her into the bathroom, only looking over his shoulder once at Aiko.

The doorbell rang out again.

"Itachi, I'm a little busy right now. Can you get that for me?"

Itachi's ears caught the faint voice of his wife. His eyes darted over to Aiko, who was already standing by the door, an eager smile on his face as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

Well, whoever they were expecting, Aiko sure seemed excited to see them.

Obeying his wife's simple request, Itachi stood from the comfortable couch and made his way over to the large wooden door. Aiko quickly shuffled to the side, making room for his father, his eager eyes still concentrating on the door.

The doorbell rang out once again and Itachi's eyes narrowed slightly with annoyance.

Whoever was on the other side of that door held absolutely no patience at all.

Not wanting to hear the doorbell ring a fourth time, Itachi quickly grasped to doorknob and twisted it, causing the wooden door to open.

It took everything in Itachi's self-control to not act completely stunned as he gazed into dark eyes…..eyes that were identical to his own.

Aiko grinned widely as he lunged himself at their visitor, his small arms wrapping around one of the black-clad legs. "You're finally here! I have lots to tell you about!"

But Aiko went unnoticed as equally dark eyes stared into the equally dark depths of the other. The wind blew, causing a gentle breeze to ruffle the ebony strands of hair on all three males at the door.

The visitor quickly looked down at Aiko, then looked back up at Itachi, a single dark brow rising into the fringed bangs on his forehead.

Itachi gave a quick nod as he stepped to the side, allowing entrance to the young man.

"Come in, little brother."

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