Author's Note: Heeeey! So yesterday, just sitting and eating asparagus, I had in my mind a vision of a young boy as Lelouch walking up to his father and demanding what in God's name had happened to his mother, in live action. Immediately after, I was struck by a terrible need to have some sort of Code Geass live action movie. The reality is that will never happen in a million years, it's just too much clichéd fanservice if they give in to our every command. But as a writer, my fancy was tickled. I had the cast, the costumes and makeup, the scenery, where it would be filmed, effects, and half the screenplay written in my mind in a mere five seconds. And I just couldn't help myself XD (I know, screw that fangirl, she's just doing fanservice, what a horrid little asshole, doesn't respect the show)

So, I decided to create my own little screenplay, with each season broken into two parts, totally four separate movies. Each chapter will be a separate scene. As with all movies, it won't be entirely the same as the anime, because I have my own vision for how it would be as a movie, and I may have to pull a few scenes out so as to make it a believable screenplay length, but overall, the ending and major events in the movie will not change. There will also be some fun added scenes and flashbacks. ^^

So yes, this is probably one of the most flameable fanfics I will ever write, and I'm conflicted to post it, but what's a girl to do. I have needs.

Also, I've only written a short something-reminiscence-of-a-screenplay-but-still-really-shitty once, and it wasn't very good. Please try not to judge.

And finally, bear with me. Each chapter takes a great deal to write no matter how short. (This particular one took three hours, but only because I had to go through 13 episodes and pick the scenes I liked.) I have to view the anime in comparsion to the scene in my head, decide what dialogue to take word for word, if I have to leave anything out, the order of events (since not everything in Code Geass takes place chronologically, some are flashbacks), how to describe things, and such, while staying true to the nature of the show. Therefore, it will be much harder to write chapters in one or two nights like I usually do.

Even so, I hope you enjoy ^^


(Young Suzaku has his head in his hands. All around him is the destruction of Japan. Dead soldiers are being cremated in the background. Lelouch stands because him, hands shaking, teeth gritted.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: I swear to God…

YOUNG SUZAKU: *looks up* …?

YOUNG LELOUCH: No, I swear on my life, Suzaku! I will one day kill them all! I'll obliterate Britannia!

(Young Nunally is in a hospital bed, her eyes and legs wrapped haphazardly in bandages everywhere.)

YOUNG NUNALLY: Big brother…?

YOUNG LELOUCH: Yes, Nunally?

YOUNG NUNALLY: Euphie was sad when she came to visit me yesterday.


YOUNG NUNALLY: Is it true what she said? Are they really going to send us away?

(Young Lelouch's expression hardens.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Yes, Nunally…it's true…but I promise I will protect you, no matter what. And I will get you your sight back, too. So you don't have to worry at all, okay?

YOUNG NUNALLY: Okay. *smiles*

Darkness is everywhere in this world, ruled with an iron fist…

(C2 is sitting on Lelouch's bed, staring blankly at him.)

C2: It appears you have a reason for living, Lelouch.

NUNALLY: That was Suzaku on the television wasn't it?

LELOUCH: *lays her down in bed* Yes…looks like he's alive after all these years.

A world where greed, hatred, and discrimination run free…

(At the attempted execution of Suzaku Kururugi, Lelouch, masqueraded, appears on top of the fake transport of Prince Clovis, driven by Kallen.)

LELOUCH: I am…Zero!


(Confusion erupts in the crowd. The Ashford Student Council, Nunally, Diethard, JLF, Black Knights, and others are shown watching this unfold on television.)

A fallen prince with an incredible power will rise from the shadows…

(The Black Knights are standing on a boat, having just freed the hotel hostages.)

LELOUCH: People! Fear us! Or rally behind us as you see fit! We are the Black Knights!

LLOYD: *chuckles* Ironic isn't it? The terrorists referring to themselves as Knights?

LELOUCH: We of the Black Knights stand with all those who have no weapons to wield, regardless of whether they be Elevens, or Britannians. We cannot stand by and watch such cruelty be carried out.

(Nunally is shown folding paper cranes with Sayoko.)

LELOUCH IN THE BACKGROUND: Wherever oppressors abuse their power by attacking those who are powerless-

(Kallen's mother is shown cleaning up a broken vase while Kallen's stepmother rants and raves at her.)

LELOUCH CONT.: We shall appear again-

(Lelouch puts a gun to Clovis' head as he begs for his life.)

LELOUCH CONT.: No matter how mighty-

(The ship that the JLF is on explodes before Cornelia's eyes.)

LELOUCH CONT.: Or formidable our foe might be!

KALLEN: Knights…for justice?

(C2 and Lelouch are talking in his room.)

C2: And to have this Utopia you'd…?

LELOUCH: It's simple really. When somebody wins, the fighting will end.

And bring the world hope.

MILLY: Suzaku, what do you think of Zero?

SUZAKU: *frowns* His methods are completely unnecessary, and will only lead to more bloodshed in the future…

(The body bags of soldiers of Narita are shown as he says this.)

(In the bathroom, while taking a shower, Kallen grabs Lelouch by the hand and pulls out a pocket knife, prepared to kill him.)

(The sinking of the hotel at Lake Halaguchi is shown, as Suzaku panics, rushing the Lancelot towards it.)

C2 (as a narrator): Geass: He who uses this inhuman power will find his heart isolated; whether he wants it that way or not.

(The police lineup intended to execute Lelouch for false suspicion of terrorism all commit suicide at his command.)

C2 Cont.: Thus he plummets into the abyss that lies good and evil.

(Lelouch is seen repeatedly beating the wall in anger after discovering he killed Shirley's father.)

C2 Cont.: But if a man can climb out of that abyss and into the light-


C2 Cont.: …Then that man has the soul of a king.

Code Geass, Lelouch of the Rebellion, Part 1.

Coming Soon.