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-Scene 1-

-A Short History-

(2009 a.t.b. It is nighttime in the palace. Marianne is talking with V2. Young Anya is searching for some help, lost. Suddenly, the argument grows heated and V2 pulls a gun on Marianne, brutally murdering her. Anya gasps, and Marianne collapses to the ground in a bloody mess.)

LELOUCH (as narrator): Change can never be achieved in humanity unless someone wins and someone loses.

(C2 is seen packing her things, donning a cloak so as to escape the palace.)

LELOUCH CONT.: Everywhere we go there is pain. There is suffering.

(Young Lelouch runs down the halls of the hospital in a panic, searching for the room where Nunally is.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Where is she? Where is my little sister, dammit?

LELOUCH CONT.: It is very hard to create a world where everyone is pleased; where there is not a single drop of bloodshed. And those who try will find their hands dirtied forever with the sins of their revolutions for eternity.

(Young Lelouch bursts into Nunally's hospital room, panting. Jeremiah calls after him, barely managing to catch up with him.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Nunally! Nunally! *runs up to where she is laid, fast asleep. Her legs and eyes are covered in bandages.*

JEREMIAH: Your Highness, please!

YOUNG LELOUCH: Nunally, please, oh God no! *grabs her hand, starting to cry* Why did they do this to her? Why Nunally? She never hurt a fly! Why my mother? What did they do wrong!

JEREMIAH: I am…terribly sorry, Your Highness…

YOUNG LELOUCH: Tell me…since no one else will…will she ever…will she ever…?

JEREMIAH: I'm sorry…Your Highness…

YOUNG LELOUCH: DAMMIT! *sobs more, mumbling incoherently to what can only be assumed as Nunally*

LELOUCH CONT.: A perfect world…a world that is a gentler place…one without an exchange of combat, but an exchange of ideas around one table…for that is the closest to perfection one can get…but even so, the path is stained in blood and tears…the path requires one to have the motivation to trample over others and sacrifice without hesistation…

(A few days later, in the Imperial Court. The doors open and the guards announce the person who has come to address the Emperor.)

GUARD: Announcing Prince Lelouch vi Britannia, 17th heir to the Royal Britannian Imperial Throne!

(Young Lelouch walks down the aisle, trying desperately to ignore the whispers and murmurs of the nobility around him about the rumours they have heard. He comes the the end of the aisle, standing before his father, Charles.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Hail, your Majesty! My mother, the Empress, is dead!

CHARLES: Old news, what of it.

YOUNG LELOUCH: What of it?

CHARLES: You sought an audience with the Emperor of Britannia simply to inform me of that? Send the next one in! I have no time for these childish games!

YOUNG LELOUCH: *rushes up the stairs, only to be blocked by guards* Father!

CHARLES: *raise his hands to stop the guards*

YOUNG LELOUCH: Why didn't you keep her out of harm's way? You're the Emperor; the greatest man in this Nation if not the world! You should've protected her and now you don't even visit Nunally!

CHARLES: I have no use for that weakling.

YOUNG LELOUCH: That weakling…?

CHARLES: That is what it means to be royalty.

YOUNG LELOUCH: Then I don't want to be your heir; I give up my claim to the throne!

(Shock ripples through the crowd.)

YOUNG LELOUCH CONT.: I'm sick of the fighting and scheming over who will succeed you, Father, I've had enough!

CHARLES: You are dead. You have always been dead to me, dead from the moment you were born. Who gave you the fine clothes you wear and comfortable home, the food you eat and your very life? All of those, I have given to you! In short, you are nothing to me because you have never existed! *stands* Yet you dare to speak such foolishness to me?

(Young Lelouch gasps and falls backwards down the stairs.)

CHARLES: Lelouch…You are dead, therefore you are not entitled to any rights. I am sending you and Nunally to Japan. As Prince and Princess you will serve well as bargaining tools.

LELOUCH CONT.: To so easily and wistly execute a child's innocence in public like that was despicable. The sheer audacity to say such, to treat us as mere objects, especially in front of everyone drove me mad. He cared not for us, not even enough to spare us the tiniest shred of mercy, to treat us even slightly like we were still his blood. His words echoed in my head day and night, sickening me to the greatest degree.

My father had in his mind a view of a world where nobody lied. But in his ignorance, trying to create a world that never changed, he merely turned into the same kind of monster he wished to eradicate. He was a reflection of both of our greatest nightmares, the only thing we ever had in common.

(Two days later. Young Nunally is sitting up in bed, her eyes still wrapped, but awake, feeling the petals of some flowers her half-sister Euphemia brought in secret, even though she was not supposed to visit. Young Lelouch walks in, his expression grim.)

YOUNG NUNALLY: Hello…? Is someone there…?

YOUNG LELOUCH: *nods, trying to put a smile at least into his voice* Yes Nunally…it's me, Lelouch.

YOUNG NUNALLY: Big Brother, you're back! Lelouch, you'll never believe it! Euphie came to visit me early this morning. She was only here for a brief moment, she said she had to get back quickly, but wasn't that nice of her?

LELOUCH CONT.: Euphemia was a kind soul, but she was reckless and impulsive. She risked a great deal in coming to visit Nunally in secret that day, but she would not be our Euphemia had she not. I had no doubt in my mind that Cornelia would scold her.

YOUNG LELOUCH: *smiles* Y-yeah…

YOUNG NUNALLY: Big brother…?

YOUNG LELOUCH: Yes, Nunally?

YOUNG NUNALLY: There's something that bothered me though…

YOUNG LELOUCH: What is it?

YOUNG NUNALLY: Euphie was sad when she came to visit me.


YOUNG NUNALLY: Is it true what she said? Are they really going to send us away?

(Young Lelouch's expression hardens.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Yes, Nunally…it's true…but I promise I will protect you, no matter what. And I will get you your sight back, too. So you don't have to worry at all, okay?

YOUNG NUNALLY: Okay. *smiles*

(Anya watches scaredly, hiding in the hallway by the open door to a room where discussion is going on. She winces and gasps each time she hears the sound of Jeremiah's outrage.)

JEREMIAH: Where is His Highness? What do you mean he and his sister were sent away? They can't do that, I'm they're Guardian! As placed in the will of the late Empress Marianne herself! Don't give me that crap, tell me where!

LELOUCH CONT.: As hard as he tried, his efforts would be wasted. Before long, Japan was invaded by Britannia…

(Skip to the Kururugi Shrine, where Lelouch and Suzaku are playing while Nunally sits and listens. Knightmares fill the sky, and Suzaku pales greatly.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: Suzaku…what's that?


YOUNG NUNALLY: Guys? What's that whirring noise I hear? Is it a plane going by?

YOUNG LELOUCH: *snaps out of it* Oh, yeah, Nunally! There's just a whole bunch of planes doing drills right now! Everything's just fine!

LELOUCH CONT.: With the introduction of the new weapon, the Knightmare Frame, Japan didn't stand a chance. Within a month, Japan was crushed under the mighty fist of Britannia.

(The death and destruction of Japan, as well as several war scenes are shown, as well as the scene where Suzaku, Lelouch, and Nunally walk past all the dead Japanese lying on the ground, while Lelouch carries Nunally on his back and Suzaku sobs quietly.)

LELOUCH CONT.: The Japanese culture was stripped away, along with its rights, government, and even its name. It was re-baptisted with the name Area 11, merely another colony of the heartless Imperial Empire. Nunally and I were declared casualities of war, and if anyone had been searching for us, they certainly weren't anymore.

Suzaku and I were separated, and Nunally and I took up residence with the formerly powerful Ashford family.

(Milly's family welcomes Young Lelouch and Young Nunally into Ashford Academy, and C2 is taken into custody of Clovis while spying on Lelouch.)

But each day those words swirled in my head, and the animosity towards my father grew each day. If even a semblance of a perfect world could be created, I did not care what it would take. I would give my life if it meant a gentler place for my sister, and I would not rest until that man was dead.

I remembered the words I said to Suzaku long ago…

(Young Suzaku has his head in his hands. All around him is the destruction of Japan. Dead soldiers are being cremated in the background. Lelouch stands because him, hands shaking, teeth gritted.)

YOUNG LELOUCH: I swear to God…

YOUNG SUZAKU: *looks up* …?

YOUNG LELOUCH: No, I swear on my life, Suzaku! I will one day kill them all! I'll obliterate Britannia!

LELOUCH CONT.: And I plotted my revenge.