Can I tell you a story?

There's a girl, left alone and terrified.

There's a boy, taking the world on.

There's an enemy, bringing pain to those that oppose them.

There's a friend, confused and walking on without direction.

There's a thousand broken hearts.

There's a million gripped with fear.

All wandering this earth.

Let me tell you a story.

Green-blue eyes watched in horror.

"Mama! Papa!"

She knew they couldn't hear her. She knew her screams would make no difference. But the terror gripping her exploded through her vocal chords regardless.

"No! Please, no!"

Her voice was shaking. It was pointless to call out. There was nothing she could do.

"Mama! Papa!"

Her hand reached forward. She couldn't touch them. She'd never be able to.

"Please… no…"

The words slipped from her lips, now as a whisper. She was on her knees, tears had been pouring down her face. She knew there was no reason to get emotional. There was no reason. None at all.

"Your parents?"

She knew not to listen. The words that left the devil's mouth were lies.

"Well, Sherry, they died in an accident."

Lies. Green-blue eyes took in the face of a celebrity, with her perfect hair and devil-like smile.

"An accident… caused by you."

Green-blue eyes shot open. The child took in a shaky breath. She could only hope that she didn't really scream while she was asleep. Agasa-hakase didn't get enough rest as it was, and she didn't want to worry him. Her cheeks were wet with tears, something she had tried to control better. These nightmares had lessened, and it had been quite awhile since one occurred that shook her this badly. She was caught in turmoil as she walked to the bathroom to wash her face. The nightmare had been so vivid, but somehow she had known it was just a dream. That hadn't stopped her from reacting though. She reached up and turned on the bathroom light, which blinded her for a few moments. When she regained proper vision, she began to dowse her face in water. Red-brown hair stuck to the edges of her face as she brought her head up and looked in the mirror.

Haibara Ai. That was the alias of the girl who looked back in the mirror. It frustrated her a bit, to see her child-self in the mirror. That horrible child stared back at her. Too stupid to realize that she was being manipulated. Too scared to fight back. Too weak to protect anything. That horrible child. Haibara's face twisted, creating a disgusted glare to give to the child in the mirror. The child glared back just the same. "Who do you think you are?" She hissed, the child mirroring her lips as she moved them. Somehow, this angered her more. "Answer me!" Her voice rose. Her hand slammed down on the cold bathroom counter. The child in the mirror simply did as she did. "No, you fool!" Somehow she had reached a scream. She made a fist and pulled her arm back, fully prepared to give her past self a good punch when the bathroom door swung the rest of the way open.

"What's wrong?" Haibara froze, her fist stopping just inches from the mirror. Her eyes wide, she turned to see a familiar face.

"Kudo-kun… why are … you here?" There he stood, still with his hand on the door from swinging it wide open, with concern etched on his features. His black hair managed to stay in his face without blocking his vision. His blue eyes took in the scene before him. His arm dropped and he straightened as Haibara released her hand and put it at her side.

"I… what were you doing?" Conan responded, looking at the mirror and then back at her. Haibara's eyes were still red from the tears shed in her dream, her face dripping with water. Haibara immediately withdrew from her shocked state and threw up her wall. Crossing her arms, she turned to him with an annoyed expression.

"Is that really your business? Shouldn't you know better than to barge into a bathroom without knocking or something first?" Conan frowned.

"You were screaming, and the door was half way open."

"What time is it?" She asked, ignoring his last retort. He looked at his watch.

"Six forty-five." Haibara turned him by his shoulders and pushed him out of the bathroom.

"Then I have to take a shower." She shut the door in his face.

By the time she was finished with her shower, Haibara had regained control of her senses. She had been reacting irrationally recently, too, which bothered her. She had very good self control; this sort of thing wasn't normal. The girl got dressed and drew in a deep breath. Looking in the mirror again, she looked deep into the eyes that stared back. They were the eyes that belonged to her – someone much older. She brushed and finished styling her hair. Today wasn't a day to flip out.

Teitan Elementary had decided that third graders and up should wear uniforms, so on her first day of third grade (or rather her second first day) she was wearing an admittedly cute uniform. When she emerged from the bathroom, the smell of coffee and bacon met her nose. She quickly made her way to the kitchen, where Agasa-hakase and Conan stood. Unfortunately for Conan, the uniforms had changed since he was in elementary and his favorite and trademark uniform no longer could be worn at school. Instead, he was wearing a simple black suit. It was almost amusing enough to distract her from the fact that Agasa-hakase was cooking bacon.

"Hakase, what are you doing?" Both of them turned and looked at her.

"Oh Ai-kun! I figured you would need a good breakfast on your first day of school." Haibara glared.

"Western? Don't you know how much fat there is in bacon?" Hakase laughed a bit nervously.

"Well, just for today… Ai-kun, you look good in your new uniform!" Haibara rolled her eyes, knowing that his comment was serving mostly as a way to distract her from the issue at hand.

"Black suits you." Conan commented.

Haibara froze. Conan didn't realize the weight of his words. The uniform for girls consisted of a dark gray skirt, cream sweater, and a black over jacket. Conan found himself a seat on one of the barstools as Agasa-hakase dished out food.

Black.The same color she was dressed in when she really was this age. Every day she wore a long black trench coat as per instructed by the Organization. The loose bow-tie-like thing around her neck suddenly felt like it was suffocating her. The jacket, long enough to cover most of her skirt, felt as though it would squeeze the life out of her.

"Blacksuitsyou,Sherry." She suddenly felt lightheaded, pulling at the black ribbon around her neck. The girl hadn't moved from her spot in the kitchen, even though Agasa had placed a plate for her at the counter next to Conan.

"Ai-kun?" Haibara's fingers fumbled as they undid the buttons for the jacket. She took it off and placed it on the couch, suddenly feeling much more relaxed.

"Sorry, I just felt a bit warm. I don't think I'll wear the jacket today, the sweater's enough." Conan watched her, well aware that something had been wrong already this morning.

"Oh…" Agasa responded. She sat down and ate her breakfast, not complaining about the two pieces of bacon Hakase had placed on her plate.

It wasn't long before Haibara and Conan were walking down the road on their way to school. Haibara tried not to shiver. The sweater was a lot thinner than she had thought it would be, either that, or the air was colder than it should have been. Either way, Haibara couldn't wait to get to the school and the heat that the building offered.

"Haibara, is something wrong?" Haibara looked over to see the deep blue inquiring eyes that she often admired. Something about them caused her to feel anger instead of admiration.

"No, I'm just not used to seeing you without your blue little outfit." A smirk appeared on her face. Conan glared.

"It's not like I really liked that uniform…" He said in self-defense. Haibara shrugged, a smirk still on her face.

"Ai-chan, Conan-kun!" As they reached the school gate, Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko caught up to them.

"Ayumi-chan, your uniform looks cute on you." Haibara said, resulting in a blush and grin from Ayumi.

"Same with yours! Why don't you have your jacket? It's chilly today!" Ayumi pulled a bit at Haibara's sleeve. Haibara shrugged.

"It was too warm for me I guess." Ayumi smiled, dismissing any further conversation on the topic as they entered the school doors and switched out their shoes.

"I can't wait to see if Morishima-san is here!" At this, Genta and Mitsuhiko both turned to Ayumi with intense interest.

"Morishima-san? Who is that?" Genta asked.

"Yes, who?" Mitsuhiko added in. Ayumi looked at both of them with a completely innocent expression.

"Oh, he's a friend of mine I've been writing. He said he's going to be here today. I hope I get to see him!"

"A guy?" Both Genta and Mitsuhiko were enraged, but Ayumi seemed completely oblivious. Haibara shook her head. They made their way to the auditorium where the opening ceremony took place.

By the end of the day, Haibara was thoroughly exhausted. For some reason there was a huge class mix up and everyone had to be re-assigned. This meant that the detective boys were no longer in the same class. Haibara had gotten perfect scores and was placed in 3-A, while Conan knew better and scored an average, being placed in 3-B with Mitsuhiko. Genta and Ayumi ended up in 3-C. They all caught up with each other, all of them complaining and telling each other the details of their classmates. Haibara sighed. Conan moved next to her.

"Didn't I tell you not to actually try on the test?" She shrugged.

"Unlike you, I wasn't in the mood to slack off." In truth, Haibara had been unable to force herself to make stupid mistakes on a test of such a low level.

"Oh, Morishima-san!"

Haibara shivered, fear rising up in her. She shook, the terror becoming stronger and stronger by the second. She reached out and grabbed the sleeve of Conan's jacket. He looked over at her, curious as to why she was gripping onto him.

"Haibara?" The fearful expression on her face had become familiar enough for Conan to recognize it. "Is it Them?" He asked, his voice suddenly more hushed and drastically more serious. Haibara managed a nod, her red-brown hair shifting.

"Eh? This is Morishima-san? He's not a student…" Genta said loudly. Mitsuhiko nudged him to shut him up.

"Ayumi-chan, it's Morishima-sensei now that I have a job as a teacher at your school. Maybe next year you'll be in my class."

Haibara lost control of her legs and she fell to her knees, a death grip on Conan's jacket. Conan looked down at her, but was immediately distracted by the tall man that was standing just a few feet away.

"Are you a foreigner?" Mitsuhiko asked.

Silverhair. Haibara's shaking felt more like a seizure. Her fingers had now ripped the sleeve of Conan's jacket. He joined her in her horror as he fully recognized the figure talking so kindly with the Detective Boys. Gin.