Summary: What if being the Shikon Miko forces Kagome to evolve, to become something more… What would she become?
Rated: NC17 for certain chapters, else PG
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha and co, or the verse/concept. Just playing with the characters.
AN: This is an AU, not canon. Inspiration: 'Evolution' by Eternity of Sins. It's a wonderful fic and I highly recommend reading it and Opposites Attracted, both posted on www DOT Dokuga DOT com.

Summary: This is how it began. Kagome finds herself feeling like a square peg and Sesshoumaru notices something her friends did not.


~ooO Exit Ooo~

Kagome smiled a cheery smile that hid her weariness as she made her polite excuses and retreated towards the hut she used to share with Sango and Shippo. When Sango married Miroku she shared it with Shippo. When Shippo left to get training from a kitsune clan she lived in it alone.

Once upon a time she had hoped to share it with InuYasha but no more; he was Kikyos. Kagome had wished all those killed by Naraku and his detachments back to life - Kohaku, Kougas clan, the taijiya village and several other human and youkai settlements - and then the Shikon no Tama vanished. Everyone had taken it as a sign that the wish was a pure wish but everyone was wrong. Kagome didn't have the heart to tell them the jewel had returned to its place within her.

She hadn't realized it at first until the dreams started, dreams of choir like voices asking her to accept the responsibility, and the changes that would come. She had ignored the dreams until the energy started flooding her system, burning and consuming her resources, pushing her body to channel more than it was designed to. Her miko skills had sky rocketed and spells that usually took days of preparation, rituals and chants could be cast within minutes by a mere thought.

She focused her preparations on barriers and shields, to protect the village from anyone who might sense the surging energies and suspect. She prepared talismans to safeguard her friends and allies the best she could. She earned a reputation for healing the incurable. This had several side effects: one, suitors were driven away by her status and abilities; two, suitors including wealthy lords, ningen, hanyou and youkai, were drawn by the power and status to be gained by having such a female as mate or part of their household; three, her male friends ever even more protective taking it on themselves to drive away those they deemed unworthy, which was all males, only the really persistent remained but none of them sparked any interest in her.

If she stayed here she would never find what she was looking for. Kagome wished she could return to the future, to cry in her mothers arms and ask for her advice but the well had been sealed once the wish was made. Kagome had made it a weekly ritual to try to return home for several months. She gave up when her powers peaked; it would be impossible to hide or excuse away such abilities in her birth time, there were no shrines or monasteries that would provide the necessary training in the twentieth century. The past was her home now.


Kaede sighed as she watched the small figure clad in dark blue hakamas and a sky blue haori approach her hut. Her gray-blue eyes were solemn, without the cheer of her old companions or the villagers. Kaede had sensed the power fluctuations in the young one but had chosen to wait. Pressing Kagome would not help, only make her more closed off and reluctant to talk.

"Kaede-baa-san, can we talk?"

"Of course. Come on in."

The two women entered the hut. The elder watched with a single wide eye as the younger cast several high level sealing spells to prevent eavesdropping, all without any preparation.

"What is it Kagome-chan?"

Kagome dropped to the tatami mat and folded her legs beneath her.

"I have to leave Kaede-baa-san."

"I take it has something to do with your power surging." Kaede murmured softly and hid a smile at the surprised expression. "I have been watching young one. Your power has been rising rapidly and shows no sign of reaching a plateau, something that can be potentially dangerous. I would usually recommend advanced training in a remote shrine but I take it you have other plans?"

"Hai. A shrine cannot help me. I need to go somewhere else."

"Do you know where?"

"Iie. But I will when I reach it."

"Do you have a direction?"

"Hai. The mountains."

"That can be dangerous."

"It is where I have to go."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Distract the others. Tell them I've gone on a solitary training trip and will be back in a few weeks."

"They will be worried when they find the truth."

"They cannot help me. Nor can they walk this path with me."

"Are you sure this is wise?"

"To be honest? No. But I have to do this Kaede, I am so tired of being driven by the dreams, the surging power, the constant terror of attracting a daiyoukai powerful enough to kill me. This path is leading to Change, it will kill me or make me."

Kaede studied the pale face noting the weariness in the eyes and stance. It remotely reminded her of her sister from fifty years ago, only then Kikyo was burdened by duty and responsibility, Kagome was burdened by instinct and power. And then she came to a decision.

"Very well Kagome. I will cover your absence for as long as possible."

"Thank you Kaede-baa-san."


Kagome was very grateful for her modern moccasin-style boots and quilted clothing. It had not begun to snow but the wind cut like blades on her exposed skin. Part of her was vaguely aware of the potential for frostbite, the greater part was instinct driven to press on.

Something tugged at her soul, her heart, her core. It created an emptiness and whispered of promises of fulfillment. Kagome Knew it wasn't evil, but it wasn't good either, it just Was. Feeling more reassured she followed the Call. Evil was a big no-no but Good made Kagome feel uneasy. Probably her Shinto upbringing, she was more inclined towards Tao and balance.

Her feet were numb by the time she found the cave, a crevasse in the sheer rock face. Cautiously she followed the Call praying that the cave wasn't occupied by bat-youkai or some such creature. It wasn't.

The walls were embedded by some strange pink, blue, purple crystal that reflected the light from the softly glowing moss. Quickly she made a small fire that further illuminated the cavern. The main cavern was surprisingly spacious with a dais-like platform towards the back. The wall behind it was more heavily embedded with crystals that seemed to glow with their own energies.

Hypnotized Kagome dropped her bag down and stepped to the dais, drawn to the light and beauty in those jewel like shards.

{Remove your clothes.} The choral voice whispered.

{I'll be cold.}

{You won't. Not here.}

Reluctantly she stripped and was pleasantly surprised. The dais was warm, far warmer than it should be given the temperature of the rest of the cave and the weather outside. Carefully she folded the clothes and placed it in a pile near her backpack. Before she could dig out dry clothes something sparkled in the corner of her eye. She turned and fell into a dazzling rainbow of fractured crystals.


Sesshoumaru frowned as he followed his instincts. Weeks ago he had felt a powerful pulse in the vicinity of InuYashas Forest. He had ignored it, believing it to be the ill-trained mikos attempts at mastering a new technique, but it happened again and again, growing stronger each time. Curious and concerned about the source of the power Sesshoumaru decided to investigate and begin his inquiry at the village.

Unfortunately the ningens including his idiot half-breed brother were less than helpful. None of them had sensed anything much less the potential. When he had inquired about the miko all had been caught off-guard, none of them had realized the miko had left the village several days before, around the same time the pulses began. Certain they had nothing to offer the daiyoukai had followed his instincts tracking the fading scent of the miko and the power. Thankfully he had decided to make this trip solo, without his ward or retainer, and had no distractions from the task he had set himself.


Citrine eyes narrowed as they studied the crevasse before him. The trail ended here. But how could she survive a fortnight without a source of water or fuel? Curious he entered the cave and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth. A natural hot spring perhaps?

Steady steps took him deeper into the cave until he came across a pink barrier. Warily he tested the energies. Reiki. He looked around the room illuminated by refracting crystals but saw no sign of the miko. Warily he reached out to test the barrier and was shocked when it formed an opening large enough for the daiyoukai to pass through.

To cross or to not cross? Would it allow him to leave? Was this a trap? Questions raced through his mind though his expression never changed.

However curiosity was a besetting sin of his and so he stepped through.

The room beyond the barrier was warm and humid supporting his theory of a hot spring. The crystals in the walls towards the back were bigger and more brilliant as they refracted the light from the glowing moss. The pulse now was stronger, almost a sensation or sound. Curious he moved towards the back after drawing Tokujin out and came across the source of the pulsing energy.

A large sac or cocoon made from some tough silky material roughly six feet long and two feet wide. Whatever was within the cocoon was the source of the strange energy. Was it an insect youkai undergoing a metamorphosis? If so why would it be protected by a reiki barrier?

Wanting to know more he edged closer to the cocoon and was distracted by a familiar sight. A carry sac made of bright yellow material, something the miko carried during her travels to gather the Shikon shards. There was a pile of clothing and footwear next to it. A careful scenting assured the daiyoukai the owner of said clothing was the miko in question and she was uninjured and calm when she last wore the items.

Suddenly something struck him. A missing miko, a cocoon, no evidence of any form of attack… What was going on? A growl escaped his lips.

"Miko, even when you are not present you cause trouble."

As though in response to his question the pulsing energy altered subtlety. The energies became almost soothing, refreshing. For the first time in two centuries Sesshoumaru felt his Blood Beast calm down without being forced into compliance. Gold eyes widened as the daiyoukai realized what a boon this haven could be… a source of restoration and privacy away from responsibilities and duty.

A small smile curved thin lips. There was time a plenty to find out the exact nature of the cocoon. Perhaps even determine of a way to move it to his Stronghold. It would be more convenient than traveling to the Mountains every time he wished to bask in the rejuvenating energies.


Miroku focused on ignoring Sangos soft sniffles. She was a strong woman and would not be pleased if any male acknowledged her weakness at this point. Instead he focused on organizing the rumors they had gathered, rumors to track down their missing friend. A soft sigh escaped his own lips as he remembered what brought them to this point, who had set them on this path.


~ooO Begin Flashback …

"Where is the miko?"

Everyone blinked taken aback by the question.

"Kaede?" InuYasha scowled but did not lower his weapon. "She's in her hut. What do you want with her?"

Sesshoumaru frowned. "Do not be a fool hanyou. The miko this Sesshoumaru is looking for is the young one. Your mate."

InuYasha tensed. "Kikyo? What do you want with her."

A soft growl escaped the daiyoukais lips. "You actually mated that abomination?"

InuYasha moved to attack but was intercepted by Miroku who tried to defuse the situation.

"Kikyo-san is no longer a golem of clay and dirt, Kagome-sama used the Shikon to give her a flesh-and-blood body."

"That is the miko this Sesshoumaru wishes to see."

"Kagome-chan? What do you want with her? I won't let you hurt her." Sango tensed defensively.

Sesshoumaru glared. "This Sesshoumaru wishes to speak to the miko Kagome."

"That is not possible." A raspy voice responded. Everyone turned to the elderly one-eyed miko. "Kagome has left the village."

Gold eyes flashed as the daiyoukai realized what happened. "Two weeks ago. Solstice night."

Kaede bowed her head. "Hai. She said she had to leave and left."

Everyone frowned.

"What do you mean you old hag? Kagome can't go home and she'll be attacked if she goes out there!" InuYasha yelled.

Kaede snorted. "I pity any youkai who attack her. They'll be purified in an instant."

"But what if she is overwhelmed?" Sango fretted.

Kaede shook her head. "Kagome-chan is undergoing some changes; few can be with her at this time so give her some privacy and space. She will be fine."

InuYasha scowled. "You are wrong. If you let her go off on her own you are going senile old hag! She's probably dead or seriously injured by now!"

"Believe what you will InuYasha. But Kagome can look after herself."

... End Flashback Ooo~

And Kaede was right. They followed the rumors of a beautiful powerful miko crossing the lands to the mountains. In her wake she left marauding youkai purified to ashes and restored the nearly dead to full health.

After a certain point there were few settlements or inhabitants, no way to follow a cold trail when the scent had dissipated. After two moons of fruitless searching InuYasha and Kikyo refused to continue.

~ooO Begin Flashback …

"We should stop looking. The weather is turning bad and the trail has gone cold."

"You promised to protect her!" Sango was aghast at the hanyous words.

White triangular ears flattened on his head. "Feh. The bitch is nothing but trouble. She left by herself Sango. She didn't tell any of us anything!"

Warm brown eyes turned furious. "Kagome has never abandoned us! She always followed when someone else left the group for any personal reason! It is our turn to follow her and make sure she is alright!"

InuYasha shook his head. "No. It is too dangerous to be wandering in this weather with no direction. I won't risk Kikyos health. Kagome made her choice. Besides from what we've heard she can look after herself."

Sango recoiled from the cold uncaring words. "You betrayed your promise to protect her from the very start! You are a User like Kouga because you only protected her to get the Shikon shards!" InuYasha growled but Sango ignored the threatening sound. "Go! Go and forget about the woman who gave up so much to bring your dead lover back to life!"

... End Flashback Ooo~


The houshi stirred himself to the present. "Hai Sango-chan?"

"Do you think we'll find her?" The hesitant question was softly whispered.

"Hai. From what Kaede said Kagome-samas power is spilling out uncontrolled. The rumors of these new undiscovered healing pools might be a side-effect of her leaking power. We just have to track the water back to its source."

Sango sighed. "We've eliminated ten sources of fourteen. The weather is worse in the mountains where the remaining four are located."

Miroku frowned. "We could wait for warmer weather." He suggested neutrally.

Immediately Sango refused. "Iie. I don't want to risk Kagome-chan getting hurt. Every delay increases the changes of that."

Miroku nodded slowly and pulled out a scroll from his 'back pack' and opened it carefully, spreading the parchment on the dirt before the fire. It was a map drawn by one of the healers they had encountered and added to by other sources of information. It marked local trails and the sources of known springs, those used by healers for decades and those newly discovered. He studied the markings and tapped one.

"This is the closest to our current campsite. The midwife in last village insisted this spring never had any healing properties until three moons ago."

Sangos eyes brightened. "When Kagome left."

"Whatever power that changed the pool… it might be drawing Kagome in."

"Could it be a youkai?"

"A benevolent one. Or perhaps an elemental spirit or minor kami." Miroku admitted. "Youkai with ill-intent always exact a price for their healing within a moon. I did not feel any dark aura in that village, there were no disappearances or unexplained deaths. Nevertheless we should be on our guard. Just in case."

"Of course."


Sango stared aghast at the dark entrance to the cave.

"Miroku, are you sure?"

"Positive. This cave is the source of that power." The houshi hesitated. "The barrier is an advanced version of what Kagome-sama uses for the village. It is shielding the power source aura. I did not sense it until we were practically in the cavern."

"But the barrier is not allowing us to pass!" Sango cried out in near tears.

"It does resemble the barrier in Midorikos Cave." Miroku pointed out mildly. "It is probably designed to keep those who do not fit the criteria out."

"Kagome would never do that! We're her friends!"

Miroku sighed. "Kagome-sama is changing. She left without telling us for a reason. The barrier is to keep everyone away for that same reason." Then he stiffened. "Sango, there is a youkai nearby!"

The taijiya readied her weapon eyes darting around looking for the enemy.

"Put down your weapons." A cool familiar voice broke the tension.

"Sesshoumaru-sama?" Miroku did not know whether to be worried or relieved.

The daiyoukai emerged over the edge of the cliff being borne on a cloud of youki. Gracefully he stepped off and onto solid ground and the cloud dissipated.

As he walked towards them Miroku realized something. "Your arm. It is back."

The daiyoukai lifted a hand that belonged to his once-lost left arm. Said hand was a perfect match for his right one down to the claws and maroon markings.

A tiny smirk curved the usually down turned mouth. "An unexpected but not unwelcome gift."

Sangos eyes narrowed. "Your arm was regenerated. By the source of these new healing springs."

He inclined his head. "This Sesshoumaru knows nothing of the healing springs you speak about."

"But you know about the source of this power. The one in this cave behind the barrier." Miroku spoke neutrally.

The daiyoukai did not blink. "Hai." And he walked towards the cavern easily countering Sangos attempts to block him.

Miroku noted the daiyoukai was not using lethal force (acid claws or swords or full strength) and came to a quick conclusion. "Sango stop it!"

The taijiya paused and in that instant Miroku spoke quickly. "Sesshoumaru-sama, is Kagome-sama inside that cavern? Sango and I are very worried for her."

The daiyoukai paused but did not turn around. "The miko rests within the cave."

"Can you please ask her to come out?" Sango realized what Miroku had seen first. The inu-daiyoukai had breached the barrier and come into contact with the raw source power of the healing springs and thus regenerated his amputated limb in weeks than the decades it would usually take.

"The miko cannot be roused from her current condition. She will wake when she is ready." He disappeared into the darkness.

Sango and Miroku hurried after him.

"Sesshoumaru-sama! When will she wake up?"

The two ningens reached the barrier and stared helplessly at the daiyoukai who had crossed the barrier and was walking down the tunnel, towards the warm glow at the back of the cavern. His voice floated back calmly.

"When she is ready."

"What is happening to her?" Sango cried out.

"She is changing Taijiya. She will leave the cave when she has fully matured. Now leave. If you or the houshi are around when this Sesshoumaru departs you will be treated as a lesser youkai."

"She is our friend Sesshoumaru-sama! We are concerned for her well-being." Miroku called out in placating tones.

"She is safe within this cavern. This Sesshoumarus aura and scent dissuade the lesser youkai. Those bold enough to press are repelled by the barrier. If they are present during my visits they are eliminated."

Sango started to cry. Miroku wrapped an arm around her shoulders and drew her close murmuring words of comfort.

"Don't cry Sango. If Sesshoumaru wanted to kill Kagome-sama he would have done so long time ago. The reason he keeps visiting is because he is curious about something. As long as Kagome doesn't attack him directly he won't harm her."

Sangos face brightened. "Do you think so?"

"Hai. Whenever Sesshoumaru attacked Kagome-sama in the past it was because she interfered with his plans and goals. She only did that to protect InuYasha. Since InuYasha isn't around she has no reason to defy and irritate him."

"You are right. But I am still worried about her."

"As am I. But we cannot do anything about the barrier. I do not care to bring InuYasha to try to use Red Tetsaiga on the barrier since Sesshoumaru is around. I do not believe it will work and merely anger Sesshoumaru. I suggest we wait and make visits. If we are polite Sesshoumaru might give us more information."

"Do we tell InuYasha anything?"

"Iie. He would have known if he had stayed like we asked him to. He abandoned Kagome now and a long time ago. He has no right to any information about her well-being or whereabouts."


Sesshoumaru heaved an inward sigh of relief when his senses told him the houshi had persuaded the taijiya to move away from the cavern entrance and towards the foot of the mountain. He was vaguely interested in what caused the rift between InuYasha and his old taichi but it was low on his priorities. Besides from what he heard he would be seeing the houshi and taijiya in the future.

His steps quickened as he entered the main chamber and moved to the dais where the softly glowing cocoon lay pulsing. Immediately the tension in his body brought on by duty and responsibility drained away leaving him refreshed. The claws of his new left hand touched the cocoon gently and was rewarded by a fresh surge of energy from the being within the cocoon.

Idly he wondered if it truly was the miko within the cocoon. His senses told him it was. Hers was the only scent besides his within the cavern and her fragrance permeated the tough silken material that formed the cocoon. Logic insisted it couldn't be. She was his hanyou siblings ally and once-mate, she was the one who drew Tetsaiga and gave it to InuYasha. She would have never restored his left arm to him. But if it was the miko, she probably wasn't aware of the specific details of anything going on outside the cocoon.

For the nth time he wondered what sort of metamorphosis the miko was undergoing. What would she be reborn as? Would she still be human or something else? Youkai or something more…?




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