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"Reset 16 counts," Mr. Zach called through the microphone. Everyone in the marching band huffed and ran back to their spots, doing their best not to get run over by a random tuba or tenor drums. I rolled back on my heels in boredom, and watched as our drum major, Amelia, began to count off.

I waited for four counts before coming in on my cymbal roll, starting at piano before a gradual crescendo to forte. Mr. Zach called down from the box, "Keep going!"

Four counts later, I was racing around a marimba towards the vibes. I gasped as my foot slipped on the wet grass, but I managed to regain my footing and reach the vibes in time. Mr. Zach stopped us just before I could play, calling, "Aaaand, stop there!"

James, standing in front of the timpani, called, "Nice one, Sammmyyyyy." He shot me a thumbs up.

"Shut up, troll!" I called back, laughing, as the field staff began to work on the horns on the field.

"Children, settle down," Anthony mock scolded. He was our section leader of the front ensemble (or just pit), and a senior.

"NO!" James and I yelled at the same time, then burst out laughing.

"You guys are crazy," Ashley muttered, grinning. She was our pit instructor, around 27 with two children.

"DENIED!" the three of us yelled at the same time.

"Okay, let's try that again. Reset two sets," Mr. Zach called, and I carefully stepped around the marimba, noticing that the grass was slick with rain and frost.

"The field's going to be slippery," Anthony murmured as Mr. Zach tried to get the trombones and clarinets in order.

"Ya know, last week's show at Halsburg would have been good for this week," James complained. "They have turf!"

"Who cares about turf?" Jordan, a freshmen, snickered.

"We do," the three of us said simultaneously.

"I'm probably going to kill myself," I added. "Seriously, I have to race around the most out of the four of us! I start out on the vibes, then dodge a xylophone, jump over the gong, fight off ninjas, and THEN come in on the marimba in, like, four counts! And that's only a small section of the first song!"

James imitated ninja moves. "We should have an epic game of ninja during break!"

"In Hannaford," Anthony added. The amazing thing about our school is that across the road, in the front, is a small path leading to the back of Hannaford. Oh yeah, epic lunch break!

"With free cookies!" I cheered.

"You know, they put chemicals in them so you don't eat too much," Jordan piped up.

"DENIED!" I yelled. "And even if they do, TOO BAD SUCKAHS!"

"MAINE ACCENT!" James yelled.

"You know it," I laughed.

"Alright, alright, SET!" Mr. Zach yelled.

Amelia counted us off again, and we played the part. Mr. Zach called for us to keep going, so I went over to the bells. As I waited to come in, a member of the colorguard accidentally whacked me in the back of the head with her flag. "Sorry!" she whispered hurriedly before racing off in the field.

I groaned, rubbing the back of my head, and missed my cue to come in. James was laughing hysterically as he pounded away on the timpani. I gave him the evil eye as I quickly moved my mallets over the keys.

We came to the end of the song. Mr. Zach had us hold our poses for a moment, before letting us relax. "Alright, all of the staff is going to leave. You guys are going to have a run-throw of the show, then come back and have your lunch break. The bus is leaving at one, so make sure you're on it. Remember, this is the last run-throw of the season, so make it your best!" he called, then paused and added, "But make sure when you play at finals, THAT one is your best!"

Ah, finals. Band camp seemed so long ago...HALLOWEEN IS IN TWO DAYS! I was too busy cheering over this thought that I missed the band exit the field to get in their lines, ready to do a run-throw.

I had a feeling that tonight would be amazing.

"The judges are ready," the announcer boomed through the microphone. "The drum majors, Amelia Smith and Jay Mayor, is the band ready?" Although I was facing front, I knew that in the silence that followed Jay and Amelia were doing their salute. A loud cheer rose up from the audience, and I knew that they had finished. "Sakom High School, you may enter the field for evaluation!" the announcer called.

Amelia and Jay hurried forward, and a nearby judge helped Amelia up onto the podium, wishing her good luck. Jay hurried over to the side, taking off his helmet and carefully tossing it to the side of the podium. Once they both were in position, Amelia counted us off and we began.

I entered on vibes immediately, listening back to the bass drums somewhere out on the field, occasionally glancing up to Amelia to check that I was still in time.

As Connor began his solo on the trumpet, I turned and ran around the xylophone, heading towards the marimba. I tripped over the leg of the gong stand, but when I tried to regain my footing, I slipped in the wet grass. I heard Anthony gasp slightly behind me, but all I saw was the cymbal attached to the xylophone, heading straight for my head. Something seemed to almost explode in my mind, and darkness overtook my vision instantly. I was gone.


So hey, everyone. This is just an idea that was floating around in my head. Face it, how many band geek LOTR FanFics have you read? I know that I haven't seen any! So, I decided to write one! And sorry for all the marching band, but we just had our finals today, so I needed to let this all out :P So yes, please R 'n R to tell me what everyone thinks! Should I keep going, or should I not?

UNDECIDED PAIRINGS! Any ideas? I don't really want to do a Boromir or Aragorn pairing though...and I don't know about Legolas, he's used too much. So please give me input!

(The towns/cities mentioned in this were made up).

By the by, does anyone know whether there are squirrels in M.E.? Just curious xD

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