The Return

Chapter 1

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(Pokemon Speech)

" Go on Pikachu, train with the others" said a young raven haired trainer.

Its been three years since Ash Ketchum has run away from his friends, the league everything. He is grown up a lot, he is no longer the little week 14 year- old everyone once knew, now at 17 he is 5,11 and has a athletic muscular build. Its been four years since that dreadful day when he came back home after winning the Sinnoh league.


"Man Pikachu I can't wait to see mom again" Ash said as he smiled at his best friend Pikachu.

"Pika Pika Chu"

Ash has just finished his adventure with Cilan and Iris. He won the league in a tough battle against his rival Trip. It was Ash's Pikachu against Trip's Serperior in the end Pikachu came up on top after hitting Serperior with a powerful Volt Tackle. After the match Ash got his trophy and Cilan and Iris went back to see their family while Ash did the same.

Ash finally reached Pallet Town when he heard a scream coming from inside his house. When Ash opened the door he saw something that will change his life forever. His mom dead in a pool of her own blood right next to her dead Mr. Mime. Ash didn't now what to do so he just ran, he went to Professor Oaks lab picked up all his Pokemon and ran.

After a while Charizard, Pidgeot, Squirtle, Primeape and even Lapras came back to his side. He vowed to become the strongest trainer in the world so he can protect those he loves most.

End Flashback

Ash has caught some of the most powerful Pokemon in the world and still has his original Pokemon. In just 3 years Ash has caught a all black Scizor, Tyranitar, Absol, Shiny Spiritomb, Dragonite, Salamance, Shiny Altaria, Luxray, Krookodile, , Hitmonchan, Lucario,Shiny Gallade and Gardevoir, Arcanine, Magmortar, Zoroark, Gengar, Dusknoir, Reuniclus, Tangegrowth, Leafeon, Nidoking, a Steelix made out of crystal, Shiny Rhyperior, Weavile, Shiny Braviary, Shiny Golurk, Bisharp, Alakazam, Metagross, Aggron, Rampardos, Kingdra, Gyrados,Hydreigon,Volcarna and a Shiny Milotic. Also all of his original Pokemon have evolved to their final stage except for Pikachu.

(Is something wrong Master) said Ash's Lucario. As Lucario looked at his Masters depressed face.

"Nothing Lucario just thinking about the past. Also STOP CALLING ME MASTER!" Ash yelled as he hated when Lucario would call him Master. He looked at all his Pokemon Training in the field, he was very proud of them.

(Are you ever going back Master) Lucario said as he looked at his Master with sympathy.

"Yes Lucario in fact the Masters tournament is coming in a week and I am planning to join, but I need to stop at Professor Oaks to register for the tournament" Ash said.

Ash called over is Gallade and returned all his Pokemon.

" Gallade can you teleport me and Pikachu to Professor Oaks lab" said Ash.

Gallade gave a silent nod and in no time at all they were right in front of the Professor's door. Ash walked up to the door and rang the door bell and waited patiently.

The old gray hired professor answered the door and looked at the young raven haired trainer and asked "OH! Hello how may I help you young man."

"Yes I'm here to register for the Master's Tournament" exclaimed Ash waiting for the professor to invite him inside.

"Yes, Yes come" said professor Oak as he ushered the mysterious trainer inside." OK I'm going to need your name and the number of pokemon you will be using."

" My name is Ash Ketchum" replied Ash.

Professor Oak looked at the young man in surprise." Ash is that really you? Where have you been? Are you OK?" questioned the professor as he enveloped Ash in a bone crushing hug.

Tracy hearing the commotion came in the room and questioned " What's going on professor?"

"You won't believe who's back, its Ash!"exclaimed the professor.

Tracy looked in surprise and looked at the person in front of him and said " Ash I can't believe your back we got to call everyone and tell them your back!"

"NO! You can't call them" yelled Ash.

"Why not?" questioned the professor " they'll be overjoyed that your back."

"I can't do that professor" said Ash "On that note can I use a different name in the competition?


"Are you sure you want to do that Ash?" questioned the nodded in confirmation.

"huh!Fine" said professor Oak "What is the name you wanted to use?"

"Ashura Satoshi" said Ash" Also can you look after my Pokemon while I'm at the competition?"

"Yes I can. Also the competition is being held in one week in the Indigo Plateau" said the professor " Let's go outside so you can let out your Pokemon."

They all walked outside to the fields and Ash let out all of his Pokemon. The professor and Tracy looked in shock as they saw the army of Pokemon before them.

"Ash these are all yours?" asked the professor excitedly hoping to study them.

"Yes they are" said Ash " Now I need to decide who to take. Pikachu for sure"

"Pika Pikachu Pi" said Pikachu with a look that said "You Better."

"I'll also get Charizard, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Lucario, and Garchomp"

They all roared in excitement while Lucario said ( Thank You for allowing me to come master)

" No problem Lucario and STOP CALLING ME MASTER!" said Ash " The rest of you I'll switch out but I assure you each of you will get a chance to battle."

"So Ash when are you going to leave" asked Tracy " You also do know that your old friends will be there right"

"WHAT!" yelled Ash " How do you know?"

"Well Max has been getting badges through out Kanto and May, Dawn, Brock, Misty, and Gary were accompanying him"

"Well I was hoping I wouldn't face them so early." said Ash " But to answer your question I'm going to leave right now"

"Wait your leaving all ready" said Professor Oak " You just got here"

"Yes I need to get some last minute training done" said Ash "Come on Pikachu and Charizard"

Ash returned his Pokemon while the rest left to explore the lab's fields. He got on his Charizard with Pikachu comfortably on his shoulder.

" I'll see you guys later" said Ash " It was nice seeing you guys after so long."

After he said that his massive Charizard started flapping his wings going east towards the Indigo Plateau

"Ash your going the wrong way!" yelled Tracy and the Professor " The Indigo Plateau is west!"

Pikachu face faulted while Charizard sweatdroped.

"Oops my bad" said Ash as they turned around actually heading in the right direction.

That's Chapter 1

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