The Return

Chapter 2

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"Charizard land by the Pokemon Center" said Ash as his Charizard started descending after a 6 hour flight. "Thanks Charizard return, come on Pikachu let's get a room."

As Ash and Pikachu walked into the Pokemon Center they heard some very recognizable voices.

"Come on Max stop asking people for battles their here to relax until the competition starts" said a beautiful brunette known as May Maple.

"yeah come on Max let's just go shopping instead" said the bluenette beauty Dawn Berlitz.

"NO!" screamed the Gary Oak, Brock Slate, and Max Maple "Anything but that!"

"Come on guys shopping isn't that bad" said the beautiful orange haired girl known as Misty Waterflower.

As the argument continued Ash was looking at the scene sweating bullets. He didn't think he would encounter his old travelling companions so soon. As Ash was thinking he didn't notice the 13 year old coming his way.

"Hey you I challenge you to a battle" said Max excitedly.

Ash looked a the young man before saying in a stern voice "Alright what are the rules."

As Ash said that the rest of the found Max talking to the mysterious man wearing a Black cloak.

"I'm so sorry about my brother he doesn't know what the word stop means" said May

"No problem Miss no harm done we were about to battle. By the way my name is Ashura Satoshi" said Ash "And this is my partner Pikachu."

As he said that Pikachu came of of his trainers back pack siting on his trainers shoulder saying a quick "Pi" to the group.

The group looked at the Pikachu and were reminded of their old friend that they haven't seen in years.

Ash noticed his friends staring at his Pikachu and hoped to Arceus that they didn't figure who he was so quickly.

"Sorry but that Pikachu looks really familiar anyway I'm Brock the brunette is May the blue haired girl is Dawn the orange haired girl is Misty the brunette guy is Gary and the blue haired kid is Max, Mays brother" said Brock introducing the group.

" It is nice to meet you all now I think Max said something about a battle" said Ash.

" Yeah let's go outside they have some fields there" said Max "Brock can you referee."

"Sure, Max since you initiated the battle state the rules"stated Brock.

"OK how about a 3v3 battle first person to win two battles wins" said Max.

"Fine with me I'll chose first" said Ash "Feraligatr show me your will."

The group looked at the big jaw Pokemon in awe as they saw the biggest Feraligatr they have ever seen in their lives.

"No big deal, come on out Sceptile" said Max.

"Tell you what Max you can get the first move "said Ash calmly.

"Your going to regret that Ashura" said Max "Sceptile use Leaf Blade"

"Scep Tile" roared Sceptile as the leaves on his arms glowed green as he charged towards his target.

"Feraligatr catch it" said Ash calmly.

To everyone's amazement Feraligatr easily caught the attack not even flinching.

"Feraligatr Ice Punch" said Ash not surprised by his Feraligatr's strength "Then follow it up with Hydro Cannon"

Feraligatr's fist glowed a light blue before puching Sceptile who flew back to Max's side of the field. Feraligatr let loose his Hydro Cannon making its way to its target.

"Sceptile get out of the way" yelled Max, but it was to late as the Hydro Cannon hit Sceptile hitting him straight on making him faint instantly.

Everybody was surprised by the sheer power of the Pokemon in front of them.

"Sceptile is unable to battle Ashura and Ferligatr are the winners" stated Brock surprised by the battle.

"That has to be the most powerful Feraligatr I have ever seen" said May.

"Yeah" They all agread in unison. They looked up to see both trainers recalling their Pokemon.

"Lucario Show me your will" said Ash summoning one of his most powerful Pokemon.

(Your will Master) said Lucario wanting to win the battle for his trainer.

"Gallade come on out" said Max hoping to win this match.

"Lucario use Extreme Bone Rush" Stated Ash wanting to end this quickly.

Everybody was confused by the attack as none of them have heard of it. All of a sudden A bone appeared in Lucario's hand then he disappeared only to be seen in front of Gallade hitting him with a powerful Bone Rush.

"Hey Ashura what was that attack" asked Misty surprised by the power behind the attack.

"Its a combo move that combines Extreme Speed and Bone Rush"said Ash.

"Wow" said the group finnaly seeing what the young man in front of them was capable of.

They all looked up to see Gallade stuggling to get up with multiple scratch marks

"Gallade use Psycho Cut" said Max.

"Lucario end this use Elemental Combat" Yelled Ash.

One of Lucario's fists crackled with electricity while the other burst into flames. Both Pokemon Met in the middle of the field exchanging blows. Lucario had the upper hand hitting Gallade in the jaw with a Thunder Punch and in the stomach with a Fire Punch sending Gallade to Max's side with swirls in his eyes.

'Gallade is unable to battle Ash and Lucario are the winners" said Brock surprised by the one sided victory.

"Well that was a fun battle but its getting late and I need a room" Ash said " Lucario you couldstay out of your ball tonight, come on Pikachu."

The group stood there in confusion as they saw the young man leaving.

"Wow he is hot" said the three females in the group. Leaving Max open mouthed, Gary surprised and Brock sulking in the corner

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