Once again I found myself running through the school halls. And once again it seemed to me that Andre was the decedent od Houdini or some ninja because I couldn't find him.

After he left the Black Box I stood there for a good several minutes trying to figure out what was wrong. I knew he liked Jade but-
I suddenly stopped running and stood in the middle of the empty hall.

"Yes, you can. Look, all you need to do is walk up to her and say 'hey, I love you.' Easy as that."

Beck had said that to Andre earlier in the theater.
'That means…'
"Andre is in love with Jade." I whispered under my breath.
Slowly I walked over to the nearest lockers and put my back to them, sliding down to sit on the ground.

'How could he be in love with her? He's never even said why he loves her. I mean sure he doesn't have to tell me to love her, but I figured he would have. Even still this just doesn't make sense.'

I slammed the back of my head against the lockers.
"You shouldn't do that."
I looked up to see Robbie looking down at me.
Something was different about him.

"Robbie, I don't want to hear it right now."
Shrugging his shoulders he went to walk away but I stopped him.
I scrunched my brows together and looked him over. There was definitely something different about him.

"You look different. What's up?"
His cheeks turned a light pink, but a big grin covered his face.
"Do I? Oh, well. Hehe." He quickly flipped his shirt collar up but not before I saw a dark bruise on his neck. A bruise that looked more like a hickey than anything.
My eyes grew wide.

"Robbie! Was that a-"
"No!" He cut me off. "It wasn't anything! You saw nothing!"
Quickly he ran away and down the hall.

I continued to sit on the floor, confused.
'Andre is in love with Jade, Robbie has a hickey from who knows…who…, and everyone is running around the school like we don't have class. What is wrong with this week?'

Slowly standing up, I continued to lean back against the lockers. I stared off into space as I thought of what to do next. Soon though the bell rang and everyone started pouring in from the Asphalt Café.

'Shit. And I still need to get my things.'

I made my way back out to the Café, with difficulty might I add. Students coming in through the doors as I'm trying to go out. I had to push past many a people but I was finally outside.
Walking over to where the group normally sat, I saw my bag still lying where I had left it before. Picking it up I was about to head back into the school when I heard someone up on the loft. Walking closer I heard footsteps and mumbling. Not being able to tell what the person was saying, I moved in even closer. Still, I couldn't understand them. Setting the bag down at the bottom of the steps, I slowly climbed up them to try and hear better.

I reached almost the top of the stairs before I was able to look over the railing and see who was up there. And who would it be other than the man I was looking for.

Unlike last time there was no Beck. Even still he looked even more distressed than before. He had his forearms on the rails; leaning over it slightly. He almost radiated pain it seemed. I felt my heart drop as I continued to watch my best friend.
I was closer to him, but I still couldn't quite catch his words.

I quietly called out to him.

Instead of spinning around to gawk at me surprised like I thought he would, Andre just moved his head to the side a little; as if to just barely acknowledge me. As I took a few steps forward he turned his head back to look out over the Café and Hollywood streets.

His voice was low and serious when he spoke. "What are you doing here Tori?"
I gave him a curious look as I got closer.

"I came back to get my bag and I heard someone talking."
"Why did you have to come back to get it?"
I stopped a few feet from him and continued to watch him.

"I went to look for you and-"
"And did you find me?"

I was so confused.

"Yea, I talked to you remember? That happened just fifteen minutes ago."
He was silent for a minute before saying "And what did you think of Beck's and I's conversation?"

My eyes grew wide and my heart dropped into my stomach.
'Oh hell.'

"I didn't-" I started.
He turned to face me for the first time since I was up there.
"Don't lie Tori. I know you heard us."
I looked away from him not able to meet his eyes.

He let out a grunt and pushed himself away from the rail. Walking over to the air conditioner vent he leaned his back against it. I could feel his eyes burning into me.
I looked up to meet his eyes, but I could only hold the contact for a few seconds before I had to look away again.
"Look, Andre, I'm sorry I was listening it. It's just that I've been worried about you and I know that you've been really upset and-"
He held a hand up to stop me.
It was silent as he ran a hand through his dreads.

"I'm not upset that you listened in. Well, maybe a little."
I gave him a sheepish smile.
"I'm more upset that you heard us."

My eyebrows dipped down as I took a few steps closer to him.
"Why? I'm fine with you loving Jade. I just don't want you to get hurt."
He looked at me blankly, but I went on.
"And honestly I'm surprised Beck didn't kill you when you two were talking. Or at the very least get an attitude with you. I mean, that's his girlfriend and you told him you love her and well. You get it."

I'd been looking off to the side during my little rant as I thought about what I had heard early. Looking back at Andre I could see him looking at me in disbelief and shaking his head.

"You heard us talking, and heard me say I was in love with her."
I nodded my head.

"But you," Shaking his head again he let out a sharp laugh.
"But you never even heard me say her name."

I once again lost and confused. On so many levels.

"Well, no."

Pushing himself off the vent Andre started walking towards me.
Granted the walk from the vent to me would only take a few short seconds, but for some reason it seemed so much longer. He was looking straight at me, like I was the only person in the world. And he was walking with a purpose, one of which I wasn't sure of at the moment.

All that went through my mind right before he stopped in front of me. It wasn't till now that I realized that my best friend was taller than me. We'd never really stood this close, so I'd never taken notice.
All that was also swept from my mind when Andre started talking in a low voice.

"Tori. You just," He laughed softly.
"You amaze me sometimes." I gave him a questioning look. "You can be so smart and intuitive one minute, but so….god, I don't know. So airheaded the next."
I was shocked. 'I am not airheaded.'
"I am not airheaded!" I yelled back.
He just continued to look down at me with a soft smile.

"Do you know what I think of Jade. Do you know why I love her?"
I fidgeted around for a second. I didn't like where this was going. I didn't exactly want to hear why he loved her-although I was curious-but it seemed he was going to tell me anyway.

"I love her because she's her. She's herself. She's not afraid to be herself, or do some crazy thing that may or may not get her in trouble. I know she's there for her friends. I know that for a fact. She owns the way she looks and the way she acts. When she's up on stage, she honestly shines like the brightest star. If she's scared she doesn't show it."
He continued to stare down at me with that smile on his face. A smile that said he really was in love. And hearing him say all this, all the reasons why he loves Jade, it hurts. Why it hurts, I don't know. My chest feels like it's being crushed with every word he speaks. My throat feels restricted and I have a cold chill all over my body despite the hot LA weather.

He went on.
"I love her so much. I love every chance I get to sing with her, every chance I have to just be around her. There's so many reasons why I'm in love. I can list off a thousand more but you'll never completely understand why. Love isn't easy to describe. It's something you feel, something that's can quite be put into words. You don't know it unless you actually feel it for yourself. And I feel it. With her."

I continued to stare at Andre as he stared down at me. I was at a loss for words. There was nothing I could say to him.
The weight that seemed to be pressing down on my chest only got worse as I looked into his eyes. I could see so much love and admiration in them. Something I'd never really seen in him or anyone else other than my parents. I knew that love was for Jade. And I knew that inside he was hurting because she was with Beck. You don't have that kind of love for someone who's been dating your friend for the past two years and not be hurt.

"Andre." I whispered.
"You didn't hear that."

I blinked. Once. Twice.

"I said," He still had that smile. "You didn't hear that." He repeated.
"I just heard you. You told me how in love you are with her and-"
"I told Beck all that."

As we stood up on the loft, class long forgotten, I was more confused than I had ever been before. Andre is telling me he's in love with Jade and now, now I don't even know what's going on.
Taking note of my confused state, he went on to explain.

"You only heard part of Beck and I's conversation. There was more to it. What I just told you was part of it." He tilted his head to the side. "More or less."

"Why on earth would you tell Beck all that? About his girlfriend."
He shrugged his shoulders.
"It's simple really."
When he was silent and didn't go on, I made a wild gesture as to say 'continue'.
He smiled again and shook his head, laughing.

"I wasn't talking about Jade."

And now I'm at the point where I'm ready to jump over the railing and just end all this confusion. This is too much for me. I feel like when I watched Inception for the first time. There's just too much confusion and too much going on and I can't figure all this out without someone explaining to me clearly what's going on.

"So who were you talking about…" I trailed off.
Of course I wouldn't get an answer of any sort. He just continues to smile down at me and lets me wallow in my confusion.
He must be taking some kind of pleasure out of this.

"Andre!" I whined.
I grabbed his arms and shook him.
"Tell me!"

His smile changed into that of a smirk. Wrapping his arms around my waist he brought me closer to him. As I instinctively put my hands on his biceps, he leaned down to my ear.
A chill ran throughout my body as he whispered "guess".

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat before I stammered out a "C-Cat?"
He chuckled in response; bringing a hand up to move the hair away from my neck. Another chill ran through me as I felt his lips ghost over my neck before he pressed down a gentle kiss.
"Guess again."

I let out an involuntary sigh and held on tighter.
I took a moment to try and focus on what to say next, but he wouldn't have any of that.
Setting several more kisses on my neck, he bit down hard enough for me to take in a sharp breath. Kissing the spot where he bit, I felt like my mind was going into overdrive. I couldn't focus on anything but what Andre was doing to me. I couldn't think of anything but that I needed more.
Quickly moving my hand from his arm, I used it to bring his head up and level with mine. I barely registered the intense look in his eyes before I crashed my lips onto his.

If I thought my mind was gone before, it must have been obliterated now. The moment out lips came into contact, I was gone. I hardly knew what my body was doing; it was as if it had a mind separate from mine. Not that it was doing me much good at the moment anyway.
The other hand that had been on his arm still now grabbed the collar of his shirt. I pulled him forward even more as my other hand went to lay against his neck. I could feel us move flush against each other as he tightened his hold around my waist.

Letting out a low moan as he bit my bottom lip, I thought I heard him growl in response.
God, I still felt like we weren't close enough.
Andre must have felt the same; one of his hands went from being around my waist to caressing my ass. Letting out another moan, I involuntarily ground into him. Giving a low growl, the musician seemed to kiss with even more passion and fervor.
Despite my willingness to kiss him longer-much longer- I knew we had to breathe at some time.
Breaking the kiss I leaned my head back far enough to where I could see his face.

His eyes were hooded, but I could tell they were glazed over. Smiling I gave him a peck on the lips.
"Andre." I whispered.
I smiled again at his tone.

"I think we need to get back to class."
As he let out a groan I gave a soft laugh.

"How are we going to do all that and then just go to class?" He questioned slightly irritated that I was forcing our make out session to an end.
I didn't like it none too much either, but I knew we'd get into all kinds of trouble if we got caught up here by a teacher.

"I don't know," I started to say. "But we're going to have to find out."
Letting out a sigh, Andre untangled himself from me. Reaching for his hand, I grabbed onto it, slipping my fingers between his. As we walked down the stairs leading back down to the Asphalt Café, I picked up my bag. I was about to lift it up to hang from my shoulder when Andre took it from me.

"What are you-"
Smiling at me he said "I don't want you to have to carry it."
Smiling back at him I shook my head at the gentlemen like gesture.

As we headed for the school doors, I stopped us short.
Turning to look at me, I could see the confusion on his face. In his eyes though I could see fear that he was trying to hiding. To put him at ease I gave him another long kiss.

"I just wanted you to know that I love you too."

Another huge grin spread across his face. Taking me into his arms he placed a kiss on my forehead.
"You have no idea how much I've wanted to hear that."

Breaking apart from the embrace, we pushed open the doors to the school.
As we walked to our class we turned the corner to see Cat and Robbie.

Making out.

Against the lockers.

And by the looks of it it was umm...Robbie who was the ummm…dominate one.

Andre was the first to break the awkward silence that fell between him and I as they continued kissing.

"Well. This is…awkward."
Quickly breaking apart, our two friends started at us in shock. I took note that their lips were swollen, faces flush, and hair and clothes messy.

Robbie quickly tried to defend their actions. "We can explain."
As Andre and I continued to stand there, waiting for a half-baked excuse, Robbie looked from us to Cat.
Cat seemed to actually be interested in what he was going to say. Of course she'd have to play along with whatever lie Robbie tried telling us, so it made sense she'd be focusing on him.

"Actually," Robbie looked back up at us. "I don't have to explain anything."
Turning back to Cat he grabbed her face in hands brought his lips back down to her. Pushing her up against the lockers again, she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck.

As they continued to make out in front of us I turned to look at Andre who looked probably the same as I did at the moment; disturbed.

"I think we should leave now." I announced.
"I think you're right."

Walking away to leave our friends, I reached the class room. Right as I was about to open the door, I was stopped by a hand. I looked up at Andre to see him smiling at me.

"You know, I never did tell you who that song was for."
Smiling back I folded my arms over my chest.
"You did actually."
He looked off to the side as If trying to remember if he actually told me or not.

"If I remember correctly you told me the song was for Jade. I having a feeling though,"
The pianist smiled again.
"That you were lying. Now who was the song really for?"

Wrapping his arms around he leaned down to say,
"The song was for-"

Suddenly the classroom door next to us flew open. I jumped what felt like a mile into the air and let out a scream.

"You two, you're already 40 minutes late to class." The teacher gave us a dirty look as he continued to scold us. "I don't appreciate you standing outside the classroom and making kissy faces. Now get into the room and take your seats."
Huffing he shook his head and walked back into the classroom.

Letting out a sigh I was about to walk into the room before Andre stopped me.
"Andre," I started to say. "We have to get into class before gets even more angry.
"He can wait. I wrote that song for you. You and only you."

A huge smile covered my face as I leaned up to kiss him. Of course it would be ruined by our teacher reprimanding us in front of the whole class.

I think the week of detention for skipping and disturbing the class was worth it though.